50 Impeccable Human Sexuality Research Topics

Human Sexuality Research Topics

Human sexuality is an area of study that generates ample intrigue and presents sufficient scope for research. Several studies have been done to explore what is human sexuality, its variations, how people behave, and the reasons they do so. If you are a college student looking for some research topics on human sexuality, this is a great resource to explore. Read on to find a collection of some of the best human sexuality research topics that will offer significant scope for detailed study. These topics will also present an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, research, and extent of effort put. If handled well, these will help you shine and come out with exceptional grades. Take a look.

How to Shortlist Interesting Human Sexuality Research Paper Topics?

Before you start looking for topics in human sexuality for research, keep the following aspects in mind –

  • Avoid picking topics that are very common and have been covered again and again
  • Opt for interesting topics that leave you ample scope for research and study
  • Latest and most relevant topics work best
  • You could also pick a subject that is regularly debated over
  • Be brave and do not shy away from controversial subjects
  • Before you finalize a topic make sure you have sufficient resources to collect reliable information
  • Keep the time factor in mind

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Human Sexuality Topics for A Research Paper

Here is a list of current human sexuality popular topics of research that never go out of context. They will always present an opportunity for further study:

  1. Development of male and female sexuality along with their lifespan
  2. Milestones of sexual development in males
  3. Understanding human sexuality through the lifecycle
  4. Milestones of sexual development in females
  5. Sexual orientation and its development
  6. Marital sex and the effects of sexual dissatisfaction on a relationship
  7. Effects of age on marital sex and sexual pleasure
  8. Marital sex and its effect on marital happiness
  9. Sexual practices in humans and their effects on behavioral changes
  10. Changes in sexual patterns through different life stages
  11. Infidelity, its causes and effects on human sexuality
  12. Differences in male and female sexuality with age
  13. Physical changes in men that lead to diminished sexual desire
  14. Physical changes in women that contribute to reduced sexual desire
  15. Human sexuality and how it has evolved over the generations

Human Sexuality Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

An easy way to pick a topic related to sexual psychology is by focusing on the various aspects of society and humanity that affect sexuality. Here are some choices for human sexuality research topics in psychology:

  1. Psychological changes towards sex and sexuality with age
  2. Societal prohibitions against human sexuality
  3. Does ageing lead to lack of sexual desire in humans
  4. Change in sexual desire after the loss of a partner
  5. Effects of living environment on human sexuality
  6. Psychological causes that reduce sexual desire in men
  7. Psychological causes that reduce sexual desire in women
  8. The sexual behavior pattern of the human male
  9. The sexual behavior pattern of the human female
  10. How does the desire for parenthood guide sexual behavior in humans?
  11. Effects of infertility on sexual desire in humans
  12. Can marriages continue despite sexual inactivity and why?
  13. Human sexual behavior and health – the psychological dimensions
  14. Sexual offenders – should a psychological assessment be mandatory before sentencing
  15. Mental health issues that perpetrate acts of sexual violence

Good Human Sexuality Research Topics

Here is a list of some different research topics in human sexuality, which are sure to generate interest in your work and might even be great to debate over:

  1. Does society need to promote awareness of the importance of good sexual health?
  2. Impact of sexual violence on a human’s ability to establish intimate relationships
  3. Extramarital sex – how prevalent is it and its effects
  4. Living with a partner who has indulged in extramarital sex
  5. What keeps humans satisfied in marital relationships
  6. Same-sex marriages – is the society actually ready
  7. Sexual stimuli and how important it is for sexual response
  8. Sexual satisfaction despite Sexual Double Standards (SDS)
  9. Understanding Sexual Double Standards (SDS) and its effect on human sexuality
  10. Sexual stigma and how bisexuals or lesbians internalize it
  11. Coming out with homosexuality and dealing with the social stigma
  12. Sexual disorders and their religious connotation
  13. Sexual fantasies and their role in human sexuality
  14. Impact of trauma and stress on sexual behavior and intimacy
  15. Consensual and non-consensual sexual experiences and their perception in society at large
  16. Oxytocin and the biochemistry behind love and sex
  17. Relationship and sexual satisfaction in couples going through a midlife crisis
  18. The stigma of being sexually inexperienced or a virgin
  19. The hookup culture of the millennials and how they navigate it
  20. Sexual behaviors among young adults and how they have changed over generations

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