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Gender inequality remains a great challenge in modern-day society. It is despite the progress that has been made towards achieving gender parity. Women still need more access to quality education and better opportunities in workplaces. Yet, by championing the girl child’s rights, another hurdle is gradually emerging; the boy child is slowly being neglected. It is just icing on the cake regarding the countless challenges in the war against inequality. Inequality between men and women makes gender imbalance a fascinating area of study for college and university students. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your next assignment revolves around sex and gender. If you need exceptional gender research topics for your paper, we have your back. We have compiled a bunch of fascinating gender studies research topics you will find appropriate for your assignment.

Research Topics on Gender and Development

  1. Discuss why girls are more likely to fall victim to sexual violence and exploitation
  2. Examine the impact of ideology in determining relations between sexes
  3. Look into the main hurdles that women encounter at the workplace
  4. Break down some of the key obstacles that keep the girl child from accessing quality education in African countries
  5. A case study of the methods that can be used to promote equal opportunities for women and men in sports
  6. Evaluate the role of women in the development of the modern-day world economy
  7. Point out the impact of gender diversity in scientific discovery and innovation
  8. What is the contribution of schools in teaching children behaviours and manners considered appropriate for their sex?
  9. What are some of the unique gender-neutral management practices?
  10. In what ways can boys and girls be taught that they have equal rights?
  11. Discuss the implications of sex differences in the human brain
  12. Examine gender-based violence in different countries
  13. Compare and contrast the wage gap between men and women in different countries across the world

Women and Gender Studies Research Topics

  1. Highlight some of the gender discrimination laws that exist all over the world
  2. Define sexism and gender discrimination
  3. Is it right for men to fight for their rights as feminist women do?
  4. Explain internal misandry and internal misogyny highlighting their causes and how to overcome them
  5. Sexual education and toys segregation: should it be different for boys and girls?
  6. Examine the #Metoo movement and its impact on sexual violence today
  7. Evaluating stereotype gender roles, why the society needed them and if it needs them now
  8. Phenomenal women erased from history: who they were and what they did?

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Gender Inequality Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the key pointers of inequality among sexes?
  2. In what ways can education solve the issues of inequality between sexes?
  3. What are the implications of discrimination in early childhood development?
  4. Discuss why women have limited professional opportunities in sports
  5. Examine some of the strategies the government can implement to curb the gender gap at work
  6. Define sex discrimination in human resource practices and processes
  7. Highlight the factors influencing inequality between men and women in developing counties
  8. What are some of the main forms of sex discrimination in contemporary society?
  9. In which ways is the advancement in technology set to mitigate sex discrimination
  10. Evaluate work-home conflict as a symptom of inequality between men and women
  11. Find out why mothers are less wealthy than women without children
  12. What is the justification of discrimination in American history?
  13. Discuss motherhood and segregation in labour markets

Research Topics About Gender Bias in Healthcare

  1. The female problem: How male bias in medical trials ruined women’s health
  2. Paternity and maternity leaves; Are they equally vital for the baby?
  3. Highlight some of the steps that should be undertaken to achieve gender-parity in parenting?
  4. Compare career opportunities for both men and women in healthcare.

Gender Issues Topics for Research Paper

  1. Discuss the role of feminism in creating an alternative culture for women
  2. What is the role of media in breaking sex-role stereotypes?
  3. Evaluate how gender misconceptions affect behaviour
  4. What are some advantages and disadvantages to being a woman?

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