60 Outstanding Depression Research Paper Topics

depression research paper

Depression has been a subject of interest for quite a while now. Teens have formed the majority of the victims. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, depression has escalated to another level. That is why a research paper on depression is inevitable for you as a college student. First things first,

Depression Research Paper Outline

Whenever you’re confronted with such a paper, the groundbreaking step would be to determine the outline. It will act as a skeleton upon which you will fill with the meet. So, how does a depression research paper look like for you?

  • The topic contributes significantly to the scope of what you intend to write on in your paper. A research topic’s success depends on its originality, currency, and emotional appeal, especially on such a subject.
  • The Introduction – It contains opening remarks which bring to light the background of the topic. You can also include recent developments in depression. The thesis statement should give a clear idea of the arguments in the body paragraphs.
  • The body – You will arrange these in order of seniority – from the most relevant arguments to the least. Include reputable and authoritative statements as evidence for your paper. If you choose to include statistics, ensure that they are accurate.
  • The conclusion – You will summarize your results and findings and recommend them if possible. Since this is a practical topic in everyday life, include a call to action statement here.

Once you get your outline right, here are a few things to consider when writing this kind of paper:

  • Do not include topics resulting in high emotions
  • Ensure that you have adequate information for the topic you choose
  • Avoid using words that may cause more depression on the reader

Therefore, you can discuss any of the following areas:

  • Depression disorders
  • How to manage it
  • Ways of helping the victims

To get you jammed up, here are 60 of the best depression topics for research paper. Use them to draw inspiration for your next assignment. If you’re not inspired by the subject or don’t have the time to spend writing essays, it’s best to let professionals write a paper for you. 

Depression Topics For Research Paper on the Causes

  1. How upsetting or stressful life events such as death can lead to depression
  2. Why people feel low after a severe illness or undergoing a major surgery
  3. The role of the ‘downward spiral’ of events in triggering depression
  4. Difficult social and economic circumstances that cause depression
  5. Personality traits such as low self-esteem and their role in depression
  6. Is depression a hereditary illness passed down to family members?
  7. Why some women may be vulnerable to depression after giving birth
  8. Why the feeling of loneliness is a significant risk
  9. How alcohol and drugs can leave you in a state of depression
  10. Longstanding illnesses that may trigger depression among people

Topic Ideas For a Postpartum Depression Research Paper

  1. The impact of hormone level drop after giving birth
  2. Why you may be depressed if you didn’t want to get pregnant
  3. Reasons why new moms may be at risk of getting depressed
  4. How long does postpartum take to subside in new mothers?
  5. What causes intense irritability and anger after giving birth?
  6. Why would one develop the fear of not being a good mother?
  7. Can postpartum depression lead to a mother harming her child?
  8. Impact of postpartum depression on a mother’s ability to think straight
  9. Symptoms of postpartum depression in new fathers
  10. How to help new fathers adopt responsibility

Research Paper on Depression in College Students

  1. Why do most college students in their last year experience depression?
  2. Are lecturers to blame for depression among students?
  3. The role of homework in causing depression among students
  4. Consequences and risks of depression among students
  5. The problem of relationships in college
  6. Increasing cases of suicide among students
  7. Stressful college life events that stir depression
  8. Self-harming behaviors among college students
  9. How to diagnose and treat depression among college students
  10. Depression and academic performance among students

Teen Depression Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Excessive use of technology among teens and depression
  2. Why most teens seek out drugs as a remedy for depression
  3. Financial stresses on teens and how they are compelled to depression
  4. Why most teens feel depressed after a relationship break-up
  5. Debt and depression among teens
  6. The role of parents in managing depression among teens
  7. The place of peer pressure in causing depression among teenagers
  8. Can parental over-involvement lead to the development of stress among teens?
  9. Why most teens do not seek help why they are depressed
  10. Who are the most vulnerable between the male and female teens, and why?

Topics For Coronavirus and Depression Research Papers

  1. Why are there increased cases of depression during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. How to deal with depression while staying at home
  3. How the government can help alleviate depression among citizens
  4. How to deal with a job loss during COVID-19
  5. How loneliness is killing many people in their homes
  6. Stigmatization and its impact on COVID-19 patients
  7. Why the media is the most significant source of depression during the coronavirus
  8. Activities you can engage in during the coronavirus pandemic
  9. How journaling can help you overcome depression
  10. Ways of fending for low-income families

Depression Research Questions To Consider in 2023

  1. Can you trust a psychologist to help?
  2. Why do most depression cases end up in suicide?
  3. Should we have a national day on sensitization against depression?
  4. What is the role of the family in combating depression?
  5. How should we treat depressed friends?
  6. Should we share our depression stories on Facebook?
  7. Do children experience depression?
  8. Why should you check up on your friends daily?
  9. Is cyber-bullying killing people?
  10. Why teens should not engage in relationships

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