218 Fantastic Informative Writing Topics That Will Peak Your Interest

informative writing topics

Many students need help choosing informative writing topics due to the many options they can choose from. You can explore various ideas when writing an informative paper at the university, middle school, or high school. Unfortunately, many learners have challenges selecting a research question or topic for their informative essay. This article explains what informative writing is while listing ideas to help students with this assignment. Also, it provides a sample outline for an informative paper. It’s helpful since many learners need help selecting the best titles for informative essays.

What Is Informative Writing?

Informative writing is a form of composition that educates the audience about a specific topic. Rather than persuade the readers or express opinions, this form of writing provides facts and objective information.

Informative papers cover various topics, from the internet and history to meditation and yoga benefits. Also, people write informative essays in different styles, including comparing and contrasting, descriptive, narrative, and causes and effects. Writing an informative essay can be fun because it lets you learn about the subject. Often, this assignment requires extensive research. Therefore, students explore their preferred topic in-depth to learn new things. Since this form of writing is objective, students dig deeper to gather reliable and accurate information.

Sample Outline Of An Informative Paper

Even with the best topics for informative writing, some students need help to complete this assignment. That’s because they need help outlining or structuring their essays. Here’s a sample outline to help with structuring your essay.

  • Introduction: Start your informative paper by introducing the agenda or topic. A few sentences are enough to provide your topic’s background and relevance. Ensure your introduction articulates your viewpoint while giving an overview of the points the audience will get after reading your paper.
  • Thesis Statement: Include a concise thesis statement using simple language. Your thesis statement should give the readers the direction you will take in your essay. Conduct proper research to ensure your thesis statement narrows your paper’s scope while capturing the readers’ attention.
  • Body Paragraphs: The body of your informative essay should feature three primary arguments. First, it should have the target point and the supporting facts. Start every paragraph in the body with its central idea. Also, ensure it blends with your thesis statement. After that, support the main idea with facts or credible evidence. The evidence should be relevant and irreproachable. Finally, have a conclusion summarizing the points and explaining the evidence’s relevance to your thesis statement. Ideally, every paragraph of the body should make a claim and provide supporting evidence and an explanation.
  • Conclusion: The final part of an informative paper should wrap up everything. It should restate the main thesis statement and explain how the significant points advance the agenda. Also, it should explain the relevance or the value your paper adds. Ensure your conclusion has a strong closing remark while summarizing the central ideas or points.

Informative Topics To Write About In Middle School

Middle school is the ideal place to become creative. However, many middle school learners need help selecting topics they can comfortably write about while providing examples. Here are issues to consider when writing informative essays in middle school.

  1. The impact of prominent inventors and their work
  2. How to create a successful project for a science fair
  3. How and why students should develop a healthy reading habit
  4. How peer pressure affects behavior and decision-making
  5. The essence of famous landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Statue of Liberty
  6. Why humans should conserve natural resources and protect the environment
  7. How video games affect behavior and brain development
  8. The cultural significance and history of various music genres
  9. How to create a balanced diet and a healthy meal plan
  10. The pros and cons of homework in the education sector
  11. How social media impacts relationships and mental health
  12. The significance and history of the Olympic Games
  13. Why handwashing and good hygiene are vital in preventing illness
  14. How bullying affects children’s Well-being and mental health
  15. Explain photosynthesis- Why is it essential in the ecosystem?
  16. Ways to save money when you want to be more effective in managing your finances
  17. The pros and cons of technology in modern classrooms
  18. The Significance and History of the Civil Rights Movement
  19. How pollution affects human health and the environment
  20. Why exercise and physical fitness are vital for children and teens
  21. How to deal with homework stress
  22. Why more students should pursue STEM subjects
  23. The benefits and drawbacks of video games
  24. Can karate classes improve safety at school?
  25. Children’s role in politics
  26. How to care for your younger siblings
  27. Why children should learn to tell the truth
  28. What makes smoking bad for everyone?
  29. How scouting can make you more responsible
  30. Why schools should teach financial security

Consider these topics for your informative essays in middle school—however, research relevant information sources to support your ideas with facts.

Informative Writing Topics For High School

High school educators require students to write about vital topics that require extensive research. Here are some of the titles to consider for high school informative papers.

  1. How to prepare for and take ACT or SAT
  2. The impacts of sleep deprivation on physical and mental health
  3. The pros and cons of virtual classrooms and online learning
  4. The significance and history of various philosophical schools of thought
  5. How to create and implement a successful study plan
  6. How mental illness affects an individual and society
  7. The cultural importance and history of different literature genres
  8. The pros and cons of alternative energy forms
  9. How alcohol and drug abuse affect physical and mental health
  10. The significance and history of various political movements
  11. Why money management and financial literacy skills are important
  12. How globalization affects cultures and world economies
  13. The importance and history of different art movements
  14. How to start and manage a small business
  15. How climate change affects human health and the environment
  16. The pros and cons of technology in the education sector
  17. How social media affects human relations and mental health
  18. The Impact and History of the Civil Rights Movement
  19. How to write a college application paper
  20. How globalization affects modern society
  21. The adverse effects of TV shows on teens- How they influence behavior
  22. The challenges of engaging in sports during high school
  23. How online volunteering helps students
  24. How to deal with mental breakdown
  25. How to assist a friend who is struggling with learning disabilities
  26. Are social media influencers important in modern society?
  27. How education benefits humans
  28. How high school lunch contributes to obesity
  29. How to make new friends as a high school freshman
  30. How listening to good music can help you do your homework better

Remember that your aim is to inform the audience when writing about these topics. Therefore, research your idea extensively before you start writing.

Informational Topics To Write About In College

College professors require students to write informative papers too. Here are ideas to explore when your college professor asks you to write an informative essay.

  1. The history of rock music- How did the rock music culture evolve?
  2. Why more students want to study while traveling
  3. College students and tech startups- The pros and cons
  4. The effects of romantic relationships on college students
  5. How to write a plagiarism-free research paper
  6. Why learning a foreign language is vital for college students
  7. Top reasons for college students to start saving money
  8. How to solve conflicts among siblings
  9. How to learn to wash clothes correctly
  10. How to report abuse on your teachers’ behalf- Top things to know
  11. A guide for refraining from binge drinking during your college years
  12. The importance of college social work
  13. The challenges facing college athletes
  14. How to deal with procrastination during your college years
  15. Why you should publish your college research papers
  16. How to cope with college debt
  17. A guide for finding internship during college years
  18. How mental help center helps college students with dyslexia
  19. How community colleges benefit modern society
  20. Widening your horizons by becoming an exchange student
  21. How social media affects current relationships and communication
  22. The evolution and history of the English language
  23. The pros and cons of distance learning
  24. How to apply for and secure college financial aid
  25. How climate change affects the environment and global health
  26. How to prepare for and apply to graduate school
  27. Presidents and learners that have made a significant difference in people’s lives
  28. How the vegan lifestyle evolved
  29. Why people should worry about global warming
  30. Why everybody should aim to reduce their carbon footprint

Regardless of the topic you pick for your informative essay, ensure you provide information sources to support your arguments. Adding a reference will also enable you to avoid plagiarism.

informative writing topics

Easy Informative Essay Topics

Do you need an idea you can quickly explore without compromising your academic grade? Here are easy topics to consider for your essay.

  1. How various religions explain dreams
  2. How sauna affects your health
  3. The popularity of the engineering and science fiction disciplines
  4. How does herbal medicine affect the fashion sector
  5. The impact of stress on your health
  6. How accurate is the broken windows theory?
  7. The impact of poverty on society
  8. How helpful is teamwork?
  9. What is veganism- Exploring its benefits
  10. How domestic abuse affects partners and their children
  11. The essence of placing both hands on the steering wheel when driving
  12. The advantages and drawbacks of donating blood
  13. Why exercising leads to a healthy lifestyle
  14. How dangerous is gambling?
  15. How legalizing gay marriages affects society
  16. Is it okay to drink several cups of coffee per day?
  17. What should you consider before undergoing surgery?
  18. Exploring the origin and development of the hip-hop culture
  19. Why family support is vital in sports
  20. How hobbies can lead to academic success
  21. Is procrastination a defense mechanism?
  22. Is intelligence a leadership trait?
  23. Should governments worldwide abolish capital punishment?
  24. Is abortion an ethical dilemma?
  25. The pros and cons of early marriage
  26. How parents can help children with personality development
  27. How child abuse cause psychological trauma
  28. The role of social media in Aggression
  29. What is the importance of paralympic games?
  30. The best way to learn to play baseball like a pro

These are relatively easy titles to explore in essays. Nevertheless, prepare to spend time investigating your topic to compose a high-quality paper.

Interesting Information Writing Topics

Do you want to explore something exciting in your academic paper? Here are interesting ideas to explore in your essay.

  1. The loneliness people face on social media- Why is it popular?
  2. How Flemish traditions influence the world of arts
  3. Why it’s easier to teach young children a foreign language
  4. Common misconceptions that people have about video games
  5. What people can learn from your handwriting
  6. Traditional paddy cultivation and its alternatives
  7. How to manage workplace stress
  8. Exploring poverty in various countries
  9. How happy are rich people?
  10. Lifestyle and the diseases it can bring
  11. The role of millennial generations in economic transformation
  12. The response of millennial generations to COVID-19
  13. Organizational culture and climate change
  14. Why every business needs a custom application
  15. What makes some individuals night owls?
  16. Is it ethical to use animals in therapy?
  17. The Pros and cons of beauty pageants
  18. The ancient cold case in global criminal history
  19. The development and history of fanfiction
  20. How the Chinese handle grief
  21. The Trophy Wives concept and its origin
  22. A guide for caring for your adopted pet
  23. How to creatively subdue panic attacks
  24. Why cold regions have snowless winters
  25. How proprietary software differs from open-source software
  26. Child psychology- A general overview
  27. Job satisfaction and employee motivation- What’s the connection?
  28. How the Syrian conflict affects the country’s development
  29. Three motivation factors: Affiliation, achievement, and power
  30. How the World Wide Web differs from the internet

Consider these titles if you wish to explore something interesting in your project. Nevertheless, some of these ideas require time to research the topic and write a genuinely informative paper.

Informative Research Paper Topics

Do you want to write a research paper about an informative topic? The following ideas are worth exploring in a research paper.

  1. How poverty affects educational opportunities
  2. The impact of music on mental health
  3. The microaggressions concept- What is it?
  4. Different ways to treat drug addiction
  5. What is online privacy and why it matters
  6. Understanding cyberbullying and its long-term impacts
  7. Exploring public transportation- Its history and importance
  8. How technological advancements protect the environment
  9. Challenges facing women empowerment
  10. How discrimination and racism affect mental health
  11. How does artificial intelligence affect the medical field?
  12. What are the possible applications of virtual reality?
  13. The impact of online dating on relationships
  14. How animation history benefits modern media
  15. The effect of genetic engineering on human life
  16. How political unrest affects different countries
  17. How social media affects society
  18. Exploring the implications of quantum computing work
  19. Exploring the blockchain technology concept
  20. How computer graphics benefit modern architects
  21. Why 3D printing is vital for current and future society
  22. How law, morality, and human rights relate
  23. How honesty and profanity relate- Analytical essay
  24. Brain differences among psychopaths- Investigating their brain structures and actions
  25. How the COVID-19 pandemic affected the hospitality sector
  26. The impact of Google search engine on intelligence
  27. Sustainability in eco-tourism development and community support
  28. Gandhism- How relevant is it in modern society?

These are exciting ideas to explore in research papers. However, only pick a title here if you have the time and resources to investigate it, analyze data, and write an informative essay.

Good Informative Writing Topics

When the educator assigns you an informative paper, selecting a good topic is vital. A good title is narrow and engaging. Also, you can find sufficient information about it. Here are good ideas to consider for your paper.

  1. How illegal immigration affects the United States
  2. Exploring World War I and its effects
  3. Anti-abortion legislation- Is it an evolving trend?
  4. How overpopulated prisons affect the inmates
  5. What causes adolescent violence and ways to prevent it
  6. How video games encourage violence
  7. How to ensure superbugs don’t mutate
  8. How the government can help people struggling with alcoholism
  9. Extremism and how various governments are tackling it
  10. What led to World War II?
  11. Childhood precursors for various mental health issues
  12. Why are some people homeless in modern society?
  13. How cybercrime causes problems in the world
  14. Exploring changes in the education system
  15. The rising poverty rate in the Western world
  16. Why suicide rates are increasing among young males
  17. Should colleges make sports mandatory?
  18. How processed food affects human health
  19. Why published literature is vital in research
  20. The positive influence of community services on college students
  21. Can video games affect students’ grades negatively?
  22. What affects academic performance among college students?

Explore these ideas to write papers that your readers will find informative. However, prepare to spend sufficient time researching and writing about these titles.

Creative Informative Paper Topics

Do you want to write a creative and informative paper? If so, consider these ideas for your topic.

  1. How to create and launch a food truck business
  2. The cultural significance and history of marionettes and puppetry
  3. The pros and cons of different farming alternatives
  4. How to make and perform improv comedy
  5. The cultural importance and history of motorsports and drag racing
  6. The pros and cons of alternative housing
  7. The pros and cons of different alternatives to conventional education
  8. The cultural significance and history of divination and tarot

These are creative ideas to explore in academic papers. Again, prepare to spend significant time investigating any of these titles to write a winning essay.

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Extra Informative Essay ideas

You may be yet to pick a title for your paper from this list. If so, consider these informational writing ideas for your essays.

  1. The pros and cons of working from home
  2. The cultural significance and history of modern art movements
  3. How technology affects the music industry
  4. The pros and cons of online shopping
  5. How technology affects personal privacy
  6. The pros and cons of vegetarian diets
  7. How artificial intelligence impacts the job market
  8. The pros and cons of home automation technology
  9. How social media affects elections and politics
  10. How to create and publish a graphic novel

These are great ideas to explore in informative papers. However, you may need help writing your essay after choosing a topic. That’s where our help comes in handy.

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What are good informative writing topics?

Good informational topics are easy to investigate and write about since they have adequate information sources. Also, they touch on issues that the readers relate to, including cultural phenomena and social issues. They are relevant and enable the authors to contribute positively to their study areas.

What are examples of informative writing?

Some informative writing samples include scholarly journals, encyclopedias, newspapers and professional papers. These forms of writing aim to inform the audience about politics, social, and current events. Also, some of these writings inform readers about worldly conditions.

What are informative topic essays?

An informative topic essay is a write-up that educates the audience about its title. It may serve various functions, including defining some terms, comparing and contrasting things, analyzing data, or providing how-to instructions. However, these papers do not present opinions or persuade the readers.

What are the primary types of informative topics?

Informative topics for essays and research papers can fall under various categories. They include people, objects, events, processes, concepts, and issues. These are general categories that students can use to brainstorm ideas to write about in their papers, essays, or speeches.

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