How To Write An Evaluation That Will Get A+ Grades

how to write an evaluation

Whenever we wish to visit a restaurant, we often prefer to look up for its reviews to be certain that it’s worth the visit. That’s one example of when the writer is writing to evaluate whether the restaurant is worth a good dining experience. The literal meaning of evaluation is to find the significance of a product or service through various information sources and make a final judgement. The final judgement is usually based on the pros and cons along with the strengths and weaknesses of it. The reviewer may have to look through different lenses while making a judgement. There may be negative aspects of the thing in consideration but the reviewer tries to stay positive and critical to prevent the review from looking biased.The main idea behind evaluation is to provide a fair and balanced assessment

What Is An Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation paper is a critical analysis of something you are looking up or writing about. The main objective of writing an evaluation paper is to present the pros and cons of a service or analyze the quality of a product or business.

This type of essay usually has an opinion but should be crafted so it doesn’t seem opinionated. An evaluation paper should be unbiased and based on facts rather than judgments. The information you present in an evaluation paper should be backed by evidence. Every paragraph outlines a key fact that should be explained in detail, offering reasons to support the argument. There is a concise criterion of how to write an evaluation paper, if you stick to it, there is less chance that your paper will become opinionated. Let’s have a look at the different evaluation examples and how to do an evaluation.

How To Evaluate?

Students often get confused about what is a written evaluation and how to write an effective evaluation that can impact your reader. One should follow the CJE guidelines that dictate the method to use every time one writes an evaluative essay. This means you should devise Criteria, present Judgements, and back them with Evidence.

  • Criteria: It demonstrates the benchmark for a reasonable outcome for evaluating the component. Establishing clear criteria will prevent your evaluative essay from being overly opinionated.
  • Judgment: Judgement is the analysis of whether the product or service has met the set criteria.
  • Evidence: Evidence is all information and testimonials that support your judgment.

Every paragraph in the body of an evaluative paper discusses one key fact similar to a descriptive paper. Each fact should be described in detail, along with judgments and evidence to support the information.

How To Write An Evaluation Report

There are two important tips for a successful evaluation report. First is to carry out an objective analysis before creating an opinion. The second is to evaluate by setting evaluation criteria. Aim to present an objective before giving your evaluation argument. An evaluative report or essay has three parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Let’s discuss each part in detail so that you can have an idea of what to include in each part.

  1. Introduction Provide a big-picture overview of the idea you will discuss in your evaluation. The main objective of the introduction will be to introduce the subject or present your thesis. You can discuss the various aspects of the subjects, such as their influence on people and why it is important to present an evaluation. Use the introductory paragraph to demonstrate the criteria you will use to support your thesis. Express your thesis statement by providing an overall judgment and supporting reasons.
  2. Body Paragraphs Start with a topic sentence with your judgment of it. Use transition words to move smoothly from presenting the thesis to reasoning. Use examples, quotes, expert testimonials, comparisons, statistics, and any other information that you can find that supports your reasoning. An evaluation may seem weak if opposing views are not discussed. Hence, in the main paragraphs, you should be able to present counter arguments or opposing views and also provide reasoning for refuting them.
  3. Conclusion It’s always a good idea to remind the reader about the original idea or thesis statement when starting your conclusion. Start by restating the thesis statement using different words. This will remind the reader about the original idea, so don’t just copy and paste the original thesis statement, as it may create an awkward impression. This is the last part of your essay, which means it’s the last chance to influence your reader. Make a lasting impression by giving a strong recommendation supporting your reasoning.

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Evaluation Writing Sample

The concept might seem a little alienated, but it’s a familiar form of writing you may encounter daily. If you are given a task to write an evaluation, you might consider a book, movie, restaurant, article, product, speech, or even an event. Written evaluation examples can be humorous or sarcastic, like the kind of reviews we love to read. Writing an evaluation paper can be a great opportunity for a writer to deliver funny and earnest content. However, students are often asked to write an evaluative thesis on a particular topic. An example of evaluative essay is given below:

The CBS television series Elementary is meant to be a modern update on the tales of Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur Conan Doyle in the nineteenth century. It premiered in 2012 and the third season is currently airing. The show stars Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as his partner Joan Watson. The show is meant to be a thoroughly modernized and diverse take on the cast of Sherlock Holmes. It is set in modern New York and thus should reflect the diversity of such a city. On evaluating the show, it is shown that Elementary’s take on the Sherlock Holmes canon is successfully more modern and diverse than the original stories. The criteria evaluating the show’s success will fall into two categories: first, the general representation of the show will be evaluated. It will be evaluated whether the show represents gender, race and sexuality in a way that reflects the diversity of modern New York. Then it will be evaluated whether the plot elements of the original Holmes canon are updated to reflect modern values with more involvement and power given to women, people of alternative sexualities and people of different races than the original canon allowed. Through these criteria, it will be evaluated whether this show is diverse and modern as it should be. The original Sherlock Holmes stories focused on primarily white, upper-class people and the existence of gay people and transgender people was never commented on. The majority of the characters were men. However, Elementary updates its cast to be far more diverse. Much like modern New York is full of people of color, the cast of Elementary features people of color in key roles. Marcus Bell and Joan Watson are main characters on the show and are people of color who are detectives. There is also a reoccurring transgender character and several gay side characters, representing the sizeable population in New York. Women are more heavily involved in this version of the canon, playing key roles like scientist, detective, crime boss, doctor, and business mogul. The show therefore does a decent job of representing the more diverse makeup of modern New York. In looking at how characters in Doyle’s original canon have been updated to be more modern and diverse in Elementary, the first one that comes to the attention in Joan Watson. In Doyle’s original canon, Sherlock Holmes’ partner was a white man named John Watson. Watson in the original canon was a doctor and veteran. In Elementary, however, Holmes partner is a Chinese-American woman named Joan Watson. She is a former doctor who has quit her job, though not a veteran. This is an update that reflects the diversity of modern times, now a woman of color is shown as a professional who plays a key role in the narrative, rather than the story being entirely focused on white men. This change represents the greater career options and power women have in modern times and also the high Chinese-American population in modern New York. However, there is a troubling and inaccurate implication that it is more implausible for a woman to be a veteran of war than a man, since this aspect was taken out of Watson’s background. Women are allowed in combat to an extent now; she should have been a veteran like the original Watson. That is the one area where the update falls short of being fully modern. Another successful modern update obvious update is the treatment of Sherlock Holmes’ addiction. In the original stories, Holmes was pretty clearly hooked on opium, but this was treated as normal, reflecting the lack of concern towards addiction in the nineteenth century. Elementary treats his addiction as serious and addresses it as befitting a modern adaptation. Holmes is sent to rehab, he struggles with quitting and is given help from support groups. The police force Holmes works with is also updated to be more diverse and modern. A black man named Marcus Bell is a reoccurring police officer Holmes works with. This showcases the more diverse makeup of the modern police, rather than the all-white stodgy Scotland Yard of the original stories. In the original Doyle canon, Mrs. Hudson was Holmes’ landlady and was treated as the average older woman, motherly and harangued. In the Elementary canon, Ms. Hudson is a transgender woman, representing the growing population of transgender people in New York. She’s also given the more modern appellation of “Ms” that is now used to refer to women who don’t want to be defined by their marital status. Another huge update Elementary made to the original canon is making Holmes’ ultimate nemesis, the crime boss Moriarty, a woman instead of a man. The series combines the character of “Irene Adler” (the only woman who ever outsmarted Holmes) with Moriarty. Rather than go with sexist notion of the original canon that it is so remarkable that a mere woman outsmarted Holmes once she must be referred to as “the best of her sex” and “The Woman”, Elementary does not treat it as odd at all for a woman to not only outsmart Holmes, but stand toe to toe with Holmes as be his ultimate nemesis and undoing. Elementary also shows women as capable of being powerful crime bosses, something the original canon didn’t do. Moreover, it is Joan who ultimately defeats Moriarty rather than Holmes, which again shows that it is not unusual for women to be powerful and capable and in some cases Holmes’ female partner is even smarter than he is. All in all, Elementary ultimately succeeds in providing representation and a more modern, diverse take on Sherlock Holmes because it shows a greater range of gender, race and sexuality diversity in its cast than the original stories. It also updates the story to put women, people of color and transgender people in key roles where there were only white men in the original story. Elementary is a show representative of a more accepting modern times.

How To Start An Evaluation

Writing an evaluation essay is a great way to analyze the cost and benefits of a concept. This form of writing offers critical insight into the criteria used to evaluate and present fair and reasonable statics to support it. It’s crucial to present the idea so the reader can form their own judgment instead of being forced to take a side. If you have finally decided to write an evaluative essay, start by following the brief outline below:

  1. Choose Your Topic: Students may be given a topic by their instructor, or the instructor may ask the student to choose one. Either way, you will be doing an in-depth analysis of the subject, so it’s better to choose a topic you are familiar with or one you can research. Background information will make it easier to stir your way through the research process.
  2. Present Your Thesis Statement: Presenting a thesis statement is a key element of your essay as it clears the purpose of the evaluation. It should also clarify the criteria used to judge the item for its worth. The thesis statement will also provide the way forward for your research. Therefore, ensure it’s concise and to the point so that you know what to research and how to craft the remaining paper.
  3. Set Criteria To Asses The Product: Firstly, make sure the topic you chose can be evaluated, if not, then you should consider other topics to save yourself from the misery of changing the topic way ahead in your research. Choose multiple topics at the start so that you don’t have to search for a topic again if one topic doesn’t seem fit. Secondly, choose different benchmarks to make your writing interesting. The benchmark you choose will depend on your evaluation product or service. For example, a restaurant will be judged using different criteria than a shoe brand.
  4. Gather Supporting Material and Evidence: While writing an evaluative essay, keep reminding yourself that you are writing an evaluative paper so that you don’t direct your work towards an argumentative paper. Support your viewpoint so the reader can make their own opinion after reading. Offer supporting clues from reliable sources to back each judgment you make in your essay.
  5. Draft Your Essay: When you have gathered all the necessary information, start drafting your essay. The first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, but the sooner you start, the easier it will be to include all information you have in your mind. You can always restructure your draft until you have achieved perfection. After drafting your essay, you can look for information that seems off the point and flesh it out. Make sure to add quality content instead of more content.
  6. Review, Revise And Rewrite: Once you have completed the writing process, rewrite and revise several times. Never consider your first draft your final one, or you may have to deal with a bad grade despite putting in so much effort. Make the necessary changes to your first draft and rewrite it. If you don’t like the editing phase, you can always hire someone for this task or ask a friend to proofread your work for any possible errors.

What Not To Write In A Conclusion

Conclusion is difficult to draft but plays a significant role in a paper. After spending hours working on a paper most students are tempted to conclude it with some vague sentences, marking it as conclusion. A poorly presented conclusion may ruin all the hard work you put in your custom research paper and may distract the reader. Avoid making the following errors when writing a conclusion which can make your conclusion look bad:

  • Do not summarize your essay, but it is helpful to keep it brief to retain the reader’s interest. Avoid restating your main idea and if you have to use different words.
  • Use clear terms such as “in summation,” etc., so that the reader has no issue understanding the main parts of the essay. This will also make it easier for a reason to understand and comprehend the information.
  • Never give in to your doubts, do proper research so you won’t be uncertain about any part of the essay. Your doubts may distract you from the right direction and irritate the reader.
  • Avoid apologizing for presenting judgments backed by reasoning that may not be easily conceivable. Since you have done proper research, you know more about a topic and should only conclude your essay based on factual information.
  • It’s not a good idea to use phrases that might create doubt in your reader’s minds, such as “there may be better ways.” Be clear about what message you are trying to deliver.

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