Top 70 Racism Topics For Research Paper That Really Stand Out

Racism Topics For Research Paper

The year 2020 has seen the United States of America experience violence in various racism claims. When George Floyd was killed in May this year, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and other US states went awash with protests. Never before in recent American history have such demonstrations occurred. That is why finding racism topics for your research paper is essential. Here is a list of professionally handpicked racism topics for your motivation.

Causes of Racism Argumentative Topics For Research Paper

  1. Is the ego the leading cause of racism in the United States?
  2. Is racism the result of people’s direct experience with other backgrounds?
  3. Are associations and the mind forms silent fuels for discrimination?
  4. Is the reticular activating system a stimulus for discrimination?
  5. Should we attribute racism to the ignorance in the world?
  6. Are supremacy attitudes among the whites the cause?
  7. Do we have an appropriate education curriculum addressing racism?

How To Deal With Racism Research Topics

  1. How to stand up for yourself in a racial attack
  2. The role of confidence and self-assurance when dealing with racism
  3. Why you should point out the racial words or behavior instead of generalization
  4. Citizens should know their rights to combat racism
  5. Understanding the differences between racist actions and racist people
  6. The importance of learning other cultures and languages
  7. Recognizing the impacts of racism

Topics on Racism History

  1. Historical policies of systematic discrimination
  2. The contribution of the Holocaust to racism
  3. Racism and North American slavery and the colonization
  4. The exploitation of the minorities during colonization and its impact on racism today
  5. The role of naming schools after confederates and racism
  6. Racism comments from Albert Einstein’s diaries
  7. Why the Georgia county drove out every black resident in 1912

Research Topics About Racism Laws

  1. A critical analysis of The Race Relations Act 1976
  2. The United Nations’ international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination in 1965
  3. The role of international and domestic law in combating racism
  4. Racial distinctions in the law
  5. The Equality Act of 2010 and its impact on racism
  6. Laws that guard against racially offensive material on the internet
  7. Does the law provide for harsh racial speeches at a public rally?

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Racism Research Paper Topics on the Economic Aspects

  1. How racism suppresses the economic mobility of people with different races
  2. The role of creating more jobs in combating racial claims
  3. Recipients of the healthcare assistance programs in countries
  4. How racism has crept into the US economy
  5. Racial discrimination against property rights and reconstruction
  6. Why the lack of the feeling of belonging stirs economic recession
  7. Employment rates for minorities in America.

Interesting Topics About Racism

  1. When was the first racial attack, and why?
  2. Why is racism still persistent in the 21st century?
  3. Reasons why discrimination is both unethical and immoral
  4. Should we regard racism as people with a mental disorder?
  5. Is religion one of the key players in racism?
  6. Why is the term ‘third world’ a racist declaration?
  7. What is the relationship between racism and homophobia?

Research Topics About Race and Racism

  1. Why the white supremacy battle is terrible for the world
  2. Does the color of your skin matter in any circumstance?
  3. Why is Western civilization causing a lack of appeal for the black race?
  4. The role of different languages and their races in racism
  5. Is the American Dream a cause for discrimination?
  6. A critical approach to the subject of race and racism
  7. Differences between race and racism and the confusion surrounding these two terms

Racism Argumentative Topics For Research Paper

  1. Is race a factor in the race crimes experienced in the US?
  2. Should we call Malcolm X a racist?
  3. Do racial movements contribute to combating racism?
  4. Is the work of Charles Darwin filled with racial ideas?
  5. Should police brutality be seen in the line of racism?
  6. Should the United States put sanctions against racial protests?
  7. Do violent racial protests justify the problem at hand?

Sociology Racism Topics

  1. The impact of racism on the process of identity formation
  2. How racism shapes one’s trajectory in life
  3. The effect of racism on student-teacher relationships
  4. How policing tactics contribute to racial discrimination
  5. Residential segregation and its place in racism
  6. The sociology of race and social ethnicity in America
  7. Understanding the concept of ‘white privilege’ in racism

Good Research Topics Dealing With Racism

  1. A study of the different types of racism
  2. What are the causes of racial prejudices?
  3. The role of political campaigns in alleviating or fueling up racism
  4. The origins and history of the Black Lives Matter movement
  5. Compare and contrast discrimination in the US and other European countries
  6. Can a person indeed be an anti-racist in the current society?
  7. How can we use social media to sensitize people on the effects of racism?

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