70+ Biology Research Topics That Stand Out

Biology Research Topics

Let’s face it, finding top-notch biology research topics can be both tedious and boring. Instead of spending hours looking for a topic, why not try out our professionally hand-picked samples below? They will help you get started and enable you to know how to write one of your own.

Interesting Biology Research Topics

  1. What are the biological implications of abortion to the mother?
  2. The role of cloning in advancing biotechnological research
  3. Discuss the history and developments in a human genetics study
  4. Evaluate the implications of DNA modifications on the person
  5. What are the biological remedies to ageing and wrinkles?
  6. Are there any genetic grounds for obesity in a family?
  7. How is modern technology helping to shape the world of biological science?
  8. Discuss the relationship between addictions and the human gene

Research Topics in Biology For Undergraduates

  1. How are safe, genetically modified foods to persons with underlying conditions?
  2. Should countries legalize human cloning?
  3. What are the disadvantages of transplanting crops in nurseries?
  4. How does weather contribute to genetic mutations
  5. How effective is organ transplantation to the aged?
  6. What are the ethical and moral considerations behind transplantation?
  7. The role of the media in enhancing scientific progress and inventions
  8. How the coronavirus has revolutionized scientific research

Biology Research Topics For High School

  1. The importance of maintaining the ecosystem
  2. What happens when the natural cycle is broken
  3. How organisms adapt to more severe situations
  4. Ways in which cell chromosomes differ from each other
  5. The hierarchical structure of single-celled organisms
  6. The basic structure and function of multi-cellular organisms
  7. How fossil and genetic material support the theory of evolution
  8. New traits as a result of natural selection

Biology Research Topics For College Students

  1. A case study of the hormonal control system of mammals
  2. How adaptability influences the survival of living organisms
  3. Factors that speed up metabolism
  4. Disorders arising from the hormonal malfunctioning
  5. An evaluation of the effectiveness of melatonin in therapy
  6. How antibodies adapt to invading disease-causing microorganisms
  7. The role of research institutions in producing drought-resistant crops
  8. How the digestive systems are structured for its functionality

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Cell Biology Research Topics

  1. How the Prokaryotic cells create their energy
  2. The efficiency of Eukaryotic cells in creating usable energy
  3. Why the sun as an energy source is important for cells
  4. How the Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells vary in size and function
  5. The nucleic acid and its role in managing cell reproduction and growth
  6. The importance of cell membranes
  7. Distinguish between DNA and RNA in cell genetics
  8. Why cell biology is important in understanding genetics

Best Biology Topics To Research

  1. Describe how cellular forms are sustained
  2. Discuss molecular energy reserves and how they are formed
  3. Evaluate how different cells vary in their life span
  4. Why apoptosis is necessary for growth
  5. The impact of defective cells in the normal functioning of the body
  6. The correlation between cell structure and cell function
  7. How different cells react to a disease-causing microorganism
  8. Conduct a critical analysis of phospholipids and their role in the body

Interesting Marine Biology Research Topics

  1. The biological impacts of the ever-increasing global warming
  2. The web interactions of plankton ecology and food
  3. Factors that affect population genetics and evolution
  4. The severity of low-oxygen waters
  5. Restoring and farming oysters in artificial waters
  6. Varied processes that connect marine organisms and ecology at large
  7. The impact of the sea-level rise on coastal ecosystems
  8. Biological computer models in predicting and combating storms

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Popular Biology Research Topics

  1. The role of oxytocin in the human reproductive system
  2. Discuss the functioning of the human immune system
  3. Evaluate effective ways of dealing with stress biologically
  4. What are the common causes of allergies and asthma?
  5. How does transplantation affect the human immune system?
  6. How does society perceive vaccination?
  7. Ways of increasing the human immune system?
  8. What are the characteristics of a well-functional human cell?

Molecular Biology Research Topics

  1. Strides made in cancer cell research
  2. How the UV light leads to mutagenic complications
  3. A scientific evaluation of bacterial transformation conditions
  4. How genome mining is leading to the discovery of new bacterial strains
  5. The molecular characterization of a COVID-19 patient in critical stages
  6. How restriction enzymes are necessary for body functionality
  7. The role of nucleic acids and proteins in the cell building process
  8. Cell-intrinsic control measures that help in the development of metazoan organisms

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Evaluating the existence of developmental pathways in evolution
  2. How diverse mating systems attribute to the theory of evolution
  3. The evolution of disease-causing microorganisms overtime
  4. How do predator-prey interactions affect evolution?
  5. The impact of evolution in the development of the mitochondrial genome
  6. Is there any evolutionary evidence of the existence of flowering plants?
  7. How hybridization has led to a dynamic evolution of both plants and animals.
  8. The role of the human genome in the science of evolution

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