189 Current Earth Science Topics For Students

earth science topics

Are you looking for the most amazing Earth science topics for your next essay or research paper? Great news! You have arrived at the right place. Our list of 189 unique topics is everything you need if you want to choose a topic that will thrill your professor and leave him no option but to give you bonus points for your idea. Many students find writing a research paper challenging. So, we’ll also show you how to write a geology essay quickly, in just 6 steps. Read on!

Writing Perfect Earth Science Essay

Now, we know that writing a great Earth science essay can be difficult, especially if we’re talking about a demanding professor. Doing the research is usually not that difficult. The problem is with planning and writing the paper. To help you out, we have put together a small little guide that should help you write your essay a lot faster. Here is what you need to do:

  • Pick a great topic for your paper. Don’t worry, we have 189 topics right here on this page.
  • Create an outline for your essay. While doing the research, write down the important ideas and organize them in a neat structure (something like a table of contents).
  • Write an introduction that presents your thesis statement and provides a bit of background information about the subject.
  • Write three body paragraphs, each dealing with a major idea. Usually, you start the paragraph with a statement and then use the rest of it to support said statement.
  • Write a conclusion. You will basically summarize everything and show your audience how your findings support your thesis. If appropriate, you can end the conclusion with a strong call to action.
  • Edit and proofread your work until it is perfect. That’s it!

Now, let’s get you started with step #1. Check out our 189 great Earth science topics list and pick a topic for your next essay in minutes!

Interesting Earth Science Topics

We will start our list with the most interesting Earth science topics. Take a look at our list and pick the best topics for your needs right now:

  1. Benefits of introducing fluoride in drinking water
  2. An in-depth analysis of the igneous rocks in your area
  3. What is a topographical map?
  4. Discuss the importance of research in physical geology
  5. Waste disposal and its effects on ground water
  6. Discuss the concept of “geo-environment”
  7. How does the waterlogging effect take place?
  8. Talk about the complex movements caused by an Earthquake
  9. What is the seismic refraction effect and how does it take place?
  10. An in-depth look at the history of geology
  11. Analyze 3 major types of volcanic eruptions

Earth Science Research Topics

If you need to find a topic for a research paper, you will definitely be thrilled to learn that we have a list of excellent Earth science research topics right here:

  1. An in-depth analysis of the sedimentary rocks in your area
  2. The effects of plastics in the oceans on our health
  3. Discuss ways to minimize damage done by mining on the environment
  4. Discuss the soil liquefaction effect
  5. Rock metamorphosis and kinetic energy
  6. Discuss relative dating techniques in geology
  7. An in-depth analysis of the law of faunal succession
  8. Analyze the subsurface lithological profile of your area
  9. Discuss the internal structure of our planet
  10. What causes and Earthquake?

Earth Science Topics For High School

If you are a high school student looking for the best topic for his next geoscience essay, check out this list of Earth science topics for high school:

  1. Analyze the metamorphic rocks in your area
  2. Discuss the most important minerals for rock-forming
  3. The difference between a topographical and a geological map
  4. How is fracking damaging the environment?
  5. How does the salinization effect take place?
  6. An in-depth analysis of the Continental Drift theory
  7. Discuss the most important advances in geodetic technology
  8. Talk about the reasons why air pollution is extremely dangerous
  9. What is a general geologic map and what is it used for?
  10. Talk about the various characteristics of minerals in your area
  11. What causes desertification in the United States?

Geology Topics For Debate

Planning a debate? No problem, we have an entire list of geology topics for debate. Take a look at our ideas and use any of them for free:

  1. El Nino is changing
  2. The problems caused by fracking
  3. The importance of geoinformatics
  4. How were the Lunar craters formed?
  5. The effect of gravity on our planet
  6. Talk about minerals from the Arctic region
  7. Talk about soil weathering in North America

Great Earth Science Questions

What can be better for your brainstorming efforts than a list of awesome great Earth science questions? Here are some great ideas:

  1. Any positive effects of droughts?
  2. Why are we still using nuclear power?
  3. What effects does global warming have on our planet?
  4. Is the world running out of gas?
  5. What is the role of predator and prey in Earth science?
  6. How can we dispose of waste ecologically?
  7. Is mining beneficial for the Earth’s crust?
  8. What effects does industrialization have?
  9. Are we running out of petrol?
  10. What are some benefits of extinct volcanoes?

Easy Topics In Earth Science

If you don’t want to spend much time working on your geology essay, check out these incredibly easy topics in Earth science:

  1. The latest environmental disaster
  2. Talk about biodiversity in the Amazon
  3. How do Earthquakes cause tsunamis?
  4. The importance of deserts
  5. The importance of oceans
  6. 3 interesting types of rocks
  7. Talk about the ecofeminist movement
  8. What causes droughts in California?

Earth Science Research Paper Topics For College

Yes, we have some more complex topics that should be perfect for college students in 2023. Choose one of your Earth science research paper topics for college today:

  1. How does a place load test work?
  2. Discuss the importance of petrophysical log data
  3. Discuss 3 internal Earth processes
  4. Talk about soil liquefaction
  5. An in-depth analysis of the internal structure of our planet
  6. Talk about palynostratigraphy in 2023
  7. Analyze planet Earth in the Cretaceous period

Intriguing Topics About Earth

Want to pique the interest of your professor right off the bat? Here are some very intriguing topics about Earth that you can write about:

  1. Discuss deep sea mining
  2. Discuss the writing of Willa Cather
  3. Research fracking
  4. Analyze the formation of lightning
  5. Find proof of the Great Flood
  6. How is nuclear power generated?
  7. Discuss geothermal energy
  8. What is hydroelectricity?
  9. Talk about reforestation methods

Environmental Science Research Topics

The environment is a major subject nowadays, so why don’t you choose one of our environmental science research topics for your essay:

  1. Evaluate the biodiversity in your area
  2. Discuss the sedimentation process
  3. The importance of a tropical cyclone
  4. An in-depth analysis of soil profiles
  5. Radiation’s effects on our planet
  6. What does a petroleum geologist do?
  7. The effects of the fragmentation of habitat

Solar System Geology Topics

There are geological structures in space too, so don’t be afraid to write your research paper on one of these incredible solar system geology topics:

  1. Analyze the geology of Venus
  2. A closer look at the geology of Mars
  3. How are planets formed?
  4. Ceres: The terrestrial dwarf planet
  5. Discuss the geology of Mercury
  6. An in-depth analysis of Earth’s geology
  7. Impressive geological structures in our Solar system

Earth and Space Science Topics

Interested in writing about something related to both Earth and space? Check out our unique Earth and space science topics:

  1. The formation of our planet
  2. The role of the Sun on Earth
  3. Discuss the effects of gravitational forces
  4. Why is our Moon so important?
  5. The geology of Venus
  6. Can Mars be colonized? (from a geology point of view)

Best Geology Topics

In this list, we have compiled the best geology topics. We think these ideas will work great in 2023, so don’t hesitate to use them:

  1. Talk about mineral groups and their characteristics
  2. A closer look at the weathering process
  3. Why is the Earth round?
  4. Examine 3 types of rocks and talk about the differences
  5. Talk about the formation of lava
  6. Discuss the principles of robust plate tectonics
  7. An in-depth look at 3 newly discovered minerals
  8. Analyze the effects of climate change on the soil
  9. Talk about metamorphic rocks
  10. Talk about the causes of a major Earthquake
  11. How hot is lava?
  12. Discuss sedimentary rocks and their properties
  13. An in-depth look at the role of gravity
  14. Talk about the impending depletion of fossil fuel

Earth And Environmental Science Topics

Would you like to discuss environmental science? No problem, we have a whole list of Earth and environmental science topics right here:

  1. What causes a mountain to have an eruption?
  2. Talk about the mantle of the Earth
  3. The effects of soil weathering on the environment
  4. The effects of deforestation on our planet
  5. Talk about the Earth heating up
  6. Calculating the age of our planet
  7. What is a seafloor magnetic pattern?

Fun Earth Science Topics

Are you looking for some fun Earth science topics to write your next research paper on? Take a look at our brand new ideas:

  1. Take a soil sample and analyze it for class
  2. Take a field trip and write your findings in a report
  3. Find an interesting rock in your area and analyze it
  4. Can you find genuine volcanic rocks in your area?
  5. Talk about the formation of the solar system
  6. What geologic structures can be found on planets in our Solar system?
  7. Analyze the formation of a river in your area
  8. Analyze the weathering process of rocks in your area
  9. Can you replicate a seismic wave?
  10. Use a metal detector to find metallic ore
  11. Replicate a landslide in a controlled environment
  12. Showcase the process of mineral formation

Controversial Earth Science Topics

Of course, there are many controversial subjects when it comes to Earth science. In fact, here are some of the most controversial Earth science topics:

  1. Coal mining effects on our planet
  2. Fracking benefits for the economy
  3. Differences between extrusion and excavation
  4. What is a rift valley and why is it dangerous?
  5. A positive aspect of Earthquakes
  6. Discuss the dangers posed by invasive species
  7. Why is the ecological footprint important?

Engaging Earth Science Subjects

Would you like to talk about an engaging topic that will win you some bonus points? Check out our list of engaging Earth science subjects:

  1. The most important methods of harvesting energy in 2023
  2. A closer look at the Haiti Earthquake of 2010
  3. Talk about the ethics behind geology
  4. The effects of lightning on our planet
  5. What is blue carbon?
  6. The dangers posed by underwater volcanoes
  7. Talk about the rock cycle in your area

Informative Earth Science Ideas

In case you need to write an informative paper and want to impress your teacher, choose one of our informative Earth science ideas:

  1. The important of air masses
  2. Tsunami important for the soil
  3. Mining effects on our planet
  4. Banning the use of dynamite
  5. The negative effects of seismic waves
  6. Talk about 5 types of rocks

Excellent Geoscience Topics

In this list, we have compiled some excellent geoscience topics that should get you an A+ in 2023:

  1. Discuss the various agents involved with metamorphism
  2. The effects of deforestation on the soil
  3. Palladium and Selenium mining in the 21st century
  4. Talk about glaciation and the glaciation process
  5. Discuss the best way to study wildlife in its natural habitat
  6. Discuss 5 of the most valuable minerals found on Earth
  7. How is gold extracted today?
  8. Talk about the effects of deforestation on our planet
  9. The formation of diamonds
  10. Talk about rare elements in the Earth’s crust
  11. How important is geology for humankind?
  12. Discuss the effects a volcanic eruption has on the Earth’s crust

Persuasive Earth Science Topics

Need to write a persuasive paper? Don’t know where to find the best topic? Here is a whole list of persuasive Earth science topics just for you:

  1. How can we stop desertification?
  2. The importance of fossil fuel extraction
  3. The importance of the mining industry
  4. Dangers posed by mantle plumes
  5. Can Mars support life?
  6. Can Ceres support a human colony?
  7. The importance of transform faults

Environmental Geology Ideas

Talking about environmental geology should definitely impress your teacher. Pick any one of our free list of environmental geology ideas:

  1. Modern day mining and its effects on the environment
  2. The use of coal for energy production in 2023
  3. Discuss pollution of the 3 major lakes in the United States
  4. Discuss waste management in an ecological manner
  5. What can replace the landfills we currently use?
  6. An in-depth look at the pollution of ground water
  7. Discuss the effects of pollution on the soil in Africa
  8. Safely disposing of radioactive material
  9. Microplastics and their effects on marine life
  10. Why is fracking considered dangerous for the environment?
  11. Talk about the depletion of the ozone layer
  12. Environmental issues that can be solved by geology

Earth Science Topics for Presentation

Are you planning to create an awesome presentation for your Earth science course? Check out these wonderful Earth science topics for presentation:

  1. The effects of desertification in Eastern Europe
  2. The effects of volcanoes in the Pacific
  3. The effects of waste water on our environment
  4. Stopping the disposal of plastic in the world’s oceans
  5. Discuss the role of a mine inspectorate
  6. What is seismic refraction and what does it mean?
  7. Describe 3 most important minerals in your area
  8. Remote sensing technology in 2023
  9. Talk about the history of Earth sciences
  10. Discuss method of preventing the apparition of sinkholes
  11. An in-depth look at hydrothermal vents
  12. Take a field trip and write a report about your findings

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