170 Animal Rights Research Paper Topics That Will Inspire You

animal rights research paper topics

Just as almost every social issue or topic can be written about as an essay or a research paper, so can you write about animal rights in either your dissertation, school essay, or whatever reason you’re writing a research paper for. Exploring your research writing with animal rights topics can provide you a lot to write about considering how mainstream the animal rights movement has been over time. When writing an essay on animal rights, there are so many angles through which you can structure your topic to get what you want. It’s better to hire a custom research paper service and get your papers complete on time.  Your research paper can either focus on animal welfare vs. animal rights topics, looking either at how animals are catered for today or the challenges animals in our societies face today and how they can be addressed. It’s important to note that animal rights topics for research papers can be drawn from different angles. Many sample topics engage animal rights issues and here are some of the modern topics to include in your animal rights research paper.

Animal Rights Research Paper Topics

The first step to understanding what you’re required to do when presented with a research paper on animal rights is to first understand the rationale behind animal rights. Animal rights focus on addressing the issue that surrounds the treatment of animals by humans and how with the enabling of animal rights, these issues can be curbed and in turn, the animal protected. There are so many topics that can be coined out when you’re writing precisely on animal rights. Here are some of them.

  1. Why do animals need to be treated with respect
  2. Local and exotic breeds: should crossbreeding be encouraged?
  3. The inhuman nature of animal experimentation.
  4. The use of animals for carrying out experiments and why it should be addressed
  5. Why animal rights should become legally binding across the globe
  6. The sustainability of animal rights sensitization
  7. Why animal advocates require legal backings
  8. How the growth of pet owners is gradually increasing the cases of pet abuse
  9. Navigating the pain and suffering of Animals
  10. Pet Abuse: why animals rights should be looked into
  11. How the embrace of vegetarianism is addressing the issue of using animals for food
  12. A sustainable measure on how to promote animal safety in the human environment
  13. The worth of animals as opposed to being used for consumption
  14. The inhumane nature of using animals as a means of transportation
  15. How the use of animals for sports can be detrimental to their health.
  16. How humans and animals can peacefully coexist
  17. An analysis of the animal legislative rights
  18. Legislation: how animals can feel safe in the environment
  19. How the legislation of animal rights affects man
  20. Should animals be viewed as properties?
  21. A study into the protection of animals in the United States.
  22. Why does animal cruelty will practically take longer to be eradicated
  23. The economic limitations animal rights can cause man
  24. A look into the future of animal rights in the human environment
  25. How culture backs animal cruelty

Animal Rights Debate Topics

Not every single human backs the animal rights movement. And the only way to draw the attention of people towards the challenges animals face in the human environment can be achieved in a research paper about animal rights that takes the form of a debate. Debates are mostly argumentative where either the speaker or writer compels the audience or reader through carefully chosen and thought out words to convey interests, ideas and emotion. There are so many growing conversations today surrounding animal rights and here are some animal rights debate topics to consider when writing.

  1. Does the promotion of animal rights affect humans?
  2. Mental health in animals: is that a real thing?
  3. Does the right of animals include the right of wild animals to exist as well?
  4. Why veterinary medicine should be encouraged in every locality
  5. Does the increase in the human population affect the welfare of animals?
  6. Do animals suffer challenges like distress and pain due to animal cruelty?
  7. Should every locality embrace the fundamental rules for animal protection?
  8. Should the law against animal violation be punitive?
  9. Can eating meat be completely stopped with the help of animal movements?
  10. How sustainable is the Vegan lifestyle to animal rights?
  11. The psychological effect of animal cruelty on animals
  12. The violation of animals right by using them as experiments and specimens
  13. Do animals have any legal rights?
  14. Should legal backing be encouraged for animals?
  15. Can the absence of legal rights affect the existence of animals?
  16. Are animals destined to be subjected to the whims of man?
  17. Animal right vs. animal welfare: what are the ways they diverge
  18. What are the moral backings of the use of animals for scientific research?
  19. Could personal belief play a role in animal cruelty?
  20. Does personal belief rub off on animal rights?
  21. Should animal welfare be chosen over animal rights?
  22. Why there needs to be a control to animal cruelty
  23. How historical events set the precedent for animal violation
  24. How history sets precedent for the animal rights movement
  25. Should the promotion of animal drugs for wild animals be encouraged?

Animal Rights Research Topics

Since the animal rights movement is still burgeoning, sensitizing people on the need to promote animal rights, there are therefore so many researchable topics into the subject that can be highlighted as a research topic. Here are some of them to look into.

  1. How the use of animals for food undermines animal rights
  2. How animal cruelty threatens to wipe off the existence of animals shortly
  3. The dispose of refuse into rivers, oceans, and seas and how detrimental it is to aquatic animals
  4. The regulation on scientific experiments on animals
  5. How hunting negates the animal rights movement
  6. Vegan lifestyle and how it promotes animal welfare and rights
  7. The role of empathy in the animal rights movement
  8. Animal welfare: the separation of domestic animals from wildlife
  9. The inbound nature of animal cruelty amongst animals
  10. Measures to curb animal cruelty amongst themselves
  11. Why sheep should be saved and wools forgone
  12. How detrimental human violence is to animals welfare
  13. Does owning a pet improve animal welfare?
  14. Affordable healthcare for animal welfare
  15. The role of zoo managers in animal welfare
  16. Animal welfare: the need for an affordable diet plan for animals
  17. The benefits of pet supplies to the animal rights movement
  18. Government’s role in improving the situation of animals and their welfare
  19. How Wildlife could wipe out domestic animals
  20. Should domestic animals be chosen over wildlife in the movement?
  21. The sustainable benefits of consuming organic eggs
  22. How crossbreeding benefits animals
  23. The potential threat of overbreeding.
  24. Fear is the default mode for most animals

Persuasive Speech Topics on Animal Rights

  1. Why purchasing meat should be discouraged to promote animal welfare
  2. Animal cruelty should be punitive
  3. Indecent acts against animals and how they must be addressed
  4. Why domestic animals should be tendered to more than wildlife
  5. Using chains as Dog leash is unethical
  6. Why animal rights agencies should supervise pet owners
  7. The moral backing of animals as pets
  8. Importance of cross-breeding amongst animals
  9. Why the view of animals as disposable is offensive
  10. Why domestic animals deserve human treatments
  11. Should how wild lives are a reason for animal cruelty?
  12. Surviving within a society without reliance on meat
  13. The importance of animal vaccination and checkups
  14. The diverse nature of domestic animal cruelty
  15. How egg consumption violates animals privacy
  16. Why farm animals need legal protections
  17. Why animals brought to the movies deserve compensation fees
  18. Another form of animal cruelty: Abandonment
  19. Effects of animal abandonment on animals
  20. Why animal insurance is important today
  21. The defense of violence on wildlife
  22. Getting leather from animals: how disturbing is that?
  23. The importance of protecting animals from violence, cruelty and the provision of shelter for them
  24. The importance of animal shelters and why they should be promoted

Animal Rights Controversial Topics

If you are passionate about animal rights and you’re embarking on writing an essay based on the topic, choosing controversial topics will give you an upper hand as you’ll be drawing in people’s attention through the topic of what you write as it’ll gradually marinate into the content of your work. The thing about choosing a controversial topic is that it requires that your essay will be persuasive enough to convey the thoughts and emotions.

  1. Why wildlife animals should be prioritized
  2. Why stray dogs and abandoned dogs should be fostered by founders
  3. Why humans must pay attention to animal abandonment
  4. Animals should be in the shelter and not in homes
  5. Why animal abandonment should be punishable by law
  6. The disturbing fact about bullfights
  7. Taking away chicken eggs and how unethical it is
  8. Invasion of animal privacy should be followed with adequate punishment
  9. The disturbing nature of butcher animals
  10. Animals play important roles in the society
  11. How Thanksgiving Turkey negates the principle of animal welfare
  12. License to rescue pets from violent homes
  13. Why pet emergency fund is important
  14. The use of animals as race materials: problematic or not?
  15. The importance of healthy eating for animals
  16. Why animal healthcare should be promoted.
  17. Domestic pets: why they need a hotline for rescue and protection
  18. The need to curb malnutrition in animals
  19. Why does the health of exotic animals matter more than their economic importance
  20. Animals should not be killed for human benefits
  21. Is it wise to keep animals as pets?
  22. Why the use of animals as a means of transportation should be stopped
  23. How to promote intensive care amongst animals
  24. The effect of climate change on animal health and welfare.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animal Rights

So many conversations are ongoing on the need to prioritize the existence of animals and how to improve the general welfare of animals in society. These issues can be presented in an argumentative format and here are some topics that go in handy.

  1. Human violence is the leading cause of Animal cruelty
  2. Why embracing a vegan lifestyle will improve animal welfare
  3. Hunting as a sport contributes to the fatal extinction of animals
  4. How the continuous testing and experimentation using animals will lead to the decline of animals in the near future.
  5. Are farmers exposing animals to more harm?
  6. Why the legislation would improve the livelihood of animals
  7. Animal welfare for sustainable environmental growth
  8. Why pet adoption is better than buying pets
  9. Animal rights should be a human concern
  10. Why should the government legislate against the production of garments from animal skin
  11. Why animal rights should be included in students’ curriculum.
  12. Why butchering of animals is a barbaric practice
  13. Principal ways through which animal welfare can be encouraged
  14. Why society needs to pay more attention to the protection of wildlife
  15. Why cross-breeding amongst animals should be encouraged
  16. How water pollution is affecting aquatic animals
  17. Why do we need legislation for free pet healthcare
  18. Animal insurance should be free
  19. Domestic animals should be protected from wildlife
  20. How humans can improve the lives of animals through welfare
  21. Why animal welfare should be of community importance
  22. Testing of cosmetics on animals leads to health complications in animals
  23. Why animals should not be used for farm practices
  24. Why animals cannot protect themselves against abuse

Hot Topics on Animal Rights

Today, animals go through so much due to the increase in their commercial needs. With the help of movements on animal rights issues and the need to create awareness and consciousness on animal welfare and rights, so many aspects of animal-related topics are being looked into and some of the topic examples include:

  1. Battery cages for hen confinement as an animal welfare issue
  2. Factory farming: a growing discomfort to animal welfare
  3. The need to curb the slaughtering of wildlife for commercial purpose
  4. How overcrowded confinement causes depression in farm pigs
  5. Increase in the demand for Dairy milk as a challenge to Dairy cows
  6. Consumerism: a negative impact on Dairy Cows
  7. How Truth in labeling legislation will create awareness of animal cruelty
  8. A case study on how animal cruelty impacts the psychological well-being of farm animals
  9. The negative impact of Duck confinement
  10. How puppy farming risks the health of dogs
  11. The growing cases of animal cruelty on the wildlife.
  12. How factory farming affects animal welfare
  13. How overbreeding impacts the health and welfare of animals
  14. A psychological analysis of farm animals
  15. How animal cruelty negatively impacts animals
  16. Do animals develop mental aversions?
  17. How commercial slaughtering heightens animal violence
  18. Violence against animals and ways to curb it
  19. The displacement of animals through live exportation
  20. Undiagnosed depression amongst farm animals
  21. How Voiceless Animal Cruelty impacts animal welfare
  22. Addressing the issue of animal exploitation in American farm factories
  23. Growing need for animals shelters
  24. Why pet adoption should be encouraged

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