244 Brilliant Health Research Paper Topics

health Research Paper Topics

Health is one of the core tenets of human survival. It is impossible to go a day without hearing or reading news on various aspects of human health. With the global coronavirus pandemic, health discussions have become more intensified in the recent past. Nonetheless, this is not a guarantee that you will find useful health-related topics for the research paper. That is why we have put together this informative article to help you identify quality writing ideas for your health paper. But first,

What Is A Health Research Paper?

It is an academic piece of writing that deals with diseases, their causes, prevention, and cure. Health is a complex subject with various dimensions – it is a vital science beyond the normal check-up and diagnosis in your local clinic.

To have a captivating research paper in health, you need to be well-versed in this field’s different concepts. As if that is not enough, you also have to relate how man’s different activities contribute to health problems or solutions. Knowing how to write health papers will therefore take time and effort. It is not an easy task to write a research paper for a good grade. It is not like a normal high school essay where you will tell the tutor about yourself and score highly – no! Students will have to involve in intensive research to come up with captivating health research papers. Students pursuing health-related courses in college or university sometimes spend countless research hours coming up with health topics for research papers. So, don’t be afraid to get research paper help from our professional writers. However, our professional writing experts have collated a list of interesting health topics for your inspiration.

Easy Health Related Topics For Research Paper

  1. Investigate the dietary requirements of a patient suffering from cancer
  2. The role of the World Health Organization in determining health policies
  3. How to care for a diabetic patient at home
  4. Why most people prefer seeking advanced healthcare abroad
  5. Why is heart surgery the most complicated of all?
  6. Why people should go for regular check-ups whether or not they are sick
  7. The role of the media in contributing to the spread of fake information on health
  8. Is it advisable to have a family doctor?
  9. Adverse effects of X-rays on the human body
  10. Why pregnant women should deliver in health facilities
  11. The impact of political decisions on the state of healthcare in a country
  12. Why mothers should be informed on the critical role of immunizations to children
  13. Effects of taking over-the-counter prescribed drugs

Health Research Topics On COVID-19

  1. Why ventilation is necessary for curtailing the spread of coronavirus
  2. Discuss challenges in the development of the coronavirus vaccines
  3. Why it is necessary to wear a mask at all times while in public places
  4. What is the risk of adolescents with no underlying health conditions contracting coronavirus?
  5. Analyze why there are many asymptomatic COVID-19 related patients
  6. The impact of technology on the development of coronavirus vaccines
  7. How long should one take before going for the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  8. Discuss the essence of washing hands every time in fighting the coronavirus
  9. What properties of soap make it suitable for fighting coronavirus?
  10. Should children under ten years receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
  11. The implication of opening learning institutions on the spread of the virus
  12. The role of the media in helping people make informed decisions about COVID-19
  13. Why it is necessary to have a sanitizer in the fight against coronavirus

Interesting Health Topics

  1. The role of personal hygiene in preventing bacterial infections
  2. Should diabetic patients inject insulin by themselves?
  3. The impact of advertisements on medical products
  4. Why research is necessary for the development of drugs
  5. Does testing drugs on rats affect their efficiency in human beings?
  6. The crucial role of a personal First Aid kit at home
  7. What is the first step in treating a bruised ankle?
  8. Effects of using a wheelchair on a person’s growth and development
  9. Discuss the relationship between doctors and glasses
  10. What is the maximum amount of time that one should spend in a critical care unit?
  11. The role of technology in intensive care units: A case of specialized life-support machines
  12. Discuss the health benefits of circumcision at a young age
  13. How to prevent eye strain when using a computer for long hours

Nursing Health Related Topics For Research Paper

  1. Challenges faced by nurses in caring for coronavirus patients
  2. The impact of night shifts on the effectiveness of nurses
  3. Are robots able to supplement the role of nurses in infectious disease units?
  4. What is the place of emotions in the care of critically ill patients?
  5. Evaluate the susceptibility of Europeans to Malaria through mosquito bites
  6. Examine the effectiveness of caring for patients from their homes
  7. Are the number of years spent in a nursing school effectively to gain the necessary nursing experience?
  8. Latest nursing technologies that are transforming the nursing sector
  9. What is the implication of a male nurse attending to a female patient?
  10. Who should prescribe treatment for the patient between the doctor and the nurse?
  11. How nurses handle psychological trauma after attending to patients
  12. Effects of watching too much on the health of a person
  13. Discuss the differences in nursing practices in developing and developed nations

Mental Health Research Paper Topics

  1. How does what one watches affect his/her mental health?
  2. The role of stigmatization in derailing one’s mental capability
  3. How to deal with mental lapses during the adolescent stage
  4. What are the medical solutions to mental problems related to break-ups?
  5. The role of counseling psychologists in preventing suicide cases
  6. Causes of aggressive behavior among people who watch wrestling
  7. Do sleeping patterns relate to mental health?
  8. How often should people go for mental check-ups?
  9. Do people who speak too much have mental problems at a time?
  10. Why staying lonely can lead to depression.
  11. The effects of watching horror movies on causing anxiety and fear
  12. Why it is necessary to socialize as compared to online interactions
  13. Discuss the implication of family disputes on the mental state of the children

Women’s Health Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of menstruation in women
  2. What causes mood swings and attitudes among women?
  3. Analyze the various post-natal care practices for women
  4. Compare and contrast the health implications of cesarean surgery versus normal birth
  5. The implication of body exercises for women
  6. Why most women are susceptible to cold conditions as compared to men
  7. Discuss the psychology behind women and long hair
  8. The impact of strenuous labor on the health of women
  9. Why is the number of women infected with coronavirus less than that of men?
  10. The essence of calcium for breastfeeding women
  11. What is the impact of vitamin supplements on women after delivery?
  12. Discuss the differences in muscle development between women and men
  13. Why women must have more fat than men

Hot Healthcare Research Paper Topics

  1. Effects of eating disorders on the development of a person
  2. Causes of unhealthy eating habits among teenagers
  3. The role of regular deworming in maintain a healthy appetite
  4. Dangers of excessive alcohol consumption to a person’s eyes
  5. How does smoking affect the weight of a person?
  6. Medical procedures to dealing with addictions and disorders
  7. The impact of being on ventilators for long
  8. How does surgery affect one’s vision and thinking?
  9. Effects of movies on the psychology of people who are to undergo surgery
  10. The role of virtual simulations in the study of medicine
  11. Are online classes effective for training competent healthcare personnel?
  12. The effects of culture and traditions on modern medicine
  13. How government policies affect the development of healthcare systems

Interesting Health Topics To Research In College

  1. Discuss the long-term consequences of being in a coma
  2. Investigate the factors that motivate students to take up medical courses
  3. Impact of intermittent fasting on a person with a health complication
  4. What causes allergies in patients with Asthma?
  5. The role of mass vaccination in curbing the spread of a health pandemic
  6. How often should one go for a dental check-up?
  7. Why participating in sports and games is essential for a healthy lifestyle
  8. How has yellow journalism affected the mental health of many?
  9. Role of morning runs in preventing against lifestyle diseases
  10. Western cultures that contribute to health complications
  11. Is it advisable for pregnant women to go for baby scanning?
  12. The impact of stereotyping in healthcare practice
  13. The role of stress in compulsive sweating and eating

Convincing Health Topics To Write About

  1. How clinical practitioners determine nutrition care for patients
  2. Differences in the care of outpatients and inpatients
  3. The role of the American Medical Association in determining health policies
  4. How to deal with bad breath and decaying teeth
  5. Effects of blood donation on the donor’s health
  6. Discuss the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases among the elite
  7. Why evidence-based medicine is necessary for treating diseases
  8. Causes of inflammatory bowel disease among women
  9. Why some people have developed insulin resistance
  10. How to maintain a healthy lung
  11. The role of the National Cancer Institute in developing treatment procedures
  12. The effects of premature puberty on the development of a person
  13. Discuss the health benefits of watermelon seeds

Manageable Health Project Topics

  1. Causes of the urinary tract infections
  2. Why it isn’t easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle in urban areas
  3. The role of Vitamin D supplements in strengthening the body’s immunity
  4. How fish and seafood recipes help to maintain a healthy body
  5. The role of global warming in advancing the spread of diseases
  6. Discuss the relationship between genetics and congenital disabilities
  7. Factors that determine effective rehabilitation after surgery
  8. Health effects of donation and transplantation of body organs
  9. What are the procedures involved in complementary and alternative therapies?
  10. Discuss the prevalence of deafness and other communication disorders
  11. What are the health implications of household air pollution?
  12. Evaluate the various neurological and mental disorders
  13. Are tobacco control policies sufficient enough?

Public Health Topics For Research Paper

  1. Discuss the effectiveness of the public health standards in the United States
  2. What are some of the social determinants of health?
  3. Compare and contrast health services and systems between the United States and the UK.
  4. How do housing and communities affect public health?
  5. Enhancing healthy lifestyles among communities
  6. The role of the Smoke-free 2025 Action Plan in clean air
  7. How to manage drug and substance misuse among communities
  8. Discuss how racism is affecting the delivery of health services
  9. Have countries neglected immigrant health-related policies?
  10. Injury and violence prevention policies in the United States
  11. The role of public health accreditation agencies in maintaining high health standards
  12. School-based healthcare practices during the coronavirus pandemic
  13. The role of healthy housing in preventing the spread of diseases

Controversial Health Topics For Research Paper

  1. Do traditional health practices affect modern health systems?
  2. The implication of plastic surgery for beauty standards
  3. Does going vegan improve a person’s health?
  4. Is body healthy for women?
  5. What sets the mark for healthy food?
  6. Is it possible to maintain healthy psychological health in the modern world?
  7. Are anxiety and depression serious health threats?
  8. Can the coronavirus kill persons who have no underlying health conditions?
  9. Is it possible to develop a vaccine under one year?
  10. Is chemotherapy doing more harm than good for cancer patients?
  11. Does alternative medicine work?
  12. Are we experiencing the rise of epidemics during the 21st century?
  13. Is it ethical to carry out organ harvesting and transplantation?

Health Informatics Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of telemedicine in combating serious health problems
  2. Helpful infographics that visually illustrate solutions to prevailing health conditions
  3. Smartphone applications that are helping people to keep fit in the 21st century
  4. A case study of diagnostic tools used by clinicians on their mobile devices
  5. Evaluate the growing presence of mobile technology in the healthcare field
  6. Effective healthcare IT management practices in the information age
  7. The impact of health informatics on the privacy of patients
  8. How to transform health through innovative IT solutions
  9. Discuss the incorporation of health informatics in developing countries
  10. The role of health informatics in providing accountable healthcare
  11. How electronic health records are enhancing service delivery in the health sector
  12. The role of health information exchange on interoperability of hospitals
  13. Dealing with privacy and security issues in rural health IT

Top-Notch Health-Related Research Topics

  1. How to detect misleading information related to coronavirus
  2. Health practices that improve the lifespan of citizens through the organized efforts of society
  3. The role of physical activity in determining mental health
  4. How the Internet of Medical things is transforming the health sector
  5. Evaluate some of the AI-enabled technologies used in neurodegenerative health complications
  6. Discuss the role of biomedical sensor data in diagnosing a patient
  7. The role of machine learning in enhancing the study of medicine
  8. Intelligent monitoring technologies used in intensive care units
  9. Analyze the strides made in the digital healthcare system
  10. How data- and model-driven intelligent healthcare systems are saving lives
  11. How to use big data analytics in healthcare systems
  12. Discuss some of the non-medical analytic processes
  13. Biological mechanisms and criteria for treating infectious diseases

Creative Public Health Research Topic Ideas

  1. The role of sexual education in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS
  2. How medical campaigns on TV can help spread community awareness
  3. The role of radio in advancing knowledge on coronavirus
  4. Why people are so much concerned about reproductive health
  5. How to maintain reproductive health during menopause
  6. Health issues related to puberty in the society
  7. The role of conferences and symposia on public health
  8. Analyze the growing cases of food poisoning resulting from fast food restaurants
  9. Why people are not going for cancer screening procedures
  10. The role of teaching the general public on First Aid procedures for accidents and minor injuries
  11. Health care practices for the skin, hair, and nails
  12. Discuss how flu, cold, and sore throat symptoms are used to identify a potential coronavirus patient
  13. How the use of the internet and computer games is contributing to health problems among teenagers

Additional Medical Controversies Topics

  1. How should doctors handle patients with terminal illnesses?
  2. Should parents decide what happens to unborn kids with incurable diseases?
  3. Is it ethical to test drugs and vaccines on animals?
  4. Does a person have the right to determine what happens to his/her organs after death?
  5. Is it ethical for parents to design the traits they want for their future babies?
  6. Where do we draw the line for patient/doctor confidentiality?
  7. Does the fetus have the right when it comes to abortion?
  8. Should countries adopt medical marijuana?
  9. Is there a relationship between poor health and poverty?
  10. Is the United States justified in imposing high healthcare costs?
  11. Does abortion affect the mental health of the perpetrator
  12. Should doctors release the medical records of patients to the police?
  13. Should organ donation be a personal choice?

Health Argument Topics

  1. Is it right to sell body organs to the highest bidder?
  2. Should animals die through experimental research so that man can live longer?
  3. Who is to blame for the adverse effects of experiments on animals
  4. What happens in the case of prenatal illnesses?
  5. Is euthanasia ‘good death?’
  6. Disposing of COVID-19 bodies in mass graves
  7. Should doctors compensate patients in the case of wrong surgeries?
  8. Use of illegal drugs for medicinal purposes
  9. Role of government bodies in setting medical standards
  10. Is Cuba a role model in advanced medical research?
  11. Are babies from test tubes real?
  12. Religious beliefs on vaccination
  13. Are antibiotics more harmful to society?

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Impact of placing the elderly in elderly care
  2. Are female psychologists more understanding enough?
  3. Technology and mental health
  4. Working hours and mental stability of nurses
  5. Vaccination and mental health
  6. Effects of stem cell brain injections
  7. The psychological perspective of Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  8. Effect of TV commercials for alcohol
  9. Legalization of psychedelic drugs
  10. Medicinal cannabis and mental health
  11. Medical science and prolonging life
  12. Addiction to painkillers
  13. Circumcision of infants

Health And Fitness Topics

  1. Impact of water aerobics
  2. Frequency of workouts
  3. Should fitness exercises be done in gyms or at home?
  4. Duration of workouts
  5. Modifications to workouts
  6. Bike riding and burning calories
  7. Workouts and gaining weight
  8. Developing a training plan
  9. The role of Yoga in health
  10. The essence of cardio exercises

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