236 Cause and Effect Paper Topics: Brilliant List For Your Inspiration

Cause and Effect Paper Topics

We know you’re looking for original cause and effect paper topics that you can safely use for your next essays. And we’ve got some great news for you! On this page, you will find 236 of the latest and most interesting topics for your next cause and effect research paper. Yes, you can use any of our topics for free. We do not even require you to give us credits. As long as you are confident you can get a top grade using one of our ideas, go for it. In case you feel you need some help from our expert academic writers and proofreaders, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Elements of a Great Cause and Effect Research Paper

But what makes a cause and effect research paper great? After all, some papers are better than others. And yes, it’s true that these research papers get the best grades. Here are just some of the things you need to pay close attention to when writing a cause and effect paper:

  • Proper structure. It’s important to structure your essay in an easy to follow way. We recommend the 5 paragraph essay structure for this. You will need an introduction, 2 body paragraphs that each discusses an important idea (the cause, the effect, or both), a third body paragraph that discusses the antithesis (the opposing side of your argument) and a conclusion.
  • Make sure your cause and effect research paper only uses information and data from reliable sources. The most important ones are primary and secondary sources, as tertiary sources are generally not accepted in a research paper (so no Wikipedia articles).
  • Format your paper correctly. Don’t forget that you need to include the thesis statement in the introduction. Also, make sure you properly cite and list all references in the References/Works Cited section at the end of the essay.
  • Edit and proofread at least twice. You’ll be surprised how many points you can save simply by making sure your writing is flawless.

Of course, to write an awesome cause and effect research paper, you need an exceptional topic. Instead of wasting your time scouring the Internet, why not use one of our original cause and effect paper topics. Also you should remember that if you have more interesting things to do besides studying, you can get professional paper writing help from our experts.

Best Cause and Effect Research Paper Topics

We will start our list with what we consider to be the best cause and effect research paper topics. Choose any of the ideas on this list and write your best essay yet:

  1. Effects of parenting on their children’s education
  2. The effects of social media on teens in the United States
  3. What causes global warming?
  4. The effects of space radiation on our planet
  5. The main causes of terrorism worldwide
  6. What caused the Great Depression in America?
  7. The effects of watching childish cartoons on school children
  8. The effects of taking standardized tests in the US
  9. What can cause a stock market crash in 2023?
  10. The effects of vacations on workplace efficiency
  11. The effects of playing violent video games from a young age
  12. What can cause an extinction event?

Cause and Effect Paper Topics About Art

In case you want to write a research paper about something in art, we have a long list of cause and effect paper topics about art right here for you:

  1. Discuss the way impressionism has affected later movements
  2. Talk about the way depression affects our artistic capabilities
  3. The importance of fine arts in school education
  4. The effect of changing light in paintings
  5. Analyze why Monet used colors the way that he did
  6. Talk about the reasons why charcoal sketching is widely used today
  7. An in-depth look at the effect of painting using cool colors
  8. Texture in art: causes and effects
  9. A closer look at the roots of abstract art
  10. The influences of the Japanese style of painting
  11. What role does Cubism have in Modernism?
  12. A closer look at the Chinese style of painting

Cause and Effect Research Topics on World History

Are you passionate about world history? Our experienced writers have compiled a list of cause and effect research topics on history that any student can use as a starting point:

  1. The effects of the rise in Chinese communism
  2. The causes for the fall of the British Empire
  3. What caused the Great Kanto earthquake?
  4. The effect of Stalin’s rise to power in the Soviet Union
  5. The effects of the Wall Street Crashes of 1929
  6. What caused the start of World War I?
  7. What caused the start of World War II?
  8. The effects of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
  9. The importance of D-Day (Normandy, France)
  10. A closer look at the reasons behind the end of WWII
  11. Discuss the birth of Israel in 1948
  12. Causes and effects of the Korean War
  13. The effects of the first satellite launch in the US

Best Cause and Effect Topics Related to Economics

Often, your economics professor will ask you to write a cause and effect paper on a topic of your choosing. Here are some of the best cause and effect topics related to economics:

  1. Here is why it is important to study economics
  2. The effects of macroeconomic events on our society
  3. The effects of Christopher Columbus’ new trade route
  4. The effects of the creation of the US dollar
  5. An in-depth look at the Great Depression
  6. Here is bartering has gained popularity in recent years
  7. The first general purpose card
  8. The first fiat money or Europe (1683)
  9. The US dollar’s convertibility to gold
  10. The effects of cryptocurrency in 2023
  11. Discuss the Internet and its economic effects
  12. The effects of the trade war between the US and China
  13. The first paper money in the world (in China)
  14. The importance of the Marshall Plan

Psychological Cause and Effect Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on a topic in psychology can be difficult, unless you choose one of these easy psychological cause and effect research paper topics:

  1. The effect of unemployment on our psychology
  2. Discuss psychological implications of family problems
  3. What causes PTSD in the armed forces?
  4. Research the causes and effects of the Persistent Depressive Disorder
  5. Talk about the causes of social anxiety in children
  6. The causes of depression
  7. Research the causes and effects of the Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
  8. What causes bipolar disorders?
  9. What can cause serious mental illness of the elderly?
  10. The effects of schizophrenia on adults
  11. An in-depth look at the histrionic personality disorder
  12. What is the paranoid personality disorder?
  13. An in-depth look at the panic disorder
  14. The link between the modern lifestyle and depression

Good Cause and Effect Research Topics

Are you looking for some good cause and effect research topics that none of your classmates has though of? No problem, just take a look at the list below:

  1. How does the Internet influence our youth?
  2. An in-depth look at the effects of pollution
  3. The effects of dropping out of college
  4. Research the effects of dating at an early age
  5. An in-depth look at the causes of heart disease
  6. The effects of sports on school children
  7. An in-depth look at the effects of COVID-19
  8. Discuss how earthquakes affect Earth
  9. The influences of a divorce in small children
  10. The many causes of racism and its effects

Cause and Effect Research Topics About Sports

Yes, you will be thrilled to learn that we have many topics related to sports. You can select any of these cause and effect research topics about sports for your next essay:

  1. The best sports for small children
  2. The effect of playing football on your health
  3. The minimum age for weightlifting activities
  4. Best sports for weight loss
  5. Sports and their link to psychical health
  6. Is yoga a sport?
  7. The causes of sprains in contact sports
  8. The effects of head injury in sports
  9. Why is swimming such a great sport?
  10. The effect of doing sports on your weight

Cause and Effect Research Topics for College

Our expert writers have compiled a long list of the best cause and effect research topics for college. All of these ideas should work great in 2023:

  1. What causes maniacal tendencies in children?
  2. An in-depth look at deforestation and its effects
  3. Discuss the generation gap effects
  4. The causes of teen suicidal tendencies
  5. Junk food in schools in the United States
  6. Research the effect of genetically engineered crops
  7. An in-depth look at pesticides and their effects
  8. Do video games make you smarter?
  9. Discuss extremism on social media in 2023
  10. Talk about the effects of sugar on kids
  11. Sleeping patters and their link to depression

Easy Topics for a Cause and Effect History Paper

Want to spend as little time as possible writing your research paper? Don’t worry about it, we have some easy topics for a cause and effect history paper right here:

  1. The effects of bullying on UK children
  2. What causes alcohol dependency?
  3. Effects of psychoactive drugs on the nervous system
  4. Foods that can improve your mood
  5. The effects of dating online in 2023
  6. Here is why excessive workouts are dangerous
  7. Psychological effects of a miscarriage
  8. Why is pregnancy so stressful?
  9. Foods that decrease stress levels
  10. Why is Google the most popular search engine?
  11. The effects of the Internet on healthcare

Topics on Cause and Effects Related to Computer Science

Even though they are difficult to come by, you can find the best topics on cause and effects related to computer science right here. Check them out below:

  1. Talk about the first operating system
  2. Why is Linux safer than Windows?
  3. Why should you use Java for programming?
  4. Discuss the latest search algorithms
  5. Cryptography and its role in cybersecurity
  6. How does wireless technology help people?
  7. Here is why you should learn computer science
  8. Using tablets in the classroom
  9. Advancements in computer hardware and software
  10. The AGILE methodology

Controversial Cause and Effect Paper Ideas

There are many controversies you can write about, even when writing a cause and effect paper. In fact, let us give you some excellent controversial cause and effect paper ideas:

  1. Discuss civil rights violations in the United States
  2. Social security in Eastern European countries
  3. The effects of the death penalty
  4. Criminalizing abortion in the United States
  5. How did artificial intelligence become so popular?
  6. A closer look at climate change in South America
  7. Discuss freedom of speech on the Internet
  8. Talk about Internet censorship in the UK
  9. Why should we ban human cloning?
  10. An in-depth look at animal testing
  11. Effects of legalizing drugs in Europe

Topics for a Cause and Effect Paper on Social Media

Do you want to write about social media and need a topic that will work great in 2023? Here are some unique topics for a cause and effect paper on social media:

  1. Why did Twitter became popular?
  2. Talk about the effects on mental health
  3. How did Facebook attract so many users?
  4. What makes a post popular?
  5. How do you get new friends on Pinterest?
  6. The effects of social media on children
  7. Talk about the effects on identity
  8. Talk about what can cause a social media blackout
  9. Are we too reliant on social media?
  10. Great things we owe to social media
  11. Talk about the effects on self-esteem

Cause and Effect History Paper Topics

We recommend you to give our cause and effect history paper topics a try. Most of these ideas cannot be found anywhere else, so you have the opportunity to write about something unique:

  1. What caused WWI?
  2. The effects of fascism on Europe
  3. What caused the Russian Revolution of 1917?
  4. What caused WWII?
  5. What caused the Cold War?
  6. The effects of socialism on Eastern European countries
  7. What caused the Whiskey Rebellion?
  8. The effects of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima
  9. Discuss the Declaration of Independence
  10. The effects of the Battle of Waterloo
  11. The invention of the World Wide Web

Cause and Effects Topics Related to Business

We know, most students don’t really like writing an essay about business. However, these cause and effects topics related to business are pretty simple:

  1. Discuss the popularity of fast food establishments
  2. Professional sports effects on young children
  3. What cause workplace stress?
  4. The importance of funding sources
  5. Talk about the effects of pollution
  6. Companies that have changed our oceans
  7. An in-depth look at Internet businesses
  8. The effects of poor management
  9. What can cause a company to go bankrupt?
  10. The importance of good strategic decisions

Good Cause and Effect Topics Related to the Environment

Do you want to write about the environment? Our writers created a list of good cause and effect topics related to the environment for you:

  1. What causes loss of biodiversity?
  2. How do plastics get into the oceans?
  3. Talk about deforestation in the Amazon
  4. Discuss the effects of overfishing
  5. The dangers of pesticides
  6. Talk about climate change
  7. Research the effects of global warming
  8. The dangers posed by plastics
  9. What causes the greenhouse effect?
  10. The cause and effects of CO2

Latest Cause and Effect Psychology Topics

If you want to write about the latest developments in psychology, you have arrived at the right place. Here are our latest cause and effect psychology topics:

  1. Homophobia in the 21st century
  2. Work and family life in 2023
  3. The causes of sexism
  4. What causes racism in the US?
  5. Effects of prejudice and discrimination
  6. Talk about person perception
  7. Discuss suicide rates in Europe
  8. Stress in the UK
  9. A closer look at sexual abuse cases
  10. The effects of mental health problems

Cause and Effect Topic Ideas About Geology

Earth sciences are not easy, especially when it comes to writing research paper. However, we have some very interesting cause and effect topic ideas about geology:

  1. What causes a volcano to erupt?
  2. Effects of space travel
  3. Can we settle on Mars?
  4. How are rocks formed?
  5. Talk about the creation of diamonds
  6. The importance of environmental geology
  7. How are intrusive igneous rocks formed?
  8. The effects of an earthquake
  9. The effects of the Plate Tectonics theory

Awesome Cause and Effect Paper Topics

In this list, we have gathered only awesome cause and effect paper topics. We can assure you that your teacher will give you a top grade if you write your paper on any of these ideas:

  1. What can cause a plane to crash?
  2. The dangers posed by a meteor
  3. The effects of manned flights to space
  4. Effects of diesel engines
  5. How important is the International Space Station?
  6. What causes a black hole to form?
  7. A closer look at our galaxy’s shape
  8. The dangers posed by a comet
  9. Effects of cattle farms
  10. The effects of using fossil fuels

Cause and Effect Research Topics for High School

Of course, we have more than enough topics for high school students. Choose any one of our cause and effect research topics for high school and start writing your paper in minutes:

  1. What causes pollution?
  2. What are the effects of heavy social media use?
  3. Discuss the First World War
  4. The effects of high level corruption
  5. Why are cell phones banned during class?
  6. A closer look at the American Revolutionary War
  7. The effects of colonialism
  8. Causes and effects of drug wars
  9. Causes of illegal immigration

Fun Cause and Effect Paper Topics

Are you looking for some fun topics to write about? You can get some bonus points for it. Below, you will find a list of fun cause and effect paper topics you can write about:

  1. Preventing bullying in schools
  2. Effects of light on our eyes
  3. Losing weight fast
  4. Benefits of listening to music
  5. Effects of family vacations
  6. Life without the Internet
  7. Why are men afraid of commitment?
  8. The role of grandparents in a child’s life
  9. Discuss water quality in Africa
  10. Dangerous foods you should not eat

Advanced Cause and Effect Research Topics

Do you want to give a more difficult topic a try? We have a list of advanced cause and effect research topics that should get you started right here:

  1. The effects of cancer research in 2023
  2. What causes allergies?
  3. What causes weight loss?
  4. The effects of technology on surgery
  5. Occurrence of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
  6. What makes people spend more money while shopping?
  7. The health effects of malaria
  8. The effects of terrorism on our economy
  9. The cause for poverty in the UK

Cause and Effect Research Topics About Healthcare

Are you interested in writing your research paper about something in healthcare? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Here are some exceptional cause and effect research topics about healthcare:

  1. Social media effects on relationships
  2. What causes government corruption?
  3. The effects of music on autistic children
  4. The cause and effects of the Arab Spring
  5. Smartphone effects on small children
  6. Why do children consider school to be boring?
  7. Effect of classical music on children
  8. The Myanmar Civil War
  9. The effects of censorship in China

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