Case Study Research Paper: A Step-By-Step Guide

case study research paper

Case study research is a useful tool for investing specific situations and trends in different disciplines. Many researchers consider this study method useful when testing theoretical models and applying them in real-world settings. An example of case study research is when an anthropologist was to live among a tribe in a remote location. Their observations may not produce quantitative data. However, they can also be useful in a scientific field.

Case study research design is mostly used in educational, social, business, and clinical research. This research method involves an up-close, detailed, and in-depth examination of a specific case. The reputation of this research method has been growing over the years as an effective methodology for investigating and understanding complex real-world issues.

Case study research design and methods have developed substantially through their applications in different disciplines. Progress and change have stemmed from the parallel influences of historical approaches to the preferences, interpretations, and perspectives of individual researchers.

What is Case Study Research?

Perhaps, you’ve been asked to do a case study. Maybe you’re asking, what is a case study research? That’s because this is the first time you have been asked to do one. 

Well, case study definition in research means a detailed study of a particular subject. Such research requires more knowledge and time than writing a paper for college. This subject can be a person, a place, a group, an organization, a phenomenon, or an event. The case study is a research method in which qualitative methods are involved in the design. However, quantitative methods can be used in some cases.

When is Case Study Research Used?

Our paper writers claim that this research method is ideal for researchers that want to compare, describe, understand, and evaluate various aspects of a problem. Essentially, it is used when trying to gain contextual, concrete, and in-depth knowledge of a specific subject in a real-world setting. It enables a person to explore key meanings, characteristics, and implications of a case.

Perhaps, to understand the application of this study method better, it’s important to ask, what is a case study in research? Well, a case study is a particular subject or situation to be studied. It can also be defined as the unit to be analyzed.

When asked to define case study research, a student can give an example of a specific patient treated by a doctor. In business, a case study example can be the strategy of a particular firm.

Case study research methodology can be used when writing a dissertation or thesis. That’s because they make a project manageable and focused when they do not have resources or time for large-scale research. A student can use a single case study when exploring a subject in detail or conduct several case studies to illuminate and compare different aspects of a research problem.

Examples of Case Study Research Questions

Perhaps, you’re wondering about research questions that can be answered using a case study research method. Well, there are many situations where a person can research case study based on the problem they want to solve. Here are examples of research questions for case studies:

  • How are narratives about history used by populist politicians to gain support?
  • How can active learning strategies be implemented by teachers in mixed-level classrooms?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wind farms in rural areas?
  • How do viral marketing strategies change the relationship between consumers and companies?
  • How does the gig economy work differ by race, age, and gender?

These case study research questions examples can provide useful information when used properly in case studies. Nevertheless, students should take the time to learn what they are expected to do when doing their research using case studies.

How to Write a Case Study Research Paper

Writing a case study is a process with several steps. But, a case study qualitative research can even be about an examination of the specific goal or challenge of a business or a person and how they accomplished or overcome it. The focus and length of a case study can vary greatly depending on the details that concern the initial problem and the applied solution.

Professionally, case studies focus on telling the story of successful partnerships in businesses. Such a partnership can involve a client and a vendor. A case study can also be a brief snapshot of the health of a client since they start working with a doctor. It can also be a success story of the growth of a client.

Nevertheless, a case study uses metrics that have been agreed up by the involved parties. For instance, success can be highlighted or measured using the number of leads generated by the client, revenue gained, or customers closed. These are important key performance indicators of the services offered by a company in action. Nevertheless, this research is a process with several steps to follow. Here’s how to do case study research step-by-step:

  1. Determine the objective of the case study. In the corporate world, case studies focus on demonstrating services’ value. However, a case study can focus on the objectives of different clients. Therefore, the first step in the process of writing a case study research paper should be to determine the goal or objective of the study subject. In simple terms, this is what the client will have done by the end of this piece. This can be complying with regulations, lowering the costs of doing business, or becoming more profitable.
  2. Establish the medium of your case study. This step entails determining the medium to use when creating the case study. Simply put, this is how you want to tell the story. For instance, you can use an infographic or different media channels to promote the final piece. The used medium is the reason why there are different types of case study research. They include video case study, infographic case study, written case study, and podcast case study.
  3. Find the right candidate for your case study. This entails seeking permission, planning, and getting quotes. You must also learn more about the subject of your research before you start writing. Contact the subject of your case study before you start researching and writing about them.
  4. Draft a release form and send it to your subject. After the candidate approves your request to research and write about them. Create and send a release form. This tells the subject more about the information you need from them. Make sure that you are asking your case study candidate the right questions.
  5. Write and format your case study. Analyze the information you get from the candidate and research further. Once you have all the necessary information, write your case study research paper. Include a title, subtitle, information about the subject, challenges and objectives, the implemented solution, and how it helped, as well as, results, supporting quotes and visuals, plans, and a call to action.
  6. Publish and then promote the case study. If you did a video case study you can publish it on YouTube and promote it on other platforms. If you did an infographic case study, you can publish it on Pinterest and promote it on a blog.

A case study is not exciting content to produce. However, it’s an effective way to generate useful information. When done properly, a case study can produce information that can be used to enhance the performance of a business or organization. Follow our blog and learn how to craft a research paper abstract. 

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