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A professional proofreading service enables your paper to stand up to the thorough scrutiny of the most demanding editors and peer reviewers. Experts and scholars will only notice your contribution if it meets the strict presentation and English language requirements. Unfortunately, this is usually a problem for ESL learners who need a hand editing their work. Our proofreading services aim to assist such learners to overcome this challenge and get international journals to publish their research.

Once you choose our paper editing service, we pick the most competent editor to work on your document. Our editor will take the time to analyze and improve your work by reading it word for word. Also, they use their expertise to scrutinize every detail to ensure your writing is factual and correct. We pay attention to detail and review your educational work to make it error free through our editing.

Moreover, we comment on the overall quality and suggest amendments when providing our service. Whether you need a hand editing a university, college, or high school essay, our service will cater to all your needs. Please talk to MyPaperDone now to get the best assistance editing your writing.

Our Editing & Proofreading Services

We offer a highly comprehensive editing & proofreading service. Our editor goes beyond the basics to ensure every customer an error free copy. Our team’s expertise enables MyPaperDone to deliver an academic document that earns our customers the highest grades. Here's what our editing and proofreading at MyPaperDone covers.


Writing a top-notch university essay is challenging when you’re an ESL student. Our editing service can improve your work by checking its every detail to ensure correct word choice and usage. They will use their expertise to review your work and correct the following errors in your writing or comment about them:

  • Spelling, including hyphenation and typos
  • Syntax and grammar, including prepositions and sentence structure
  • Punctuation errors

Academic Style

Our editor will check your work to ensure it meets the highest academic or university writing standards. Here's what our editing service includes:

  • Checking and fixing the tone and style, such as passive voice and subjective text
  • Ensuring the work adheres to educational writing conventions, such as equations and abbreviations
  • Checking the writing for consistency, including style choices and dialect

Providing Feedback and Comments

Our editor will leave thoughtful queries and comments on the following:

  • Ways to improve your work
  • How to make the document clearer
  • General advice on your writing

Besides helping you score the highest grade, our proofreading service will make you a better writer. Our editing service includes commenting on improving your writing and ensuring your content meets the highest academic or university standards. Thus, using our editing service will enable you to compose better essays in the future. 

Our Editors And How They Improve Your Writing

We carefully select the professionals to provide our proofreading services. That's because we know what is at stake when looking for a specialist to review your work and recommend improvements. Therefore, we ensure that only highly qualified personnel provide our editing service to every student who seeks our assistance. Here's what makes every editor at MyPaperDone the best person to proofread or edit academic papers.

  1. Our editors are native ENL speakers
  2. Only university graduates provide our services
  3. Our editors and proofreaders are also specialists in composing academic essays
  4. Only specialists with expertise and experience in their fields offer our editing services

We offer professional proofreading services paying attention to our customer's unique needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made ours a highly-rated service that enables learners to submit error-free copies that flow nicely from the introduction to the conclusion. Be confident that we'll check and improve your work word for word to ensure quality and uniqueness upon enlisting our editing service.

How To Order Our Paper Proofreading Service

Using our proofreading service is straightforward. Since we know the challenges of editing your academic document, especially when educators bombard you with multiple assignments, we assist you improve it as quickly as possible. Follow these steps to hire the best editing service at MyPaperDone and get custom research paper

  1. Please place an order: Share details of the document you want MyPaperDone to proofread, specifying your preferred turnaround time. It can be a day, three days, or a week. Also, select your preferred editing & proofreading service add-ons.
  2. Get an editor: We will handpick the person or team to work on every detail of your document. We pick an editor paying attention to your study field and assignment editing requirements.
  3. Improve and submit: Pay attention to our editor's feedback to improve every detail of your writing. Our editors are highly skilled and only recommend changes to improve your work. So, review their editing comments and use the details to revise and submit error-free documents.

MyPaperDone helps every student who uses our editing service transform their good papers into exceptional masterpieces. When hiring expert writers for college paper help, you get the best result. Only highly vetted editors with English language expertise provide our editing and proofreading assistance. Additionally, they have Ph.D. and Master's level expertise in their fields. Thus, they can professionally edit your work, regardless of the topic or study level.

Features And Guarantees

Our academic proofreading service caters to every detail, fixing more than typos and spelling errors. Once you choose our editing and proofreading help, we ensure no learning institution or journal can reject your document. Here are the features and guarantees of our editing & proofreading service.

Developmental Editing

Do you wish to publish your work in a top university publication? If so, MyPaperDone developmental editing service will improve your work to meet its unique needs. We have editors who have worked with various top journals ready to review your work and recommend changes that will make them accept it. Moreover, this editing service has quality assurance as an add-on.

Substantive Editing

We recommend substantive editing for learners who want to improve the document's overall flow, cohesion, and presentation. Also, this feature can include journal revisions to ensure your preferred publication accepts your manuscript. Our editing service guarantees your document's logical flow and idea presentation, by paying attention to every detail. We improve your writing’s quality and check it for plagiarism.

Copy Editing

Our copy-editing service involves checking and improving your document by spell-checking every word. We carefully assess your content to remove grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Also, copy-editing is vital for the final revision stage for manuscripts.

Besides these features, our copy-editing service can reduce or increase the length and ensure your document meets your university’s formatting requirements. Also, we can help you cite relevant information sources correctly. Be confident you will get the best help once you hire our proofreading service.

We aim to ensure your 100% happiness and satisfaction with our editing work at MyPaperDone. If you're unhappy with our editing work, we'll re-edit paying attention to every detail of the copy or refund you. Additionally, our expertise guarantees you a quick turnaround for every copy you hire us to edit. Trust our editor to provide a peer review and recommend improvement areas to make your writing exceptional.


MyPaperDone charges the most reasonable rates for highly proofreading services. Once you contact us and share the document you want us to edit, we'll get back to you with a quote after considering various factors, including length. Here's what influences our price for editing various documents.

  • Your preferred turnaround time: How quickly do you want us to fix your writing? Urgency will influence the price we'll charge for our editing service since it determines the time our editor will take to fix your writing.
  • Rate per word: We charge a standard rate for every word in the text, starting from $3.90 per 100 words. This editing service price includes enhancing the stylistic unit, coordinating the voice tone, improving sentence structure, and formatting the content.
  • Document type: Our editing service rates depend on the document you want us to edit, whether a research paper, thesis, or manuscript. We have an editor ready to work on any of these texts, paying attention to your assignment’s requirements.
  • Feedback areas: Where do you want us to recommend changes to improve your work? Our editing and feedback areas include structure, language, formatting, and clarity.

Since we know the essence of privacy and confidentiality in the academic world, we accept secure payment methods only. Also, we're highly confidential and never share our customers' information with third parties. Therefore, be confident that your financial and personal information will be safe with us. Contact us now saying, "I need help proofreading my paper," and we'll gladly assist you.


  • How much does it cost to proofread a document?

    Our editing rates at MyPaperDone start from $3.90 per 100 words. However, they vary depending on the document's length, educational level, and areas for which you need our expert to recommend changes. Please request a custom quote for your editing service depending on the essay you want us to work on.

  • How fast can we proofread your writing?

    We have an editor ready to fix your writing within 24 hours. Our fast turnaround time is why many learners choose our editing assistance at MyPaperDone. We provide a superior editing service within our client's timeframe.

  • How to choose a proofreader?

    When placing an order with us, you can choose a proofreader depending on your preferences. We have Native American, Australian, and British English speakers on our team. These know the dynamics of the English language and will ensure your document meets the highest educational standards after editing it. But if you don't select your preferred proofreader, our editor will adhere to your current English style. If our editor has questions about this, we'll seek your clarification before editing your document.