166 Trending Sustainability Topics for Your Research Paper

Sustainability Research Topics

Do you have a sustainability research paper but getting the right topic is proving challenging? There is no need to worry anymore because we are here to help. Here is a collection of the best 167 sustainability research topics for top grades. You can use them as they are or tweak a little to suit your needs.

How to Select the Best Topics of Sustainability to Research

Before we can look at the sustainability topics list, here are some useful tips to help you pick the best:

  • Go for the topic that you fancy.
  • Only pick a topic with enough resources to be able to support your arguments.
  • Consider a topic that is easily manageable.
  • A trending topic will be a great option because every reader will be waiting for the solution you put through.
  • Check other research reports to see gaps that researchers suggest for further studies.

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Interesting Sustainability Topics for Research

  1. The impact of using disposable diapers on the environment.
  2. Analysing the effectiveness of sustainable grazing systems.
  3. Impact of non-plastic waste on the oceans.
  4. Using gardening to improve air quality around homes.
  5. Should governments invest in modern solar technologies?
  6. Solar panels use in homes: How do they make them energy efficient?
  7. How much energy can your school save by shutting down computers all the time when idle?
  8. Should college semesters be organized based on seasons to conserve energy?
  9. Banning plastics: Is it possible to avoid them completely?
  10. Analysing the implications of carbon footprints on future generations.
  11. Effects of global warming on polar wildlife: A case study of penguins in Antarctica.
  12. Renewable energy alternatives: Are they the best options to the problem of environmental degradation?
  13. Using fishing regulations to conserve the environment.
  14. How effective are tax cuts in promoting the development of alternative energy sources?
  15. Tracing the history of climate change on the globe.
  16. What factors caused the failure of Kyoto Protocol?
  17. The best ways to recycle different wastes.
  18. Hunting as a sport: Analysing its risk to biodiversity.
  19. Analysing the effectiveness of using local communities in conserving fragile ecosystems.
  20. Natural disasters help stimulate economic growth: Discuss.
  21. The pro and cons of the nuclear power as an alternative source of energy.
  22. Ocean acidification: How does it happen, and what are the implications on marine life.

Easy Sustainability Research Paper Topics

  1. Should we pass a regulation allowing only energy-efficient household appliances on the market?
  2. Demonstrating why fast-growing consumerism is killing the earth.
  3. Major ecological challenges likely to face Antarctica in the next 50 years.
  4. Higher energy prices: Is it the sacrifice we must pay for cleaner fuels?
  5. Using tax benefits to promote eco-friendly cars.
  6. Declining avifauna in North America: What are the causes?
  7. Assessing the loss of ice on the Himalayas over the last 50 years: What are the main causes?
  8. Consumption patterns of water resources in different countries across the globe.
  9. What are the best strategies for conserving the rainforests?
  10. Recycling is one of the best strategies for promoting conservation: Why is it so difficult to enforce?
  11. Causes of human wildlife conflicts and possible solutions.
  12. Analysing the main causes of wildfires in Australia.
  13. Cost-benefit analysis of shifting to organic farming.
  14. South America tropical rainforests: Why it should be a responsibility for the entire globe.
  15. Ocean spills: What dangers do they pose to marine life?
  16. The effects of household and industrial wastes on the environment: A literature review.
  17. Coral bleaching: What are the main causes and effects on marine life?
  18. Shift to a paperless society: Is it possible?
  19. Saving birds on the planet: What are the best strategies?
  20. Ozone depletion in the earth’s atmosphere: Should we be concerned?
  21. The looming risk of fossil fuel exhaustion: Is this the right time to develop and shift to alternative sources of energy?
  22. Everyone should be involved in addressing global warming: Simple and effective home remedies for all.
  23. The current shift in climate patterns: What are the main causes?
  24. Can recycling help to address the greenhouse effects?
  25. Mankind is the biggest cause of biodiversity loss on the planet.

Environmental Sustainability Research Topics about Forests

  1. A closer look at the main types of forest resources.
  2. The role of forests in water conservation.
  3. Analysing the use of new forest management technologies to increase forest productivity.
  4. What are the main alternatives to heavy reliance on wood in the developed countries?
  5. Agricultural practices: Why it is a major cause of declining forest cover on the globe.
  6. Road and rail development: Getting easier access to remote areas vs. forest destruction.
  7. A closer look at the greenhouse effect as a result of deforestation.
  8. Deforestation and soil degradation.
  9. Deforestation and disruption to the hydrological cycle.
  10. The big link between deforestation and loss of biodiversity on the globe.
  11. The impact of selective logging on soil nutrients content: A case study of Argentina.
  12. The impact of illegal logging in the rainforest.
  13. Analysing the effectiveness of logging management in Canadian rainforests.
  14. Social forestry programs in India: What is their efficiency in forest conservation?
  15. Are the current laws effective in promoting forest conservation in the United States?
  16. Comparing forest conservation laws in the UK and Canada.

Sustainability Topics for Research Papers on Waste Management

  1. The importance of developing good waste management policies in companies.
  2. Analysing the problem of solid waste management in cities: A case study of Lansing, Michigan.
  3. The health impact of poor waste management in cities.
  4. Recycling of plastics: Why it is so important to the success of any waste management program.
  5. Why do most developing countries find recycling wastes a challenge? A case study of Nigeria.
  6. Waste management in the future: What are the main expectations?
  7. What are the implications of poor waste management on aquatic life?
  8. What are some of the best strategies for managing electronic wastes?
  9. Landfill emissions: What are the implications for the environment?
  10. Poor waste management and its impacts on economic growth.
  11. Comparing waste management policies of two US companies of your choice.
  12. Integrating waste management into organization management to grow the culture of conservation.
  13. Waste minimization at source: What are the best strategies?
  14. Hazardous wastes disposal: Comparing the national policies used in Sweden to Brazil.

Hot Research Topics on Sustainability

  1. Special benefits of switching to a vegan diet?
  2. The impact of food you take on the environment.
  3. Analysing the relationship between overpopulation and pollution.
  4. World population in the next fifty years: How will it impact the earth’s environment?
  5. Will the earth have ample resources to support the fast-growing population? Imagining the future.
  6. At what point should conservation education be integrated into student’s curriculum?
  7. Excess release of greenhouse gases: What is the impact on the environment?
  8. A deeper look at five main actions that result in the increase of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere.
  9. Should schools adopt more vegan food choices?
  10. A demonstration of how the greenhouse effect works?
  11. The Paris Agreement: A review of its impact in addressing the problem of global warming.
  12. What is the importance of the sea to the ecosystem?
  13. Is climate change real? Why some people do not believe in global warming.
  14. The importance of getting fair trade certification for your company.
  15. Why are hurricanes becoming more intense?
  16. How does an ecosystem work?
  17. Why do plants become extinct?
  18. Imagining the world without bees.
  19. What are the main elements of population growth?
  20. What can humans do to prevent lions from getting extinct?
  21. The impact of commercial fishing on the oceans.
  22. The causes of the decline in food resources.

Sustainability Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. What are the best strategies for achieving food security in developing countries?
  2. Is it possible to convert a desert into a productive area?
  3. What are the main threats to species diversity in the developing world?
  4. How to curb environmental issues brought about by dams.
  5. What are the main causes of desertification?
  6. Why is the concept of sustainability more important today than any other time in the past?
  7. Is it possible to achieve zero waste in your home?
  8. Green construction: How does it work?
  9. Globalization and its negative impact on sustainable agriculture.
  10. What are the main challenges of achieving sustainability today?

Global Sustainability Topics

  1. Using sustainable agricultural practices to promote conservation.
  2. Analysing the dangers posed by invasive alien species.
  3. What are the main threats to biodiversity in the 21st century?
  4. Compare the pros and cons of two renewable energy types.
  5. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the environment?
  6. What strategies should be adopted to help developing countries for sustainable supply of clean water?
  7. Is it possible to achieve maximum yields from farms without using pesticides?
  8. Analysing the effectiveness of carbon emission trading.
  9. Analysing the water consumption patterns in developed and developing countries.
  10. Sustainable management of water resources: A case study of Rhine River basin management.
  11. Transboundary resources management: A case study of migratory birds in the US and Canada.
  12. Should the developed countries take a greater role in helping developing countries become more sustainable?
  13. What are the most serious challenges impacting Europe’s environment?
  14. Global warming: Is it impossible to address the problem?
  15. Analysing the effectiveness of UNEP in protecting the environment.
  16. What are the best strategies for managing fragile coastal ecosystems?
  17. Should we consider using genetic engineering to reintroduce extinct species?
  18. Do the benefits of using chemicals on farms outweigh their benefits?

Sustainability Topics for Essays on Environmental Laws

  1. The importance of chemical safety regulations.
  2. Analysing environmental protection laws in the state of Hawaii.
  3. Air quality regulations in Germany.
  4. What is the effectiveness of CITES in reducing the loss of biodiversity?
  5. Comparing air quality in the developed and developing countries.
  6. Should cities pass laws requiring all buildings to have solar energy?
  7. When can a piece of land be declared a nature reserve in the United States?
  8. Should we develop a single binding international environmental constitution for all countries?
  9. A closer look at the history of environmental laws.
  10. Comparing marine prevention efforts in Japan and Australia.
  11. Why do some countries find it challenging to become green?
  12. What is the connection between global free trade and environmental degradation?
  13. Do all businesses have to integrate environmental laws into their operations?
  14. Which nations have the least environmental protection laws?

Sustainable Development Topics

  1. The importance of sustainable development.
  2. Why do some nations ignore environmental issues?
  3. Dam projects for hydroelectricity development: The impacts on biodiversity.
  4. A closer look at serious problems of deforestation that cannot be fixed through afforestation.
  5. How to make cities in developing countries safer and sustainable.
  6. The best strategies for sustainably managing land resources: A case study of lion conservation efforts in South Africa.
  7. Correlation between GDP and pollution: A case study of France.
  8. Local environmental policies in your community: Are they effective?
  9. Waste in large cities: What are the best strategies for cutting down waste production?
  10. Food wastes in the United States: Why has it become so difficult to address?
  11. Advantages of purchasing food from local farmers.
  12. Buffet-style dining: How does it impact sustainability?
  13. What should cities do to help families in times of pandemics?
  14. Home sustainability in the 21st century: Is it achievable?
  15. A closer look at the negative impact of slaughterhouses.
  16. Advantages of developing an effective public transport system in your city.

Environmental Activism and Sustainability Essay Topics

  1. A closer look at the concept of environmental activism.
  2. Comparing the goals and achievements of two non-governmental organizations, one in the US and another in Europe.
  3. Ecofeminism: Is it effective in addressing environmental challenges?
  4. Environmental movements: Why are they so important in promoting sustainability?
  5. A deeper look at environmental justice.
  6. The impact of environmental movements on politics.
  7. Analysing the main achievements of nature activists: A closer look at the Efforts of Wangari Maathai.
  8. A deeper look at apocalyptic environmentalism.
  9. Comparing apocalyptic and emancipatory environmentalism.
  10. Can volunteer organizations prevent ecological catastrophes?

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