124 Eating Disorder Research Topics You Must Write About

eating disorder research topics

The hustle of finding impressive topics for your research paper can be depressing, especially towards the end of the semester. Research papers on medical conditions are the most sensitive, which require students to conduct intensive research. However, in this article, we have made things easier for you. We will tackle the following elements:

  • What are eating disorders
  • Characteristics of a good thesis paper on eating disorders
  • 124 research topics on eating disorders

I know most of you are here because of the last section, but you would not want to miss the first two segments. We will dive into the nitty-gritty of an eating disorder research paper and unearth every treasure you need to have in your treasure box before unleashing the real gold. It is not something you’d want to brush over quickly and continue with your assignment. It is something you will have to take your time to read and digest bit by bit. So if you have your eyes and mind ready (those are the crucial ones), let’s get right into it!

What Are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders refer to behavioral conditions which come with severe and persistent disruption in eating behaviors. They are mostly associated with distressing emotions and thoughts. Some eating disorders are very serious to affect the body’s psychological, social, and physical functioning.

The various types of eating disorders include:

  • Anorexia nervosa,
  • Bulimia nervosa,
  • Binge eating disorder,
  • Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder,
  • Pica and rumination disorder

Therefore, research questions about eating disorders will revolve around the various disorders we have listed above. Therefore, you should be able to understand and explain every one of these types and logically present them. Since this is a technical concept, you will need to consult reliable and high-quality reading resources on the topic. These will not only help you write a thesis about eating disorders but also have a strong background in this niche. Whether you are a college or continuing university student, this guide will be a key resource in your understanding of writing good research papers on eating disorders.

Characteristics Of A Top Thesis About Eating Disorders

There is more to understanding the background of eating disorders and knowing each type by memory. When it comes to a thesis paper on eating disorders, there are key points you need to consider to write an interesting custom research paper that will earn you top marks. That is why we will invest adequate time in this section so that you will become knowledgeable and skilled in writing thesis papers on eating disorders. An award-winning thesis paper should:

  • Be specific: When writing on eating disorders, base your research on a particular problem or relation between two variables. In this case, choose a particular type of eating disorder and select a specific angle to write your research paper.
  • Be measurable: In your research, use research instruments to present a quantitative or qualitative analysis of the research problem. Use questionnaires or reports that are trustworthy to determine this crucial element.
  • Be realistic: The explanations or evidence used in your research paper should match what people can relate with or identify with regarding eating disorders. Manipulating or maneuvering results from your thesis paper will lead to an illogical or exaggerated thesis paper.
  • Be formatted correctly: Ensure that you follow the set standards when formatting your eating disorders research paper. It could either be MLA or APA style sheet.

Writing on eating disorders is not hectic when you adhere to the characteristics and defined format above. We have outstanding thesis writers who will help you succeed with decades of experience. Let us now explore some of the helpful research topics on eating disorders for successful students:

Comprehensive Eating Disorder Research Topics

  1. The role of weight loss in contributing to eating disorders
  2. Does intermittent fasting result in eating disorders?
  3. Discuss the role of psychiatric diagnosis in detecting eating disorders
  4. Explain the effects of dieting behavior in anorexia nervosa
  5. Discuss the effects of eating low-calorie foods and exercising excessively
  6. Effects of eating disorders on menstrual periods
  7. How irregular eating behaviors can contribute to dizziness or fainting
  8. The role of eating disorders in muscle weakness and wasting
  9. How do heartburn and reflux occur in a person with eating disorders?
  10. What is the relationship between severe constipation and eating disorders?
  11. How stress fractures can result in eating disorders
  12. Why do people with eating disorders experience bone loss?
  13. Describe how depression and irritability manifest in people with eating disorders
  14. Why do people with eating disorders experience poor concentration and fatigue?
  15. Explain the treatment procedure for anorexia nervosa
  16. How soon should patients with eating disorders go for medical evaluation
  17. What is the effect of eating disorders on persons with pre-existing medical conditions?
  18. Explain the recommended nutritional plan for patients

Current Research Questions About Eating Disorders

  1. Discuss the relationship between bulimia nervosa and alternate dieting
  2. How does eating a large amount of food in a short period affect one’s digestive system?
  3. When does one lose control over what they eat?
  4. Explain the chronic sore throat in persons with eating disorders
  5. Describe the effect of recurrent unexplained diarrhea
  6. How persons with eating disorders misuse diuretics
  7. What are esophageal tears?
  8. Effects of dangerous cardiac arrhythmias
  9. Does outpatient therapy work for persons with eating disorders?
  10. Effects of antidepressants on eating disorders
  11. Why do some people eat until they are uncomfortably full?
  12. Effects of eating disorders on loneliness
  13. How eating disorders result in guilt and depression
  14. Discuss the role of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy
  15. Is interpersonal therapy the best option for persons with eating disorders?
  16. Discuss the effects of eating disorders on one’s social life
  17. Evaluate the rate of obesity cases among people who eat too much
  18. What is the frequency of eating disorders in children?

Best Eating Disorders Research Paper Topics

  1. How people with eating disorders experience low appetite
  2. What causes extreme avoidance of food?
  3. Why do some people have anxiety over the consequences of eating?
  4. Explain cases of significant nutritional deficiency
  5. How do people relying on feeding tubes maintain sufficient nutrition intake
  6. How eating disorders cause interference with social functioning
  7. Effects of eating disorders on individuals with autism spectrum disorders
  8. Discuss the impact of rigid eating behaviors
  9. How sensory sensitivities affect eating patterns
  10. Cultural practices that result in eating disorders
  11. At what age are eating disorders most experienced?
  12. Explain the concept of stress at mealtimes
  13. How quick foods can cause eating disorders
  14. Effects of eating foods with no nutritional value
  15. Impact of eating disorders on growth and development
  16. Explain the occurrence of pica in childhood stages
  17. How eating disorders result in potential intestinal blockages
  18. Explain the toxic effects of eating disorders

Custom Topics For Thesis About Eating Disorders

  1. Discuss how gastrointestinal or medical problems result in eating disorders
  2. Describe eating disorders that require separate clinical attention
  3. How to prevent eating disorders in children
  4. Long term consequences of eating disorders
  5. Compare and contrast developmental psychology and eating disorders
  6. How parents can prevent eating disorders among children
  7. How to raise awareness of eating disorders
  8. How do adolescents cope with eating disorders?
  9. Effects of bullying on eating disorders
  10. Analyze eating disorders among undergraduates in medical colleges
  11. How discrimination at school leads to eating disorders
  12. Behavioral inflexibility and eating disorders
  13. Psychological concealment and treating eating disorders
  14. Can we classify eating disorders as mental illnesses?
  15. Which age is at a high risk of suffering from eating disorders?
  16. Genetics and eating disorders
  17. Effects of irregular eating habits on pregnant women
  18. Compare and contrast eating disorders in men and women

Graduate Eating Disorder Thesis Paper Topics

  1. Explain the relationship between fashion modeling and eating disorders
  2. Trends of eating disorders in the 21st century
  3. Eating disorders among military officers
  4. Do all eating disorders have similar signs and symptoms?
  5. Why dieting is not always the best option
  6. Should health insurance covers also cater to eating disorders?
  7. Ethical issues connected with eating disorders
  8. The role of psychedelic compounds in treating eating disorders
  9. How peer support groups help in treating eating disorders
  10. Why balancing metabolism is essential in eating disorders
  11. How the media contributes to eating disorders
  12. Cases of eating disorders in European versus African countries
  13. Protective factors against eating disorders
  14. Environmental causes of eating disorders
  15. The role of calorie tracking applications
  16. The relationship between sleeping and eating disorders
  17. How drug abuse can lead to eating disorders
  18. Sexual behaviors and eating disorders

Controversial Research Topics On Eating Disorders

  1. The relationship between body fat level and eating disorders
  2. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for eating
  3. Analyze the relationship between Night Eating Syndrome and eating disorders
  4. Effects of alcohol abuse on eating disorders
  5. How social media affects eating patterns
  6. Myths about eating disorders
  7. Statistics on patients with eating disorders in the US
  8. The effects of food addiction on eating disorders
  9. Westernization and eating disorders
  10. Discuss the physical self-concept in causing eating disorders
  11. Explain the effectiveness of traditional methods of treating eating disorders
  12. Can we treat severe anorexia nervosa
  13. How self-esteem leads to eating disorders
  14. The role of weight and height in eating disorders
  15. Can we develop a healthy attitude toward eating by taking supplements?
  16. Did the coronavirus quarantine rules lead to eating disorders?
  17. Effects of prolonged psychosocial morbidity
  18. Explain the prevalence of eating disorders among people with white-collar jobs

Tip-Top Eating Disorder Body Image Research Topics

  1. How misconceptions about eating disorders affect patients
  2. Healthy lifestyles that will prevent you from suffering from eating disorders
  3. Explain why eating disorders are more common among teenage girls than boys
  4. Are our preventive programs for eating disorders effective in severe cases?
  5. Discuss how schizophrenia affects patients with eating disorders
  6. Effects of negative body image of eating patterns among ladies
  7. How self-worth results in eating disorders among adolescents
  8. Discuss the effects of over-evaluation of shape and weight on eating patterns
  9. Analyze muscle dysmorphia about eating disorders
  10. Traditional male gender norms that lead to eating disorders
  11. Cognitive-behavioral treatments that help patients with eating disorders
  12. Are media literacy programs effective in helping eating disorders related to body image?
  13. Explain gratitude-based strategies of helping people with eating disorders: A case of gratitude journals
  14. Why buying clothes that fit you can prevent you from getting eating disorders
  15. How does cognitive dissonance aligns attitudes and behaviors toward appropriate eating patterns
  16. Why negative body language leads to eating disorders: A case of ‘fat talk’ among college students.

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