200 Food Research Paper Topics You Cannot Miss

Food Research Paper Topics

If you are reading this, it means you are looking for the best food research paper topics. The good news is that you have definitely arrived at the right place. Many students find writing a research paper challenging. Our experienced academic writers have created a list of the best 200 food research paper topics. In addition, we will also explain why getting top notch food topics is important. And did you know that you can get a new list of food topics from us simply by getting in touch with our experts?

Why Choose One of Our Food Research Paper Topics?

Whether you choose some fast food essay topics or any other food related research topics, you need to make sure you choose a great idea. Did you know that if you manage to impress your professor, you will most likely get some bonus points? This is precisely why you want your paper to stand out from the rest. Also, a good topic is easier to write an essay about. There is already plenty of information online, so you don’t have to spend days doing research. Pick one of our food research paper topics and start writing your essay today:

Controversial Food Topics

Let’s start our list with the controversial food topics. Nobody should prevent you from writing about controversies, don’t worry about it. Here are some great ideas:

  1. Veganism versus vegetarianism
  2. Is fast food really that bad?
  3. The use of artificial flavors in foods in 2023
  4. Food in emerging economies vs developed countries
  5. Are animal-free foods healthier?
  6. Negative effects of dieting on the human body
  7. Cultured meat: pros and cons

Food Research Topics

Would you like to discuss food research? After all, it is a very important topic in 2023. To help you out, we have put together a list of original food research topics:

  1. The process of ketosis
  2. WHO recommendations
  3. Research soluble fibers
  4. Research GMO foods
  5. An in-depth look at fats
  6. The best diet
  7. Discuss complete proteins

Food Essay Topics

In case you need to write a food essay, you are probably looking for the best and easiest food essay topics. Here are some great ideas just for you:

  1. Compare three types of sugars
  2. Desensitizing our insulin receptors
  3. Advantages of drinking whole fat milk
  4. Legumes: health benefits
  5. The best protein source
  6. Compare nutrients in fruits and vegetables
  7. The process of making cheese

Eating Disorders Ideas

Eating disorders are, of course, linked to food. You are more than encouraged to write about these disorders in your next paper. Take a look at these eating disorders ideas:

  1. How does an eating disorder manifest itself?
  2. Medication for eating disorders
  3. Anorexia Nervosa
  4. Discuss Bulimia Nervosa
  5. Binge Eating
  6. The Pica eating disorder
  7. The Rumination disorder

Food Debate Topics

Are you preparing for a heated debate in class? No problem! We have some of the most interesting food debate topics on the Internet right here:

  1. Which is better: margarine or butter?
  2. Benefits of a daily glass of wine
  3. Caffeine and its health risks
  4. Advantages of GMO crops
  5. Is the egg yolk dangerous?
  6. Good vs. bad cholesterol
  7. Energy drinks: pros and cons

Food Safety Topics

Yes, food safety is a very hot topic in 2023, specially taking into consideration the pandemics that have taken over the world. Check out these awesome food safety topics:

  1. Protecting against Botulism
  2. Safety measures against arsenic
  3. Discuss antibiotic resistance
  4. That are dioxins?
  5. Analyze E.coli outbreaks
  6. Analyze the Campylobacter
  7. What causes the Diarrhoeal disease?
  8. Food safety of egg products

Essential Nutrients

Humans need certain nutrients in certain quantities and food is responsible for delivering them. Here are some topics about essential nutrients that you should write about:

  1. Discuss nutrient profiling
  2. Nutrients in heated food
  3. Vitamin D and sunlight
  4. The role of amino acids
  5. Angiogenesis and nutrition
  6. Fat’s role in our body
  7. Saturated vs unsaturated fats
  8. The 3 vitamins you can’t do without

Interesting Topics About Food

Our writers have collected their most interesting topics about food and listed them below. Pick one of these ideas and start writing your essay today:

  1. Caffeine in tea versus coffee
  2. Food variety benefits
  3. Benefits of breastfeeding for babies
  4. A diet for every season
  5. Organic food benefits
  6. What is lactose intolerance?
  7. Why do we still eat junk food?
  8. Alcohol’s place in your diet

Veganism and Vegetarianism

As you probably know, veganism and vegetarianism are two very interesting movements in 2023. Check out these topics related to veganism and vegetarianism:

  1. What does it mean to be a vegan?
  2. What does it mean to be a vegetarian?
  3. Vegan vs. vegetarian
  4. Which diet is better?
  5. Sources of protein in the vegan diet
  6. Sources of fats in the vegetarian diet
  7. Vitamins and minerals in the vegan diet
  8. Risk of health problems in the vegetarian diet

Food Arguments Topics

Yes, of course we have plenty of food arguments topics. In fact, we have the most interesting (100% original) ideas right here. Pick the one you like right now:

  1. Potatoes and their health benefits
  2. Don’t ban fast food
  3. Fast food in our schools
  4. Using artificial sweeteners in foods
  5. Fasting: the best way to lose weight
  6. Your diet is influencing your mood
  7. Why can’t we stop eating chocolate?
  8. Worst food additives in the United States

Food Controversies Topics for College

There are many controversies related to food, of course. However, college students should discuss some of the more complex ones. Here are the best food controversies topics for college:

  1. Are additives needed in our foods?
  2. Health effects of food preservatives
  3. Can eating disorders be treated?
  4. Discuss the intermittent fasting diet
  5. Plant-based foods
  6. Animal-based foods
  7. Antioxidants in our foods

Food Science Topics

These days, food science is one of the fields that is expanding extremely rapidly. So, why don’t you write about it? Check out these food science topics and pick the one you like:

  1. Discuss genetic modification
  2. Analyze microbiology
  3. Improving your diet through food science
  4. Antioxidants’ role in our body
  5. The history of food science in the United Kingdom
  6. The science behind eating disorders
  7. Food science in food safety

Fast Food in the US

Fast food is a problem in the United States nowadays, as you probably know. This is why you should most definitely write about fast food in the US. Here are some great ideas:

  1. Negative effects of fast food
  2. Hiding calories in fast food
  3. Obesity and fast food: the link
  4. Discuss fast food ads
  5. Analyze positive effects of fast food
  6. Vegan options in fast food restaurants
  7. Dangerous preservatives in fast food

Easy Food Topics to Write About

If you don’t want to spend too much time working on your next essay, you should definitely pick one of these easy food topics to write about:

  1. Banning fast food from schools in the UK
  2. Discuss a food security policy
  3. The importance of a good breakfast
  4. Amino acids and muscles
  5. Compare 3 recent diets
  6. Eating only vegetables: good or bad?
  7. Dangers of animal-based foods
  8. Health benefits of French fries

Food Science Research Topics

Would you like to research the complex field of food science? Don’t worry about losing hours over finding a great topic. Pick one of these original food science research topics:

  1. Discuss food engineering
  2. Discuss the science behind nutrition
  3. What is sensory analysis?
  4. Discuss food processing
  5. Research the low-carb diet
  6. Discuss food microbiology
  7. Research food biochemistry

Fast Food Research Topics

Researching the subject of fast food can be a very interesting endeavor, especially if your country has a problem with junk food. Check out our fast food research topics:

  1. The most popular fast food items
  2. Research the McDonald’s French fries
  3. Discuss KFC’s chicken wings
  4. Discuss the Whopper in Burger King’s offer
  5. Research the calories in a fast food menu
  6. High-pressure processing
  7. Discuss nutraceutical substances

Food Justice Topics

There have been numerous court cases involving food in the past few years and we expect to see more in the coming years. As such, we have some very interesting food justice topics right here:

  1. Poor food access in African countries
  2. Healthy food in poor Chinese villages
  3. Animal rights in the United States
  4. Animal rights in the UK
  5. The importance of food justice
  6. The government and food justice

Food Groups

It’s not a bad idea to write about certain food groups. As you know already, each food group has pros and cons. There are plenty of things to talk about, such as:

  1. Benefits of vegetables
  2. Negative aspects of fruits
  3. Should we eat cereals?
  4. Best sources of fats
  5. Best sources of protein
  6. White meat versus red meat
  7. Chicken meat or turkey meat?

General Food Related Topics

If you would like a more general topic that doesn’t require much in-depth research, you are more than welcome to pick one of the general food related topics:

  1. Best food marketing ideas
  2. Food in India
  3. Discuss food allergies
  4. Discuss food consumption in the US in 2023
  5. The increase of food prices
  6. COVID-19 and the food industry
  7. Dubai’s food culture

Fast Food Research Paper Topics

In case you wish to research the complicated subject of fast food and its effects on human health, we invite you to select one of these hand-picked fast food research paper topics:

  1. The bad rap of fast food
  2. Problems with fast food chains
  3. Calories in fast food menus
  4. The quality of fast food
  5. Fast food vs. junk food
  6. Recovering from the disaster of fast food
  7. Fast food and food addiction

Food Safety Topics for Meetings

In case your professor has asked you to simulate a meeting, we have some of the most interesting food safety topics for meetings in our list:

  1. Antibiotic resistance
  2. Antimicrobial resistance
  3. E.Coli in eggs
  4. Food safety basic rules
  5. Refreezing thawed meat
  6. Fipronil in eggs
  7. Quality standards in sanitation

Food and Nutrition Topics

If you want to discuss food and nutrition, you should definitely take a look at our food and nutrition topics. Each one of them is original, created by one of our experienced ENL writers:

  1. Can you live on a plant diet?
  2. Micronutrients
  3. Macronutrients
  4. Diabetes and veganism
  5. Discuss ethical veganism
  6. Religious problems with animal foods
  7. Meat-eaters vs vegans

Dietetics Ideas

With obesity quickly becoming a major problem in most developed countries, we think that discussing dietetics is a great idea for high school and college students. Take a look at these dietetics ideas:

  1. Discuss empty calories
  2. Negative effects of soda drinks
  3. Analyze the keto diet
  4. Top 3 foods for weight loss
  5. Nutrients for a healthy diet
  6. The breakfast myth
  7. Analyze the celiac disease

Food Debates Topics for High School

Why wouldn’t you write down some ideas for your next debate? If you don’t know what to talk about, here are some food debates topics for high school:

  1. Artificial intelligence in food safety
  2. Novel foods
  3. Foods as home remedies
  4. Diet vs. physical activity
  5. High pressure processing tech
  6. Good vs. bad flavors
  7. Ketchup: the making of

Best Research Topics About Food

We know you want the absolute best ideas to talk about. Your professor will surely appreciate it. Here are our absolute best research topics about food:

  1. Research microwaves’ effects on food
  2. Enriching versus fortifying
  3. New foods in 2023
  4. Food poisoning
  5. Fruit juice
  6. Research liquid smoke
  7. GMO crops

Easy Fast Food Topics

Discussing fast food doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we have some very easy fast food topics that you can discuss in your next essay. Check them out:

  1. Adverse effects
  2. Saturated fats
  3. Monosodium glutamate risks
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Obesity and fast foods
  6. Sugar in fast food
  7. Food safety in the fast food industry

Hot Topics in Food

Yes, we have some hot topics in food that college and high school students will surely appreciate. You can use any of the ideas below free of charge:

  1. Using phosphorus on crops
  2. Discuss factory farming
  3. Robots in the food industry
  4. Machine learning in agriculture
  5. Growing bamboo
  6. Research invasive species
  7. Sustainable farming

Fast Food and Obesity

The link between fast food and obesity is pretty obvious. Or is it? Check out these fast food and obesity ideas and start writing your paper today:

  1. Fast food effects
  2. Obesity in school children
  3. Fast food and high blood pressure
  4. Heart disease
  5. How is fast food influencing our weight?
  6. Can fast food be healthy?

Getting the Best Food Topics

If you are looking for interesting food topics that none of your classmates have discovered yet, take a look at our list. Do you know how we manage to keep our list of food topics for research paper and food controversy topics fresh? We update the list periodically. Yes, we really do make every effort to help as many students as possible. Of course, using any of the topics in our list is 100% free. Yes, you can reword them too. No, you don’t need to give us any credit. Feel free to use them today! Contact us with a “do my research paper” request and get a top grade. 

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