134 Religion Research Paper Topics: Brand New Ideas List 2023

134 Religion Research Paper Topics

Throughout history, people have always believed in the existence of a mighty figure that has always been referred to as “the fascinating and terrifying mystery.” Even the people who showed that they had no faith will ask for help in times of danger from a saintly figure. Religious beliefs are a reality of life that requires understanding, and this is where the academic field of religious research comes in. Religious studies study different religious beliefs, institutions, and behaviors that exist in the world. The study aims to explain, compare and interpret other religions—religious studies analyze people’s behavior and beliefs by having a neutral perspective. The basis of religious studies courses focuses on psychology, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and the history of religion.

Why is Religious Studies Important?

Religious studies focus on the primary component of human culture and society. The key to understanding human behaviors lies in knowing people’s religious beliefs and practices. The world is becoming increasingly diverse, and understanding religions and cultures makes it easy to communicate based on knowledge rather than stereotyping.

Also, religious studies have excellent employment prospects as its students get opportunities for cross-disciplinary research through the various courses offered in the majors. The religious program is a distinctive program that emphasizes understanding the nature and history of communities affected by religions. Hence, it makes it easier to understand society and the people. If you are already a religious studies student, you will know all the benefits of opting for this subject. However, writing a thesis in religious studies is not easy; hence, we will be giving a brief insight into different religions and listing some religious topics for the research paper.

Different Types of Religion

There are many different religions in the world; we will be discussing some exciting details about the popular ones:

  • Islam Islam is a religion similar to Christianity and Judaism. Islam has its roots back in the era of Adam and the prophet Ibrahim. People who follow Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his last messenger. Quran is the holy book of the Muslims which is a compilation of the revelations of God to the prophet Muhammad through the angel Jibrael. Quran, or the book of Allah, is said to contain the exact words of God; hence it offers a nonnegotiable blueprint on how to spend your life. The Islamic legal code known as the Sharia states every aspect of life, from marriage to business. Whoever abides by the teachings of Sharia will get paradise, and whoever disregards it and Muhammad’s teaching will get the hell in the hereafter.
  • Christianity Christianity is a religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus. People who follow Christianity are known as Christians and believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Christian scripture includes the commandments in the Torah and the adherent version of it. Christians believe that Jesus met and completed all the laws defined by Torah, but he took upon him the sins of the world during his crucifixion and died. He will rise to live again to grant grace from God to those who put their faith in him. Christianity also has a concept of reward in the form of heaven for those who do good in life and a place called hell for people who did evil deeds in their life.
  • Hinduism Hinduism is regarded as the oldest religion, dating back to 1500-600 BCE. It’s a religion with a compilation of many beliefs and traditions; due to this reason, it’s also referred to as a “Family of religion.” Hindus believe in the continuous cycle of life, death, reincarnation, and karma. Critical thoughts of Hinduism are of “atman” belief in the soul. Hindus who follow Hinduism aim to achieve “mukti,” or salvation that ends the cycle of rebirths to become one of the absolute souls.
  • Buddhism Buddhism is considered a religion and a philosophy. The religion is based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha, a sage thinker who lived between the fourth and sixth centuries BCE. His teachings were based on moral rectitude, achievement of peace through meditation, and freedom from material desires and attachment. He dedicated his life to preaching kindness, wisdom, and compassion to people living in the eastern part of ancient India. The people who follow Buddhism are known as Buddhists. The goal of Buddhists is to achieve freedom from material attachment, ignorance, and anger in pursuit of a sublime place called Nirvana by following Buddhas’ teachings.

Research Paper Topics on Religion

Suppose you are searching for topics for your religious studies thesis, then you will come across complex topics which are hard to understand. Hence we have created a list of 134 relevant religious essay topics to provide you with a kick start for your research. Furthermore, remember you have the opportunity to buy custom research paper from professional helpers team.

World Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Evaluating the perception of the soul in different religions
  2. Can religion be used to guide teenagers, and how?
  3. What ethical beliefs are involved in the Hindu faith
  4. Discussing the significant causes of the protestant reformation
  5. The primary purpose of mission in the modern religion
  6. Can taking someone’s life be justified religiously and ethically?
  7. The history of Judaism
  8. The history of Hinduism
  9. Role of religion in shaping the history of science and education
  10. Religion and the globalized world
  11. The political impact of religion
  12. Religion and crime: Concept of reward and punishment
  13. People and religion from social psychology perspective5
  14. Cultural specifics in religion

Research Paper Topics Religion and Society

  1. Beliefs that existed before organized religion
  2. Evaluate why politicians should not interfere in religious disputes.
  3. Describe the major differences between the Old Testament and New Testament laws.
  4. How does religion affect the political economy
  5. How can one create religion?
  6. What role does religion play in poetry and literature?
  7. Media source and religion
  8. Generational specifics of religions
  9. Evaluating polytheistic religions
  10. Religion in modern Japan
  11. Analyzing the connection between religion and law
  12. Should religious leaders have political and legal power?

Sociology Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. How does religion affect mental health
  2. Significance of religion in environmental issues
  3. How have modern times affected religion?
  4. Belief system without gods
  5. Who benefits from religion?
  6. Evaluating the religious beliefs prevailing in modern India to their ideas in the 20th century
  7. What is the perception of guardian angels in different religions
  8. What is the hypostatic union
  9. Do babies go straight to heaven if they die?
  10. Analyzing the principle beliefs of Eastern and Western religious faiths.
  11. “God only exists in the minds of those who believe” to what extent it’s true.
  12. How does divinity exists in Egyptian beliefs?
  13. The perception of different religions about the end of the world
  14. C0-existence of Hinduism and Islam in India.

Religious Essay Topics

  1. Theology of reality and myth
  2. Theology of love and death
  3. A postmodern take on theology and atheism
  4. Principles and importance of theology and theological methods
  5. Religious effect on rational theology
  6. Are theology and philosophy inseparable from sciences?
  7. Global cultural models in religious systems
  8. How does sociology affect religious systems?
  9. Dynamics of religious systems
  10. How is democracy affected by religious systems?
  11. Religion systems and geographical dependencies
  12. How is the market affected by the religious systems?

Religious Topics for Research Papers

  1. Religions and their everyday rituals
  2. Does religion act as a social glue to keep together communities and nations?
  3. Religion and space: What is believed to be present beyond
  4. Are religion and morality connected or separate?
  5. How is the role of women defined in religions?
  6. Religion and medicine
  7. The importance of sacrifices in different religious practices
  8. How does religion impact family connections?
  9. What is the evolutionary perspective on religion?
  10. How do myths affect the modern society
  11. Religion and the role of symbolism
  12. What role does religion play in forming prejudices?
  13. The role of illusions and magic in religion
  14. How does religion affect adolescents and faith?
  15. Religion and the Age of Enlightenment

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

  1. Will religions ever end?
  2. The concept of an afterlife in different religions
  3. How is the economy affected by religion?
  4. Comparison between modern religions and shamanism
  5. How do disconnect spirituality from religion?
  6. Is it possible to follow a single world religion?
  7. Comparing modern psychologists and religious counselors
  8. Should religion get special treatment from the government?
  9. The concept of an afterlife in different religions
  10. The different perspectives about sex in other religions
  11. The significance of baptism for infants and adults
  12. Different religious methods of converting followers
  13. The manifestation of totems and the world
  14. Is the great flood story found in religions?
  15. How is terrorism affected by religion?

Sociology of Religion Research Topics

  1. How do religion impact war and revolution?
  2. Religion and its effect on marriage
  3. Religion and violence: Are they related?
  4. Are rationality and religion mutually exclusive?
  5. Comparing prayer and meditative techniques
  6. Does religion create more problems than it solves?
  7. Analyzing the connection between religion and Anthropology
  8. Features of a person who applies to become a saint
  9. The different ways to celebrate Christmas
  10. Different methods used by religions to build peace

Christianity Research Paper Topics

  1. Is cloning an acceptable act in Christianity?
  2. The role missionaries played in the early church
  3. Is cloning an act against God?
  4. Analyzing the relation between sociology and religion
  5. Is it right to change religion?
  6. Evaluating the difference between Judaism and Christianity
  7. The role of female preachers in the congregation
  8. How is death perceived in Christianity
  9. Evaluate the tradition of visiting the church on Sunday
  10. The history of Christianity
  11. Faith is a reality; evaluate this statement!
  12. Evaluate religious tolerance
  13. Evaluate whether men are slaves to religion
  14. The Christian view of gay marriages

Religion Discussion Topics

  1. How do different religions cannibalize past religions?
  2. The importance of religious books like the Bible and Quran
  3. The concept of reincarnation in Hinduism
  4. Is atheism a religion?
  5. The various perspective of religions on contraceptives
  6. How have the Jewish people navigated persecution so well over the centuries
  7. How can artificial insemination be implied?
  8. Do you think it’s religiously correct to freeze your embryo?
  9. How can the government control the people through religion?
  10. Is Mormonism a true American religion?
  11. What is religious inequality
  12. The negative aspects of Buddhism
  13. Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion?

Islam Research Paper Topics

  1. Is Islam a peaceful religion
  2. Is it possible to practice freedom of religion in Arab countries?
  3. The most famous reference book in Islam
  4. The history of Islam
  5. The basic concepts of religious books
  6. Is abortion a sin against God?
  7. Is it a sin to have control over your body and kids?
  8. Islam: A misunderstood religion
  9. Islam: Misunderstandings and prejudices
  10. The role of women as highlighted in Islam
  11. Islam and traditionalism: are they separable?
  12. Past and future of Islam
  13. The political impact of Islam
  14. How has the Islamic image formed in the West?
  15. How would the world be without Islam?

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