60 Exceptional International Business Topics To Score High

international business topics

International business is today one of the most eyed professions in the world. As businesses continue to invest globally, it becomes necessary to explore markets in other parts of the world. But it is not easy to write a research paper for a high grade. With that in mind, we explore global business topics to help you complete your business paper in no time.

What Is International Business?

It is an academic field that gives students an understanding of globalization in the different business management practices found worldwide. International business also prepares the students for graduate careers working abroad or in organizations engaged in business on a global scale.

How To Write International Business Topics

To outsmart your peers in such a paper, following the guidelines below in choosing a top-notch topic:

  • Have a topic that you have an interest in
  • Avoiding picking narrow or broad-based topics
  • Choose one that is based on the current affairs in the world of business
  • Explore annual reports, periodicals, and news articles for unique topic ideas
  • Ensure that the topic has sufficient sources

The structure of your topic will also determine whether it is viable or not. Reading previous international business topics will also give you an idea of coming up with a top-rated topic. However, we have 60 impressive ideas to jumpstart your international business paper.

Captivating International Business Topics

  1. Why do most international companies prefer candidates with a Master’s degree?
  2. The role of digitization in enhancing international businesses
  3. How the coronavirus has made the international business a risky venture
  4. Considerations when choosing to invest in developing countries
  5. How e-commerce has made international business more accessible and manageable
  6. Market segmentation as a factor in international business ventures

International Business Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. The impact of off-shore business accounts in combating corruption
  2. How terrorism affects international businesses
  3. The role of modern technologies in enhancing international businesses
  4. What is the implication of the stock market exchange in international business?
  5. How to strategically manage global business ventures in the technological age
  6. How does cultural imperialism affect the effectiveness of the business in the international arena?

International Business Research Topics For High School Students

  1. Discuss the impact of political upheavals in international business
  2. Discuss the ethical dilemmas in conducting businesses globally
  3. Why is Coca-Cola making inroads in the international world of business?
  4. Evaluate the best HR management strategies for global businesses
  5. Legislations and policies among countries that inhibit the performance of global companies
  6. Does the presence of international companies on social media have an impact on their market?

Top Trending International Business Paper Topics

  1. The role of different geographical locations in affecting consumer behavior
  2. How can international companies’ best identify the needs of their global clients?
  3. Conduct a consumer behavior analysis for international and local businesses
  4. Factors that affect the hiring of employees for international companies
  5. How language and a cultural understanding are critical tenets of international businesses
  6. How employees from different cultures, race, and languages can collaborate on an international business venture

Business Topics For Research Paper in Digital Marketing

  1. The role of digital marketing in flourishing international businesses
  2. Designing business strategies for international digital marketing
  3. The impact of search engine optimization in increasing the online presence of international businesses
  4. What is the effectiveness of email marketing for international businesses
  5. The rise of site, video, and game advertising in international business marketing techniques.
  6. The aggressiveness of paid reviews or articles and hiring influencers in digital advertising

Current Topics in International Business

  1. How are mergers and acquisitions transforming international businesses?
  2. Supply chain management and logistics in international companies – a case study of the risks involved
  3. Training and development strategies in developing economies
  4. Risks associated with global banking systems
  5. How are regional trade blocks instrumental in international businesses?
  6. How the World Bank and IMF are essential in facilitating international business ventures

International Business Research Papers For Master’s Students

  1. How organizational culture is essential in innovation management
  2. Impacts of employee turnover and measures of addressing them
  3. How intercultural differences affect consumption patterns
  4. How emerging small and medium business enterprises can get funding
  5. Analysis of the Coca-Cola marketing strategy
  6. The running of international non-governmental organizations: A case study of Red Cross

International Business Topics For Projects

  1. Marketing strategies that have made KFC a global brand
  2. The role of corporate leadership in international companies
  3. How governments impact international trade
  4. Impact of pandemics on international businesses
  5. Effects of corruption on global business ventures
  6. The success of Amazon as a global internet company

Hot Global Business Topics

  1. Penetration of Chinese investors in Africa
  2. An overview of the horticulture Industry
  3. The rise of mask production companies
  4. Impacts of crypto-currencies on international businesses
  5. Who assesses the quality of products in the international markets?
  6. The effect of BREXIT on global markets

International Business Research Topics List

  1. Impact of war on global businesses
  2. Economic consequences of Trump’s administration
  3. How does artificial intelligence take part in the global market
  4. A case analysis of companies that have succeeded and failed in the global arena
  5. How labeling the country of origin on products affects its sales
  6. Impacts of legislation on tobacco and marijuana globally

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