90 Top Shakespeare Research Topics For Every Student

Shakespeare Research Topics

Looking at Shakespeare’s work, one can only but marvel at his style of writing. How he meticulously blends words into an oasis of refreshing waters is another story to tell. But why do many English literature students fumble when it comes to crafting top-notch topics for such a paper? Let’s explore some expert ideas on how to crack this puzzle of writing Shakespeare research topics:

  1. Understand the type of work: Shakespeare has written history plays, comedies, poems, and a collection of Sonnets. Knowing the kind of work helps the topic selection work easier.
  2. Review existing topics on the same: There are two reasons for doing this – to get inspiration and prevent blunt and repeated issues. It will therefore help you to come up with original and creative topics.
  3. Settle on a specific topic: It is good to have an issue that narrows down to a particular theme or style in the book. Doing this helps you know where to read and what you expect to draw from those parts quick and fast!

Top-rated Shakespeare research paper topics should, therefore, be:

  • Interesting to you as well as to the reader
  • Matching with the assignment’s requirements
  • Backed up by evidence from the novel

After looking at the essentials, let us now narrow down to the bone marrow:

College Shakespeare Research Paper Topics

  1. How does Shakespeare treat women in his plays?
  2. Discuss the impact of William Shakespeare’s works on today’s literature
  3. Is studying the works of Shakespeare in the 21st century making sense?
  4. Did Shakespeare’s literary works represent his lifestyle?
  5. Provide a critical analysis of romanticism as used in Shakespeare’s novels
  6. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of Shakespeare’s poetry
  7. Did his acting career have an impact on how he wrote his plays?
  8. Do you think the culture then contributed to Shakespeare’s creativity?
  9. Why do most colleges still insist on reading Shakespeare’s work?
  10. Examine and evaluate his style of language to that of today

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William Shakespeare Research Paper Topics on Themes

  1. Forms in which conflict take in Shakespeare’s work
  2. The impact of the themes of appearance and reality
  3. How Shakespeare uses confusion as a theme to tell a story
  4. How violence and tyranny are bin Macbeth’ life
  5. The dominance of the theme of fate and free will in Romeo and Juliet
  6. The theme of sin and salvation in Hamlet
  7. Sight and blindness in King Lear’s life
  8. the depiction of racism in Othello
  9. How disruptions mirror characters in nature
  10. Forgiveness and reconciliation in the Tempest.

Shakespeare Research Topics High School

  1. The political maneuvering in Julius Caesar
  2. Dream interpretation in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’
  3. Expectations of marriage for young women in ‘Taming of the Shrew’
  4. Discuss the relationship between Jews and Christians in the ‘Merchant of the Venice.’
  5. Why is Shakespeare’s fame still towering to the skies in this century?
  6. Why does Shakespeare use murder and scary nights in the Macbeth?
  7. Discuss some of the famous phrases and sayings invented by Shakespeare
  8. Why do most high schools prefer comedy rather than tragedy?
  9. How the young and reckless characters in ‘Hamlet’ relate with high school students
  10. Dealing with dry and historical plays for high school students

Good Shakespeare Research Paper Topics – Romeo and Juliet

  1. Discuss the connection between hate, violence, and death in Romeo and Juliet
  2. Public and social institutional struggles that lovers have to undergo
  3. Is fate inevitable when it comes to love?
  4. Barriers and obstacles to love as seen in the love of Romeo and Juliet
  5. How intrinsic is violence to the play’s environment in the first scene?
  6. The youth and relationships
  7. How to survive ill-fated love
  8. Does love at first sight exist?
  9. How love can stir up violence
  10. What is the impact of familial power on love?

Research Topics on Shakespeare Women

  1. Why Shakespeare allows women from low societies to explore their sexuality
  2. The distrust accorded to women in leadership by Shakespeare.
  3. Women become catalysts for the drama that unfolds.
  4. How women are villains in Shakespeare’s plays
  5. The plight of women in getting equal rights
  6. How women are treated as the ‘weaker vessel.’
  7. Is it right for women to take up men’s roles?
  8. What was the role of women in the period of Elizabeth?
  9. Did Shakespeare believe that inequality of gender is inherently wrong?
  10. Shakespeare’s immense respect for women through his works

Shakespeare Research Paper 8th Grade Topics

  1. Why does Shakespeare use children in drama?
  2. Discuss your attitude towards Romeo and Juliet as you read the end of the play
  3. What does Shakespeare achieve by using the supernatural in the play?
  4. Analyze the different roles that Macbeth plays
  5. Do you believe that Romeo and Juliet’s love was genuine?
  6. What are some of the heroic instances in the Hamlet
  7. Do you sympathize with Romeo after Juliet’s death?
  8. Discuss radical feminism in The Merchant of Venice
  9. What are the causes of racism in The Merchant of Venice?
  10. Compare and contrast Romeo and Juliet.

Popular Shakespeare Research Topics

  1. The depiction of corruption by Shakespeare
  2. The relationship between deception among characters and the plot
  3. Why is betrayal the most celebrated expression in Julius Caesar?
  4. How Shakespeare twist revenge around the revenge tragedy in the Hamlet
  5. Why is hatred a great driver of drama?
  6. The beliefs of good and evil during Shakespeare’s times and now
  7. Why does Shakespeare employ the order and stability of disorder and confusion techniques?
  8. How Shakespeare creates inner lives for his characters
  9. The use of recurring images in Romeo and Juliet
  10. The contribution of the European culture to Shakespeare’s plays

William Shakespeare Sonnets Research Paper Topics

  1. Form and structure of Shakespeare’s sonnets
  2. Why did Shakespeare choose particular characters for each sonnet?
  3. How the Renaissance period contributed to the creation of sonnets
  4. Stylistic forms of Shakespeare’s sonnets
  5. Why does Shakespeare introduce a young man instead of expressing worshipful love?
  6. Compare and contrast Shakespeare’s sonnets with typical ones
  7. Discuss themes explored by Shakespeare in his sonnets
  8. Elaborate on the rhyme scheme of the sonnets
  9. Character suitability for the sonnets
  10. Criticism of Shakespeare’s sonnets

Bonus Shakespeare Paper Topics

  1. The differentiation of gender roles
  2. The place of unmarried daughters to the fathers
  3. How does Shakespeare use comedy to communicate a sensitive message?
  4. Ways in which Shakespeare uses symbolism in his works
  5. The contribution of Shakespeare to curriculum development
  6. How Shakespeare portrays revenge and jealousy in the plays
  7. Discuss the significance of Romeo and Juliet as star-crossed lovers
  8. Is Juliet a feminist?
  9. Conduct a character analysis of your choice
  10. Role of parents during marriages

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