How To Write A Paper Fast: Guide To Get Your Best Result

How To Write A Paper Fast

The skill of writing a high-quality research paper, that too quickly, is a skill that is hard to master, but once you do, it can be life-changing. There are so many different types of papers and several components that truly make a paper A-plus-worthy! Particularly in university, it is essential to know how to write a good essay fast since you’re juggling several different courses and activities while still delivering stellar work. So if you’re looking for an answer to how to write a good research paper fast or how to write college papers, keep reading to know the tips and tricks you need to impress your professor with your assignment!


  1. Top-quality Paper Structure
  2. How To Get Essay Done Fast Guidelines
  3. Tips On How To Write Paper Quickly

Top-quality Paper Structure

There’s so much that goes into writing a paper that is informative, engaging, and follows the correct format. So before you ask yourself – how to write a research paper fast, you need to know what are the ingredients that go into a quality paper:

  1. A strong introduction: The most integral component of any academic writing you produce is the introduction. It would be best if you started with a strong beginning that conveys the crux of your paper while still hooking the reader to want to find out more. It’s an excellent strategy to try and mention the five W’s + one H (Where, Who, What, When, Where, and How) in your introduction to set the paper’s tone best.
  2. A perfectly-crafted thesis statement: This is a segment of both your intro and your conclusion and the gem of your paper. To create the ideal thesis statement, think about the question your paper is trying to answer and summarize the answer into a sentence or two. This is a great way to understand how to write a college paper fast. The thesis statement will become your guiding principle, as every part of your paper must provide evidence to answer one aspect or the other of the statement.
  3. A body that follows the one-paragraph, one-idea rule: Many papers begin strong but then become a mixed bowl of ideas, often becoming less engaging and maybe even confusing. This is why it’s essential to follow the one-idea, one-paragraph rule for the body. It also helps you learn the art of how to write a paper fast because it’s a methodical way of working.
  4. A conclusion that ties it all together: People tend to remember the end of an essay or assignment the most, so having a well-written conclusion that not only summarises the research paper but makes the reader reflect on the paper and introspect within is ideal. You can revisit your thesis statement and leave the reader with a question that stays with them even after they’re done reading.
  5. A comprehensive list of sources: While you’re wondering how to write an essay quickly, you might forget that a well-written essay must also be a well-formatted essay. Citing all your sources in the appropriate format (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.) will give your professor the confidence that you’ve done your due diligence. It will also protect you from any coincidences that come up at the time of plagiarism checks.

How To Get Essay Done Fast Guidelines

If it is an open-ended assignment and you’re responsible for picking your research paper topic, start by deep diving into your interests within the subject. Look for the connections you can make between your case and your interests to build a strong foundation. To write a compelling assignment, choose something with an internal dichotomy, opposing solid sides, or a history of conflicting research. This is always preferred over something which is widely accepted or as generic as a fact. You can also choose to look into new connections between topics – for example, if the assignment was for a race & economics class, connecting topics like Asian-American immigrants in the city of Maryland with food consumption data from the time since their migration can be an exciting topic. Being anxious about choosing the topic and not willing to write everything yourself is a common thing and it’s okay. You can buy research papers online and care about your mental health. Once you’ve decided on your topic (or been given one), a lot goes into writing papers that impress your professor and present you as an intelligent and diligent student, especially if you’re trying to get it done in a rush. While the exact steps may vary depending on how you work best, the process of crafting a paper looks like this –

  • Step 1: Research. Research. Research. – The backbone of a well-written paper is research. It is what makes or breaks a paper, which is why you need to put your heart into it. Remember the difference between primary (firsthand information – books, diaries, notebooks, journals) and secondary (secondhand or passed down information – magazines, newspapers, news articles, etc.) sources and have a good mix of the two to support your argument. Pro tip: It’s also a great idea to find sources that support the opposite of your thesis so that you can use your evidence to make a counterargument.
  • Step 2: Drafting an outline – The next important stepping stone in crafting an engaging essay is to create a skeleton for your body of content; include the different sub-heads, the ideas they’ll carry, which sources you’ll mention where, etc. The outline will serve as your roadmap for when you iron out the details for your research paper. It’s one of the biggest hacks for how to write a good paper fast.
  • Step 3: Writing between the lines – Once you’ve created a well-thought-out outline, the only thing that remains to make your first draft is to leverage the roadmap and use appropriate syntax, style of writing, and vocabulary to best convey your ideas to the reader. Another great way to make sure your essay flows well is to put time into crafting transition sentences to create a connection between two paragraphs.
  • Step 4: Revision – Though it is one of those steps that you forget to recall when thinking of how to write a long paper fast, revising or proofreading your research paper is critical! If you have a little time on your hands, there’s nothing quite like finishing a draft of the report, having a snooze, and having a read through the paper with a fresh set of eyes. This way, you are sure to notice any grammar inconsistencies, spelling errors, and other mishaps that you may miss if you proofread immediately after finishing a draft. Another great way is to read your paper out loud so that any errors will become apparent. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend with a little bit of time to spare, a second opinion could only be more beneficial.

You can also go through answering this list of questions for a final check:

  • Do I have a strong thesis statement?
  • Do all of my ideas tie into components of the thesis statement?
  • Does my introduction hook the reader?
  • Have I utilized both primary and secondary sources to give credibility to the ideas I bring up?
  • Does the body of my paper flow with ease, and are there smooth transitions from one paragraph to another?
  • Have I used the correct format to quote any scholars or professionals in the body of the paper?
  • Does my conclusion successfully summarise the ideas stated in writing?
  • Are all my opinions original and authentic?
  • Have I cited all my sources in the correct format?
  • Have I avoided plagiarism of all kinds?

After you make the changes, recheck your sources list, and format before submitting your paper, you will have successfully learned how to write a paper for school!

Tips On How To Write Paper Quickly

  1. Reduce or eliminate distractions: It’s imperative that while you work on your paper whose deadline is fast approaching that you eliminate any and all distractions from your surroundings – your phone, other study material, social media, friends, etc. as this may not only slow you down but also affect the quality of your research and writing.
  2. Plan your time: Depending on the amount of time you have until a deadline, chalk out how much time you should give to each of the steps required to write an influential paper. Usually, the best strategy is to spend the most time researching and drafting your thesis statement plus outline and then utilizing over half of the remaining time on your introduction and conclusion. Try to fit in at least one revision where you go through the entire paper and make edits or ask a peer to have a quick glance.
  3. Maximize on your strengths: When it’s crunch time on a dissertation or thesis, you have to put your best qualities to use, whether that’s fast-paced research through YouTube videos that give you different perspectives on your topic or crafting an extremely extensive outline and later on filling in the gaps to produce a proper research paper, your best traits will always come in handy.
  4. Understand your topic: The most important to produce a great essay and the sure-shot answer of how to write an essay fast is to know your subject through and through. Any gaps in learning become very apparent in writing assignments, particularly papers written in a rush, so it’s essential to spend time understanding details of your topic, using whichever way you learn best. If any part of the task or topic seems unclear, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher as many questions as you need!
  5. Fit the format: While you’re breaking down how to write a paper for school, you must also consider that different academic formats have different requirements and need to be approached in distinct ways since they fulfill different objectives and are of varying lengths. For example, a thesis is long, research-intensive, and uses a plethora of primary and secondary sources, while an essay may be shorter and dependent on your own voice and perspective on a particular issue.

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Paper Help For Your Rescue

Obviously, the best way is to contact us for professional writing help. Let’s be honest; learning how to write an essay quickly is hard, and it takes time to craft a well-written paper, especially while you’re in college and always short on time. Juggling so many different course assignments, clubs, and other responsibilities while trying to finish your papers in time becomes impossible. So, if you’re struggling to understand how to write a term paper fast but still want to aim for top grades, you can pay for a custom professional writing service that provides professional writers to deliver top-notch essays. The writers are in charge of the assignment from start to finish and take care of the research and sources (to avoid plagiarism effectively) to write papers that will help you attain top grades in class! It’s better to hire a custom research paper service than submit a rushed essay that may cause your average GPA to drop.

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