Outstanding Autism Paper Topics For Students To Research

autism research paper topics

If your degree is related to childcare, social work or education, then autism is a popular subject for research topics. With increased interest in the autism spectrum disorders in the current times, there are several autism research paper topics that you can choose from.

It’s always a challenge for every student to write a research paper for a high grade. The first step in research paper writing is to select a topic. So, here is a list of some of the best topics to guide you through your paper.

General Autism Research Paper Topics

If you have started studying and understanding autism only recently, these general research paper topics on autism are a great place to begin. Here is a list of the easiest research paper topics on autism:

  1. Why is research on autism important?
  2. The common causes of autism
  3. Why are more cases of autistic children surfacing in recent times?
  4. The best teaching and learning methods for children with autism
  5. Autism and mainstream education
  6. What does the word “spectrum” refer to in Autism spectrum disorder?
  7. Novel treatments that are most effective in managing autism
  8. Improving the quality of life for children and older individuals dealing with autism spectrum disorder.
  9. A comprehensive study of diagnostic tools available for autism
  10. Autism Diagnostic Interview or ADI-R
  11. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule or ADOS
  12. Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Biology Topics for Autism Research Paper

There are several autism biology research paper topics that delve mostly into the genetic, neurological and other biological factors that may cause this condition. Some related topics and research questions on autism are:

  1. Analysis of the ‘dark regions’ of the genome and the effect of their mutation on autism.
  2. Controlling gene expression and its impact on autism mutation
  3. Genetic variants and their connection with autism or other intellectual disability.
  4. The correlation between autism and obesity.
  5. The biological impact of subtle genetic mutations on autistic individuals.
  6. Fragile X syndrome and autism
  7. The role of various brain hormones on autism
  8. The link between vasopressin and autism
  9. Autism and similarities in brain signature of other disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
  10. Unusual sensory response in autistic individuals
  11. The cerebellum and its effects on the social behaviour of autistic individuals
  12. Maternal age and the effects on autism
  13. Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome: A comparative study
  14. Prominent historical figures who suffered from autism
  15. Autism and its perception in the media
  16. Review of films based on Autism Spectrum Disorder
  17. Role of art and literature in increasing autism awareness

Medical Autism Research Paper Topics

There have been several medical advancements that have improved management of autism recently. Needless to say, there are several medical research paper topics for college students that are related to this subject:

  1. The role of family doctors in managing autism
  2. Can immunization vaccines given during childhood have an impact on autism?
  3. Recent diagnostic changes in understanding autism.
  4. The role of Pivotal Response Treatment in managing autism
  5. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and its effects on anxiety in individuals with autism.
  6. Age and early intervention techniques to manage autism
  7. Alzheimer’s disease and the effect on Autism spectrum disorder
  8. The effect of antioxidants on Autism Spectrum Disorder
  9. Pharmacological treatment options for individuals with Autism spectrum disorder
  10. Antipsychotic medication and their role in autism treatment or management
  11. Insurance guidelines for individuals with autism
  12. The role of chemical additives in foods and the increase in the prevalence of autism.
  13. Higher incidence of mental health issues in individuals with autism
  14. Relevance of present diagnostic criteria for adults with autism

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Social Autism Research Paper Topics

Autism is the root of several behavioral challenges that have important social implications which can be addressed through research questions on autism. The perception of the subject is also dependent on several cultural and ethnic beliefs. Here are some good topics for research paper on autism.

  1. The benefits of parental education in managing children with autism.
  2. The differences in social implications based on gender and autistic spectrum disorder
  3. Supporting autism in the workplace
  4. The socio-cultural impact on autism behaviour and understanding
  5. Should autistic children be educated only in a special school?
  6. Achieving the best social skills outcome in individuals with autism
  7. Increase in service delivery options for individuals with autism
  8. The role of technology in improving social skills in autistic individuals
  9. Cross cultural experiences of individuals with autism
  10. Social drives that impact the study of autism among ethnic minorities
  11. Contextual drives that impact the understanding of autism in the society
  12. Successful business owners with autism
  13. The role of a peer group on autism
  14. Increased prevalence of autism in the western society
  15. Post-traumatic stress disorder in parents of children with autism.

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