Graduation Speech Outline: Expert Guide To Follow

graduation speech outline

None of us can sweep the great relevance of any outline under the carpet. You can’t write a paper without outlining. But if you want to score a lower grade, fine, you can do without it. However, those willing to craft a top-notch paper worth A+ will need to create a speech outline and organize their research in one place before writing. Let us see how to achieve that in a matter of seconds.

What Is A Graduation Speech Outline?

It refers to your graduation speech plan, where you structure and organize the main points into paragraphs to make it easier for you to write the essay. In other words, it involves writing quick phrases or summary sentences for every issue you will cover in each paragraph, thus giving you a picture of how your speech will unfold.

Graduation speeches are of varied natures, including:

  • 6th-grade graduation speech,
  • High school graduation speech,
  • commencement speech
  • Valedictorian speech, and
  • College or university graduation speech

We will look at the comprehensive outline of each of these speeches in a moment. Now, you may sometimes have to submit a graduation speech outline as a separate assignment before you start writing the speech itself. But even if you don’t have to hand one in, it’s highly recommended to create an outline as part of your writing process. Before you begin your graduation speech outline, you should have your topic and some preliminary research to find relevant sources at hand already.

Graduation Speech Sample

Dearest friends and teachers. First of all, thank you deeply allowing me to make this speech to you. This is a day that I know that I will remember for many years and that I hope that you will too. As I stand amongst you then please know that I feel proud and happy to have been your classmate and I know that the experience of this will stay with me for the rest of my life.

So, first of all, thank you, my classmates. We have shared many good memories and experiences down the years, and for this I am deeply grateful. Today is a day for both looking forwards and backwards; for looking to the future at what we can make of our lives from this point, and also of reflecting back on what we had made us the people that we are at this point. When I do this, I think cannot but think of the times that I have shared with all of you I know that in the future, if things are ever difficult, that I will have memories to draw on.

Of course, I must also thank the school and the teachers with whom I have spent these years. So, yes, thank you. It’s as a result of your hard work that we’re all standing here today, and I know that some of the lessons that I have learned from you, both in and outside of the classroom, are going to stay with me for a long time. I know that, perhaps, myself and some others that are here might not have been the ideal students all of the time that you had to deal with us, but I know that now, looking back, many of us are deeply grateful for your efforts. A school without committed teachers is just a collection of dead buildings and empty spaces, so thank you for making sure that both my, and my classmates’ years at high school have been as full of life as you could possibly make them. Once again, when I think about the future developments that I want to under take in my life and the people that I want to be, I look to some of you and know that I have some fine examples to follow. I know that these examples will stay with me, as they will stay with other students, for many many years.

I cannot give this speech without mentioning and thanking my parents who have been my important source of motivation and inspiration throughout my time at high school. It is with them in mind that I have worked my hardest and it is their support that has helped me most when times were difficult. Without them I do not believe that I would be graduating, let alone standing before you and giving this speech.

Finally, it is left to wish you all the best for the future and to offer what advice I can. The only thing that I can say is to wish that you all stay true to yourselves and follow the same impulses of comradeship and hard work that have brought us all to this point today. Thanks to all of you, I have learnt new ways of understanding just what hard work and integrity can look like, and I only hope that all of as given more and more opportunities in which exercise this traits and to prove to all whom we meet that we are capable of them. So, once again thank you and please believe me when I say that I wish you all the very very best for the future, whatever it may hold.

Importance of Writing a Graduation Speech Outline

A graduation speech template is essential in the following number of ways:

  • It helps you identify the ideas to use in your paper
  • It will help you organize thoughts
  • It gives you an understanding of the information flow
  • It will help you capture every detail in your final speech

That said and done, a college or high school graduation speech outline will help you write your paper better and faster. And while we have our expert writers on standby, always here to help, it can’t hurt to learn how to write a graduation speech outline by your own. You just need to write somesting like “Please, do my assignment for me!” and we’ll deal with your task soon.

Writing a 6th Grade Graduation Speech Outline.

Although most students find this speech’ easy to write,’ it still requires a clear and comprehensive outline to guarantee success. This speech is at the end of your 6th grade, and it has its peculiarities when writing. Check the following guidelines out to write an exceptional 6th-grade graduation speech:

  1. Have a theme in mind: Graduation speeches can serve various purposes, including advising other graduates, thanksgiving, or reflections about the future. For a sixth grade speech, the two latter goals will fit better. Having such in mind will help you know where to major your research extensively.
  2. Identify the supporting evidence: You can choose to have pictures or any other relevant images applicable to your speech. These can be pictures of your first day in school or when you participated in memorable events.
  3. Outline the main points: It helps you know what you will discuss, with what kind of emphasis. Such a step will allow your speech to flow smoothly. When you have an outline of the points to discuss, you will be able to capture every relevant thought at the end of your paper.
  4. Write a draft: Make your first draft and read it through to identify any missing links. It will form the basis of your second or final paper.

A 6th-grade graduation speech employs the use of clear and precise language. Do not give complex ideas that will complicate the final paper.

How To Write a High School Graduation Speech

A high school graduation speech outline varies from that of the 6th grade regarding the advanced level of study at this stage. You will have had more experiences and memories to give than for a 6th or 8th-grade speech. The elements below are essential in such a paper outline:

  • Recognize the people to thank: Your parents, friends, and teachers have to appear in this part. However, identify each of these parts’ contribution separately so that you don’t end up repeating yourself.
  • Identify memorable high school moments: These can include your first day in high school, how you performed in your first exam and so forth. Such moments should stand out and be able to move the audience.
  • Highlight your prospects: Which college or university are you eyeing in the future? What course are you inspiring to pursue?

Finish off your high school speech with a great, inspirational quote, providing food for thought and making the lesson memorable.

College Graduation Speech Outline

These guidelines will help you craft a masterpiece college graduation speech:

  • The introduction: Draft points on the number of years you’ve been in college, your first impression of college life, and the transition from high school to college life.
  • The body: It should have a reflection of the significant events that transpired in your college life. Give the outline of points on the lectures, practical attachments, and general performance in college.
  • The conclusion: Give your prospects on what you intend to do after college. Do you plan to advance your studies or go straight to the job market?

Remember that a college graduation speech should be more detailed and comprehensive than the other two previously discussed. So, if you have poor writing skills, it’s better to hire our experts to write your paper online.

Valedictorian Speech Outline

Valedictorian speeches offer a fond reflection on the high school years. They connect with audiences using anecdotes and lots of name-dropping while also showing gratitude. Consider the following for your valedictorian speech template:

  • Have the names of people at hand
  • Think of memorable stories to include
  • Outline relevant quotes to use

How To Write a Commencement Speech

Special guests give these at the graduation ceremony. Although they come at college graduation ceremonies, they are also part of high school graduations. A commencement speech outline includes:

  • a welcome to the guests
  • acknowledgement of staff and faculty
  • a heartfelt expression of your feelings on being asked to speak at such an auspicious event

Remember also to include well-selected quotations and stories to mark the importance of such events in life. You can use a commencement speech example from our guru speech writers today. Now, this is important:

How To Start a Graduation Speech

Any graduation speech regardless of its type has a common way of beginning. The following should be part and parcel of your graduation speech introduction:

  • Thank the previous speaker
  • Introduce yourself, including your name
  • Share something catchy such as a concise story, joke, quote or fact

Starting with an incident which arises the curiosity of the audience is a great way to start. If you find this a daunting task, use our pre-graduation speech introductions examples.

Things To Say in a Graduation Speech

Your speech should include the following:

  • Thanking the people who helped you
  • Restating memorable moments
  • Giving what you intend to pursue in the future
  • Advice to those remaining
  • A call to action

Our top-notch graduation speech examples will give you more insight into what to include in your paper. Using a graduation speech example from our quality online writing service can motivate you towards writing a masterpiece speech. We also offer affordable and high-quality paper writing help. Give it a try today! 

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