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Good Research Paper Topics For Any College Course

Writing a good essay should always start with a good idea. However, thinking of a good idea with which to get you started is far from easy. There can be many things to consider, such as what style of essay you are writing and whether the idea will be sufficient to create a full and well-written piece of work.

Rather than struggling to do this yourself, we have a wide range of experienced and highly qualified professional writers that can make the work simple for you and provide the best custom research paper service you can find. They can assist with whatever help you need, including choosing a topic, as well as actually writing the work for you. Find someone who'll write a research paper for you and get the work started.  

Selecting Topic Ideas For the Research Paper

Here is a brief list outlining a few topics that could potentially be used for essay writing. They reflect the subjects mentioned above, although we have the perfect native English speaking writers to help you with whatever you need.

  1. A comparison of youth subcultures over the decades
  2. How prevalent is racism within the media?
  3. Can sociopaths control their emotions?
  4. The anatomy of the human hand
  5. A comparison between the genes of humans and other animals
  6. What role does the Constitution of America have in modern society?
  7. Who was the most important President of the United States?
  8. Hitler’s rise to power
  9. Where the Second World War was won and lost
  10. How has the Vietnam War impacted upon history?
  11. The successes and failure of Prohibition
  12. Can the death penalty be justified?
  13. The role of supply and demand in determining price
  14. How income elasticity affects the economy during a recession
  15. Marginal cost and its influence on production
  16. The role of government in the marketplace
  17. A detailed examination of market structures
  18. The positives and negatives of a monopoly
  19. The power of prayer
  20. Is there a difference between fact and truth?

United States History Research Paper Topics

  1. How the European colonization affected native Americans
  2. The role of Thomas Paine in the American revolution
  3. The origins of the United States constitution
  4. What were the main arguments of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists?
  5. Causes of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794
  6. The role of women in colonial America
  7. Issues surrounding the First Amendment
  8. The impact of John Marshall in the United States Supreme Court

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should college students carry their phones to class?
  2. Are firewalls becoming more porous with the advance in technology?
  3. Is ethical hacking serving its purpose in cyber security?
  4. Should the 5G technology be used in developing countries?
  5. Can passwords be secure on Google?
  6. How is technology making education and research easier?
  7. Should necessary IT skills be introduced in early childhood education?
  8. How safe are cracked applications and software online

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. The rise in depression disorders among broken relationships
  2. How to deal with seasonal eating disorders
  3. Are dreams mere illusions arising from what we do and think about regularly?
  4. Helping persons with speech disorders
  5. How media portrays violence and its impact on the victims
  6. The effect of the aging process on the psychology 
  7. A case study of the Stanford Prison Experiment
  8. Was the Milgram Obedience Experiment a success?

Sociological Research Paper Topics

  1. How to make communication online more effective and personal
  2. Why virtual conversations are not as impactful as face to face conversations
  3. The impact of online communication on a person’s social skills
  4. Does an avatar represent the particular individual’s identity online?
  5. How to build self-esteem in a new environment
  6. Is social media a credible source of factual information?
  7. Why do most online relationships last for a little while?
  8. The result of cyberbullying on a person’s image and identity

Health Research Paper Topics

  1. Why the coronavirus is not ending anytime soon
  2. Is technology leading to the rise of new diseases?
  3. The role of medical colleges in producing competent nurses and doctors
  4. What happens when a patient dies from a wrong diagnosis?
  5. How often should one visit the hospital for a check-up
  6. Are thermo guns useful in diagnosing coronavirus symptoms?
  7. The effectiveness of gloves in preventing transmission of infections
  8. How does working from home contribute to obesity?

Chem Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the process of the formation of sapphires
  2. Conduct a critical analysis of the Multiple Proportions Law
  3. Evaluate the impact of sulfuric acid on organic materials
  4. The role of Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures in inorganic chemistry
  5. Compare and contrast organic compounds from their inorganic counterparts
  6. What is the science behind a glow stick?
  7. How are gases packed in airbags without escaping?
  8. Discuss the composition of pesticides

Business Topics For Research Paper

  1. Challenges facing small enterprises and how to deal with them
  2. Business leadership skills everyone should possess
  3. Business ethics and legal implications
  4. Why internet advertising is more popular today
  5. What to think about before investing
  6. Should companies engage in charity works?
  7. How advertising shapes consumer behavior
  8. Impact of staff motivation on productivity

Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

  1. How tax cuts have affected the US economy
  2. Reasons why the GDP growth rate has reduced during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions
  3. Is it possible to stimulate GDP growth in a developing nation?
  4. How governments can help in creating the financial success of its citizens
  5. A case study of Israel’s economy
  6. Why are many countries undergoing an economic recession?
  7. How banks are essential in the economy of any country
  8. What determines a country’s budget?

Child Development Research Paper Topics

  1. How the environment helps to shape a child’s behavior
  2. The role of parents and neighbors in the development of a child
  3. Dealing with the emotional aspects of child developments
  4. How frequent social interactions impact a child’s attitude and behavior
  5. Why children are more creative than adults
  6. Popular children game that helps in mental and physical development
  7. Parenting strategies that work for children with autism
  8. The impact of music on children development

Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the ethics behind plastic surgery?
  2. The ethical framework behind ethical hacking
  3. Why we need moral leadership in corrupt countries
  4. How to attain ethical leadership in the 21st century
  5. Impact of a teacher’s ethical behavior on students
  6. Why ethical companies thrive better than their unethical counterparts
  7. Relationship between media and a society’s ethics
  8. How crime and ethics relate

Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

  1. Rethinking cyber security in the 21st century
  2. An analysis of the security threats facing Mac computers
  3. How relevant is ethical hacking in the wake of cyber-crimes?
  4. The connection between impersonating and hacking on the internet
  5. How to encrypt computer viruses
  6. An evaluation of the greatest cyber-crimes in the world
  7. Loopholes in the communication security features
  8. Are online transactions safe for credit cards?

Medical Research Topics

  1. The medical science behind male circumcision
  2. Ethical issues in medical research
  3. The role of international collaborations in advancing the field of medicine
  4. Regulation of biomedical treatments 
  5. How the coronavirus has re-aligned the field of medical science
  6. A survey of psychiatrist institutions in the US
  7. Occupational safety hazards among medical practitioners 
  8. What is the role of clinical trials in medical research?

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. Should family businesses hire people from outside?
  2. Why salaries should coincide with the amount of work done
  3. How often should companies raise the minimum wage?
  4. How to maintain a socially responsible company profile reputation
  5. What penalties should be imposed on unethical managers?
  6. Should public officers’ conduct business with the government? 
  7. Ways of dealing with ‘cooked books’
  8. Business values that determine its ethics
  9. How to eliminate product bias 

Considerations when choosing the research paper topic

First of all, it is important to realize that thinking of good term paper topics isn’t always so easy, nor is the writing part thereafter. Thoughts like “I want someone to do my dissertation for me” can be a result of having significant struggles with your paper. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter what subject you are studying, we can still help you. Just ask us: “Please, do my research papers!” and our expert writers get the work started. It might be that you are looking for sociology term paper topics or psychology term paper topics, or any other subject connected with the social sciences. Alternatively, you may be looking for ideas for term papers on other scientific subjects, such as biology.   

You may be looking for interesting term paper topics that may require a mixture of fact and opinion, for example, US history term paper topics or criminal justice term paper topics. For example, history term paper topics may require you to outline an event or series of events in history. Alternatively, it could be the fact that you decide to write about American history term paper topics that require your opinion in what caused an event or how that event impacted the history.

The same can be said about economics term paper topics. It may be that you choose to write about microeconomics term paper topics, giving a definition of various theories. Similarly, you could apply economic theory to a real event to produce interesting economic term paper topics.

You may be working on a subject that requires a great deal of thought, such as philosophy term paper topics. In fact, this subject is one of the hardest and many students really can benefit from having a professional to assist them.  

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