117 Original Video Game Research Topics That Are Very Cool

video game research topics

Stop wasting your time searching all over the Internet for unique video game research topics! You can find 117 original video game topic ideas right here on this page. And yes, you can use these topics for free without even having to give us any credit. In fact, we have just finished updating the list of topics for 2023. This means that you will be able to find dozens of unique topic ideas that will give you an advantage over your classmates. In addition to the interesting topics, we also have 7 helpful tips, tricks and advice on how to write a video game essay or research paper faster. Let’s get started!

Finishing Your Video Game Essay On Time

However, finding excellent video game topics quickly is not enough, especially when you are on a tight deadline. There are many other things you can do to finish your paper on time. To make sure you complete the assignment on time, you should follow our tips, tricks and advice.

  • Start early. Give yourself enough time to research and write your essay. Don’t wait until the last possible minute to start writing the paper.
  • Make sure you understand the requirements and scope of your essay topic. Stay focused and avoid wasting your limited time.
  • Break down the task. Divide the essay into smaller parts, such as researching, outlining, writing, and editing. This will help you manage your time better and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Create a timeline. Develop a timeline that includes all the various things you need to do to write the paper and set a deadline for each one.
  • Prioritize. Determine which parts of the paper are most important and work on them first. Make effective use of your energy.
  • Use credible (primary) sources. This way you won’t have to go back and correct various parts of the paper due to problems with your sources.
  • Create an outline of your essay before you start. This will help you organize your thoughts and save time by avoiding the need to revise and rearrange your work later.

Now that you know how to be more efficient, it’s time to give you some topics that will help you write an exceptional paper in no time:

Easy Video Games Topics

Don’t want to spend too much time writing the essay? No problem, just choose one of our easy video games topics:

  1. The history and evolution of video games.
  2. The positive effects of video games on children.
  3. The impact of video game violence on society.
  4. The benefits of playing video games for cognitive development.
  5. The use of video games in education and training.
  6. The role of video games in promoting physical activity.
  7. The psychology of video game addiction and its effects.
  8. The influence of video games on culture and society.
  9. The future of virtual reality in video games.
  10. The use of video games as a treatment for mental health issues.
  11. The ethical considerations of video game development and production.

Interesting Video Game Topics To Write About

Our experts have put together a list of the most interesting video game topics to write about. Check out the list below:

  1. Gender representation and diversity in video games.
  2. The impact of esports on the gaming industry.
  3. The relationship between video games and storytelling.
  4. Cultural significance of popular video game franchises.
  5. The role of video games in socialization and relationships.
  6. The effects of streaming on the gaming culture.
  7. The potential negative effects of excessive video game playing.
  8. The use of video games in medical treatment.
  9. The evolution of game design and mechanics in video games.
  10. The impact of the video game industry on local economies.

Current Gaming Topics

If you want to talk about topics that are relevant today, you can simply select one of our current gaming topics. You can find them right here:

  1. The rise of esports and professional gaming leagues
  2. The ongoing debate around video game addiction
  3. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the gaming industry
  4. Loot boxes and micro transactions: controversies
  5. The increasing popularity of mobile gaming
  6. The emergence of cloud gaming platforms
  7. The debate around video game violence and its effects
  8. The role of gaming in learning
  9. The rise of indie game developers and their impact
  10. Talk about augmented reality in gaming in 2023
  11. The importance of inclusivity in gaming

Video Game Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on a topic related to video games doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple video game research paper topics:

  1. The impact of video games on problem-solving skills
  2. Violent video games and aggressive behavior
  3. Using video games for teaching in the classroom in 2023
  4. The influence of video game design on player engagement
  5. The impact of online gaming communities on social interaction
  6. The role of video games in promoting physical activity
  7. The potential for video games to enhance mental health
  8. The effects of video games on attention span
  9. The use of video games in therapy
  10. Video game addiction and compulsive behavior

Video Game Research Questions

We have some of the most thought-provoking video game research questions on the Internet right here for you:

  1. How do different game design elements impact player attitude?
  2. What is the role of video games in shaping cultural identity?
  3. How do different types of video games affect spatial reasoning skills?
  4. What is the relationship between video games and creativity?
  5. How do video games impact risk-taking behavior?
  6. What is the impact of video games on academic performance?
  7. How do video games affect emotional intelligence?
  8. How can video games be used to promote sustainability?
  9. What is the impact of video game marketing on consumer behavior?
  10. How do video games impact racial stereotypes in society?
  11. What ethical considerations should be taken into account when designing video games?

video game research topics

Video Game Writing Prompts

Don’t know what to write the essay about? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got your back. Check out these video game writing prompts:

  1. Write a short story based on the world of “The Elder Scrolls. Skyrim.”
  2. Imagine a new planet for the “Mass Effect” series and describe it.
  3. Write a fanfiction piece that explores the backstory of “Overwatch” hero, Soldier. 76.
  4. Create a character in “Fallout 4” and write a journal entry from their perspective.
  5. Write a screenplay for a movie based on “The Last of Us.”
  6. Develop a new quest line for “World of Warcraft” and outline the story.
  7. Write a short story that takes place in the universe of “Halo.”
  8. Imagine an alternate ending to “BioShock Infinite” and write it out.
  9. Create a poem inspired by the themes and imagery of “Journey.”
  10. Write a story set in the post-apocalyptic world of “Horizon Zero Dawn.”
  11. Develop a backstory for the character of Clementine in “The Walking Dead” game series.

Video Games Debate Topics

Preparing for a heated debate? You need a good topic, of course. Check out these interesting video games debate topics:

  1. Are video games really a form of art?
  2. Is the portrayal of violence in video games harmful?
  3. Are loot boxes and micro transactions in video games ethical?
  4. Is it fair for video games to include difficulty levels in 2023?
  5. Are video games responsible for addiction and compulsive behavior?
  6. Should video games be used as a tool for educational purposes?
  7. Is it appropriate to censor or ban video games?
  8. Should video game companies be held accountable for their content?
  9. Is the portrayal of women in video games sexist?
  10. Are remastered video games worth the investment?
  11. Is streaming video games on platforms like Twitch a viable career?

Informative Gaming Topics To Talk About

If you’re looking for some informative gaming topics to talk about, you’re in luck. We have some for you:

  1. The evolution of gaming technology and graphics
  2. The rise of esports and competitive gaming
  3. The history and influence of classic video game franchises
  4. The future of virtual and augmented reality gaming
  5. The psychology of video game addiction and how to combat it
  6. The cultural significance and representation in video games
  7. The intersection of music and gaming, including video game soundtracks
  8. The rise of mobile gaming and its influence on the gaming market
  9. The history and impact of multiplayer gaming and online communities
  10. The design and development process of creating a video game

Engaging Topic Ideas Related To Video Games

These unique, engaging topic ideas related to video games will surely win you some bonus points from you professor:

  1. Write a script for a TV show set in the world of “Assassin’s Creed.”
  2. Create a new playable character for “Street Fighter” and describe their moves and backstory.
  3. Write a novella that explores the mystery of “Firewatch.”
  4. Develop a plot for a new “Red Dead Redemption” DLC.
  5. Write a short story inspired by the characters of “Life is Strange.”
  6. Imagine a 2023 sequel to “Breath of the Wild” and outline the plot.
  7. Write a screenplay for a movie based on “Half-Life.”
  8. Create a new creature for the world of “Monster Hunter” and describe its behavior and habitat.
  9. Write a story that takes place in the world of “Dark Souls.”
  10. Develop a new puzzle game concept and describe its gameplay and mechanics.
  11. Write a fanfiction piece that explores the relationship between Ellie and Dina in “The Last of Us Part II.”

Fun Video Game Topic Ideas

Writing a paper on a fun topic is a sure way to get noticed. Take a look at some of these fun video game topic ideas:

  1. Rank the best video game soundtracks in games from 2020 to 2023
  2. Discuss the funniest video game glitches and bugs
  3. Explore the history of video game consoles and their evolution
  4. Create the ultimate video game character (talk about their abilities)
  5. Choose the most iconic video game weapons and discuss their uses
  6. Debate the best video game crossover events
  7. Examine the most impressive speedruns in video game history
  8. Identify the most challenging video game bosses and discuss strategies to beat them
  9. Rank the most immersive video game worlds and environments
  10. Celebrate the most memorable moments in video game history.

Best Video Games Topic Ideas

Want to write your paper on an original topic idea? Below you can find what we consider to be some of the best video games topic ideas:

  1. The use of video games in advertising and marketing in 2023
  2. The history and impact of gaming consoles on the industry
  3. The role of video games in fostering creativity and imagination
  4. The history and impact of speedrunning on the gaming community and industry
  5. The ethics of video game content and censorship
  6. The history and impact of arcade games on gaming culture
  7. The impact of video games on spatial reasoning and navigation skills
  8. The psychology of character development and player identification in video games
  9. The role of video games in exploring and experiencing new cultures and worlds
  10. The impact of video games on decision-making abilities
  11. The history and impact of gaming conventions on the industry and community

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