100 Biochemistry Topics For Research Paper Writing

biochemistry topics

It is not easy to write a research paper for a high grade. Many students struggle to find interesting biochemistry topics to write about. That’s because the final year’s research project is crucial to the student’s life. And selecting the right topic determines how this project goes. If struggling to find biochemistry research paper topics, this list comprises interesting ideas to consider.

Interesting Biochemistry Topics

Maybe you want to write a research paper about something interesting. That means you’re looking for ideas you can enjoy exploring. In that case, consider this list of interesting biochemistry topics.

  1.  Understanding fungi synthesis production and microbial itaconic acid’s role
  2. Analyzing NDR ½ and MOBs relationship in damaged cell cycle signaling
  3. Mapping and documenting Morphogen signaling pathways and complex biological response regulation
  4. Analyzing the Sprouty 2 Inhibition biological effects in periodontal ligament cells
  5. Analyzing the Platelet function’s role and dysfunction on wounds coting
  6. Understanding protein and peptide structure’s role in membranes
  7. Mapping biochemical and cellular basis’ glucose transport of insulin resistance and action
  8. Understanding the function and structure of protein membrane
  9. Understanding how the function and structure of protein-membrane affects drugs distribution in the body
  10. Investigating the membrane biology and ion transport role in innate immune response
  11. The protein’s structural determinants role in human health
  12. Research of the microbial disease evolution
  13. A comparison of protein design and folding between mice and humans
  14. Formation of microbial biofilm: Therapeutics from molecular mechanisms
  15. Human health and bacteriophages
  16. B cells receptors targeting in diseases and vaccines

These are interesting biochemistry topics to write about. However, be ready to spend time researching and writing about any of these ideas to come up with a solid paper. You can also buy research papers cheap if you’re running out of time. If you’re not, please follow the list.

Current Topics in Biochemistry for Research

Perhaps, you want to research and write about something current. In that case, you’re looking for current topics in biochemistry. Consider these ideas for your study.

  1. Skeletal complications and bone biology of malignancies
  2. A study of cellular function and structure
  3. Cancer pathology and biology
  4. Coagulation disease and biology
  5. Physical biochemistry- What is it?
  6. Enzymology and structural biology
  7. Protein interactions and functional nucleic acid
  8. Epigenetic and genetic regulatory mechanisms
  9. Lipid metabolism is metabolic and mitochondrial diseases
  10. Cancer molecular genetics- Genomics-based approach to association and gene expression studies
  11. Protein kinase signaling in drug resistance and cancer progression
  12. The use of microarray technology to characterize P73 and P63 regulated gene in cancer
  13. Characterizing and developing chemical compounds for targeting lung, pancreatic, and colon cancers
  14. Intestinal microbes’ role in disease and human health.

Research and write about any of these biochemistry research topics if looking for something recent. However, take your time to read and investigate recent literature in biochemistry to come up with an interesting and relevant paper.

MCAT Biochemistry Topics for Research Papers

Pre-medical students have to study MCAT subjects in advance. MCAT stands for medical college admission test. If you’ve been asked to write a research paper on the MCAT, here is a biochemistry research topics list to consider.

  1. Physical and chemical foundations in biological systems
  2. Biochemical and biological foundations in living systems
  3. Sociological, biological, and psychological foundations in behavior
  4. Describe the protein structure, stability, and interactions
  5. Describe the formation and hydrolysis of peptide bonds
  6. Explain the structure and classification of amino acids
  7. What are the functions of non-enzymatic protein?
  8. Describe signaling proteins
  9. Describe the general characteristics of enzymes
  10. Explain enzyme inhibition and kinetics
  11. What regulates the enzyme activity?
  12. Describe the DNA structure
  13. What is central dogma and what are its exceptions?
  14. Describe imprinting and epigenetics
  15. Describe cancers and disorders in DNA
  16. Describe the RNA structure
  17. What are the differences and similarities of DNA and RNA?
  18. Describe the RNA functions
  19. Explain the useful reactions of carbohydrates
  20. What are the sugar structures in carbohydrates?

These are great MCAT biochemistry paper topics. Take your time to research any of these ideas to come up with a paper that will impress your educator.

Hot Topics in Biochemistry

Maybe you’re looking for some of the best biochemistry project topics to explore in your paper. In that case, this list comprises some of the hot biochemistry topics for research that you should consider.

  1. Exploring B lymphocyte cell line aggregation from a chicken and temperature sensitivity
  2. Polyphosphate role on the virulence of Erwinia caratovora
  3. Cellular dissection and molecular functions in the latest medications in high blood pressure treatment
  4. Chemical shift data and information used in predicting protein dihedral angles
  5. A comparison of the major biochemical studies aspect in the last century
  6. Analysis of protein complexes in DNA synthesis definition
  7. Molecular genetics analysis in a single causative gene with muscular dystrophy in mind
  8. Research into revelations of complex biochemical compounds study towards DNA mapping
  9. How human genome mapping helps with disease prevention and redesigning of humans before life starts
  10. Evidence against or for animal disease models for scientific value in finding disease cures in humans
  11. Expression and purification of proteins’ reaction when interacting with different ENTH levels
  12. A review of the basic structure and reactions of esters and phosphates and the required synthesis from alcohols
  13. Analysis of recent biochemistry research advancements that may lead to the creation of new medications
  14. Effects that human genome mapping would have on medicine and society
  15. How athletes use biomedical means in their search for unfair advantage
  16. The challenges and potential of recombinant spider silk use in biomedical applications
  17. What is frequency modulation controlled signaling?
  18. What is protein quantification in organisms?
  19. Are amyloid diseases possibly transmissible?
  20. Is population health effective in enhancing aggregate health performance for emerging economies?

These are interesting topics in biochemistry that will capture the attention of most readers. However, you need time to research any of these ideas and analyze information to come up with a solid paper. Therefore, don’t be afraid to get research paper help from our professional writers. 

Biochemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

Are you pursuing your undergraduate biochemistry studies? If so, you may want to write research papers about topics related to biochemistry. Here are interesting research paper topics in biochemistry that you can consider for your undergraduate research.

  1. Chemical composition of cooked and raw walnut
  2. A study of hepatitis B prevalence
  3. The profile of antibiotics resistance in Escherichia coli-isolated from healthy domestic animals
  4. Analysis of bitter leaf extract’s use in extending sorghum beer’s shelf life
  5. Analysis of honey’s physiochemical properties
  6. Eremomastax speciosa phytochemical screening
  7. Chemical quality and production assessment of aspirin
  8. Gastroenteritis study- How it affects children in primary schools
  9. Purification and isolation of 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfur transferase from rhinoceros larva gut
  10. How kaka bitters affect the Wister rats’ lipid profile after feeding them with a high-fat diet.
  11. Identification and isolation of Escherichia coli as a sign of fecal pollution in rivers
  12. Enzymes critical study
  13. Analyzing the level of alpha-protein in hepatitis patients in accessing its generation to HCC
  14. A thorough examination of inflammation and autoimmunity
  15. The ethanolic extracts hepatotoxicity of enantia chlorantha root in Wister albino mice
  16. Phytochemical and proximate analysis of nsukka soursop
  17. Velvet bean coat and seed’s proximate analysis
  18. Antimicrobial and preliminary phytochemical screening of citrus sinensis coat and seed
  19. Starch production from cassava and cross-linked derivatives
  20. Preliminary study of the Burantashi extract effects on albino Wistar rats’ lipoproteins

This category also has some of the best research topics in nutritional biochemistry. You can also consider some of these ideas if looking for research topics in medical biochemistry. However, you need time to research any of these ideas to come up with an interesting paper.

Special Topics in Biochemistry

Perhaps, you want to work on special biochemistry research paper topics. This category can also include some of the most complicated topics biochemistry students can write about.

  1. Describe the scientific data in python prog
  2. Describe the enzymatic reaction mechanism’s chemistry
  3. Describe physical biochemistry
  4. Compare and contrast metalloproteins and metalloenzyme
  5. An investigation of advanced microbial-physiology
  6. Describe biological and NMR systems
  7. What is biochemical toxicology?
  8. Describe the biomolecule apld spctrscopy
  9. Describe the mechanisms of enzymatic reaction
  10. Explain the discovery and development of a vaccine

This is a list of cool biochemistry topics to consider when writing a research paper. Nevertheless, each of these ideas requires extensive research and information analysis to write a brilliant paper. Check out our biology topics if you need more ideas Students have many ideas to consider when researching and writing academic papers. This is also a good biochemistry seminar topics list. Whether you need biochemistry topics related to hemoglobin, animal studies, or foods, you can find ideas to explore. The most important thing is that learners should select topics they are interested in. That’s because a learner spends a lot of time researching and writing about the topic they choose. Therefore, choosing the wrong topic will make this academic task boring. Additionally, educators award the top grades to learners that pick and write about unique topics. Remember, you always can contact us with a “do my research paper for me” request for quality assistance. Our professional writers will write a winning paper for you really fast. 

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