234 Popular Music Topics For Your Research Paper

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As you must have been taught, music is also a powerful tool to evoke strong emotions. Just like other genres of literature, music is a poignant channel of emotions. Music has got recognition over the years, with Bob Dylan being awarded a Nobel Laureate even as a musician. As a music student, you must have been asked to source for musical topics or topics about music by your teacher or professor. This article will show you different research topics about music. You can either edit or use them as they’re written, but they are written mainly for you.

How to Develop Music Thesis Topics

It’s always a challenge for every student to write a research paper for a high grade. Even if you’re developing music psychology research topics or classical music topics, you need to follow a structure. This structure affords you the ability to create an impeccable essay, and it shows you’re a knowledgeable student. They are:

  • Introduction or Thesis Statement This is the part where your readers are acquainted with what your research is all about. It must treat the background of the subject of your research and highlight key points on which your research will elaborate.
  • Research Methodology These are the methods applied to the research you’ll conduct. You can’t write your paper or essay out of the blue. The means through which you’ll generate relevant data or documents must be noted here.
  • Literature Review This means the reviewing of previous discussions/books about the music topic of your choice. This lets readers know that you have a detailed knowledge of what you’re writing about.
  • Body This includes your arguments about your topic. This must be engaging, interesting and must reveal your knowledge on the subject. It also includes your findings, and every point must show that you did your work as a music lover and a researcher.
  • Conclusion This is where you summarise your findings and present your final words. All these must cap your research up and impress your readers.
  • Notes and References After writing your paper or essay, the sources you used for information must be documented. Know the reference style your school prefers. Some colleges prefer MLA, APA, even Harvard style, while others prefer Chicago style. Since you’re writing in the humanities, it could be MLA or APA. Just confirm the style and document all the sources appropriately under this section.
  • Abstract This is the last thing you write for your research paper. An abstract is about 100 to 300 words, and it is a brief overview of what the research is about. It also contains a summary of your findings.

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Music Topics to Write About

As earlier noted, there are numerous topics about music. There are also different music genres, and you can consider the following for your research:

  1. Write an essay about one of the world’s favorite singers
  2. How does music influence politics and politics influence music?
  3. Give a comparison on two different music genres
  4. Examine the evolution of music in Africa
  5. Examine the transition of music from folklore to what we have today
  6. Examine the power of music on the human mind
  7. How has the political culture of Europe affected Traditional European music?
  8. How has the Indian tradition affected its music and movie culture
  9. How has the Chinese culture affected its music industry
  10. How has pop culture influenced music in any country of your choice

Music Research Topics High School

As students of a high school or college, you may need fun and informative music-related research topics for your essay. You can consider the following research topic about music:

  1. Give an overview of the best composer of the Baroque Era
  2. Give a distinct outline of the difference between classical music and modern music
  3. What is the influence of Beethoven’s music on the world?
  4. Rationalize a world without music
  5. Do you think modern music also reflects the past?
  6. What would you say has led to the rise in contemporary country singers?
  7. Why do you think Indian culture permeates its music even in Bollywood movies?
  8. Would you say blues is an essential part of American culture?
  9. Examine a few themes of Baroque Era songs
  10. Examine a few singers and their impact on the Baroque Era
  11. Examine how music achieves the attention of people
  12. Write a short note on the evolution of folk music in the US
  13. Write a brief note on the evolution of the piano
  14. Write a short note on the history of strings in music
  15. Write a brief history of the influence of music on sick people
  16. Write a short history of the American Got Talent Show
  17. Do you think America’s Got Talent Show has done a lot to promote good music?
  18. Do you think the best music can be produced out of auditions in Got Talent shows?
  19. What do you think about rap music?
  20. Who are your favorite rap artists?
  21. What do you think is the influence of music on black people?
  22. Do you think some songs talk about cultural diversity?
  23. Do you think reading and listening to music is a good habit?
  24. If you play an instrument, which instrument would it be and why?
  25. What can you say about music in any school of your choice?
  26. If you’d love an artist to train your voice, who would it be and why?
  27. What do you think is the best music genre that ever exists?
  28. Do you think songwriters and singers must also be great music composers?
  29. Write a short note on the origin of hip-hop in America
  30. Would you say that H.E.R. is confused about choosing gospel or secular music?

Music Research Paper Topics

There are many music research papers already, but you can also contribute your genius through the following musical topics for research paper:

  1. Study how music sharing sites can be said to pirate music
  2. Examine the evolution of music labels in Europe
  3. Examine the significance of music labels on the artists they sign
  4. Examine how talent shows affect a musician’s music career
  5. Give a study of how the songs of Kendrick Lamar is evolutionary in black music
  6. Study the effect of music on advertising
  7. Study any five African artists of your choice and examine their influence on global music
  8. What does the African Popular (Afro-pop) music genre mean?
  9. Examine the role of Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the African music industry
  10. Examine the role of Merle Haggard in the American Country Music industry
  11. Examine the evolution of music from the medieval age to date
  12. Examine the significance of music on mental health
  13. Examine the importance of Sasha Sloan, Billie Eilish, and Aurora’s music on contemporary youths
  14. Study the significant concerns when it comes to signing a contract with a major music label in America
  15. Rationalize metal music as a genre of music
  16. Study how music education can be implemented in the e-learning
  17. Study the history of hip-hop and its significance to American mainstream music
  18. Choose three casinos of your choice and study their choice of music
  19. Examine the trends of the internet and how it has enhanced access to music
  20. What are the comparisons and differences between classical and rock music?
  21. Give a detailed review of Korean and Chinese music
  22. Give a thorough examination of the Japanese music and poetry
  23. Give an overview of the popular themes in Indian music
  24. What do you think has led to the rise of rock music in the UK?
  25. Give a detailed review of the significant instruments in the Baroque Era
  26. Study the trends and the evolution of the European music industry
  27. What is the effect of drinking on musicians using ten artists of your choice as examples
  28. Examine why Trap music artists embody drugs and depression in their music
  29. Women in the music industry: discuss their role
  30. Examine the role of Nicki Minaj in the rap Industry
  31. Study five literature on how the deaf learn about music
  32. Study how music has morphed into a dance
  33. Examine how music can help with physical therapy
  34. Study how music has affected fashion and vice versa
  35. Study the effect of Roman Catholic Church on medieval European music
  36. Study the trends of music from the religious to the secular
  37. How has music developed into an essential part of advertising in today’s world?
  38. Study the essence of music on films today
  39. Study the popular music genres during the Middle Ages and their Influence on contemporary music
  40. Examine five significant music influencers of all times and how their work has improved music

Music History Research Paper Topics

Music history paper topics detail the evolution of music. These can even be research topics in music psychology and how it has morphed into a significant part of entertainment today. You can consider the following music topics for your informative essay or paper:

  1. Detail early music history and the development of musical instruments
  2. Examine the leading techniques and cultural Significance of the Baroque Era my music
  3. Give a detailed review of the significance of the Roman Catholic Church on music
  4. Examine the use of string instruments in Greek classical music
  5. What is the impact of classical German composers of the 18th century on global music?
  6. Compare the techniques, Influence, and styles of Beethoven and Mozart music
  7. Give an analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and its resonance to people across generations
  8. Examine the influence of the Romantic period on music
  9. Would you say poetry and music are different parts of literature: give a historical perspective
  10. Examine the rise of melody during the two world wars
  11. How have drugs contributed to any genre of music?
  12. Examine the cultural values and Influence of the Rock and Roll genre of music
  13. What is the role of instruments and digital sound in music?
  14. What are the key aspects and styles employed by Rock artists?
  15. Examine the music of a rising Rock star and how history has influenced their songs
  16. Trace the connection between folk and pop melodies
  17. Historicize the significance of folk music on contemporary music
  18. Give a history of Japanese music and the influence of cultural, romantic writings
  19. How has music performance led to the rise of Jazz music?
  20. Historicize the significance of pop culture on American music
  21. What is the legacy of Jazz music to high African Americans and American singers?
  22. What is the influence of Nina Simone on African American music?
  23. How have Blues and Jazz united cultural identities?
  24. Would you say slavery and migration are essential themes in black artists’ music?
  25. How has Jazz attended to society’s problem?
  26. Write a biography of any famous American musician of your choice
  27. Choose three contemporary artists and trace their music to any living or dead artist of the older generation
  28. Examine the classic composition of music and how it made the genre distinct
  29. Examine the evolution of music therapy
  30. Study how music was used as propaganda during political crises or war

Interesting Music Topics

These are excellent music thesis topics that have been customized for your sake. You can write on popular music themes like:

  1. How has music been used to push the agenda of feminism?
  2. What is the significance of vocal performances?
  3. How have vocal performances in America’s Got Talent been Significant to who gets a Golden Buzzer or wins?
  4. What is the cultural representation of music in America?
  5. Attempt the history of musical instrumentation and its rise as a norm
  6. How has music been a form of political commentary?
  7. How has music been used as a political statement?
  8. Why are celebrities gaining political recognition?
  9. Examine the influence of Philosophy in the music of Passenger
  10. Examine the impact of love and loss in the music of Celine Dion
  11. Study the importance of music to the society
  12. How does blues reflect the African American experience?
  13. How does classical music reflect the white culture?
  14. Why has music become an essential part of movies?
  15. What is the role of music during warfare?
  16. What is the role of music during protests?
  17. Why has secular music been so easy to do rather than gospel music?
  18. Comment on the influence on gospel music and its significance as a genre
  19. What do you think about the blend of secular music gestures in gospel music?
  20. Examine the history of music videos
  21. Do you think vixens are sexualized in music videos?
  22. Examine music education and its importance to the American culture
  23. What do you know about Islamic music?
  24. What is the connection between music and human emotions?
  25. How has music been used in education and student assimilation processes?

Music Appreciation Research Paper Topics

There are music paper topics that are persuasive and creative in the way they admire good music. You can consider the following music related research topics for your paper or essay:

  1. Examine the Beat Generation of the 1940s and its Significance in the American cultural revolution
  2. Give an overview of Joni Mitchell’s 1971 Blue
  3. Give a literary appreciation of Stevie Wonder’s 1976 Songs
  4. Attempt a criticism of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds of 1966
  5. Give an academic appraisal of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On
  6. Examine the themes in The Beatles’ Abbey Road
  7. Appraise the origin of soprano music and its cultural value
  8. Compare and contrast the features of European court music and the Baroque Era music
  9. Give an appraisal on the African American music industry
  10. Discuss the prevalent music genres in the African music industry
  11. Examine the songs performed by The Beach Boys as well the Significant themes in their songs
  12. Delve into the realm of Beethoven’s music and examine its major themes
  13. Choose three country and classical music and discuss the similarities in their themes and styles
  14. Give a literary appraisal of “Ask Rufus” produced in 1977
  15. Give a review of Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  16. Give a scholarly appreciation of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks
  17. Examine the roots of music in the Middle Ages
  18. What styles would you say is prevalent in Middle Eastern Music?
  19. What are the influences leading to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours?
  20. Appreciate the vocal performances of Celine Dion and the significant themes in her music

Jazz Research Paper Topics

As a dominant music genre, these are fantastic musical topics for a research paper based on Jazz music:

  1. How does Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man embody Jazz aestheticism and black existentialism?
  2. Examine the Influence of Jazz music in the invaluable Civil Rights Movements
  3. Give a definitive approach to contemporary understanding of Jazz
  4. Examine the place of Jazz in the modern world with other engaged music genres
  5. Study the past and prospects of Jazz music
  6. What kind of listeners does Jazz have today?
  7. What would you say is the influence of Jazz bands on Jazz music?
  8. Appreciate the rise of Jazz music in the post-modern music world
  9. How did 1959 regarded as the year that changed Jazz music?
  10. Examine the life and times of Louis Armstrong
  11. How do you feel about Jazz music: Interview 20 people and collect their opinions into an essay or paper
  12. What is the importance of Duke Ellington’s Mood Indigo?
  13. Appreciate the music of Charlie Parker
  14. Appreciate the music of Ella Fitzgerald
  15. Examine the major themes in the music of Charles Mingus, Chet Baker, and Ornette Coleman, and note the differences in the three Jazz musicians

Music Theory Topics

You can consider the following musical topics for a research paper for your next essay or report about music theories:

  1. Examine the rhythm of sub-Saharan African music and how it has resonated with other parts of the world
  2. Why is music theory a complicated part for other people?
  3. Analyze Beethoven’s 9th
  4. How has classical music adopted a particular genre of music before it?
  5. Identify the distinctive features of Baroque Era music
  6. What are the peculiarities of Indian modern music?
  7. What are the dominant features of Asian music?
  8. How has the Chinese cultural revolution affected contemporary Chinese music?
  9. Who would you say are the best music composers of Contemporary music?
  10. Who would you say are the best music modulators of contemporary music?
  11. Review the voice and talent of Whitney Houston
  12. Examine the intellectual arrangement of Aretha Franklin’s music
  13. What are the hidden symbols in the music of the Renaissance Period?
  14. Examine the style of the music of the Rock band, Queen
  15. What are the major styles in music from the Middle East?

Music Argument Topics

Aside from the research topic about music gathered above, you can also write on debatable topics. Consider these topics for an in depth critical review:

  1. Some genres of music are better than others, especially when it comes to commercialization
  2. Parental warning labels are useless to music labeling
  3. Everyone should study music for its mental health benefits
  4. The psychological benefits of dancing are enough reason why everyone should make music
  5. Music can help with mental health challenges
  6. Music cannot truly be enjoyed in foreign languages
  7. Music cannot be used to motivate violence
  8. Protest songs are destructive songs
  9. Digital music has ruined the circulation of physical copies
  10. Music cannot be understood since it’s not in your language
  11. Musicians don’t need training; talent is enough: discuss
  12. Top charts influence music choices
  13. Music in video games are more stimulating
  14. Awards do not reward the best music produced
  15. The politics in the Grammy Award has led to its lack of many celebrities
  16. Metal music and bad behavior: what is the connection?
  17. Music can be used to influence student’s learning abilities
  18. Social media presence is essential for an artist’s career
  19. Without features, artists will find it hard to rise alone
  20. Radio channels promote music for the older generation doll
  21. Music is addictive and dangerous: discuss
  22. Rock music is far better than metal music: discuss
  23. Every artist sing what they feel: discuss
  24. Music celebrities also sing political songs
  25. Talent shows undermine the criticality of music: discuss

Music Therapy Research Topics

If you need any research topic in music psychology, you can consider:

  1. How music helps with studying and assimilation
  2. The charms music embodies
  3. An analysis of music for Autistic children
  4. The connection between music and aging
  5. How music reflects cultural and linguistic elements
  6. The role of music in classrooms
  7. How music and pain is related
  8. What are the effect of music on the brain and the emotion
  9. Why do people have triggers when they listen to some songs?
  10. Examine the role of music in improving work productivity

Country Music Topics

If you’ve been asked to create personal accounts on country music, you can consider these topics:

  1. Examine the evolution of country music
  2. What is the role of Billie Jean Horton in country music?

You can also consider the influence of these artists on country music:

  1. Ronnie Millsap
  2. Dolly Parton
  3. Loretta Lynn
  4. Willie Nelson
  5. Rolf Harris
  6. George Strait
  7. Merle Haggard
  8. Hank Williams
  9. Consider the significant themes in Billy Currington’s music
  10. Compare and contrast the styles in Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton’s music
  11. Examine the influences on Dierks Bentley’s music
  12. Appraise the songs of Craig Morgan and Faith Hill

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