181 Top-Rated Criminal Justice Research Topics in 2023

Criminal Justice Research Topics

Criminal justice appears to be one of the most popular types of cases. We are bombarded with news of robbery with violence, domestic quarrels, and crime from violent protests. All these culminate in the criminal justice courts, where the victims are held to account for their actions. But is justice indeed served for all? We’ll leave that for another day. It is always a challenge to write a research paper for a high grade. This article offers you a multitude of criminal justice research paper topics to choose from for your assignment. You are free to use any of these for your assignment or as inspiration to research more. So, let’s start!

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

  1. Why most criminal offenders walk out of court Scott-free due to lack of insufficient evidence
  2. How does examining criminal behavior reduce the occurrence of crimes in society?
  3. Why people having guns impedes reducing crime in communities
  4. Practical methods of combating human trafficking
  5. How social media is awash with cases of identity theft and impersonation
  6. Why the death penalty should be replaced by life imprisonment for criminal offenses
  7. Discuss the study of criminology as a social science.
  8. Public policies that relate to criminology and their resultant consequences
  9. Discuss the history and development of criminology
  10. Legal and social perspectives of the Crime commission
  11. Analyze how various crimes relate to certain ages
  12. The impact of exerted aggression on the type of crime committed
  13. Compare and contrast how different countries handle criminal cases
  14. The impact of the education level on the possibility of committing the crime
  15. How does employment or lack of it relate to law violation?
  16. Evaluate how people from different family status’ are likely to commit crimes
  17. Compare and contrast crime rates among men versus women
  18. Determine the possibility of immigrants committing a crime over valid citizens of a country

Excellent Research Topics For Criminal Justice

  1. Is there a connection between social class and the likelihood of a person committing a crime?
  2. How do the penalties correspond to the crime being charged?
  3. The perception of race and crime rates: A case of the Blacks in the USA
  4. The impact of a person’s religious beliefs on the possibility of him/her committing a crime
  5. How the media portrays domestic violence and its effect on crime rates
  6. How children are victims of domestic violence
  7. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the various theories of crime
  8. How to integrate former prisoners into the community
  9. How unemployment is leading to the rise of gangs and crimes in the U.S
  10. The impact of intelligence on crime rates
  11. Why drunk driving is a leading cause of the rising accident statistics
  12. Discuss the emergence and growth of online fraud and global banking systems
  13. Reasons why the homeless are vulnerable to attacks
  14. Investigate selected cases of elderly abuse in nursing homes
  15. How does capital punishment affect the rate of crime in society?
  16. How to win the war on drugs in the border wall
  17. Why is the U.S. experiencing more gun violence than any other country?
  18. Analyze the frequency of hate speech crimes in the USA

Mind-Intriguing Criminology Research Paper Topics

  1. How police brutality contributes to increased crime rates among citizens
  2. The effectiveness of crime mapping in curbing crime
  3. What is the effect of digitalized criminal record systems?
  4. The impact of technology on criminology: A case of cyberbullying and cyber-stalking
  5. Compare and contrast between a transnational crime and an organized
  6. Why youth are easily lured into terrorism
  7. Describe the relationship between terrorism and organized crime
  8. What happens when a person is falsely accused of a crime?
  9. Why the upbringing of any person can lead him/her into a crime
  10. Indicators of criminal behavior among the youth
  11. Evaluate the rates of recidivism and race in criminology
  12. Why should we bothered when we see a crime in our community
  13. Indicators that a particular action is crossing the ethical boundaries
  14. What happens when police collude with a civilian to commit a crime
  15. Do policemen and women have limited rights when it comes to the right of life?
  16. Why campus students are fond of strikes and protests
  17. The impact of popular culture on crime rates in communities
  18. What are the consequences of racial biases during criminal investigations?

Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it possible to achieve criminal justice reforms in the U.S.?
  2. Prevention policies against gun violence in the U.S.
  3. The impact of the media in speaking out against crime in the society
  4. How boot camps and Vocational Bible studies can help youths transform
  5. The rising cases of sexual exploitation of female media personalities
  6. Is interrogation by crude methods necessary for gaining information from the suspect?
  7. Critique the abuse of office and power by some judicial officers
  8. What is the relationship between human trafficking, drugs, and prostitution?
  9. How financial crimes are connected to hackers and terrorist activities
  10. Can we achieve a society with zero crime rates?
  11. The impact of friends on living a crime-free life
  12. Are the different crime punishments ethical in every way?
  13. What is the work of private prisons in correcting serious crime offenders?
  14. Are private investigators doing a better job in fighting crime than the police?
  15. Should crime prisoners be subjected to hard labor and strokes every day?
  16. The rise of poaching crime rates and how to level them effectively
  17. The rise of criminal gangs and movements in neighborhoods
  18. Should the government criminalize poverty?

Latest Research Paper Topics For Criminology

  1. Compare and contrast the level of crime during the quarantine times versus regular days
  2. The role of international organizations in curbing crime
  3. Why the government should initiate programs that will engage the idle youths to prevent crime
  4. Evaluate the international criminal law treaties
  5. How the Interpol are instrumental in fighting international crime
  6. Why more men are likely to engage in crime than women
  7. At what age should a person be held responsible for his actions by the state?
  8. Notorious drugs and arms trafficking routes in the US-Mexico border
  9. What happens to international offenders?
  10. Why we should all come together to condemn social and corruption crimes
  11. How states are violating human rights: A case of Sudan and Uganda
  12. Why minerals such as gold and oil are causes of serious crimes
  13. How the International Criminal Court has helped reduce crimes globally
  14. The role of amnesty international in reducing crime in societies
  15. What penalty suits those who commit crimes against humanity?
  16. Are juvenile courts serving the purpose of correcting young offenders correctly?
  17. Why should the government impose stricter laws against abortion?
  18. How long should a suspect stay in remand before being availed in court?

Top-Grade Criminology Topics For Research Paper

  1. Are the police gender-biased when conducting criminal investigations?
  2. What is the impact of victimizing innocent people who have been acquitted?
  3. Why parents should be held responsible for the behavior of their minors
  4. Using technology to speak out against crime in the community
  5. International initiatives that have helped reduce crime rates
  6. Why every person who wishes to possess a gun should go through a mental assessment first
  7. Practical steps to combating economic crimes
  8. Should the Muslim Sharia laws also apply to others?
  9. Why is the Arab world among the least corrupt countries in the world?
  10. The impact of violent video games on crime rates among youths
  11. What is the role of civilian review boards?
  12. How to tame gangs through arresting their leaders
  13. What goes into consideration during prison architecture planning and construction?
  14. Should the government criminalize protests and activists?
  15. What happens when a person is rearrested for another crime?
  16. The emotional welfare of families of prisoners facing death sentences
  17. Discuss the implications of the parole and probation periods
  18. How technology has quickened forensic reports

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Good Criminology Research Paper Topics

  1. What is considered when selecting the jury?
  2. Discuss the impacts of surveillance and censorship from the state
  3. Was the attack on The Capitol an act of criminal violence
  4. What is the role of the police during violent protests?
  5. Are women prisoners treated the same as male prisoners?
  6. Discuss how racial discrimination manifested during the Black Lives Matter protests
  7. Consider a case of any famous prisoner in America
  8. Why rap and hip hop music genres are related to criminal activities
  9. Evaluate a child kidnapping case and how it was resolved
  10. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the social control theory?
  11. Discuss social learning methods that contribute to a crime-free society
  12. Analyze the various interrogation methods and their effectiveness
  13. Discuss why the attorney general is expected to uphold the rule of law at all times
  14. Are the police responsible for the damages caused to a wrongful conviction?
  15. What factors are contributing to the rise in online fraud?
  16. What is the timeframe of a sentence after hearing a case?
  17. How do the police forensically process a crime scene?
  18. How to identify planted evidence in a crime scene

What Are Some Good Research Topics For Criminal Justice?

  1. Why communication and decision qualities are critical for any police officer
  2. Identify cases of over-criminalization and decriminalization in the United States
  3. How to curb the spread of online fraud
  4. Why hooliganism is a catalyst for criminal behavior
  5. What are the effects of false confessions?
  6. Describe what we mean by jury nullification
  7. What is the importance of eyewitness accounts?
  8. Causes of crime in developing nations
  9. The role of sniffer dogs in criminal investigations
  10. Why a suspect must undergo a mental check-up
  11. Ethics related to capital punishment
  12. Laws that speak against war crimes
  13. Impact of religious and cultural beliefs
  14. Dealing with harassment at the workplace
  15. Impacts of organized crimes versus single cases
  16. Are some criminal justice laws punitive?
  17. Racial prejudice among prisoners
  18. Racial conflicts in universities

Magnificent Topics in Criminal Justice For a Research Paper

  1. How fashion cultures intertwine with crime
  2. Cause and effect behavior of crime
  3. Motives behind robbery with violence
  4. Why child abuse is by far a criminal offense
  5. The impact of T.V. violence on teens and youths
  6. Why aggression against minorities is a crime punishable under the law
  7. Are crime witness protection protocols effective?
  8. What are the responsibilities of incarcerated parents?
  9. How does juvenile detention seek to correct criminal behavior?
  10. The impact of early-life influences on crime
  11. Why policing migration is necessary to reduce crime rates along borders.
  12. Risk assessment procedures among inmates to ensure safety and accountability
  13. Why the prison population should be regulated
  14. The effects of having prisoners with pre-existing medical conditions in cells
  15. Why torture as a means of interrogation violates human rights
  16. Why unemployment and street lives are contributing to criminal activities in towns
  17. Are violence and crimes products of nurture or nature?
  18. A critique of the rational choice theory

Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. A comparative analysis of the relationship between mental health and violent activities
  2. Why convicts on death rows also have the right to life
  3. How routine activities and lifestyle affects one’s perception of crime
  4. Why it is essential to start teaching children again crime in their early years of study
  5. Ways of organizing a crime at transnational and local levels
  6. Why gambling in America is leading many to commit criminal offenses
  7. Analyze the motivations behind one person killing another
  8. Why governments should criminalize trade in ozone-depleting substances
  9. How to collect and analyze criminal related information
  10. Why prisoners are still caught with drugs, knives, and other tools in their cells
  11. Should convicted murderers be given visiting days?
  12. Quasi-experimental research on the development of undercover police officers
  13. Is secret recording permitted when investigating a criminal activity?
  14. Analyze the available reports and statistics on the efficiency of correctional facilities
  15. How to detect and act on people abusing drugs globally
  16. How crime is classified according to the severity of the punishment
  17. Discuss how neighborhoods can contribute to the prevalence of criminal activities
  18. Do people who commit criminal actions lack self-control?
  19. Seeing the tendency to commit criminal behavior through the lens of one’s personality

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