Top 70 Management Paper Topics To Succeed

Management topics for research Paper

If you have an assignment on management, the most important step is selecting the right topic, but it is never easy. Most students spend hours trying to figure out the best research paper topics for business management papers with little success. However, you can get a sigh of relief because we are here to help. Keep reading to see some of the best ideas in business management, from hospitality to operations management topics for paper. Then, pick the best one to do your assignment.

Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

If you want to write a great paper in healthcare management niche, the process will be a lot easier and fun if you pick a good topic. So, here are some of the best management topics for research paper that you should consider.

  1. Demystifying the five main functions of management in a healthcare setting.
  2. What is the role of surgeons in the healthcare management setting?
  3. Who should be held responsible for failures during emergency surgeries?
  4. Ways that nurses can use to become surgeons.
  5. A closer look at the legal responsibilities of healthcare facilities’ administrations.
  6. What are the roles of human resources managers in hospital facilities?
  7. A closer look at the core principles used for healthcare professionals.
  8. Analyzing financial reporting systems in public hospitals.
  9. Comparing the quality of service in public and private hospitals.
  10. Coordination of nursing duties and patients in healthcare institutions.
  11. What is the impact of staff training on service quality in healthcare institutions?

Supply Chain Management Research Paper Topics

To be successful in any business, entrepreneurs and managers have to manage their logistics appropriately. To dig more into supply chain management, here are some great topics to consider.

  1. Risk management in supply chain management.
  2. Analyzing the impact of environmental management practices on supply chain operations in a company of your choice.
  3. Integrating procurement with business functions to improve strategic management.
  4. Utility addition to clients in retail businesses’ procurement cycles: A closer look at the time, cost, service, and quality.
  5. Conflict resolutions in the procurement process: What are the best practices?
  6. The importance of developing good supplier relationship in a competitive market.
  7. Negotiation as a tool for achieving business purchasing objectives.
  8. Evaluating the benefits of using tenders in public sector procurement processes.
  9. What are the benefits of material coding in store management.
  10. Exploring the best strategies for warehouse equipment maintenance.
  11. Cost-benefit analysis of green supply chain management.

Management Information Systems Research Paper Topics

Success in management, be it human resources or marketing, among other niches, revolve around gathering data, and interpreting it to make decisions. So, here are some great topics to explore this subject:

  1. A review of information system management at Barclays Bank.
  2. The use of information for epidemic management in war-ravaged areas.
  3. What are the implications of Big Data analytics in modern marketing?
  4. Health records database and emerging security concerns.
  5. Analyzing the trends, implications, and challenges of big data in developing countries.
  6. How do US family-owned businesses use information management techniques to improve profitability?
  7. Analyzing brand community interactions via social media and implications on sales: A case study of MacDonald’s.
  8. What is the efficiency of e-Government models applications in emerging economies?

Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics

In the business world today, human resources are considered one of the most crucial assets, and you can explore the subject further by working on the following research paper topics.

  1. The impact of human resource planning on business performance.
  2. What are the main factors that can help to improve staff loyalty in an organization?
  3. Recruiting from campuses: What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  4. Should an organization pay for its staff education?
  5. Exploring the main risks and opportunities for talent outsourcing.
  6. What should HR managers do with employees who are overqualified?
  7. How do character types affect team building?
  8. Do wages increase staff motivation?
  9. What motivates employees to be more productive?
  10. Analyzing the factors that affect staff retention.
  11. How do HR experts deal with loyalty and job satisfaction?
  12. What are the best strategies for dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace?

Project Management Research Paper Topics

Most activities, events, and operations in organizations are broken down into projects, and it is paramount to ensure they are run properly. Project management is broken into several stages, which can be broken into initiating, planning, controlling, and executing, and you can explore them deeper using the following topics.

  1. What are the impacts of culture on project management in the banking industry?
  2. Analyzing the initiation stage project management: What are the key challenges?
  3. Project management in the healthcare industry: What are the implications of project length?
  4. Project management and project success rate: How are they related?
  5. Analyzing leadership qualities for successful project management in the Healthcare industries.
  6. International changes for business management leadership.
  7. Diversity management in international organizations.
  8. Project management: Social responsibilities and ethics.

Change Management Research Paper Topics

Change management is one of the important topics in management because it allows leaders and managers to reinvent and grow their organizations. Here are some great topics to help you explore the subject.

  1. Business sustainability during change management.
  2. A review of tools and tactics used for change management.
  3. Best practices for change management in the IT sector.
  4. Barriers to change management in the banking sector.
  5. Change management in organizations: What are the main causes of resistance among the employees?
  6. Comparing change management in public and private sectors.
  7. Analyzing change management attitudes.
  8. Change management during financial stress: Analyzing the best strategies for businesses to reinvent themselves.
  9. Overcoming change management resistance: A case study of Southwest Airlines.

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Research Paper Topics about Hotel and Restaurant Management

Are you having a subject or pursuing a course in hospitality? Well, here are some awesome research paper topics hospitality management to consider for your papers.

  1. Improving tourism competitiveness in the UK: What are the options?
  2. World Tourism Organization: How effective has it been in promoting tourism in the last ten years?
  3. Tourism and crisis management: What strategies can be applied to get tourism in Italy back on curse following the outbreak of COVID-in the country?
  4. What are the best practices used by hotels to remain profitable as competition grows?
  5. What is the role of human resources management in hospitality industry?
  6. Best practices that tourism companies can use to attract the same clients again in the hospitality industry.
  7. Third-party travel agents: Should they be held responsible for disappointing experiences by tourists.
  8. What role does hospitality staff have to play in guiding visitors around the city?
  9. Hospitality services: What are their roles in promoting tourism and economy?
  10. Analyzing the techniques used to increase guests satisfaction in hotels.
  11. What are the implications of COVID-19 on tourism in Miami?
  12. What are the main factors affecting ecotourism in the last five years?
  13. Five things that you should avoid doing in front of tourists.
  14. What features do tourists check most before selecting a travel destination?

What Next?

Once you have selected the right topics, whether from the list of risk management topics paper options or management information system research paper topics, it means that the journey has just started. Indeed, the longer part of the journey of writing has just begun. If you find writing your assignment challenging, you should consider seeking college paper writing services. We have expert online writers who are ready to help you craft quality papers to guarantee you top grades.

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