322 History Research Paper Topics For College Students

History Research Paper Topics

History research paper topics enable learners to investigate past events and people, thereby understanding processes that happen in the world while building into the future. Studying history allows learners to trace economic and cultural patterns and learn from past mistakes. And this knowledge enables humans to make reasonable decisions that lead to a better life.

When pursuing a history course in a college or university, professors ask students to write research papers on history topics. However, selecting the best history topics to write about is not easy. That’s because history is a broad study field with many issues to investigate and build solid papers. Thus, the vast selection of ideas to explore can overwhelm some learners. Luckily, this list comprises 300-plus titles from which you can choose your research paper topic.

World History Research Paper Topics

World history is diverse and broad because it covers many historical events and times. From the time civilization began to recent events like the 20th-century dreadful wars and social movements. If interested in this study field, here are world history research topics to consider for your paper.

  1. Nuclear weapons and how they influence military clashes in the world

  2. Investigating violent events in Jamaica

  3. Explain the link between World War II and World War I

  4. Describe the development of the Byzantine Empire

  5. Describe the apartheid period in South Africa

  6. Describe the church during the medieval period in Europe

  7. Analysis of the daily lives of medieval Europe’s peasants

  8. Explain why empires fall, with examples

  9. Mutual influence of Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures

  10. The Shogun role in Japanese history

  11. What lessons have humans learned from world wars?

  12. Explain the most important events in the Ottoman Empire

  13. Describe the power of the Mongol empire

  14. How did Gandhi contribute to global peace?

  15. Explain the influence of the ancient conquests on the formation of the contemporary world map

  16. Japan and China development in recent history

  17. Describe social stratification in the western world

  18. Describe the achievements of Women’s rights movements in the last century

  19. Describe the Thirty Year’s War

  20. Explain the rise of great monarchies

  21. Describe the decline of feudalism

  22. Explain the civilization process

  23. With examples, explain some great people in the sixteenth century

  24. Describe England during the Stuarts era

  25. Explain the Dutch republic’s rise

  26. Explain the top maritime discoveries

  27. Describe some of the most powerful monarchs in the world

  28. Explain the Eastern Empire fall

  29. Why did Genghis Khan become an outstanding Mongol?

  30. What made Empress Dowager Cixi an extraordinary woman?

  31. Explain the Qing Dynasty fall

  32. Why was Persian Gulf War so significant in military history?

  33. Describe the Korean War- Why historians consider it the first Cold War’s manifestation

  34. Describe the Russo-Japanese War and explain why it’s called World War Zero

  35. Explain significant events during the Vietnam War

  36. Explain why the Russian Revolution led to communism

  37. Explain the Samurai culture and their philosophy

  38. Why did humans build the Great Wall of China?

  39. How Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent resistant philosophy shaped Martin Luther King’s ideas

  40. Why does the world consider Nelson Mandela the democracy icon?

  41. Dalits political activism- Why minority group’s activism led to Indian mentality and political changes

  42. Investigating Spain and Britain during the Battle of the Seas

  43. Describe the aftershocks of the Cold War

  44. Medieval Europe and social relationships

  45. Describe the colonization of South America

  46. Describe the Mexican-American War

  47. Describe the primary Thirty Years War’s causes?

  48. Explain weapons used in ancient civilizations

  49. What were the effects of apartheid?

  50. Describe bridal ceremonies in early Rome

All these are brilliant world history project ideas that you can use to write excellent academic papers. Nevertheless, you must research your title extensively to come up with a winning piece.

Interesting U.S. History Topics

Perhaps, you’re interested in American history. In that case, you may opt to explore interesting the United States history research paper topics. This category comprises topics about American history.

  1. Describe the Red Scare and McCarthyism

  2. Ground Zero- Describe the 9/11 aftermath

  3. Describe the New Economy by Bill Clinton

  4. Describe the energy crisis’ lasting effects

  5. Describe Richard Nixon’s presidency- What led to his impeachment?

  6. The nuclear arms race and anti-nuclear movements

  7. Describe the foreign policy of Ronald Reagan

  8. Explain the impact of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on the industry

  9. Three Mile Island- Why was it the worst nuclear accident in the U.S.?

  10. Quakers- Their legacy and views

  11. Describe the Jamestown colony survival

  12. Explain how the French intervened in the American revolution

  13. The Pocahontas true story

  14. Explain Eleanor Roosevelt’s role in the American history

  15. How the Valley Forge altered the Revolutionary War’s course

  16. Describe the manifest destiny concept

  17. The American economic and political history

  18. Donner party- Why was it the true survival story?

  19. The Wilderness Road and Daniel Boone

  20. The 19th-century revolution in America

  21. Why the Oregon Trail has historical significance

  22. Describe the U.S. involvement in the Korean War

  23. Clark expedition and the Lewis

  24. The impact of railroads on the U.S. economy

  25. The U.S. social welfare history

  26. The history and effect of the underground railroad

  27. The role of African-Americans during the Civil War

  28. Colonial unrest in New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia

  29. How the Federalist Party became the foundation of the foreign and national economy policy

  30. Why the Whiskey Rebellion was important

  31. The American Revolution- Patriots versus Loyalists

  32. The Republicanism and Founding Fathers

  33. James Madison’s role in the American Constitution

  34. Describe the aftermath of the Shay’s rebellion

  35. Describe the Amistad Case legacy

  36. How the American Constitution reflects the democratic and republican governments

  37. Describe John Brown’s legacy

  38. The Connecticut Compromise and Roger Sherman

  39. The impact of the Dunmore Proclamation

  40. The Tenure of Office Act controversy

  41. Results of the Black Laws on the African-Americans’ lives

  42. Ulysses S. Grant presidency and military life

  43. Wyatt Earp’s true story

  44. Myths and truths of the Indian reservations

  45. Describe the top Native American leaders

  46. Effects of the Great Chicago Fire

  47. Explain why Homestead Strike failed

  48. The 19th-century American nationalism

  49. The legacy of the Battle of Somme

  50. Results of the Panama Canal on the World trade

These are exciting American history thesis topics to explore when the educator asks you to write a paper or essay. Nevertheless, pick an interesting topic to enjoy working on your project.

Interesting Historical Events to Write About in High School

Maybe your educator has asked you to choose history research topics for your high school essay. In that case, consider these interesting history topics for your papers.

  1. The role of McKinley in American imperialism

  2. The LGBTQ rights movements and civil rights movements intersection

  3. Describe the formation of foreign policy in America

  4. Explain events that enabled the colonies to win the American Revolution

  5. Describe space exploration in the 20th century

  6. Explain the Byzantium Empire development

  7. Describe the differences between the South and North political agendas

  8. Describe the Chicano Movement’s aftermath

  9. Describe the cultures of the Native Americans

  10. Did the American Civil War have any benefits?

Most high school learners will have relatively more straightforward time writing about these historical research topics. Nevertheless, you’ll have to invest time and effort in research to develop a winning paper.

History Research Paper Topics for College Students

Most college learners find writing about historical research paper topics challenging. But this happens when they select too dull or complex issues. Here are some of the historical issues that can be the basis of your college paper.

  1. Describe the impact of the Negro Leagues on society and baseball

  2. How did the underground railroad affect the Civil War

  3. How Mormons overcome their challenges

  4. Describe religion’s role in the westward expansion

  5. Describe revolution in American history

  6. Describe the leading causes of the Civil War

  7. American colonization- How did it happen?

  8. African-American women in literature and art

  9. Historical background of the Chancellorsville battle

  10. Explain why African-American soldiers’ contributions during World War II remain silence

  11. Ancient Japanese societies and cultures

  12. Celt’s origins and Celtic history

  13. Describe prehistoric North America

  14. Causes of economic depression

  15. What causes dictatorship?

  16. Describe the Nagasaki and Hiroshima events

  17. The uprising of democratic movements

  18. Causes and effects of the nuclear age

  19. Labor class and the Russian revolution

  20. History of the Veterans Day

  21. The role of McKinley in American Imperialism

  22. The impact of the Chicano movement

  23. History of the organized crime in America

  24. Key personalities in the revolutionary War

  25. History of civil rights

  26. American history of the 20th century

  27. Factors that led to Yugoslav wars

  28. The New France colonization process

  29. Middle East oil crisis

  30. The USSR collapsed, and Mikhail Gorbachev

  31. Conflicts between China and Britain and Opium Wars

  32. Freedom struggle in the Portuguese and Spanish colonies

  33. Pre-Columbian Americas- Incas and Aztecs

  34. Myths and truths of the Hanging Babylon Gardens

  35. The independence of the Soviet satellite states

  36. Causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict about Jerusalem

  37. How the Europeans colonize Africans

  38. Why and how Africans worked in colonial plantations

  39. The soviet rule- Industrialization, oppression, and collectivization

  40. The assertion of independent authority by former colonies in South East Asia and the Middle East

All these are interesting topics in history for college learners. Nevertheless, they all require research and information analysis before writing.

Ancient History Topics

If interested in ancient history, this category has some of the best issues to explore. Pick one of them and develop it through research.

  1. Ancient Egypt and symbolism

  2. Immortality and death in ancient Egypt

  3. Describe the Palestine history

  4. Prophets and religion

  5. Why water sources were valuable in ancient central Anatolia

  6. Analyze the near Eastern civilizations

  7. Traditions and culture of the Sumerian

  8. The Iron age responsibilities distribution

  9. The role of women in prehistoric Britain

  10. Power in Empires from Assyrian time to Byzantium

  11. Ancient Rome’s strength compared to Greece

  12. Alexander the Great- Describe the outstanding historical leader

  13. Facts and myths about Ancient Greece voting

  14. Ancient demonstrations and protests

  15. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece- Differences and similarities

  16. Describe the most potent old history military

  17. Philosophy of the ancient Greek

  18. The civilians’ life grounds in Ancient Rome

  19. Ancient Rome police

  20. Ancient Rome’s Gladiatorial Games: Moral or entertainment event?

  21. Ancient mythology

  22. Society in Ancient Egypt

  23. Cave drawings as the first communication method

  24. Describe burial practices in ancient history

  25. The Gupta Empire

  26. Old world’s central Asian societies

  27. Describe the Maya civilization

  28. Prehistoric North America

  29. Describe the early Persian Empire

  30. Describe the Trojan War

  31. Ancient societies and cultures in Japan

  32. The Han Book in China

  33. Describe Dinosaurs in Ancient history

  34. Describe the Bronze age

  35. Describe the Iron age

  36. Trade origins and Silk road

  37. Describe the Out of Africa concept

  38. Rome and Christianity development

  39. The Gnostic gospels

  40. A comparison of the ancient Roman Empire and Greece cultures

  41. The America colonization

  42. Describe Constantine the Great

  43. The golden pirate’s age and the Caribbean

  44. The Latin expansion- Linguistic analysis

  45. Money uses in the Ancient Greek World

  46. Labor division in Rome

  47. Why ancient Sparta was different from the other cities

  48. Who were the most prominent ancient Egypt queens

  49. Rome emperors- Establishing the worst and the best

  50. The Renaissance period trading routes

  51. The Greek cities economy

  52. Conflict with Rome and historical Jesus

These are great research paper topics history learners will find enjoyable to work with when assigned this task.

History Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you need a topic that will elicit mixed reactions among the people that will read your paper? If yes, consider these historical argument topics.

  1. The economic theory supporting the industrial revolution

  2. Influential inventors during the industrial revolution

  3. Women role during the industrial revolution

  4. Women’s meaningful contribution during the Civil War

  5. How the Civil War made the U.S. better

  6. The Americas have forgotten the native cultures

  7. Mexican War as the first Civil War’s battle

  8. Why the Northern public views towards the South changed in 1950

  9. Why Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation

  10. Causes and impacts of the Nat Turner Rebellion

  11. One Word that describes the U.S. history and why

  12. Understanding the fundamental globalization drivers since the 1970s

  13. A comparison of Alexander III and Alexander II in Russia

  14. A comparison of Grace Ansley and Alida Slade in Edith Wharton’s Roman Fever

  15. A comparison of Howard Zinn, Larry Schweikart, and Michael Allen’s historical views

  16. Bangladesh history

  17. Crimea’s annexation history

  18. World War II introduced the Cold War

  19. Medieval Europe Investiture crisis

  20. The Peasant Rebellions in Korea

  21. The India partition in 1947

  22. Mutually beneficial relationships and lack of cooperation between Native Americans and the United States

  23. Analyzing the Iraq death toll

  24. Reviewing the Great Depression causes

  25. Examining the social and economic impact of the African Slave trade

  26. Studying the Setzuan’s Good Woman

  27. White South review- Economy, society, and Ideology

  28. Investigating common customs and stereotypes in Italy

  29. Analysis of Cleopatra portrayals

  30. The history of genocides

  31. Investigating the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire impacts

  32. U.S. foreign policy changed after the World War II

  33. The Weimar Republic failure causes

  34. The criminal justice system in Japan

  35. Exploring the Official Thai History

  36. Historical movements and African-American slavery

  37. The Unification of African Americans in Van Gosse’s Movement of the New Left

  38. America’s Reaction at the beginning of the Second World War

  39. Analyzing the rule of Mao Zedong in China

  40. Why Bolshevik was successful

  41. Why Native Americans lost disappeared after losing dominance

  42. The Trail of Tears was inevitable

  43. Why the Indian Removal Act passage was fair

  44. How the European colonization affected the Native Americans

  45. Who played the essential role in the events causing the Mountain Meadows Massacre?

  46. How beneficial are the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act impacts?

  47. A native American should be president

  48. Native American religions and the environment have a better relationship

  49. The most influential native American tribes towards the modern U.S. creation

  50. The most plausible theory for the Roanoke colony’s loss

Any of these topics is an excellent idea for generating a conversation that will require you to take a stance. Nevertheless, be ready to research your issue before writing to come up with relevant information.

Historical Questions Examples

Perhaps, you need a question to form your topic for your history research paper. If so, consider these queries.

  1. Were John Calvin’s and Martin Luther’s ideas the same or different?

  2. How did John Calvin’s beliefs influence the Puritans?

  3. Did Martin Luther intend to dismantle Catholicism or reform it in his 95 Theses?

  4. How did the Crusades affect the Middle East and Europe’s development?

  5. How were the Southern and Northern Renaissance artists different in their styles?

  6. What were the effects of the Black Death on Europe?

  7. Why did the slaves replace the indentured servants in the Virginia colony?

  8. How did the Puritans achieve their City upon a Hill vision?

  9. What happened to Roanoke’s Lost Colony?

  10. What caused the Salem Witch Trials?

  11. What was to happen upon the success of the Spanish Armada of 1588?

  12. How were John Locke and Thomas Hobbes similar or different?

  13. What caused the 1700s’ Great Awakening?

  14. Was it possible for the Americans to defeat Britain without French troops’ assistance?

  15. Why did the British lose during the American Revolution?

  16. Did the Indian and French wars create an ideal environment for a rebellion in American colonies?

  17. Was it possible for the British to avoid a conflict with American colonies?

  18. Which British act had the most significant impact on the anti-British sentiments?

  19. What was the role of geography in helping American colonists in their fight with the British?

  20. Why did John Locke’s principles inspire the American Revolution?

  21. What led to Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise?

  22. How did women’s role change the French Revolution’s advent?

  23. Why did the French Revolution make foreign governments feel threatened?

  24. How did the American Revolution and French Revolution differ?

  25. Could Louis XVI have averted the French Revolution?

  26. What was the French nobility’s role in French Revolution?

  27. Did the events leading to the French revolution have a singular event?

  28. Why did the British fail to regain the United States’ control after winning the major battle during the 1812’s War?

  29. How did the Battle of New Orleans change the history course?

  30. Were Andrew Jackson’s actions against the Creek Indians the same as a war crime?

  31. What were the Puritanism effects on the cultural, religious, and social development of America?

  32. How did the Erie Canal impact America’s growth?

  33. How did Immanuel Kant influence Adolf Hitler from the 1800s?

  34. Was the Irish Potato Famine genocide?

  35. Can the revolutions that happened in the 1800s relate to the French revolution?

  36. How did Napoleon’s Russian invasion precipitate his eventual downfall?

  37. How did Napoleon’s army victory change European history’s course?

  38. What were the impacts of railroads on America’s development in the 1800s?

  39. How did the Transcontinental Railroad affect Westward expansion?

  40. How did the Manifest Destiny concept cause the Mexican-American War?

  41. How did the Gold Rush affect California’s development in the 1800s?

  42. How did the Northern policies affect its relations with the South during Reconstruction?

  43. How did the 1877 Compromise affect politics between the South and the North?

  44. Was Reconstruction a failure or a success?

  45. How did Reconstruction impact the African-Americans?

  46. Did Turner’s Rebellion contribute to the Civil War?

  47. What caused the American Civil War?

  48. How did the Civil War change Women’s role in the United States?

  49. Did the Battle of Gettysburg act as the civil War’s turning point?

  50. Which factors led to the North’s victory against the Confederacy?

All these questions can serve as the basis of brilliant historical investigation topics. Nevertheless, take your time to investigate any of these ideas carefully to develop a winning paper.

History Extended Essay Topics

Perhaps, you need an example topic for your extended history essay. If so, pick a sample in this category and then develop it into a unique topic for your paper.

  1. The human-piloted torpedoes usage due to imperial Japanese Navy during WW2

  2. The Rosetta rock discovery- Occasion value and history

  3. The settlements of the oldest people according to radioactive dating and archaeological information

  4. Reasons for the Western Countries dominance during contemporary history

  5. What the two-millennial Terracotta Army says about the Chinese culture

  6. Poland’s simultaneous intrusion by the USSR and Nazi Germany in 1939

  7. The evolving rhetoric by Roosevelt in WW2 about involvement against the Nazis

  8. Casualties quotes are due to the epidemic’s landing that followed colonizers in South U.S.

  9. Deception and corruption usage by Abraham Lincoln in passing the 13th amendment

  10. Black people’s property rights during the Reconstruction after the Civil War

  11. The role of economics in Germany unification between 1834 and 1871

  12. Why Israel won the Six-Day War in 1967

  13. How women treatment varied in Great Britain between 1920 and 1950

  14. The effects of structural economic weakness on the Soviet Union’s downfall

  15. Was Sweden neutral during World War Two?

  16. Was the Dresden bombing in 1945 necessary?

  17. Tsar Alexander II- Was his Russian reforms a failure or a success?

  18. How did Mao tackle his problems?

  19. Were Mussolini and Hitler’s rise to power similar?

  20. Should people consider the 1832’s British Parliamentary Reforms Act the Great Reform Act?

These are fascinating topics to consider for your academic history paper. Nevertheless, prepare to invest adequate time and resources in researching your title, analyzing information, and writing your essay.

How to Write a Historical Research Paper

Writing a history research paper is not different from the process of drafting essays on other subjects. Follow these steps to develop a winning piece.

  • Choose a topic: Pick one of the titles listed in this article and then tweak it a little. Make sure that you have an exciting issue for which you can find relevant information.

  • Research: Start by researching your topic from different sources to gather relevant information for your paper. While studying, note down all your information sources to help you draft a bibliography after writing your essay.

  • Outline: Once you’ve gathered adequate, relevant information, create a plan for your paper. And this should be a sketch for your essay, indicating its structure. Your outline should include the main points and your argument or sub-points.

  • Write the first draft: Start writing your paper using the outline as your guide. Ignore grammar when drafting the first version of your piece. Instead, focus on ensuring that your essay includes all the main points and their supporting arguments.

  • Edit and proofread: After writing the paper, proofread and edit it to remove all grammatical, spelling, factual, and punctuation errors. You can even seek professional help with research paper editing and proofreading.

Get Expert Help with Your History Research Paper

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