218 Fantastic Economics Topics To Score Top Marks

economics topics

Economics is a crucial social science that touches on many areas of our existence. It is an important area that involves studying how value flows through human society and discusses different measures we can utilize to improve our livelihoods. The academic field of study is quite wide, spanning many areas. Let us look at some of the different types of economics that you might need to discuss in your essay:

  • Social economics – An extract of economics highlights the class structure and the impact of economics on culture.
  • Personal economics – As you might guess, personal economics is about personal investments and individual spending habits.
  • International economics – as the name suggests- is a field that deals with the market and trade on a global scale.
  • Microeconomics – The area delves into competition, market structure, and strategies.
  • Macroeconomics – is a section that revolves around the concept of demand and supply.
  • Fundamental economics – It is a part of economics that tackles cost-to-benefit comparison and is vital in daily decision-making.
  • Environmental economics – The branch examines the implications of economic activities like manufacturing on the environment.

College and University students taking economics-related courses are tasked with internalizing different concepts about the field and sufficiently providing solid solutions to relevant societal problems. Therefore, writing a striking paper worthy of your professor’s recognition is vital. To do that, you need quality and controversial topics in the economy to put together an interesting economics term paper. You need a topic that resonates with your area of specialization and one that you find intriguing. You need a headline that will capture your reader’s attention and a topic with numerous reliable sources to support your arguments effectively. As many topic suggestions are out there, you need an exceptional topic that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. We have compiled a list of over 200 of the best economics essay topics that will help you express your thoughts seamlessly and put you at the top of your class. You can also talk to us if you need reliable ‘do my paper’ services.

Economics Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Explain how the economy impacts the pop culture in the world today
  2. Discuss in detail how the economy of non-renewable resources works
  3. What is the link between economics and the environment?
  4. Explain the impact of economics in modern-day psychology
  5. Analyze some of the key challenges that are facing international economics
  6. Evaluate the relationship between economics and education
  7. Evaluate the drawbacks associated with the study of dynamic economic systems
  8. Explore the link between unemployment and economic growth in third-world countries
  9. Discuss the concept of global recession and explain which factors contribute to it
  10. Analyze the impact of government expenditure on the growth of the economy in the US
  11. A comparative analysis: What is the effect of company income tax revenue on the American, Canadian, and UK economy
  12. Delve into the association between inflation and common stock prices in the UK
  13. Assess the link between government spending and the rate of inflation in Kenya
  14. A case study of selected multinationals: Analyze the impact of currency devaluation on medium and small firms in the US
  15. Expound on the association between productivity at the workplace and the internet connectivity
  16. What are the causes and consequences of the evolution of the stock market in the US?
  17. Explain the link between the regional mobility of labor and the unemployment rate in third-world countries
  18. Compare and contrast the unemployment rate in third world countries against the rest of the world.

Economic Research Topics

  1. Discuss the nature and existence of the market failure
  2. Examine the potential for monopolistic competition in the tech industry
  3. Explain how the market determines the prices of goods and services
  4. Investigate the trade-off between efficiency and equality in a market economy
  5. What factors lead to a variation in market prices for goods and services
  6. What is the optimal level of output for firms in an industry?
  7. Explain how subsidies and taxes impact the market
  8. Discuss how public goods impact the market
  9. What is the role of advertising in a market economy?
  10. Discuss how government intervention leads to fair price exchanges
  11. Investigate the potential for monopolistic competition in the tech industry
  12. Discuss your take on globalization
  13. Explain how the federal reserve impacts the economy

Unique Economics Paper Topics

  1. Investigate the impact of social media on brand promotion
  2. Discuss the concept of dualism in economic development
  3. What are the socio-economic impacts of western industrialization?
  4. What are some of the problems and solutions to the UK’s macroeconomics?
  5. Discuss different international production-related environmental concerns
  6. Investigate the effects of inequality in the workplace
  7. Analyze the development of mercantilism in Great Britain
  8. Express your opinion about the lack of criminal justice in business
  9. Investigate the role of Singapore’s economy in international trade
  10. What is the impact of population growth on the international economy?
  11. Analyze how global economies will adopt China’s growing economic power
  12. What is the impact of COVID on international trade and the global economy?

Economics Term Paper Topics

  1. Explain why people prefer to buy Nike shoes instead of other brands
  2. Break down effective strategies to promote growth in developing countries
  3. How do international trade impact emerging and developed economies
  4. How is the third-world debt valuable as a source of capital for the first world?
  5. Explain the link between capital accumulation and technological progress or economic growth
  6. Discuss different causes of economic growth
  7. How effective are trade barriers in protecting infant countries in America?
  8. Explain how a country’s structure impacts its level of income
  9. Explain why there is a disparity in income among different countries

Top-Notch Term Paper Topics In Economics

  1. Discuss interest rates as a political factor in a company
  2. Explain why unemployment is the worst consequence of the economic recession
  3. What is the link between unemployment and inflation?
  4. What are the most effective countermeasures against inflation and economic recession?
  5. What are the UK’s economic justification and rationale for health care policies?
  6. An economic analysis of the lifestyle intervention programs and their implications on the UK healthcare sector
  7. What are the antecedents and effects of the UK healthcare sector on respiratory care?
  8. What is the justification for using different prostate cancer diagnostics tools in Canada?
  9. Discuss the impact of social integration on health patterns and its subsequent impact on the UK healthcare system
  10. Examine the effect of technological innovation on healthcare costs in the US
  11. Investigate the relationship between insurance, priority health conditions, and the economy
  12. Examine the effect of child education on the life expectancy of a parent
  13. What is the economic impact of government intervention against teen pregnancies in Europe?

Interesting Economic Topics

  1. How can small companies keep up with monopolies?
  2. Break down the limitations of the Lewis Model
  3. Analyze the economic and social impacts of mass emigration
  4. Examine the impact of globalization on developing countries
  5. Define globalization and discuss its impact on current trade
  6. What is the link between globalization and human trafficking?
  7. Explain the challenges and countermeasures of globalization
  8. Discuss the Industrial Revolution as the first step toward globalization

Hot Economic Topics To Write About

  1. What are the adverse effects of labor unions on economics?
  2. Analyze different violations of labor rights of workers
  3. Explain how labor geography aids in creating a special economic zone
  4. What is the impact of slow birth rates on a country’s economy?
  5. Discuss the role of American cities in aggregate economics
  6. What is the effect of a city’s design on the local traffic?
  7. Examine the relationship between urban political economy and globalization
  8. What is the impact of urban areas on local wildlife
  9. What is the impact of urban life on education?
  10. Discuss the key elements that triggered the emergence of cities in the Middle Ages
  11. What are the ethical and economic implications of relocation?

Labor Economics Topics

  1. What is the impact of lower taxes on labor supply?
  2. Discuss the factors that impact minimum wages in the United States
  3. Examine the impact of skills, education, and experience on the wage structure
  4. What is the effect of immigration on the labor market?
  5. Discuss the implications of technology on the labor market
  6. What is the economic impact of strikes on how the global economy functions
  7. Investigate the impact of minimum wages on the profitability of a company
  8. Discuss the difference in income between men and women in the labor market
  9. Examine whether trade unions are successful in battling for team member interests
  10. What is the link between demography and economic growth
  11. Explain the impact of working hours on labor productivity

International Economics Paper Topics

  1. Evaluate the link between international trade and economic growth in Africa
  2. Explain the extent to which currency union impacts trade: A case study of the UK
  3. Analyze the losses and gains of international trade for developed counties
  4. What are the determinants and impacts of foreign direct investment in the UK?
  5. What is the impact of the banana crisis on the British and Jamaican economies?
  6. Analyze the extent to which the gains of less developed countries from trade liberalization exaggerated
  7. What is the importance of international trade in developed counties?
  8. What are the role of the exchange rate regime and the exchange rate in the US export?
  9. Compare wages and foreign direct investment in China and the US.
  10. Discuss the effect of Brexit on small and middle-class businesses in the UK

Home Economics Topics

  1. What is the impact of the attitude of illiterate mothers’ perception of birth control on the economy?
  2. Examine the drawbacks and strategies of running separate homes for married couples
  3. Discuss the problems of entrepreneurship in home economics education
  4. What is the impact of family planning campaigns in Kenya
  5. Examine the impact of home economics management and productivity in the Nigerian public sector
  6. Analyze the supply and demand economics of the babysitting field

Health Economics Research Topics

  1. A cost-based analysis of family planning interventions and programs at public levels in emerging economies
  2. Discuss the economic viability of early screening tools for ovarian cancer: A UK case study
  3. Undertake an economic analysis of the transaction costs and technological innovation of the US health sector
  4. Evaluate the policies and programs of the UK’s National Health Service from an economic perspective
  5. What is the impact of the economic environment on individual life expectancy: A comparison between emerging and developed economies
  6. What are the implications of the breast cancer screening policy in the US health sector?
  7. What are the UK’s economic justification and potential outcomes of HIV counseling intervention programs?
  8. A literature analysis of how the street-level bureaucracy impacts the UK healthcare sector
  9. Investigate the impact of the UK health care policy on immigrants’ health
  10. Investigate the choice and decisions related to the care support programs for people with dementia

Managerial Economics Topics

  1. Discuss the best way for firms to partner with governments in a bid to foster the protection of intellectual property and profits earned
  2. What is the best way for managers to protect themselves against potential terror attacks that can adversely impact the economy?
  3. What can companies do individually to curb diminishing demand and boost international economic growth from plummeting oil prices?
  4. Examine whether the utilization of art as a means of investment has paid off
  5. Examine the impact of robotics on labor-based economies
  6. Investigate the effect of freelance labor on foreign exchange reserves
  7. What is the potential effect of plummeting global oil prices on individual firms?

Environmental Economics Topics

  1. Examine the link between the generation of eco-friendly products and financial subsidies
  2. What is the effect of work-life balance on the social eco-systems in the United States?
  3. Discuss the effect of technological innovation for green and clean products on the environment in Africa
  4. Analyze the economic perspectives of natural resource distribution in third-world countries
  5. Perform economic scrutiny of the determinants of climate policy formulation in Brazil
  6. Examine the cost of organizational environmental analysis in China
  7. What are the economic effects of climate policy changes brought by different climate change assessment techniques?
  8. A comparative analysis of the water management and conservation policies in the US and China
  9. What is the impact of waste disposal programs on the environmental policies of different European countries?
  10. Land economics: Compare the land sparing and land sharing policies between the US and the UK
  11. Examine who bears the economic liability of artificial environmental disasters
  12. Examine the impact of waste disposal programs in the UK from an economic perspective

Great Economics Topics For Research

  1. Analyze the dynamic social economics of natural disasters
  2. What is the impact of one’s social-economic status on one’s mental health
  3. Discuss the impact of ethics and morality in social-economics
  4. Define the term social economics and discuss how it applies to hunting and fishing
  5. What geographical issues are linked to social-economic relationships
  6. Examine the role of culture in financial methods and approaches
  7. Examine the main differences between rural and urban economics
  8. Analyze prominent examples of instability in economics
  9. Analyze different economic models and highlight the model with the most potential
  10. What are the legal aspects of corporate and public economics
  11. Examine the behavioral aspects of economics
  12. Evaluate the best practices for personal finance management
  13. Discuss the different specifics of corporate finance
  14. What is the link between economics and mental health?
  15. Discuss the economics of mental healthcare
  16. Break down crucial aspects of healthcare economics in emergencies
  17. Discuss the economics of drug development
  18. What is the correlation between healthcare economics and patient satisfaction?
  19. Examine healthcare logistics and the related economic problems
  20. Analyze the ethics and economics tied to patient profitability
  21. Analyze the economics of personalized healthcare
  22. Evaluate the resources and talent related to the economics of complicated healthcare systems
  23. What is the impact of economics on decision-making in healthcare
  24. Discuss the economics and regulation of new healthcare technology

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Behavioral Economics Topics

  1. Evaluate the impact of lifestyle management for diabetes through behavioral analysis in the UK healthcare system
  2. Discuss how behavioral economics can be utilized in reducing substance abuse in Canada
  3. Examine what motivates consumers from a behavioral economics perspective
  4. Discuss how the use of incentives in behavioral economics can be applied in weight management
  5. Analyze the online purchase behavior and explain how behavioral economics affects the real-world context
  6. What is the impact of the behavioral economics theory on world markets?
  7. What are the implications of big data on behavioral economics?
  8. Examine the pricing and decoy effect, then analyze how corporations push consumers to spend more
  9. Analyze how Amazon is utilizing the behavioral economics of discounting
  10. A case study of inducing choice paralysis and how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of options

Outstanding Economics Research Topics

  1. Discuss the microeconomics in violent conflict territories
  2. Analyze the microeconomics of migration
  3. Discuss the history of microeconomics and analyze its potential for evolution in future
  4. What is the impact of public and private relationships in microeconomics?
  5. Analyze microeconomics from the perspective of the insurance industry in the US
  6. What is the link between customer relationships and microeconomics
  7. Discuss the link between marketing and microeconomics
  8. Explain the microeconomics of new technology applications
  9. Analyze the microeconomics of the backing industry

Top Economics Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine the relationship between human development and economic sustainability
  2. What are the best tax policies for developing markets?
  3. Explain the role of taxes in the justice system
  4. Discuss the impact of foreign tax havens on the local economy
  5. Define optimal tax redistribution models and examine their impact on the economy
  6. Explain the problem of corporate tax avoidance and its impact on the economy
  7. Revisit the history of economic research and analysis and its impact on the modern world
  8. Examine slavery and its impact on the modern-day economy
  9. Discuss the factors that contributed to the Asian economic miracles in Taiwan and South Korea
  10. What is the role of culture and gender in economic history
  11. Explain the link between technological inertia and economic history
  12. Discuss the impact of the industrial revolution on the modern worlds
  13. Discuss the economy of Medieval Europe and its impact on their modern-day economic position
  14. Delve into the economic history of global powers
  15. Discuss key figures in the history of the American economy

First-Class Economics Papers Topics

  1. What is the effect of aid on the economic growth of third-world countries?
  2. Compare and contrast the economic patterns of different states in the US
  3. What are the determinants of high-performing institutions in developing countries?
  4. What are the effects of population growth on the development of economics in China?
  5. Explain the impact of natural disasters on the development of third-world countries
  6. Examine the link between family planning, labor force, and income fluctuations
  7. Evaluate budgeting and decision-making by low-income earners in emerging economies
  8. Examine the link between development economics and migration
  9. What is the effect of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies?
  10. Explain the effect of multinational commodity trading from the economic development perspective
  11. Explain the impact of demonetization on small and medium business entities
  12. Examine the implications of the privatization of public enterprises on economic policy and development
  13. Discuss the dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of income inequality
  14. Examine the consumer trends and behavior in the United States for the last decade
  15. Examine the link between economic convergence and salary levels in the UK
  16. Asses salary inequality in the US and examine the forces behind the salary inequality
  17. Consumer behavior trend analysis: Analyze the difference in consumption attitude in the UK for the last five years
  18. Explain the effect of marital status on labor force composition in Canada
  19. What are the implications of labor force participation on budget and the economy?

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