128 Unique Humanities Topics For Your Research Papers

humanities topics

Many students struggle to find humanities topics worth researching. That’s because most students think the humanities are only about ancient cultures and dead languages. However, social science and humanities explore how humans document and process different experiences. These study fields enable learners to understand intellectual and personal scales, such as culture, heritage, and identities. When studying humanities, students explore past self-exploration and philosophy to political views, economic issues, culture, and religion.

What Are Humanities?

The humanities are educational disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. In the Renaissance, “humanities” referred to the studio humanitatis, a Medieval Latin phrase meaning “liberal arts or studies.” In the medieval curriculum, the seven liberal arts were grammar, rhetoric, and logic (the trivium); and arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music (the quadrivium). Academicians chose these subjects because they considered them essential for a free person—a citizen—to know so that they can actively participate in civic life, voting, holding office, serving on juries, and so forth.

Today’s humanities definition includes all those original seven subjects plus literature, history, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, jurisprudence, comparative religion, and ethics. Topics in humanities help us understand aspects of our culture and others, how people lived in the past, what they believed, how they worked and played, what kinds of governments and social structures humans developed, and the type of art and technology they created. In other words: How did we get to be where we are today?

How To Improve A Bad Paper

Perhaps, you’ve chosen a topic and written an essay. Unfortunately, you might not like your paper because you feel it doesn’t meet your educator’s quality standards. In that case, follow these tips to improve it.

  • Make your description, anecdotal details, and sensory and imagery details more specific.
  • Make your paper more concise to convey ideas with few words
  • Use transition phrases or words
  • Make your thoughts understandable and clear to the reader
  • Check the organization to ensure ideas flow logically
  • Proofread and edit your paper.

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Interesting Humanities Topics

Do you love writing about exciting topics? If so, here’s a list of interesting ideas to explore in your humanity paper.

  1. Investigating changes in gender roles in modern society
  2. Exploring the differences between wars and interstate conflicts
  3. Texas case study- How poverty affects tertiary education
  4. Examining the illegal immigrants’ implications on host countries in Europe
  5. How conflict theory can help prevent the fight for family resources
  6. Is poverty a social issue?
  7. Detailed analysis of the problems faced by people living with disabilities
  8. Contemporary music and political commentary
  9. The bible’s role in the US democracy’s development
  10. Exploring labour struggles in Europe and their effects on global and local politics in the 19th century
  11. Investigating the essence of studying humanities
  12. Exploring the enlightenment age- What does it mean?
  13. Examining the Appalachian regional identity
  14. The race problem in the US- Exploring its causes
  15. Analyzing the Black Lives Matter movement and its role in the race theory
  16. How consumerism affects sustainability
  17. A closer look at the counterculture’s benefits in society
  18. A critical view of the differences between cults and sects
  19. Analysing gender studies- What are the emerging issues?
  20. Cultural appropriation- Investigating why it causes a political contest
  21. Fashion trends in modern society- Examining their connection with cultures
  22. Should governments legitimize prostitution?
  23. The influence of oral history on modern culture
  24. How graphic novels affect literacy
  25. Discuss the pros and cons of studying humanities
  26. How bullying is challenging to prevent in schools
  27. Investigating the environmental foundations for humanities
  28. Explore cultural stereotypes and how superstitions shape them
  29. Compare animal and human sacrifice in religion
  30. Analyzing human behaviour and communication

These are exciting topics to consider in this academic field. Nevertheless, take sufficient time researching your preferred title to write a winning paper. 

Top Humanities Research Paper Topics

Maybe, you want to write an academic paper about a topic in humanities. In that case, consider the following ideas for your research paper.

  1. Capitalism- Is it the best system?
  2. How poverty affects rural communities
  3. Evaluating the effects of daily routines on kids’ development within family setups
  4. The development of Twitter into a robust political platform
  5. How irresponsible teen behaviour affects the society
  6. Communism and capitalism’s role in humanities studies
  7. Early marriages- What are their pros and cons?
  8. Social sciences and humanities- How do they differ?
  9. Understanding the economic and political issues impacting humanities studies
  10. How does an individual’s behaviour affect society
  11. How the Me Too movement affects the girl-child
  12. Analyzing the United States’ humanities curriculum
  13. Factors inhibiting anthropological linguistics’ study
  14. How Chinese culture and Italian fashion connect
  15. How the Neolithic revolution affects humans’ cognitive abilities
  16. Ethical issues relating to media advertising
  17. Investigate the relationship between the law-making process and bureaucracy
  18. How dual-nationality affects political views
  19. Investigate the US executive power
  20. Describe humanities origin in Classical Greek

These are some of the research topics for humanities research papers. As the name suggests, extensive research is necessary to draft a quality paper. Our expert writers can help you to write a custom research paper cheap and fast. 

Good Humanities Paper Topics

High school, university, and college students need good topics to impress teachers and earn top grades in their classes. Here are such ideas.

  1. How the law-making process relates to bureaucracy
  2. Why public choice awareness is vital
  3. A historical analysis of the Indian migrant workers
  4. How the Neolithic revolution affects cognitive abilities
  5. Should America implement more restrictive laws about gun ownership?
  6. Ethical issues surrounding media advertising
  7. Why youth culture is complex for older generations to understand
  8. LGBT people and straight people’s rights- How do they compare?
  9. The absence of face-to-face interactions- Does it cause misunderstanding in communications on social media?
  10. Why democracy fails- Iraq case study
  11. What causes the Israel-Palestinian wars?
  12. Spirituality and gender- Is there a connection?
  13. Is the world hauling toward a Third World War?
  14. Discuss relevant anthropology issues
  15. Hinduism- Does it affect Indian socio-political development?
  16. Factors affecting the 21st-century teenagers
  17. Social media’s role in shaping people’s perspectives
  18. Factors affecting social interactions and their changes among communities
  19. Why the world struggles with the inequality problem to date
  20. Discuss the ageing notion among different societies

Pick a title in this category and develop it via research. Nevertheless, ensure it enables you to answer the question your educator poses.

Humanities Project Ideas

Did the educator ask you to pick a topic for your humanities project? If so, here are humanities topics for research projects to consider.

  1. The role of funding in education
  2. What limits collision admission policies?
  3. Is doping prevalent in sports?- Explain why
  4. Investigating prisoners’ life and prisons
  5. Macroscopic trends- Analysis of cultural change
  6. Digital archives- A textual analysis
  7. Why pedagogy lacks a focus
  8. Information access issues in society
  9. How online publishing affects humanities
  10. Tools for cultural analysis- Why they are vital for humanities
  11. Doctors’ role in assisted suicide
  12. Violence perpetrators and administrators’ role in campus
  13. Capital punishment and its ethical downside
  14. Legal drinking age- Who should determine it?
  15. Why achieving modesty is difficult nowadays.
  16. Crisis- When international intervention is justified
  17. African socialism- How it compares between the 1950 and 1980s
  18. Lessons learned from Europe and US immigrant crisis
  19. Comparing and contrasting foreign policies in the UK and China
  20. Should governments ban alcohol and beer advertisements?

Please choose a topic from this list and develop it via extensive research. Ensure that your paper has relevant information to impress the educator.

Easy Humanities Topics Ideas

Maybe you’re searching for an easy idea to explore in your paper. In that case, consider these ideas for your essay.

  1. Investigating age and changes in body image
  2. How social environment prompts people to relocate to cities
  3. Deviance development among urban youths
  4. Does reading more books make people less or more social?
  5. Illegal immigrants- Should governments make them legal citizens?
  6. How does gender-based violence affect kids’ personalities
  7. Sociological perspectives of child development and interracial adoption
  8. Parental control limits on child’s personality
  9. Investigate the adverse effects of teenage pregnancies
  10. Analyze war negotiations strategies- Provide 20th-century case studies

These are relatively easy topics to consider for academic papers. Nevertheless, they still require some research.

Arts and Humanities Research Topics

Are you interested in humanities and arts research topics? If so, this list has some ideas worth exploring.

  1. Contemporary art and the feminist movement
  2. Art education- Why it helps learners think differently
  3. Advertisements- Should the audiences view them as modern art?
  4. Mythology’s impact on Ancient Greece’s sculptures
  5. Government accountability and democracy in the US
  6. How did the cultural revolution affect the Chinese art
  7. The second migration- How it affects Harlem Renaissance’s art
  8. Sharing pieces of art and music online- Is it a legal practice?

Consider these titles if you want to write about art and humanities. However, prepare to spend sufficient time researching your topic before writing.

Medical Humanities Topics

Do you want to explore medical humanities in your research? If so, here are some interesting titles to consider for your essay and help you take the first step toward a good research paper done for you.

  1. Does global warming cause tropical diseases?
  2. Child vaccination- Should the government make it mandatory?
  3. How exercising can affect a person’s life negatively
  4. Is using animals in drug tests a good idea?
  5. Should governments limit drug tests on humans?
  6. Is the world ready for another pandemic?
  7. How the world managed the COVID-19 pandemic
  8. Medical research- The threats and their mitigation
  9. Should hospitals test individuals with mental issues in or outside their immediate communities?
  10. Doctors should provide medical assistance against the guardian’s wishes
  11. Parents should regulate social media use to prevent or reduce the addiction impacts
  12. How the COVID-19 pandemic prompted society to rethink global healthcare coordination

These are good humanities research topics that touch on the medical field. Nevertheless, they also require some research to write high-quality papers.

Topics in Digital Humanities

Digital humanities are also worth exploring in academic papers. Here are exciting titles to consider in this category.

  1. Printing press history and its role in information dissemination
  2. Art presentation in America during the digital age
  3. The information technology age and humanities studies
  4. How video games contribute to violence in modern society
  5. Is digital technology a bane, or does it provide an improved life?
  6. The influence of modern gadgets on individuals’ mental health
  7. Social media and its impact on people’s lives
  8. Technology and modern devices- How they affect relationships

After extensive research, these are some of the best topics worth writing humanities papers about in college. However, every student should choose a title according to guidelines from their teacher or professor.

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