206 Most Popular Political Science Research Topics

political science research topics

If you major in political science, you already know it’s a profound evaluation of politics and power from the domestic, international, and comparative outlook. It includes interpreting the existing political ideas, processes, institutions, behavior, policies, and how governments examine law, diplomacy, social groups, and many others. Political science is fundamentally a theory and practice of the government as it relates to both public and private lives. It encompasses political theory, comparative politics, international relations, the politics of the American government, and the preexisting political methodology. As students of a high school, college or university, it may be challenging to choose the best and interesting topics in political science. This is because you’re expected to produce high quality content on an advanced topic, and your grade depends on it. We’ve provided over 200 advanced topics to help you with that. But before you dive into these topics, how do you outline your political science research paper?

Outline Of Good Political Science Research Paper

Getting political research topics is easy; there are a lot. You must know how to convert any topic into a high quality paper, even if you order research paper, and this outline can help you. The outline of a good political science research paper must include an introduction, the literature review, the case study, the conclusion, and the reference page.

  • Introduction. This is where you identify the research questions and tell your readers the question’s significance. You must also provide a brief answer and overview of what your paper or essay will be about.
  • Literature Review or Theoretical Framework. Your political science research must discuss existing scholarly work related to your study. This lets your readers know that you conducted your research based on what you know about. This point is also where you provide explanations that justify the questions you asked earlier. Also, you can input your research methodology.
  • Case Study or Main Points. This is where you provide evidence to capture your argument. You must have basic ideas which will run through chapters. Organizing your thoughts in chapters helps you structure them into smaller pieces that make sense in the end.
  • Conclusion. This is the point where you summarize your research findings and restate the basic arguments or answers offered. You can also discuss the prospects of what you’ve discussed.

Now that you have an outline, these are the advanced and custom political science topics for your research or essays:

Political Science Research Questions

You must provide and answer some questions when you embark on research. These are good political science research questions to be answered in any political science research paper. Depending on your research, these questions are legitimate and should convince you about your knowledge on your chosen topic:

  1. What authority does a state have in the federal government?
  2. What can be identified as a totalitarian government today?
  3. Would it be justified if it’s said that Vladimir Putin is a dictator?
  4. What is the nature of comparative politics?
  5. How does communism affect today’s geopolitical structure?
  6. Does monarchy relate to communism too?
  7. How do social changes influence the politics of the country under consideration?
  8. How did politics influence the social class of the country under consideration?
  9. How does a dictator gain legitimacy?
  10. What exactly are political disputes?
  11. How is political dispute settled amongst countries?
  12. How are political disputes settled within a country?
  13. How does free speech sound much like hate speech
  14. What does controversy in politics imply?
  15. How does propaganda help during electioneering periods?

Political Science Topics

As earlier established, political science encompasses the relationship between domestic, national, international, and comparative politics. If you need good political science research topics, you can examine different sections of the States and other countries to develop your argument. You can consider the following comprehensive topics:

  1. How does existentialism apply to eastern constitutional law?
  2. What is the philosophy of Karl Schmidt and German?
  3. Examine civil republicanism and liberalism.
  4. Examine the post-socialist transition methods through the western culture lens.
  5. Evaluate the concept of Neoplatonism and how it poses a risk to society.
  6. What mutual tolerance in politics means.
  7. Evaluate the importance of ethics in the modern political culture.
  8. Justification of liberal democracy through the neo-Marxist lens.
  9. What are the ethics of election?
  10. Evaluate the core arguments of the Human Rights Act of 1998.
  11. Examine the basics of common morality and criminal law.
  12. Role of popular legislators in US history.
  13. Role of popular legislators in European history.
  14. Examine the role of popular presidents in US history.
  15. Outline the fundamental achievement of the first five US presidents.
  16. Outline the basics of justice inequality.
  17. Examine the importance of socio-economic preferences during political interrogation.
  18. Why is a person’s social life and history significant in the US penal system?
  19. What do post-conflict justice and inequality mean?
  20. Examine the efforts of the government at coordination.
  21. Give a thorough overview of the US electoral college.
  22. Give a comprehensive overview of the UK electoral college.
  23. Examine the importance of privacy law.
  24. Examine how privacy law seems to exploit commercial relationships.
  25. Evaluate the judicial interpretation of public safety statutes.
  26. What is the role of the transport security administrators?
  27. How are domestic laws formulated?
  28. Examine the role of public opinion on the abolition of slavery centuries ago.
  29. What is the role of public opinion in the US public health?
  30. What is the role of public opinion in the UK economic policies?

Comparative Politics Research Topics

This part of political science deals with an empirical approach to different political systems. It includes analysis of institutions, conflict resolutions, domestic policy formulation, international issues, and others. All these can be examined through a comparative evaluation, and you can consider:

  1. The domestic policies of the US and the UK on public health.
  2. The foreign policies of the UK and Russia.
  3. The comparison and contrasts between the communist structure of the USSR and China.
  4. Examine the Soviet Union ideology.
  5. The impacts of the cultural revolution on China.
  6. Evaluate the significance of the cultural revolution in the USSR.
  7. Examine the essential components of the UK and US foreign policies.
  8. Examine the cultural gap between China and Japan.
  9. Evaluate the behavioral approach to political parties in the UK and the US.
  10. Critically analyze the presidential and parliamentary systems of government.
  11. What is the apartheid phenomenon?
  12. How do apartheid and the black lives matter movement similar?
  13. What would you say is the difference between armed and political conflicts!
  14. What are your thoughts about twentieth and twenty-first-century politics?
  15. Religion is a social power: discuss.
  16. Culture is a formidable social power: discuss.
  17. Corruption is a must for any Government: discuss.
  18. Politics is business: discuss.
  19. Compare and Contrast the American and European federal crimes.
  20. Examine the activities of the FBI and KGB for ten years of your choice.

Political Science Research Paper Topics

As students of a college or university, political science borders on a state’s relationship amongst itself and outside it. This means its domestic and international political affairs. These extend to political theories, their practicality and feasibility, how they influence or affect the world, and many others. You can consider political science paper topics like:

  1. Vision of John Rohr on constitutions.
  2. Examine the significance of Plato’s The Republic.
  3. Evaluate the importance of Machiavelli’s The Prince
  4. Choose and talk about any three political philosophers of your choice.
  5. Give a detailed overview of the politics of Ancient Greece.
  6. Examine the politics of the Mongols.
  7. Examine the significance of the reign of the Vikings.
  8. Evaluate the unequal relationship between the government and the people
  9. Justify the lack of public opinion on foreign policies.
  10. Examine the effect of media voting on US elections.
  11. Evaluate the impact of card readers in protest of election credibility in the US.
  12. Evaluate the importance of foreign observers during elections from any country of your choice.
  13. Evaluate the basis of election thuggery based on the January invasion of the Capitol.
  14. Examine the effect of civilian and military government in the case of American provisional governments in the middle east.
  15. Assess the significance of the US on NATO.
  16. Give an overview of the influence of western nations on the UN.
  17. Examine the consolidation of democracy in any country of your choice.
  18. Problems of the American judiciary system.
  19. Challenges of the UK judiciary system.
  20. Evaluate the prospects of everyday politics in the European Union.
  21. Examine the role of Scandinavian countries in the race for gender equality.
  22. Examine the challenges and possibilities of gender equality in the UK.
  23. Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of equal pay in the US.
  24. Appraise the 2020 presidential election of the US.
  25. Examine the role of civic education in reducing educating the public.

Interesting Political Topics

Political science paper topics can also be interesting. This is because politics itself is exciting and can be intriguing when studied carefully. As students of politics, you must be knowledgeable on fundamental parts of the international system. You can base your research on these best political research paper topics.

  1. Examine the causes of the American Revolution
  2. Examine the concept of neoliberalism
  3. Evaluate the idea of political correctness
  4. Give an in-depth analysis of populism
  5. Attempt an evaluation of populism in the African context
  6. Evaluate the concept of politics in open Societies
  7. What principle is divided government based on
  8. What is the Influence of media on politics
  9. How does rational choice affect politics
  10. Is it okay to consider terrorism an instrument of politics?
  11. What does positivism imply?
  12. Examine the concepts of societal decadence in Animal Farm by George Orwell
  13. What does social movement on politics imply?
  14. Evaluate the basis of cultural pluralism
  15. Examine the role of the mass media in any UK election of your choice
  16. Examine the discussions on LGBTQ in sport
  17. Evaluate the domestic laws of Texas
  18. Why are some states more important than other states during US elections?
  19. What is the crisis of identity politics all about?
  20. Select any three states of your choice and discuss their domestic policies
  21. Choose any company of your choice and examine how its activities affect the public
  22. Make a case for vote-buying in any country’s election
  23. Examine the circumstance of political apathy in any country of your choice
  24. What are the challenges of marginalization in America?
  25. Evaluate the significance of corruption in the US politics

American Politics Research Paper Topics

America is a country that dominates global politics. It leads in technology, the military, even politics, and other fundamental sectors. However, this doesn’t excuse the US from a political crisis both internally and externally. You can discuss the basis of American policies with these current Research topics for political science:

  1. Examine the effects of the 2020 election on American democracy
  2. Examine the evolution of American politics from the 1960s
  3. What does American nationalism mean in the face of globalization
  4. What does social constructivism mean in the American context
  5. Examine public relations actors in the American politics
  6. What are the politics prevalent during the civil war
  7. What was the political crisis that led to the American civil war?
  8. Examine how the Republican culture evolved in the US
  9. Give an evaluation of election fraud on any US election
  10. Motivators of African American politicians
  11. Motivation for African American politics
  12. Examine the place of Hispanic American politics presently
  13. Examine the representative level of all minority classes in the US
  14. What does American crime law mean
  15. Examine the essential traits of the typical American politician
  16. How knowledgeable are you on the story of Jimmy Carter
  17. Examine the life of Saddam Hussein and his impact on America
  18. How did the Vietnam War become the American war?
  19. Attempt an analysis of the Barack Obama and Trump administration
  20. Discuss the significance of news coverage of US elections
  21. Analyze the relationship between the US and North Korea

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Easy Political Science Research Topics

If you’re in high school or pursuing your diploma, you need custom and more superficial political science topics. These may be advanced topics, but they are relatable political science topics for your level:

  1. Discuss the Importance of political violence in any country of your choice
  2. Examine the election processes and issues in any state of your choice
  3. Why does each state have different constitutions?
  4. Examine what tax law means in the US
  5. How should public bodies in the US act?
  6. What are the central laws to both federal and state governments?
  7. Examine the significance of public and private law in the US
  8. Examine the differences between democracy in the US and France
  9. The turbulent political history of France
  10. Evaluate the Importance of the US electoral college
  11. Examine the presence of godfatherism in any country of your choice
  12. Is Afghanistan better than it was before?
  13. Evaluate the political activities of the US in any country through its established provisional governments.
  14. Evaluate the role of domestic policies in rural areas
  15. What does legislation oversight mean?
  16. Give a detailed overview of the impeachment process of Trump
  17. Examine the structure of revenue allocation in the US
  18. Examine the art of political campaigns in the US
  19. How does social media bullying affect free speech
  20. Examine the line between free speech and hate speech
  21. How do elections achieve national peace and security
  22. Do you think the French President has too much power than he should?
  23. Do you think the US President should share his power with Congress?
  24. Examine the Executive power or the US vice president
  25. Examine the strengths of the UK Head of State

Current Research Topics For Political Science

These are topics that discuss the present happenings within countries and in the international political space. These could be topics on conflict resolutions or conflict in the international area itself. They also extend to domestic policies and their effects. Examine these good political science research questions:

  1. Examine the system of prosecuting top tier government officers
  2. Examine the legal clashes of any transnational corporations in recent years
  3. What does hostage care in the US penal code mean?
  4. Give a critical overview of American whistleblowers
  5. Examine the role of women in today’s global politics
  6. Is the terrorism war so far against the west or the western activities in the Middle East?
  7. What is the current political relationship of western countries with the Taliban government?
  8. What does political correctness mean in today’s gender multiplicity?
  9. Examine how social media emerges as the court cancel celebrities
  10. Examine the challenge of national planning under Joe Biden
  11. Evaluate the similarities between the foreign policies of Canada and the US
  12. What does the US alliance with Australia imply for its allies
  13. Examine the present threat between China and Taiwan
  14. Would you say the European Union can achieve standard fiscal policies
  15. What is the role of controversies and propaganda in any election, and how does it determine the winner or loser: give a case study

International Politics Research Paper Topics

International politics is the balance of power in the international space. This extends to the balance of threats. Other issues covered include human rights, peaceful resolution of global conflicts, environmental crisis, globalization, global ethics, global poverty, and more. The best political science research topics on international politics are:

  1. Examine the case for human rights violation in Malawi
  2. Make a case for human rights violation in China
  3. Make a car for the human rights violation in communist countries
  4. Examine the trends in global poverty and its eradication in the world today
  5. Investigate the controversies raised by Amnesty International
  6. Would you say international media houses are the watchdog of the society or an accomplice of security threats
  7. What are the ethics guiding the activities of NGOs
  8. Role of the international monetary fund in world politics
  9. Trends and evolution of the Belt and Road Initiative
  10. Examine the environmental crisis case against Germany
  11. Examine the issues of human rights in Uganda
  12. Investigate the political agenda of any three US politicians of your choice
  13. What are the present political powers at play in Ukrainian politics
  14. Examine the causes of the Central African Republic rebellion
  15. Examine the Afghanistan conflict through the lens of a Westerner
  16. Trace the origin of the Afghanistan conflict
  17. Analyze the immigrant crisis facing Europe
  18. Evaluate the immigrant problem facing the US
  19. Go in depth on the drug war by the US government
  20. Examine the disparity between the white and black justice systems in the US
  21. Evaluate the leadership conflict post 9/11
  22. Examine the race for economic dominance
  23. Examine the significance of capitalism in the expansion of democracy
  24. Examine the role of any three media houses of your choice in their propagation of bias in Europe and the US
  25. How does the Personal ambition of a leader affect country politics?
  26. Examine the post-war legacy of any war of your choice
  27. Examine the wartime negotiating strategy
  28. Evaluate the social role of volunteerism
  29. What is the Influence of the US government on the growth of Coca-cola outside America?
  30. How has the UN contributed to education in any country of your choice

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