250 Outstanding Marriage and Family Research Topics

Marriage and Family Research Topics

Looking for the best marriage and family research topics for your sociology paper? With the changing dynamics of family and marriage, there is always scope for more research. This leaves you with endless options for a suitable title for your paper. To make the process simpler, here is a list of the best topics on marriage and family to help you narrow down the choices. It is good to remember that some of these topics may evoke conflicting emotions and opinions. therefore, they are best handled with sensitivity and objectivity. They present ample scope for classroom discussion and debates. However, pick a topic that also presents sufficient scope for research to showcase your understanding of the subject and writing skills as well. 

Trending Marriage and Family Research Topics

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used topics on marriage and family that will help you get ample supporting data and content.

  1. The evolution of the concept of marriage
  2. The changing role of spouses in a modern marriage
  3. Changes in the values around marriage and family over the last decade.
  4. The effect of social media on marriages
  5. Types of marriages in Nigeria
  6. Cultural differences and its effect on the sociology of marriages
  7. The influence of media on marriage and family
  8. Change in marriages in your country
  9. Does gen X think that marriage is an outdated concept
  10. The sociology of inter-racial marriages
  11. A traditional role that men could perform better than women and vice versa.
  12. The social benefits of a marriage
  13. The financial benefits of a marriage
  14. How does mental health affect marriages?
  15. The important role of stress in modern marriages.
  16. Getting married but not choosing to have children. The benefits and risks.
  17. How long should a couple know each other before getting married?
  18. Should gender roles within a marriage be maintained strictly? What are the benefits and risks?
  19. Does society benefit from prioritizing marriage
  20. Living with an unmarried partner or marriage. Which has a higher level of relationship satisfaction?
  21. Your thoughts on an egalitarian marriage
  22. Marriage is a public performance in the age of social media. Your understanding of this statement.
  23. Is financial instability one of the most common reasons for not getting married.
  24. The steady decline in marriage among individuals without a college degree.
  25. Marriage rate for women with good education is higher.
  26. People who want children should get married. Your thoughts on this.
  27. The common causes for decline in marriage rate in modern society
  28. The concept of arranged marriages across the world.
  29. The role of matrimonial sites in modern marriages.
  30. Are dating apps a reliable option to meet a suitable partner for marriage?
  31. Is marriage rate affected by ethnicity?
  32. The effect of substance abuse on a marriage
  33. Physical acts of aggression in a marriage. When does one go too far?
  34. Financial independence of women and its effects on marriage.
  35. Increasing rate of infidelity in marriages. What are the common causes?

Best Research Topics on Family

Here is a list of some of the best family research topics that explore the changing dynamics on family structures in the recent times.

  1. How can you define the term ‘family’?
  2. Family background determines your rate of success in career and life. Comment.
  3. What are the consequences of divorce on children?
  4. Overcoming trauma of a dysfunctional family
  5. Is it possible to always live up to family expectations?
  6. The effects of parental neglect on children.
  7. How to minimize negative effect of divorce on a family
  8. War veterans and their families. Do they really need help?
  9. Family and its impact on teenage delinquency
  10. Stages of grief in children after the loss of a family member
  11. Stages of grief in an adult after the loss of a family member
  12. How should families cope with the loss of a family member?
  13. The increasing problem of work-life balance and its impact on families
  14. Joint family versus a nuclear family
  15. Family members who should have a say in the upbringing of a child
  16. Fostering children and the issues that arise
  17. Substance abuse within a family. How to save yourself and the rest of your family?
  18. Sexual abuse within a family. Strategies to escape it.
  19. Family violence in the last decade. Has it increased?
  20. The effect of setting very high expectations for members of the family.
  21. Family values: Should they be strict or flexible?
  22. Different types of relationships within a family.
  23. Putting life together after a natural disaster.
  24. Accepting children from a previous marriage into your family.
  25. How to meet a crisis as a family
  26. The issue of gender discrimination within a family.
  27. Gender roles and expectations of the family
  28. Coping with unpleasant secrets of your family
  29. The pressure of inheriting a family business and the impact on children and younger members of the family.
  30. Balancing between family support and allowing young adults to live their lives on their own.
  31. How involved should the family be in one’s career?
  32. The absence of love within a family
  33. Helping a family member in distress.
  34. Unwanted activities that modern families engage in
  35. Accepting the transition of children into adult lives.

Family Life Education Topics for Research

Among the many family and marriage topics for discussion, family life education is an important concept that presents a huge scope for research.

  1. The objectives of family life education
  2. The importance of family life education
  3. The primary principles of family life education
  4. The practices of family life education and their importance in effective outreach.
  5. How family life education can improve moral codes in young adults
  6. The importance of family life education in developing a good personality in adolescents
  7. Complementing parent education with family life education.
  8. How family life education can fill the gap when parents abdicate responsibilities.
  9. The three behavioural needs for family planning.
  10. Importance of setting priorities when planning a family.
  11. Resources that teen parents need for effective parenting.
  12. Tools to build resilience in teen parents
  13. Family life education and psychology
  14. Family life education and social work.
  15. The 10 contents of family life education.
  16. Family life education is one of the most flexible fields of sociology. Your comments.
  17. Family life education to help problem teens cope in college or school.
  18. The role of family life education in decision making among family members.
  19. Write in detail about a decision making model that youth can benefit from when it comes to family planning decisions.
  20. Skill application in family planning.
  21. Parenting classes: A modern trend or a necessity for new parents?
  22. Identifying personal attitude and belief in teen parenting.
  23. How family life education contributes to overall well being and growth of a family.
  24. Assessing knowledge levels of adolescent girls with respect to issues in family life education.
  25. The key areas of study of family life education.
  26. Differences in rural and urban approach to family life education.
  27. How to set up an effective intervention plan when dealing with family life education crisis
  28. The challenges of parents with adolescent parents.
  29. Using family life education to teach teens about balancing between responsibility and freedom.
  30. Critical interests of preschool children
  31. Stimulating growth and development of preschool children.
  32. The right time to plan for a second child.
  33. Adjusting to the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’.
  34. Importance of family life education in reproductive health.
  35. Population education versus family life education.

Sociology of Family Research Topics

Family structures are an important part of studying sociology. Here are trending sociology research topics on family to help you ace your papers.

  1. Unconventional family structures in the modern world.
  2. Child behaviour and the impact of parents on it.
  3. Child abuse and its long term effects
  4. The impact of cross-racial adoption
  5. The challenges of cross-racial adoption
  6. Differences in family structures across ethnic groups and races
  7. How single parenting impacts the life of children.
  8. The impact on children when couples live apart.
  9. The impact on family structure when couples live apart.
  10. Family and its involvement in community
  11. The role of the community in changing family structures.
  12. Different household structures within families
  13. The earner-carer family model
  14. The need for dual earner couples
  15. The evolution of household structures within families
  16. The importance of dividing household labour within a family.
  17. What is family demography?
  18. Effective ways of dealing with family conflicts
  19. What is maternalism?
  20. The changing approach to filial responsibility
  21. Effective family migration planning
  22. The challenges faced by immigrant families.
  23. Examples of matriarchal family structures across the globe.
  24. The changing roles of a woman in a family.
  25. The changing roles of a man in a family.
  26. Effective ways to manage money within a family
  27. The important parental roles in deciding the outcomes for children.
  28. Sibling relationships at different ages.
  29. Dealing with stepfamilies.
  30. Challenges faced by stepmothers and how to overcome them?
  31. Challenges faced by stepfathers and how to overcome them?
  32. The concept of sibling ties.
  33. Causes for increase in female householders
  34. Deteriorating economic circumstances of men and the impact on family structures.
  35. Cohabitation and a decline in marriage.

Popular Research Topics on Gay Marriage

With the legalization of same sex marriage in many countries while some still remain in conflict, there are several gay marriage topics that you can write about.

  1. Should the government have a say in marital decisions?
  2. Why is gay marriage illegal in some countries?
  3. The importance of legalizing same sex marriages.
  4. The social challenges faced by same sex couples.
  5. How to help a member of the family who has come out of the closet.
  6. Accepting same sex marriage with a family.
  7. How to support family members who belong the LGBTQ community?
  8. The effect of same gender parents on the social life of a child.
  9. Challenges faced by gay couples with adoption.
  10. Can gay couples provide the same parenting structure as straight couples?
  11. Common marriage and family issues for gay people.
  12. Differences between a heterosexual marriage and same sex marriage.
  13. Do same gender couples make fit partners? The common consensus.
  14. The limitations imposed by the law on same sex couples.
  15. The importance of marriage for gay couples
  16. Divorce among gay couples. Is it harder to get professional assistance?
  17. Legalising same sex marriage and the impact on psychological well-being.
  18. Impact of same sex marriage on the society.
  19. Are changing contours of family making it easier to accept gay and lesbian marriages?
  20. Legal decisions affecting children of same sex parents.
  21. Anticipatory minority as a stressor among same sex couples.
  22. Civil Union versus same sex marriage.
  23. Defining household structures in same sex homes.
  24. Potential differences in the political attitude between heterosexual and homosexual couples.
  25. Child development and homosexual parenthood.
  26. The differences in social challenges of a gay marriage and lesbian marriage.
  27. Emotion work in gay, lesbian and heterosexual relationships.
  28. Same sex civil partnership and its impact of health.
  29. How same sex marriage impacts the understanding of same sex relationship.
  30. A sociological perspective on the legal recognition of same sex marriages.
  31. Perspectives of gay and lesbian marriages across the globe.
  32. Czech lesbian activism. Explain some of the significant events.
  33. Safety concerns for same sex couples in the society.
  34. The psychology of children of same sex couples.
  35. Domestic violence in same sex marriages.

Marriage and Family Therapy Research Topics

Whether it is research paper on relationships, marriage or family structure, therapy and counselling plays an important role in today’s world. Here are some topics that are trending and relevant.

  1. Stress and its impact on family or marriage counselling.
  2. Qualities of a good family therapist.
  3. The role of pre-marriage counselling in strengthening relationships.
  4. Techniques of family therapy
  5. The key concepts of family therapy
  6. Objectives of marriage and family therapy
  7. Living with a family member who has mental health issues
  8. Providing family support to members with mental health issues.
  9. Importance of family therapy in the sociology of family.
  10. The emergence of family therapy as an identifiable field of psychology.
  11. Family therapy and its importance in social work.
  12. Child guidance and mental health
  13. Family systems model of therapy.
  14. Improving communication patterns within family through counselling.
  15. The concept of function and purpose of symptoms.
  16. The circular causation model of family therapy.
  17. Recognizing structural characteristics of families through therapy
  18. The increasing need for family and marriage therapy.
  19. How family therapy can help cope with members who are addicted to substances.
  20. Family therapy and child sexual abuse.
  21. Family therapy versus marriage counselling.
  22. Non systemic postmodernist models of family therapy.
  23. The challenges faced by family therapists.
  24. Factors that limit the scope of family therapy.
  25. History of professional marriage and family therapy.
  26. The evolving treatment of gender in family therapy.
  27. The evolving treatment of sexual orientation in family therapy.
  28. The perspective of family and marriage therapy among various ethnic groups.
  29. The need for counselling for children of divorce.
  30. Family therapy to help deal with loss of family members.
  31. Family therapy to cope with terminally ill family members.
  32. Significant models of family therapy in the modern world.
  33. Important research papers on family therapy.
  34. The pioneers of family and marriage counselling.
  35. Changes in psychiatry and its role in the development of family therapy.
  36. The contributions of Harry Stack Sullivan to family therapy.
  37. Factors that contribute the positive mental health among family members.
  38. The impact of cultural systems on the understanding of family dynamics.
  39. Family therapy and its integration into family medicine.
  40. Common treatment protocols in family therapy.

Divorce Topics For Research Paper

Because of the social and emotional impact that it has, divorce is among the most important marriage topics for discussion.

  1. Study of abusive and toxic relationships within a family.
  2. The causes for increasing divorce rates.
  3. Perception of divorce among different ethnicities.
  4. The impact of culture on the perception of divorce.
  5. Marriage counselling as an effective way of preventing divorce
  6. The trauma of child custody battles
  7. The impact of child custody battles on the child.
  8. The social perspective of divorced couples.
  9. Raising children as a divorced couple.
  10. A study on family violence
  11. The changing perspective of marriage among children of divorce.
  12. The impact of divorce on the social lives of children.
  13. Sociological consequences of divorce.
  14. Changing patterns and trends of divorce
  15. Is divorce a social problem?
  16. The negative consequences of divorce
  17. The positive consequences of divorce
  18. The economical consequences of divorce
  19. How divorce impacts your social circle.
  20. The impact of increasing divorce rates on society.
  21. Ideological considerations of divorce
  22. The process of marital breakdown.

Family Law Topics for Research

Here is a list of family law topics that have a good scope for data collection so that you can present an impressive paper.

  1. Shared residence orders versus single residence orders.
  2. The need for reform and alteration in family laws in your country.
  3. Relationships, family and the law
  4. Reform in the cohabitation law.
  5. The Children Act of 1989 and its importance in Family Law.
  6. Extending civil marriage availability to same sex couples. Write your views for and against this topic.
  7. Laws regarding non-conjugal relationships.
  8. The role of family law in determining the boundaries of marriage.
  9. Child relocation and the laws associated with it
  10. Divorce decisions based on the Principles of Fairness
  11. The matrimonial cause act of 1973. Discuss its importance and the evolution.
  12. Discuss three family laws that may be irrelevant in the modern world.
  13. Why is it necessary to establish family laws?
  14. The Piglowska versus Piglowski case of 1999 and its impact on divorce law decisions.
  15. The role of religion on divorce laws.
  16. Providing legal support to make victims of domestic abuse.
  17. Why are child protection laws important?
  18. The legal aspects of family welfare and social work.
  19. Intervention of the State or authorities in families where children are abused or neglected.
  20. Termination of parental rights in case of neglect or abuse. Is it the right approach?
  21. Family laws about inheritance.
  22. The changing laws of adoption.
  23. A comparison of family laws in the West and the East.
  24. Are family laws more liberal in the West?
  25. Is the concept of alimony redundant in today’s world?
  26. The need for legal validation of relationships.
  27. Should women receive child support even if they are financially stable?
  28. Is it correct for one parent to withhold visitation rights of the other?
  29. Challenges faced by family lawyers.

Family Bible Study Topics of Research

Religion is a primary construct in the family structure. Here are some best rated family bible study topics that you can choose from:

  1. Family bible study and its role in establishing values with a family.
  2. How to use family bible study to improve the personality of adolescents.
  3. The role of family bible study in increasing bonding between family members.
  4. Is family bible study necessary in the modern world?
  5. How the church positively influences the family structure.
  6. Some family theories and concepts from the bible that are relevant even today?
  7. Some outdated concepts of family that are mentioned in the bible that do not fit into modern society.
  8. How family bible study impacts marriages and relationships.
  9. Family bible study and why it is important for children to start young.
  10. Family bible study and its role in improving behaviour of family members.
  11. Interesting ideas to make family bible study relevant and interesting.

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