213 International Relations Dissertation Topics – Your Ultimate List

International Relations Dissertation Topics

If you are looking to start working on your dissertation, you are probably in the process of searching for the best topics. You probably know that finding exceptional international relations dissertation topics takes time and effort. You can’t skip this step either because the topic has the potential to make or break your thesis. You need the absolute best and most interesting topics, period. Obviously, it is not easy to write a dissertation paper. The good news is that we have 213 original, highly interesting topics right here. So, to get a good topic, all you have to do is go through our list of ideas and pick the one you like. We have split the list into 21 categories, so it should be fairly easy for you to find the perfect topic in just a couple of minutes. We know, you are probably wondering why you should choose our topics and not continue your search on the Internet.

Best International Relations Dissertation Topics Online

The truth is that our dissertation topics in international relations are the best on the Web. In addition, they are all original. This means that your peers won’t probably pick any of these ideas. The last thing you want to do is write a paper on a topic that has already been selected by one of your peers.

Another very important benefit of choosing our topics is that you don’t have to pay a dime to use them. Our list of ideas is 100% free to use. You can even reword the topics, if you so desire. And no, you don’t have to give us any credit. Remember, this list is updated periodically. So, if you can’t find the perfect topic now, return to this page in a few days and look at the new topics we’ve added.

We know you are anxious to see what we have in store for you. Here are the best 213 international relations dissertation topics on the Internet:

Politics and International Relations Dissertation Topics

Take a look at some of our most interesting politics and international relations dissertation topics and choose the one you like right now:

  1. Discuss realism and liberalism
  2. The terror attacks of 9/11
  3. The International society theory
  4. Japan’s international relations with China
  5. India: the next superpower?
  6. Discuss the concept of neoliberalism
  7. Future relations between China and the United States
  8. The withdrawal of US troops from Germany
  9. An in-depth analysis of the dependency theory
  10. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  11. Realism versus constructivism
  12. An analysis of feminism in international relations
  13. Discuss the concept of sovereignty
  14. Discuss the concept of power blocks

International Relations Dissertation

When you need to write an international relations dissertation, you need a good topic – that’s for sure. Check out these excellent ideas:

  1. The history of international relations
  2. Define constructivism
  3. Discuss the concept of national interest
  4. The history of realism
  5. An analysis of the Marxist theory
  6. The regime theory: an in-depth analysis
  7. Polarity in modern power blocks
  8. Discuss the concept of non-state actors in international relations
  9. The role of religion in international relations
  10. Interdependence of European Union nations
  11. Well-known regional security arrangements in Asia
  12. Human rights in Africa

Political Science Ideas

Writing about political science is not easy, we know. However, we can assure you that writing about one of our political science ideas will make your job a lot easier:

  1. Discuss Presidential Democracy as opposed to Parliamentary Democracy
  2. The power struggles around the Arctic Circle
  3. Compare and contrast liberalism and post-socialism
  4. Discuss election ethics in the United States
  5. Best community improvement methods in the UK
  6. Discuss privacy laws in the European Union
  7. Discuss the Human Rights Act of 1998
  8. Religion: a modern social power
  9. Pardoning powers in Asian countries
  10. An in-depth look at Plato’s The Republic
  11. Lenin’s communist approach
  12. Discuss protests on social networks
  13. Best way to solve the Yemen conflict
  14. The foreign policy of the US
  15. The foreign policy of the UK

Historical International Agreements

An easy way to write a thesis is to pick a relatively simple topic. Why don’t you analyze one of the many historical international agreements? Here are some ideas:

  1. The Convention for the Preservation of Wild Animals, Birds and Fish in Africa
  2. The Cuban–American Treaty of Relations of 1903
  3. The Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1904
  4. The Second Geneva Convention
  5. The Japan–Korea Treaty of 1910
  6. The Treaty of Bucharest of 1913
  7. The Treaty of London of 1915 (also called the London Pact)
  8. The Treaty of Versailles
  9. The Treaty of Sèvres
  10. The Franco-Soviet Treaty of Mutual Assistance
  11. The United Nations Charter
  12. The Treaty of London (1949)
  13. The ANZUS Treaty
  14. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
  15. The Outer Space Treaty
  16. The Paris Agreement of 2015
  17. The Cotonou Agreement

Politics Dissertation Ideas

Writing a politics dissertation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to take months. Take a look at these interesting politics dissertation ideas and start working on your paper today:

  1. Discuss comparative politics in Europe
  2. Discuss a major political theory
  3. Discuss political geography in Africa
  4. Political extremism in UK politics
  5. The impact of the news on politics in Taiwan
  6. Relations between terrorism, religion and politics
  7. Television propaganda effects in China

Terrorism Dissertation Ideas

Yes, you can analyze a topic related to terrorism in your dissertation. In fact, here are some of the most important terrorism dissertation ideas you can write about:

  1. Domestic terrorism in the United States
  2. The state of terrorism in 2023
  3. Domestic terrorism in the United Kingdom
  4. The rise of Al-Qaeda
  5. Thwarting terror attacks in Europe
  6. Terrorism in modern Turkey
  7. The attacks of 9/11
  8. The death of Osama bin Laden
  9. A biography of Ayman al-Zawahiri
  10. Terrorism in India
  11. Pakistan’s support for terror organizations
  12. Peshmerga’s fight against ISIS
  13. The retreat of US forces from Afghanistan (2023)
  14. Modern techniques to detect terror attacks
  15. The Kurds and their fight against Islamic State

International Diplomacy Thesis Ideas

Discussing international diplomacy is an excellent way to get some bonus points (professors love these topics). Here are some great international diplomacy thesis ideas:

  1. The upcoming US-Japan trade deal
  2. Impact of cryptocurrencies on international diplomacy
  3. The steps of negotiating an alliance
  4. The steps of negotiating a truce in the Gaza Strip
  5. Trade agreements in effect in Europe
  6. Discuss parliamentary diplomacy in the United States
  7. Discuss the concepts involved with cultural diplomacy

Complex International Relations Topics

Do you want to write a paper on a more complex topic? No problem, we’ve got your covered. Here are some more complex international relations topics:

  1. The First Iraqi-Kurdish War
  2. The Second Iraqi-Kurdish War
  3. Discuss the concept of foreign policy
  4. What is neo-classical realism?
  5. The democratic peace theory
  6. Discuss the variants of liberalism
  7. Liberalism versus constructivism
  8. Offensive liberalism vs. defensive liberalism
  9. Discuss human right in Sub-Saharan Africa
  10. Globalization and the problems it poses
  11. Discuss the concept of global ethics
  12. Discuss the concept of global poverty
  13. What is military diplomacy?

Political Socialization Ideas

Are you looking for the best political socialization ideas? Our expert academic writers have compiled a list of the best ones for you. Check these out:

  1. Discuss the concept of political socialization during Plato’s time
  2. Economic opportunities of political socialization
  3. The art of the propaganda war
  4. The importance of social studies education for politicians
  5. Political socialization through the use of humanitarian aid
  6. The cumulative aspect of political socialization
  7. Political socialization compared to political culture

Human Rights Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation about human rights dissertation topics can take a very long time because of the research involved. Here are some of our most interesting ideas:

  1. Human rights problems in Palestine
  2. Human rights issues in Israel
  3. Discuss the monitoring of human rights in Europe
  4. The right to peaceful assembly in Asia
  5. The freedom of expression in China
  6. Discuss the right to life and liberty
  7. Armed conflict and its effects on human rights
  8. Attacks on journalists in the Middle East
  9. The spread of misinformation at state level
  10. Gender discrimination in education in the United States
  11. Housing discrimination based on race in the UK

International Relations PhD Ideas

Are you looking for some of the best and most interesting international relations PhD ideas? Pick one of the topics on this list and start working on your paper right away:

  1. The China-India conflicts
  2. China’s role in Taiwan in 2023
  3. The Indo-Pakistani conflict in Kashmir
  4. The surge in global terrorism
  5. Discuss the relations between India and Central Asia
  6. Problems in the South China Sea
  7. China’s Cold War Against the US
  8. Africa: a rising international power
  9. Discuss the concept of revisionism (status quo)
  10. Discuss the concept of interdependence
  11. Religion in international relations

Topics That Professors Really Like

Our experienced dissertation writers know exactly what professors like. Check out this list of topics that professors love and pick the one you think works for you:

  1. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan
  2. Discuss the Afghan peace process
  3. The impact of the US-China trade war on Europe
  4. Immigration laws in the US compared to those in Europe
  5. The CPEC and the economy of Pakistan
  6. Discuss the reasons behind UK’s Brexit
  7. Chinese involvement in African political issues
  8. Analyze the United States policy towards Africa
  9. United Nations and their role in the Yemen conflict
  10. The United States’ foreign policy on Russia
  11. Donald Trump’s views on Russian foreign policy
  12. Bitcoin and its effects on international relations

Topics in International Relations in the Middle East

Are you interested in writing about topics in international relations in the Middle East? We have managed to create some unique topics that you will surely appreciate:

  1. Religious differences in the Middle East
  2. Shia and Sunny Muslims clashes
  3. Discuss the Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict
  4. The decline in oil prices
  5. OPEC members and their effects on Middle Easters countries
  6. Discuss the Arab Spring demonstrations
  7. Discuss women’s rights in the Middle East
  8. Rise in terrorist threats in the Middle East
  9. Terror training camps in Iran
  10. The rise of ISIS (the Islamic State)
  11. Pakistan’s support for terror organizations
  12. America’s war in the Middle East

Persuasive International Relations Topics

If you need to write a persuasive academic paper, it’s time to take a look at our list of awesome persuasive international relations topics:

  1. The importance of the American Interest Promotion System
  2. The influence of realism on modern geopolitics
  3. Discuss International Refugee Law
  4. The disadvantages of the Chinese Maritime Strategy
  5. China is gaining a foothold in Africa
  6. The value of electronic documents in international trade
  7. State sovereignty problems in Asia
  8. Labor power is diminishing across the world
  9. Negative aspects of foreign investments in emerging economies
  10. The concept of hard power in international relations

International Relations Thesis Topics

If you are looking to a captivating topic for your next thesis, it’s definitely time to take a look at our list of international relations thesis topics:

  1. The benefits of military alliances in Asia
  2. The negative aspects of military alliances in Europe
  3. Analyze a developing country of your choice
  4. Discuss the main characteristics of international diplomacy
  5. The history of NATO
  6. Analyze the Standard Realism theory
  7. Discuss the concept of commercial liberalism

Argumentative International Relations Topics

If you are required to write an argumentative paper, you should pick one of the following argumentative international relations topics right away:

  1. Norms in international relations
  2. Social learning in European international relations
  3. The role of international institutions
  4. Discuss the main Rational Choice theories
  5. The relations between civil society and the military
  6. Persuasion used in international relations
  7. Discuss the origins of domestic conflict in the US

Easy Topics in International Relations

We have a list of easy topics in international relations, of course. These ideas are for students who want to spend as little time as possible working on their thesis or research paper:

  1. Political refugees in the US
  2. The Arab Spring movement
  3. The foreign policy of Russia
  4. Current state of the European Union
  5. Post-Brexit relations between the UK and the EU
  6. The importance of exchange students
  7. Define international diplomacy
  8. Discuss international education

Controversial International Relations Topics

Why would you be afraid to write a thesis on a controversial topic? You professor will surely appreciate it if you choose one of these controversial international relations topics:

  1. The role of foreign labor in the EU
  2. Foreign labor in the United States
  3. Discuss humanitarian assistance in Africa
  4. Pros and cons of NATO
  5. Protecting human rights in Asia
  6. The freedom of expression on the Internet
  7. Discuss OPEC’s price-fixing strategy

Latest Topics in International Relations

Our writers keep up to date with the latest topics in international relations. Here are some of the most interesting ideas:

  1. The role of terrorist organizations in the Middle East
  2. Peace prospects in Afghanistan
  3. Curbing Russia’s nuclear power
  4. The advantages of globalization
  5. Discuss UK’s Brexit
  6. Weapons trade inside the EU
  7. Adopting the Euro in the European Union

International Law Thesis Topics

Our experienced writers can help you if you are looking for international law thesis topics. We know, it’s very difficult to find topics about international law. Pick one of these ideas today:

  1. Analyze international human rights laws
  2. Discuss international criminal law
  3. Analyze private international law
  4. Discuss public international law
  5. A closer look at international humanitarian law
  6. Discuss maritime international laws
  7. The three sources of international law

International Relations Research Topics for College

Are you a college student who needs to write a research paper on international relations? Here are the best international relations research topics for college:

  1. Discuss international customs
  2. Artificial intelligence in international security applications
  3. Covid-19 effects on international trade
  4. Relations between democratic and communist states
  5. Achieving peace in Asia
  6. Analyze the neoclassical approach to conflicts
  7. Covid-19 effects on international relations

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