Impressive Persuasive Speech Outline For You! (2023)

persuasive speech outline

So, what is persuasive speech? It is a speech delivered with the intent of convincing your audience to either believe or do something. It ranges from a variety of ideas such as blood donation, texting and driving, organ donation, and bullying. Mostly, politicians and aspiring candidates of various posts are well known for this. However, anyone can do this as a productive persuasive speech has the following key considerations:

  • Convincing your audience to your point of view
  • Proving to be an authority in the subject of discussion

If you key in “persuasive speech outline template” on your Google search bar, you are sure to get thousands if not millions of results. Well, any guess on why this might be the case? It is because theses speeches are used almost by everyone, daily – some unknowingly. So, what does it take for you to convince an audience to share your opinion successfully? Furthermore, what do you do to establish a connection with them and steal their hearts? All that and more in the persuasive speech outline examples below. Enjoy! 

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Persuasive Speech on Texting While Driving Outline

Opening Statement A strong opening, such as statistics of fact concerning the number of people who text while driving, will do. You can also point out some members of the audience who are texting at that moment.

  • Stating your argument

Come up with at least four themes to discuss in your texting and driving persuasive speech. Examples can be:

  1. It is illegal
  2. It distracts
  3. It endangers
  4. Slower response to hazards
  • Addressing counter-arguments

Address and dispute any counter-arguments made against texting and driving. Such will include:

  1. Many other factors such as weather distract and endanger
  2. One might have an emergency call
  • Close your speech

It is the last chance to convince your audience of your stance on texting while driving, and calling people to action on refraining from texting while driving can be a right way of closing your speech.

Organ Donation Persuasive Speech Outline

The following is a persuasive speech outline format for a speech on the need for donating organs.

  • Opening Statement

Begin by showing the magnitude of this practice: Bring the audience into the start of imagining that one of the people on the waiting list for an organ transplant might be their relative or sibling. The thesis statement shows the need for organ donation and how one can do it.

  • Stating Your Argument

Here are arguments you can use to persuade your audience on donating organs in the body paragraphs:

  1. The lack of organs and organ donors
  2. The need for many organs and tissues
  3. The mortality rate for organ transplant patients
  • Addressing Counter-Arguments

Strengthen your speech by refuting any objections relevant to organ donation, such as:

  1. It is illegal
  2. It goes against culture and religion.
  • Conclusion

After speaking to them on the need, ask them to register as organ donors voluntarily.

Blood Donation Persuasive Speech Outline

  • Introduction

Indicate how blood donation can help save lives across the world and also help the donor’s health in your thesis statement.

  • Stating Your Argument

Use statistics and factual figures to show the need for blood globally and narrow down to audiences’ locality. The following topic sentences may be of help:

  1. It only takes less than an hour
  2. No complicated surgeries needed – only a syringe
  3. It is not painful at all
  4. It saves millions of lives.
  • Addressing Counter-Arguments

Speak on some of the underlying myths and misconceptions about blood donation:

  1. It has health complications
  2. It leads to the spread of some diseases
  3. The syringe is huge
  • Conclusion

Sign off with a reaffirmation of the importance of donating blood and a compelling call to the audience registering as blood donors.

Persuasive Speech Outline of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

  • Introduction

Familiarize your audience with Monroe’s classic 5 step pattern of the psychology of persuasion. They include attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, and action.

  • Stating Your Argument

Depending on the theme of your choice, you can argue it out using the classic 5 step pattern. For instance, if your idea was: Random Acts of Love, use the steps in motivating the audience to participate in it:

  1. Brightens up your day
  2. Saves one’s life
  3. Makes you an agent of change
  4. Gives you inner peace
  • Addressing Counter Arguments

Some of these may include:

  1. Not all people can love you back
  2. Others have trust issues
  3. There are disappointments
  • Conclusion

Summarize your persuasive speech by emphasizing the need for love and calling people to make specific resolutions in their love lives. You can also give a memorable love clause such as I will love the same way I love myself!

Recycling Persuasive Speech Outline

  • Introduction

Start with an attention-getter by asking mind provocative questions – ever thought of how much garbage people produce daily? Fill in the thesis statement at the end of your introduction.

  • Stating Your Argument

Identify the problem in the topic paragraphs and complement them with factual solutions in line with the recycling topic. Show the need for recycling. For example:

  1. It saves mother nature
  2. It helps reduce the global warming effect
  3. It is money saving
  • Addressing Counter-Arguments

Even though recycling is one of the best practices, some may argue that:

  1. It is an expensive process
  2. It inhibits innovations
  3. It is not effective in reducing global warming.
  • Conclusion

Signal the end with proper concluding phrases. You can restate your thesis statement to show emphasis and have an ending impact. For instance, call people to recycle as it is a sure way of making a difference in the world.

Persuasive Speech on Bullying Outline

In this persuasive speech outline example, we are going to tackle one of the problems experienced by students – bullying. Introduction Now bullying is quite a broad topic, and you, therefore, need to be specific on what aspect you are going to handle. For instance, you can choose to persuade your audience to look at bullying from a different perspective – their homes. Your introduction should, therefore, make this clear to your readers from the word go. Once you point out your central idea in the introduction, it’s time to head to the next section. Starting Your Argument Using detailed facts, figures, and real-life experiences, clearly bring out how most bullies are made from their homes and not at school. Examples of such may include:

  1. The violence-related TV Programmes they watch at home
  2. Domestic violence
  3. Games these students play on their phones
  4. The treatment they get from their parents

Addressing Counter Arguments Be sure to give counter-attacking views and opinions such as: 1. Some students start bullying through peer pressure in school 2. Corporal punishment in schools “hardens” students 3. Some teachers encourage the bullying character in students Conclusion Wrap up with a restatement of where the bully character develops from – at home for this case. A call to action can be made on parents to monitor their children’s behavior and watching habits. Acing Persuasive Speech Outline Is Not That Hard A persuasive speech is indeed one of the purest forms of writing, especially with the elaborate tips above. However, to perfect this skill, one needs a lot of practice and research to master the subject well. There is no abracadabra in this task. Controversial speech ideas gain more audience than the usual titles. Nevertheless, do not take advantage of this as an opportunity for your views that are out of this world. It is recommended to strike a balance between the two extremes. Are you stuck with your persuasive essay and need some expert writing help? We have a vast collection of persuasive speech outline templates to get you started. Not only that, but our guru writers are also ready to help you achieve that top-grade in your essay today.

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