Can I Graduate if I Fail a Module at University?

can i graduate if i fail a module

In every functional university, students are permitted to retake failed modules. However, failing a module in final year is quite different from failing a module in third year. If you failed a module in final year, you’re at more risk than a student who failed one module in first year. This is because there are many things involved when it comes to failed modules at such a high level in universities. Read below for some info on how to try not to fail, what happens if you do, and how to avoid even marginal fail.

What is a Module in University?

A module is a group of units that make up your course. They become an assessment method as well as a way to break up studies for students in university. A module normally has a 40% benchmark. University degree courses are divided across different modules and assignments which include projects and essays.

While some students require paper writing help for the essay and get a reliable service, it is rare to get the same for modules to avoid a failed uni experience. These modules all have different values which accumulate into the final grades you graduate with, most times, they sum up to 120 credits. Thus, the number of academic modules you passed will judge the possibility of starting your Master’s course or Professional course.

Do You Have to Pass all Modules in First Year?

No, you don’t have to pass all modules in the first year but if you can, why should you not?

In each semester of study, you may have four modules, depending on your university. This means that you could have eight modules for each year. Note that modules are just units of the course you’re studying to enhance your understanding of that course. For example, if you’re studying history, you could have a Neolithic cultural history as a module.

Some people claim that some universities don’t allow students to pass all modules, so you may not have many serious challenges if you fail one module in the first year. You can always re-sit at a convenient time especially if you haven’t flunked a core module. Students still ask, how many modules can you fail in first year? They also ask: does failing a few courses mean you’re failing university? In many institutions, you need to pass at least 36 credits in your first year. In your second year, you need to pass 48 credits before you can continue. However, some schools have different policies. Some schools believe that having less than 50% in your grades means you’re not qualified to progress with such low grades.

What Does Failing University Mean?

You could be failing university when you can’t meet your grades. It gets worse if you’re on academic probation as you may eventually be asked to withdraw. The success of each session is dependent on your performance in the semesters of every session. While you may get to resit a few modules twice with the assistance of any professor, you should know that a marginal failure could make you a dropout. You then need to start planning what next?

What Happens if You Fail a Module?

You’ll retake it at the level although you must not exceed a minimum of 30 credits. You need to meet a minimum criterion to pass, and if you failed a few credits, you’ll only take the same module you failed. You may proceed to another level after working on the failed modules to avoid a failed uni experience at the end of your degree at uni.

  • What Happens if You Fail a Module at Uni First Year? You’ll repeat and resit the module. You may wonder, how many modules can you fail in the first year? You may even ask, what happens if I fail a module? Failing a module doesn’t mean you’ll drop out of school. You only need to understand that you’ll repeat it until you pass. A repeat decision translates to the need to wait for the months until you retake the modules along with your supposed “juniors”. You, therefore, remain at the same stage until the end of that academic year. On your transcript, the modules you were supposed to take will also be stated there and you only need to take the modules to enhance your grades. The module marks will remain 40% and you’ll need to take the assessment again to include classes for the same grade you should be offered.
  • What Happens if You Fail Second Year at University? If you don’t meet the pass mark of 40%, and your GPA is low, you’ll be put on academic probation. Know this: failed second year of university doesn’t mean you’ve failed final year university. You have the chance to improve your grades and cross to the minimum pass marks by retaking the modules you’ve failed. So, what happens if you fail second year at university? You’ll re-sit and this may be just what you need. You can also talk to your professors and read course regulations which could point you to helpful tips about finances and other associated things you may need to know.

What Happens if You Fail a Resit Exam at University?

A lot. You can decide to check if the module is compulsory or eventually get to withdraw. It’s somewhat similar to asking what happens if you fail a module at uni first year or what happens if you fail a module in second year? However, you can’t record failure if you have the minimum grades you should have. The first thing you should do if you fail a resit exam is to confirm if the course is optional or compulsory. Since it’s your second attempt, it’ll affect your degree next year which is why you may start lamenting “I failed my degree”, but it may not be so. You could have circumstances that could be taken into consideration by the school management. It could be financial limitations or sicknesses. Whatever it is, you can appeal the results and be given a chance to have a final re-sit. Thus, speaking to your university management is your best shot. You can also ally with a few professors and tutors to put in good words on your behalf. After having sufficient credits, you can progress. However, if you fail a core module even after retaking it, you may need to withdraw to another course. This also means that you may need to leave your higher education pursuits for something different and it could be a real setback.

What to do If You Fail Uni?

At this stage, the question of what happens if you fail in uni becomes relevant. Getting bored and pressured from home and friends is part of what happens if you fail your degree. However, you must confront the inevitable by acknowledging the reality. You can get engaged in other activities outside the institution like:

  1. Get Engaged in a Career: There are different career choices for different kinds of people. You can assess your kind of person to know your psychological preferences and what you may be very productive in.
  2. Get a Marketable Skill: There are online platforms where you can learn skills. You can learn computer programming skills, or develop graphic designing skills. You can even learn app development or any other skill of your interest. Getting engaged in something productive will make you seem tangible again.
  3. Commence a Business Idea: You can develop a business idea out of the numerous businesses available today. You only need to have your eye out there and know how you can improve the world with your ideas. You can even delve into businesses like Forex trading, Cryptocurrency, photography, web design, fashion designing, and any other thing that could be monetized.
  4. Develop a Study Technique: You can develop your studying technique to do better if you eventually return to school. You can return to school to complete a degree of your choice at your choosing time. You don’t need to be a dropout for life after failing a module in the final year, or whatever the case may be.
  5. Apply for a Job: You can also apply for jobs online and offline. You don’t need to be afraid of interviews. You can prepare yourself by seeing videos on YouTube and reading online. Failing a Master’s module doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your CV to include your skills, not just your academic journey.
  6. Try Freelancing: This is another option if you want to enjoy post-university life without the hassle. You can try freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and many other international platforms where you can connect with other buyers and sellers. You can use your graphic design skills to make money. You can even use your writing skills, research skills, programming skills, and many others to set yourself up alright. This will probably boost your self-esteem and make it easier to create a career as a freelance writer until you find a permanent job.

What to Do after Failing a Masters Module?

You’ll normally have a re-sit after failing a module. If you fail, you may be assessed based on what you’ve got. Your school’s Postgraduate Award Assessment Board will evaluate your modules and your credits before you’re rewarded for the credits you’ve scored. If you’re eligible for exam resit, you’ll be called at and you’ll complete the modules for both semesters.

Student Finance Retake Year

If you’re re-sitting a year, you’ll be charged for the tuition of the days of your attendance. You’ll be offered liability points for attendance. If you’re repeating the class for the whole session, you’ll be required to pay all the tuition fees for the session. If you have a loan that covers the period left, you’re okay. If you don’t, you need to find a company or money lending institution to loan you or finance your university education. You can also know about the repayment plans before taking a loan just to be on the safer side. A funding platform like SFE will offer you funding till you graduate. It offers to fund for the exact years of your course. If you’re offering a four years course, you’ll be offered funding for 5 years and the additional year will be regarded as a “gift year”, probably just to help you set up your post-graduation life.

Don’t Want to Fail Out Of Uni?

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