Top 80 Strong Holocaust Research Paper Topics 2023

Holocaust Research Paper Topics

History college students will hardly miss such an assignment in the course of their study. The gruesome historical event that took place between 1933 and 1945 saw the mass murder of millions of European Jews. Professors will expect the scholars to come up with original and exciting holocaust research paper topics. However, not all students can achieve this mind-intriguing task. That is why our expert writers have come up with these fantastic holocaust writing prompts for you! Students can also find a customized holocaust thesis statement by contacting our friendly customer support service. Therefore, you can buy a research paper online and forget about all problems with essay. 

Before the Holocaust Research Topics

  1. Factors that led to Anti-Semitism in Europe
  2. Was Adolf Hitler a key player in the Holocaust events?
  3. Forms of hostility directed toward Jews before the Holocaust
  4. Destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem by the Romans
  5. The departure of the Jews from Palestine and its role in the Holocaust
  6. The impact of the Enlightenment age of the 17th and 18th centuries
  7. What contributed to the religious toleration?
  8. The effect of Napoleon and other European rulers’ legislations on the Jews
  9. The growth of racial character as a result of Anti-Semitic feeling
  10. How World War I contributed to the eventual occurrence of the Holocaust

The Nazi-Revolution Period Holocaust Paper Topics

  1. A case study of the racial purity and spatial expansion policies by Hitler
  2. The Nazis’ harsh persecution for political opponents
  3. Concentration camp research paper
  4. Why the Communists were the first prisoners sent to concentration camps
  5. Discuss the killing points of the Holocaust
  6. How did Dachau’s inferiority to Heinrich Himmler contribute to the Holocaust?
  7. Why were 27,000 people kept in “protective custody”: A critical analysis
  8. Discuss the role played by the vast Nazi rallies and symbolic acts
  9. The “Aryanization” of Germany by the Nazis
  10. Impact of liquidating Jewish-owned businesses on the economy of Germany
  11. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935
  12. How the Nazis achieved stigmatization and persecution of the Jews
  13. The “night of broken glass” of November 1938: A critical analysis
  14. Why hundreds of thousands of Jews left Germany
  15. Discuss the state of those who remained

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Holocaust Argumentative Essay Topics For the Beginning of War (1939-1940)

  1. What caused Polish Jews to move from their homes into ghettoes
  2. The growth of ethnic Germans
  3. The governance of Jewish Councils on the Jewish ghettoes
  4. Challenges that faced the ghettoes
  5. The Euthanasia Program
  6. Why were the mentally ill or disabled Germans gassed to death?
  7. The role of German religious leaders in stopping the program
  8. Why Hitler continued the Euthanasia program in secret
  9. The Euthanasia Program as a pilot for the Holocaust
  10. What necessitated the spread of typhus?

Holocaust Research Questions Leading to the ‘Final Solution’

  1. The expansion of Hitler’s empire in Europe
  2. Countries conquered by Hitler
  3. The transportation of the European Gypsies to the ghettoes
  4. The German invasion of the Soviet Union
  5. Explain the role of the Mobile killing units
  6. What role did the Hermann Goering memorandum to Reinhard Heydrich play?
  7. Why Jews had a yellow star mark
  8. Mass killing methods in concentration camps research paper
  9. The gassing of Soviet POWs to death with pesticide Zyklon-B
  10. The role of pest control firms in the Holocaust

Death Camps Holocaust Topics for Research

  1. Transportation of ‘least useful’ people to concentration camps
  2. Why camp of Belzec was best for mass gassing
  3. The largest large-scale killing center in Auschwitz-Birkenau
  4. Why the summer and fall of 1942 had the highest deportations
  5. The armed revolt rise of Warsaw Ghetto
  6. The results of the Warsaw uprising
  7. Why the revolt inspired other camps
  8. The role of eyewitnesses in exposing the secret killings
  9. The failure of the Nazis to respond
  10. Incomprehension of the Holocaust news
  11. Holocaust denial and disbelief: What caused them?
  12. Why were Jewish and non-Jewish inmates spared
  13. Josef Mengele experiments on Jewish prisoners
  14. The role of medical experiments on twins
  15. Why Mengele was called “the Angel of Death.”

End of Nazi Rule Paper on the Holocaust

  1. Dissolving of German Leadership in 1945
  2. The rising of Goering and Himmler
  3. Why Hitler turned the war on “International Jewry and its helpers.”
  4. The suicide of Hitler
  5. German surrender in World War II
  6. Why the Holocaust continued to claim lives
  7. The arrival of the Soviet troops
  8. The role of bestial degradation
  9. Why German forces protected the inmates
  10. Internal dissent in the German Leadership

Bonus Holocaust Research Topics

  1. The growth of refugees after the Holocaust
  2. The Nuremberg Trials of 1945 to 1946
  3. Creation of Israel in 1948 after the Holocaust
  4. Ethnic cleansing in Germany
  5. How Sabbath and festivals were marked
  6. The role of the media in the Holocaust
  7. The growth of forced labor
  8. A case study of the death march
  9. How propaganda grew in the Holocaust period
  10. Resettlement of the displaced Jews

Holocaust topics for research are not limited to the few listed above. The length and devastating effects of the event make it momentous among many Historians. Our team of over 5000 essay experts toils day and night to offer paper writing help on any assignments. Improve your grades by trying our services today!

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