167 Engineering Research Paper Topics From Experts

Engineering Research Paper Topics

College and university students miss the mark when writing research papers, which results in low grades. However, having impressive engineering topics for research paper can serve as a solid launchpad for tip-top rates. We have compiled a comprehensive list of handpicked engineering research paper topics to start you off towards your journey of success.

Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. The process of genetic engineering in crop-improvement
  2. The application of Vitro fertilization and genetic engineering
  3. How genetic engineering is applicable in new drug development
  4. What is the application of synergy in biotechnology?
  5. The benefits and harms of Genetically Modified Organisms
  6. Discuss the relevance of GMOs in the 21st century
  7. How genetically engineered proteolytic bacteria function in food
  8. Analyze the complex GMO processing process
  9. Discuss the working and modalities of CRISPR in engineering
  10. Can engineers develop a robot with perfect human characteristics?
  11. The role of 5G technology in advancing the field of genetic engineering
  12. What are the environmental hazards of genetic engineering?
  13. How do scientists extract the DNA?
  14. Evaluate the history and development of cloning
  15. Discuss the application of engineering to fungal secondary metabolite process
  16. Why is society so much against genetic editing as a way of having children?
  17. Analyze cytogenetic strategies in comparative genomic hybridization
  18. Why genetic engineers should share the benefits of their work
  19. Why does society need to rethink supporting the cloning of the dead?
  20. The impact of gene engineering on human relations
  21. Should parents have the will to order children through gene engineering processes?
  22. Is artificial insemination killing the institution of marriage?
  23. What are the developments in developing GMOs among developed nations?
  24. Gene engineering applications in agriculture – a case study of the fishing industry
  25. The use of IVF in stopping the inheritance of disabilities in children
  26. Analyze the latest technologies used in gene-editing
  27. Discuss why genetic cloning is slowly destroying the purpose of life
  28. Role of Facebook in advancing discussions about genetically modified organisms
  29. How to use the human microbiome to curb diseases
  30. What are the effects of gene engineering on biodiversity?
  31. How do the UK gene engineering policies differ from those of the US?
  32. The implication of philosophical issues in genetic engineering

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. How to use computer intelligence in the modelling of HVAC systems
  2. Why manufacturers fit cars with music systems
  3. How to deal with the process faults in manufacturing processes
  4. Using predictive engineering technologies in the wind energy industry
  5. Examine turn lane lengths for various speed roads and evaluate criteria of determination
  6. How to use process mapping to help the supply chain
  7. Discuss the use of operation research techniques in reducing cost or improving efficiency
  8. Look into the rise of design and its implications in the developing world
  9. Highlight the application of lean or six-sigma in hospitals and services related industries
  10. How projects become more complex with disparate teams
  11. What is the impact of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector?
  12. Does the elicitation mode matter?
  13. Application of usability engineering methods to evaluate and improve the clinical decision support system
  14. Evaluation and validation of distraction detection algorithms on multiple data sources
  15. The role of quantities in the estimation of industrial engineering processes
  16. The part of prediction systems in industrial processes
  17. Factors affecting the effectiveness of machinery in complex industrial systems
  18. How to determine the optimal energy of a particular industrial process
  19. The essence of carbon capture in any industrial process
  20. Are industries to blame for the rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
  21. Better air treatment technologies that prevent industrial air pollution
  22. The role of industrial companies in contributing to aid rain

Research Paper Topics Software Engineering

  1. Review the best practices for the implementation of information technology in modern organizations
  2. Investigate the use of information as a tool for sustained competitive advantage
  3. Review the role of information technology in improving productivity and transforming organizations
  4. What are the best measurement systems to measure e-waste?
  5. What are the current status and research on e-waste in the US?
  6. Examine ways to curb e-waste using information technology strategies and systems
  7. What is the role of risk management in the information technology systems of organizations?
  8. How can learning organizations influence the development of information systems?
  9. In what ways can organizations ensure that information system maintains process efficiency?

Research Paper Topics In Automobile Engineering

  1. Discuss smart charging of electric vehicles in the motorway?
  2. Develop effective methodical systems for pay as you go charging for electric vehicles
  3. How to integrate wireless connectivity systems in automobile engineering
  4. The role of artificial intelligence in developing automobile technologies
  5. The role of 5G technology in improving the efficiency of automobile technologies
  6. Effective ways of curbing heat and energy losses in transformers
  7. The role of market research in developing complex and new automobile technologies
  8. How to make life easier using innovative automobile engineering processes
  9. What are the considerations for setting up compressor systems?
  10. Why is it advisable to use control pressure systems in automobile technologies?

Aerospace Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of flight simulations in the study of aerospace engineering
  2. How Newton’s Laws of motion apply to aerospace engineering processes
  3. The position of wings and flaps on the side of an aeroplane
  4. Why there is a scarcity of aerospace training institutions in the world
  5. The role of mathematics in aerospace studies
  6. How weather determines the traffic of airlines
  7. The necessity of physics in understanding the structure and functioning of aeroplanes
  8. How technological advancements are making it easier for people to hack aeroplane systems
  9. Considerations for setting up an airport control tower
  10. Why pilots should go through cyber awareness programs
  11. Discuss the science behind the propulsion of a rocket
  12. Impact of tornadoes and tsunamis on aerospace studies
  13. What is the role of the radar and runway lights in an airport?
  14. How to regulate air pressure in an aeroplane
  15. Why jet fuel is the most recommended for aeroplanes
  16. Discuss the implications of airport systems in developing versus developed countries
  17. Why are people advised to put their phones on flight mode in an aeroplane?
  18. What constitutes the procedure for an emergency landing?
  19. Is it possible for robots to safely take off and land a plane?
  20. Discuss the implications of using auto-pilot mode when navigating bumpy terrains?
  21. Discuss the science behind placing radars on tall objects and buildings
  22. Evaluate the essence of the forces behind an aircraft lift-off
  23. What do aerospace engineers consider when coming up with material for aeroplanes?

Chemical Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the different models of chemical processing plants
  2. How is a plane able to detect low and high terrains when in the air?
  3. Enthalpies and kinetics: A case study of their role in chemical engineering
  4. Discuss the process of separating the different gases from the atmosphere
  5. Implications of working in a chemical factory to your respiratory system
  6. What are some of the valuable catalysts for any chemical reactions?
  7. The implication of 3D technology in easing the performance of chemical processes
  8. What are the optimal temperatures for the performance of various chemicals?
  9. How boiling and melting points of various substances affect their chemical reactions
  10. Experiment with the effectiveness of reducing rusting using oil
  11. The role of chemical engineering in coming up with paints
  12. How chemical engineers fix the problem of condensation in jet fuel
  13. Latest technological trends that are transforming the field of chemical engineering
  14. How do various properties differ: A case of melting and vaporization of different materials
  15. Discuss the role of chemical engineers in the coronavirus pandemic
  16. How does chemical engineering affect how manufacturing companies are set up?
  17. Evaluate the impact of global warming on various chemical properties
  18. How does the periodic table help us understand the chemical properties of different metals?
  19. Does chemical engineering contribute to the manufacture of bioweapons?
  20. Discuss the importance of understanding the chemical properties of substances before using them on a construction site
  21. How do power generating companies utilize chemical engineering in their processes?
  22. The implication of using solar energy over other energy sources
  23. How to optimize a protocol for nanomaterial synthesis
  24. What are some of the future applications of nanotechnology?
  25. Is it possible to make a battery with fast charging?

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Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the role of engineers in managing development in developing countries?
  2. Strategies for sustainable assessments considering eco-engineering measures
  3. How metal companies produce metals that are under the gauge
  4. Should aerospace engineers alert passengers of a severe problem in the plane?
  5. The impact of poor leadership on engineering companies
  6. Why hacking is the major problem facing the aerospace sector in the 21st century
  7. Discuss some of the dubious practices involved in the engineering companies
  8. Should engineering companies be liable for any damage caused by any product from them?
  9. Why the society still views the field of engineering as that for men alone

Research Paper Topics About Electrical Engineering

  1. Discuss various properties of cables that make them suitable for a particular function
  2. Why men still dominate the field of electrical engineering
  3. The implication of mathematics in electrical engineering courses
  4. How to develop wires that transmit power and energy without losing it through conduction
  5. Discuss the differences between a parallel and a loop wire connection
  6. Elaborate the potential of RFID in the enhancement of supply chain
  7. The Gaussian pulse and improvements to the vibration to curb errors
  8. Forms of errors and equalization techniques to minimize error rates in data
  9. How can you improve inter-symbol interference in optical communication?
  10. Embedded communication systems for the national grid to optimize energy usage

Research Paper Topics Related To Civil Engineering

  1. Investigate health and safety in the construction industry
  2. Key factors and risk factors related to the construction of high rise buildings
  3. High-level strategies and methodologies for sustainable construction
  4. Remote sensing apps for the development of sustainable construction techniques
  5. Study ways to come up with new water treatment strategies
  6. A case study of micromechanics of granular materials
  7. Ways to build information modelling in the construction industry
  8. Sustainable technologies applicable in the building of the construction industry
  9. Impact of sustainability concepts on organizational growth and development
  10. Review drivers and barriers of sustainable buildings in developing countries
  11. Which waste reduction strategies are efficient in achieving sustainable concepts?
  12. Assess properties of concrete to achieve sustainability
  13. Analyze the use of mixed asphalt in road construction
  14. What is the role of environmental assessment tools in sustainable construction?
  15. Use of sustainable materials for construction, design, and delivery methods

Research Paper Topics Security Engineering

  1. What combination of techniques could improve the security of IoT devices?
  2. Outline cybersecurity vulnerabilities of standard seismological equipment
  3. How to hack-proof smart meters
  4. How is the 5G technology a severe threat to security engineering?
  5. Evaluate modern alarm sensors and use of powerful CCTV cameras
  6. The role of risk assessment when coming up with various engineering security solutions
  7. How encryption is used to store and secure sensitive data in companies
  8. Can computer systems be free from external interferences ultimately?
  9. The relationship between hardware and software in a computer security breach
  10. The role of facial recognition systems in curbing crime

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