How to Write an Article Review?

how to write an article review

Writing an article review entails assessing and summarizing an article by somebody else. But, what is an article review? Well, this type of work can be defined as logical evaluation of the article’s central theme, supporting arguments, and suggestions for further research. Knowing how to review an article is very important because:

  • It enables a person to spot and correct vague terms in an article.
  • It enables a person to clarify questions
  • It enables a person to see the perspectives and views of other people without personal biases
  • It enables an individual to improve their grammar and conscious writing skills
  • It encourages a person to perform better in the next article because the review provides valuable criticism or suggestions.

How to Write an Article Review in 9 Steps

Writing an article review is a process with several steps. Mastering these steps means you can review article by any writer and in any field. These skills will also come in handy if you’ll need to analyze research sources. Here are the major steps to follow when writing a review article:

Start your article review from preparation

Start by preparing to write the review. Preparation should entail organizing your workplace and making sure that you have all the resources required to review an article. This may include getting an article review sample or an article review template. Such materials can help you when it comes to organizing thoughts and getting ready for the task ahead.

Learn how to write a review of an article

Once you have materials like a sample and a template, start learning how to write an article review. This entails understanding what you are required to do when completing this task. You can find many resources online with information on how to write a review article. Take your time to learn more about the article review format and the writing process. But if you have poor writing skills, you can hire our experts to write your paper online

Essentially, this task requires you to summarize the main arguments, ideas, findings, and positions of the article. You also need to critique the material’s contributions and their overall effectiveness.

Your approach should depend on the kind of article you’re required to review. For instance, when learning how to review a research article, you will realize that you should not include new research. You just need to summarize and evaluate the article.

Read the article

You can’t review an article if you don’t know what it is all about. Therefore, start by reading the article carefully. This will enable you to know whether you need to write a science article review, a journal article review, or a law review article.

Once you’ve read the article, try to put it in your words. Additionally, come up with an evaluation outline. This will enable you to highlight the major points and other issues that should be featured in your review.

Research article review organization

You need to organize your review properly to make it easier for your audience to read. How you organize your review may depend on the instructions provided by the educator or professor. For instance, you may be required to write an APA article review. In that case, find out what the requirements of this writing style are.

Nevertheless, an ideal way to organize this write-up is to summarize the main claims, points, and information of an article and then discuss all positive aspects. Positive aspects can include the good insights, observations, and points of the author.

Once you have done that, identify contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the work. Additionally, say whether the author has enough data or research to support their claims. Focus on finding unanswered questions in the work under review.

Start writing the review

By this time, you’ve known how to write a article review. If not, check out an article review example online to know what you’re expected to produce. Here’s how to write article review introduction:

  • Write a title – This can be declarative, interrogative, or descriptive depending on your focus.
  • Cite the focus article – Use the right style to cite the article after your review’s title.
  • Identify the article – You can compose article identification by stating the article title, author, journal, and publication year.

This should appear in the first paragraph. As such, you need to know how to start an article review. The review introduction should include the article’s central themes, the author’s arguments, and claims. It is not an easy task to write a paper like that. The best way to get a high grade with little effort is to ask about online paper writing help from our expert writers. 

Summarize the article

This is the section where you summarize the main arguments, findings, and points of the article using your words. Additionally, show your readers how the work supports the author’s claims. Here, you need to include several paragraphs and cite specific examples, background information, or statistics.

Every paragraph should include or expound on the main point. You can include direct quotes from the article author. For purposes of accuracy, read the summary a couple of time and correct mistakes. 

Write a critique

You need to know how to write a critical review of a journal article to excel in this section. Here, tell your audience how well the article author has addressed their topic. Also, include your opinion about how useful or thorough the subject explanation is. Show the importance and contributions of the article under review in the field.

Discuss the central points and arguments of the article. Additionally, explain whether the points used by the author supported their argument. Show whether the author exhibited any biases. Additionally, tell your readers whether you concur with the article author. If you do, give reasons to support them and if you don’t, give reasons for disagreeing with them. What’s more, tell the readers about the audience that will benefit from the article you are reviewing.

Writing a critical review of journal article requires some research or knowledge of the industry. That’s because you need a basis for critiquing the work of another person. As such, take your time to read the article and compare it with the existing literature. You can even quote other experts in the industry to enhance the credibility of your critique. 

Conclude your review

The conclusion of your review can be one or a few paragraphs depending on the size or length of the reviewed work. However, it should include a summary of the main points. Also, tell readers about the accuracy, significance, and clarity of the article that you have reviewed. If relevant, comment on the article’s implications. You can also say something about further research on the topic. It’s crucial to note that your review conclusion section should be 10% of the entire work. Therefore, be as brief as possible when writing this section.

Proofread your review

You may have written an exemplary review but few grammatical errors can ruin your grade. Therefore, reread the review carefully checking for grammatical errors and mechanics. Correct any mistake in your review and remove unnecessary information.

Writing a review should be easy if you follow these steps. However, it’s important to know what is peer review article if that’s what your instructor wants you to write. Essentially, know what exactly you’re required to write before you start. Additionally, get a good example of an article review to guide you. You can get one from your faculty or our academic writers. What’s more, use online resources to get tips and guidelines for writing a good review. 

Otherwise, ask our professional writers to help you with your papers. You just need to write “Please, do my assignment for me now!” and we will write your paper soon. 

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