131 Interesting Conflict and Compromise in History Topics for Students

conflict and compromise in history topics

As a student of history, international relations, and related humanity studies, you may need conflict and compromise in history topics. History is overwhelmed with conflicts and compromises, which amount to different conflicts to write about. There are numerous conflict and compromise NHD topics and negotiation, and conflict resolution topics, all of which are sourced from the numerous wars fought since ancient times to the twenty-first century. In this context, you’ll find different good conflict resolution topics paper which encompasses essential conflict resolution topics for your paper writing.

Research Topics on Peace and Conflict Resolution

History is filled with different events, and you may need topics in history that include conflict and compromise. Of course, most wars included compromise for the sake of peace, and you can consider the following for your paper writing:

  1. Account for the issues that have delayed peace in the Israeli-Palestine conflict
  2. Document the factors that promoted the Israeli-Arab conflict and subsequent alliance
  3. Account for the 100 years of the France and England war
  4. Examine why the French/Indian War escaped into a global conflict and how it was solved
  5. Give an account of the factors that led to the American Revolution
  6. Give an account of the factors that led to the ascension of Napoleon Bonaparte in France
  7. Account for the bloodiest conflicts during the American Civil War
  8. Make an assessment of the American and Iraq War
  9. Give an account on the war on drugs and the complexities involved: a case study of America and Mexico
  10. Give a proper account of the activities of Pablo Escobar and his gangs
  11. Examine the role of discrimination in immigration laws of Europe
  12. Examine the connection of drugs to violence
  13. Analyze the symbiotic relationship of peace and war during the Cold War
  14. Analyze the internal politics that could trigger the fall of the United Kingdom
  15. Examine how the formation of Liberia in Africa limited black discrimination in America
  16. Examine the role of America in countering drug trafficking in Asia
  17. Examine three UN interventions of peace building in any Asian country
  18. Rationalize why the petition to the UN for peacekeeping in Congo by Patrice Lumumba was ignored
  19. Account for the crisis of Arab oil before the end of the Cold War
  20. Give an overview of Electronic Jihad before 9/11
  21. Examine the role of social-cultural organizations in maintaining peace in America
  22. Examine the strategies Nelson Mandela used in ensuring peace even after apartheid in South Africa
  23. Account for the role of conflicts in geopolitical structures
  24. Defend civil and military relations in Iraq during the American-Iraq War
  25. UN peacekeeping mission: account for the success of nonviolent means in wars

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Conflict Management Research Paper Topics

You may need to develop peace and conflict topics on how to manage wars or their escalation. There are different peace and Conflict topics you could explore; you can consider:

  1. Account for ways the Absence of a blank cheque given by Germany could have avoided World War 1
  2. Account for the tense Political atmosphere that culminated into World War 1
  3. Examine how the peace building initiative of the UN has proved helpful in international relations
  4. Document the role of herdsmen in insecurity in Nigeria
  5. Examine the role of the Boko Haram terrorist group in Africa insecurity
  6. Examine the border conflicts between Pakistan and India
  7. Analyze the role of Russia in the Middle East up to the end of the 20th century
  8. Analyze the role of the US in the Middle East up to the end of the 20th century
  9. Rationalize the fall of Portuguese dictatorship as the fall of its colonies in the 1960s
  10. Account for the intricacies of the Vietnam War
  11. The division of the North and South was the only alternative in Korea: discuss
  12. The division of the North and South could’ve done America some good: discuss
  13. The separation of Uighur Muslims may be suitable for India: discuss
  14. The Buddhists and Muslims may have no place in China: discuss
  15. The Chinese Road and Belt Initiative could cause another economic conflict: discuss
  16. Ukraine, Russia, and NATO: express how final peace can be achieved on the Crimea issue
  17. Express your idea on state policing in America
  18. The emergence of the Taliban: is the needed peace in Afghanistan?
  19. Express theories and criticisms of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan
  20. Assess the significance of 9/11 and the battle for Security in America
  21. Examine how conflict has been avoided between China and America
  22. Would you say there are prospects for conflict regarding China’s naval expansion?
  23. Would you say neocolonialism in Africa is another form of the Cold War?
  24. Account for the regional economic integration of America and Mexico and the political undertones
  25. Would you say the Russia-China alliance is dangerous for Russia?

Conflict Management Presentation Ideas

You may want to give a TEDx talk or present to your colleagues about intriguing peace and conflict topics. You can draw from this list of conflict resolution topics for your presentation:

  1. Examine the conflicting theories of conflict resolution in history
  2. An account of the Balance of Threat on Iraq’s insistence on nuclear weapons
  3. Account for Balance of Threat in North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons
  4. Examine the race to nuclear Disarmament after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings
  5. What is the post World War II regional divisions
  6. Why did some countries adopt a neutral stance during the Cold War?
  7. Examine the politics of the Thirty Years War, which ended in 1648
  8. Account for the separation of the church and the state and how it achieved world peace since 1948
  9. Does NATO do the biddings of the US since the US is its largest donor?
  10. Does lack of a standing military affect UN functionality?
  11. What are the lessons from the Qing Dynasty spread?
  12. What are the lessons from the conquest of the Khans?
  13. Account for the reasons behind the Great Wall of China
  14. How does the Big 5 maintain international peace?
  15. Account for the deNazification of Germany after World War II

Thesis Topics for Peace and Conflict Studies

For your undergraduate or master’s paper, you may need negotiation and conflict resolution topics. Numerous topics in history include conflict and compromise, which could spur your creativity. You can consider:

  1. CIA: a study of America’s role in Africa in the 1960s
  2. The conflict of states autonomy in America
  3. The significance of the Geneva Convention in international relations
  4. Account for the human rights role of the International Court of Justice
  5. Assess how the destructions of industrial firms in Germany reduced its military efforts in World War Two
  6. Was peace with the South only through conquest in the American Revolution?
  7. What are the challenges of antisemites in America?
  8. What are the challenges of racism in Europe?
  9. Assess the challenges facing immigrants in Poland
  10. Examine the socio-cultural disparity in building relations with Afghan women during the American-Taliban conflict
  11. Account for the presence of the UK in Afghanistan
  12. Document the Mujahideen conflict with USSR
  13. Terrorism and awareness: what was the effect of Electronic Jihad on America?
  14. Terrorism and awareness: what was the role of the bombings of the US embassy in Kenya?
  15. Examine the role of peacekeeping forces in any state during the Black Lives Matter movements
  16. Give an assessment of religious conflicts in America
  17. Give an assessment of religious conflicts in India before Pakistan independence
  18. Give an overview of the fall of religion in the USSR
  19. Examine how France was integrated into Europe after the Napoleonic Wars
  20. European unity: account for the Russia supposed alienation
  21. Give a prognosis on the future of Palestine
  22. Give an overview of the Gaza conflicts
  23. Iraq nuclear power: the road to peace in the Middle East?
  24. Account for three events of societal unrest in any European country
  25. Account for the political crisis in any South American country
  26. Account for the role of journalists in reporting conflicts
  27. Account for the role of Al-Jazeera in the “Electronic Jihad” of Al Qaeda
  28. Examine Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. and the global coalition against them
  29. The murder of Qaddafi restored temporary peace in Libya: discuss
  30. The role of NATO in Libya led to the formation of ISIL: discuss
  31. The domination of China will lead to world peace: discuss

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Conflicts to Write About

With the completion of different battles, there are different conflict topics to write about. For your research topics on Peace and Conflict Resolution, you can consider these conflicts:

  1. Account for The Crusades involving the Roman Catholic Church and its holy wars during the Middle Ages
  2. Account for the French Revolution, which ended the Bourbons centuries of absolute monarchy
  3. Document the Mexican-American War
  4. Elucidate your understanding of the English War
  5. Examine the series of Boer Wars between Britain and Dutch-South Africans
  6. Examine the Israeli-Palestine conflicts from 1948 to date
  7. Account for the Korean War
  8. Diagnose the factors contributing to the Vietnam War
  9. Review the Soviet-Afghan War
  10. Examine the dimensions of the U.S.-Afghan then the Taliban War
  11. Explore the Iraq-Iran War
  12. Examine the intricacies of the Gulf War
  13. Analyze the major components of the Iraq War
  14. Give an overview of the major crisis in the Second Congo War
  15. Document the arrogance of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Napoleonic Wars of Europe
  16. Account for the Thirty Years of War between the Catholic and Protestant churches up till 1948
  17. Account for the factors leading up to the Russian Civil War
  18. Account for the factors which culminated in the Chinese Civil War
  19. What is your understanding of the Dungam Revolt
  20. Account for major African resistance wars against colonialism
  21. Account for the conquest of the Qing Dynasty
  22. Discuss the transition of the Qing Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty and the wars
  23. Discuss the course of the Sino-Japanese war
  24. Examine the significant concerns of the Irish Civil War
  25. Explore the dimensions the Irish war of Independence took
  26. Examine the American war of independence, the factors that motivated it, and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence
  27. Examine the French resistance to the Algerian war of independence
  28. Account for how the Libyan crisis of 2011 led to the Arab Spring
  29. Document the Arab Revolt in Palestine
  30. Examine the Malayan Emergency
  31. Give an account of the causes of the Falklands War
  32. Account for the role of dialogue in the Spanish Civil War
  33. Give an overview of the Kenyan Emergency during British rule
  34. Account for the Suez Canal Crisis and the battle of Egypt in retaining the Suez Canal
  35. Account for the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role of both the Soviet Union and the USA

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