166 Extraordinary Math Research Topics For Your Papers

math research topics

Math research topics cover various genres from which students can choose. Many people think that a research project on a math topic is dull. However, mathematics can be a wonderful and vivid field. Since it’s a universal language, mathematics can describe anything and everything, from galaxies that orbit each other to music. However, the broad nature of this study field also makes selecting a research paper difficult. That’s because learners want to pick interesting topics that will impress educators to award them top scores. This article lists the best math research paper topics. It’s useful because it inspires students to select or customize topics for their academic essays without much struggle.

What Are The Different Types Of Math?

As hinted, math covers several genres. Here are the primary types of mathematics:

  • Geometry: It’s a math branch that deals with the shapes, size, and relative position of figures. Many people consider geometry a practical math branch because it examines figures, shapes, sizes, and features of various entities, including parts like solids, lines, surfaces, lines, and angles.
  • Algebra: It assists in solving equations and manipulating symbols. This branch helps students represent unknown quantities with alphabets and use them alongside numbers.
  • Calculus: This area is vital in determining rates of change, such as velocity and acceleration.
  • Arithmetic: Arithmetic is the most common and oldest math branch, encompassing basis number operations. These operations include subtraction, addition, divisions, and multiplications, and some schools shorten it as BODMAS.
  • Statistics and Probability: They help analyze numerical data to make predictions. Probability is about chances, while statistics entails handling different data using various techniques.
  • Trigonometry: It assists in calculating angles and distances between points. It mainly deals with triangles’ relationships, sides, and curves.

Now that you understand the types of mathematics, it’s easier to select a suitable research topic. The following are some of the best topic ideas in math. 

 Undergraduate Math Research Topics

Maybe you’re pursuing your undergraduate studies. However, you have challenges comprehending math topics, yet the professor expects you to write a superior paper. In that case, here’s a list of engaging research topics in math to consider for your essays.

  1. An in-depth comprehension of the meaning of discrete random variables in math and their identification
  2. Math evolution- Comprehending the Gauss-Markov
  3. Primary math theorems- Investigating how they work
  4. Continuous stochastic process- Exploring its role in the math process
  5. Analyzing the Dempster-Shafer theory
  6. The application of the transferable belief model
  7. Exploring the use of math in artificial intelligence
  8. The application of mathematics in daily life
  9. Algebra and its history
  10. Math and culture- What’s the relationship?
  11. How drawing and painting could help with mathematics
  12. Ways to boost math interest among learners
  13. The social and political significance of learning mathematics
  14. Circles and their relevance in mathematics
  15. Challenges to math learning in public schools
  16. Prove the use of F-Algebras
  17. Understanding the meaning of abstract algebra
  18. Discuss geometry and algebra
  19. How acute square triangulation works
  20. Discuss the essence of right triangles
  21. Why non-Euclidean geometry should be compulsory for math students
  22. Investigating number problems
  23. Discuss the meaning of Dirac manifolds
  24. How geometry influences chemistry and physics
  25. Riemannian manifolds’ application in the Euclidean space

These are exciting math topics for undergraduate students. Nevertheless, prepare adequate time and resources to investigate any of these titles to draft a winning essay. You might have to provide theoretical and practical assessments when writing your essay.

Math Research Topics for High School Learners

Maybe your high school teacher asked you to write a research paper. Choosing a familiar topic is an excellent way to get a high grade. Here are some of the best math research paper topics for high school.

  1. How to draw a chart representing the financial analysis of a prominent company over the last five years
  2. How to solve a matrix- The vital principles and formulas to embrace
  3. Exploring various techniques for solving finance and mathematical gaps
  4. Discount factor- Why it’s crucial for learners and ways to achieve it
  5. Calculating the interest rate and its essence in the banking industry
  6. Why imaginary numbers are important
  7. Investigating the application of math in the workplace
  8. Explain why learners hate mathematics teachers
  9. What makes math a complex subject?
  10. Is making math compulsory in high school a good thing?
  11. How to solve a dice question from a probability perspective
  12. Understanding the Binomial theorem and its essence
  13. Investigating Egyptian mathematics
  14. Hyperbola- Understanding it and its use in math
  15. When should students use calculators in class?
  16. How to solve linear equations
  17. Is the Pythagoras theorem important in math?
  18. The interdependence between math and art
  19. Philosophy’s role in math
  20. Numerical data overview

High school learners can pick any of these titles and develop them into an essay. Nevertheless, they should prepare to spend some time investigating their topics to write pieces that will impress their educators. Titles that address math history and its influence on education can also suit high school students. However, learners should select titles that fulfil the academic requirements set by the educators.

Applied Math Research Topics

As a branch, applied math deals with mathematical methods and their real-life applications. These methods are manifest in engineering, finance, medicine, biology, physics, and others. Here are some of the exciting topics in this field.

  1. Dimensions for examining fingerprints
  2. Computer tomography and its significance
  3. Step-stress modelling- What is its importance?
  4. Explain the essence of data mining- How does it benefit the banking sector?
  5. A detailed examination of nonlinear models
  6. How genes discovery helps determine unhealthy and healthy patients
  7. Algorithms and their role in probabilistic modelling
  8. Mathematicians and their importance in robots’ development
  9. Mathematicians’ role in crime prevention and data analysis
  10. The essence of Law of Motion by Isaac in real life
  11. The importance of math in energy conservation
  12. Math and its role in quantum theory
  13. Analyzing the Lorentz symmetry features
  14. Evaluating the processing of the statistical signal in detail
  15. Explain the achievement of Galilean Transformation

These are exciting ideas to explore when writing a research paper in applied math. Nevertheless, take your time to carefully and extensively research your preferred title to write a high-quality essay. Students should also note that some topics in this category require specialized knowledge to write superior papers.

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Interesting Math Research Topics

Maybe you’re among the learners that prefer working with exciting ideas. In that case, this category has topics that will interest you.

  1. The uses of numerical analysis in machine learning
  2. Foundations and philosophical problems
  3. Convex versus Concave in geometry
  4. Homological algebra- What is its purpose?
  5. Is math useful in cryptography
  6. Probability theory and random variable
  7. Functional analysis- What are its four conditions?
  8. Vector calculus versus multivariable
  9. Mathematics and logicist definitions
  10. Ways to apply the number theory in daily life
  11. Studying complex math equations
  12. How to calculate mode, median, and mean
  13. Understanding the meaning of the Scholz conjecture
  14. The definition of the past correspondence problem
  15. Computational maths- What are its classes?
  16. Multiplication table and its importance
  17. What the Boolean satisfiability problem means for a learner
  18. Understanding the linear speedup theory in mathematics
  19. The Turing machine description
  20. Understanding the Markov algorithm
  21. Investigating the similarities and differences between Buchi automation and Pushdown automation
  22. What is the meaning of Tree automation?
  23. Describing the enclosing sphere method and its use in combinations
  24. Egyptian pyramids and calculus
  25. Analyzing De Finetti theorem in statistics and probability
  26. Examining the congruence meaning in math
  27. Application and purpose of calculus in the banking industry
  28. Jean d’Alembert’s most famous works
  29. Boolean algebra- What are its essential elements
  30. Isaac Newton- His contribution, life, and time in math
  31. Understanding the meaning of Sphericon
  32. What is the purpose of Martingales?
  33. Gauss times, energy, and contributions to math
  34. Jakob Bernoulli- Exploring his famous works
  35. A brief history of math

Some learners think writing a math essay is complex and tedious. However, you can find a topic you will enjoy working with throughout the project. These are exciting ideas to explore in research papers. However, prepare to spend sufficient time investigating your chosen title to write a winning paper, although these are generally relaxing titles for math papers and essays.

Math Research Topics for Middle School

Some middle school students worry about the math topics for their research. However, they can choose unique titles that will impress their teachers. Here are some of these ideas.

  1. The impacts of standard exam curriculum on math education
  2. Why is learning math so tricky?
  3. What is the meaning of the commutative ring in algebra?
  4. The Artin-Wedderburn theorem and its meaning
  5. How monopolists and epimorphisms differ
  6. Understanding the Jacobson density theorem
  7. How linear approximations work
  8. Root and ratio test definition
  9. Statistics role in business
  10. Economic lot scheduling- What does it mean?
  11. Causes of the stock market crash
  12. How many traders contribute to the New York Stock Exchange
  13. The history of revenue management
  14. Financial signs of an excellent investment
  15. Depreciation and its odds
  16. How a poor currency can benefit a country
  17. How math helps with debt amortization
  18. Ways to calculate a person’s net worth
  19. Distinctions in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus
  20. Discussing the beginning of calculus
  21. The essence of stochastic in math
  22. The meaning of limits in math
  23. Ways to identify a critical point in a graph
  24. Nonstandard analysis- What does it mean in the probability theory?
  25. Continuous function description and meaning
  26. Calculus- What are its primary principles?
  27. Pythagoras theorem- What are its central tenets?
  28. Calculus applications in finance
  29. Theorem value in math
  30. The application of linear approximations

This list has some of the best titles for middle school learners. But they also require some research to write superior essays. However, finding information on such topics is relatively easy, making them suitable for middle school students.

Math Research Topics for College Students

Maybe you’re pursuing college studies and need a title for a math research paper. In that case, here are exciting titles to consider for your essay.

  1. What is the purpose of n-dimensional spaces?
  2. Card counting- How does it work?
  3. How continuous probability and discrete distribution differ
  4. Understanding encryption- How Does it work?
  5. Extremal problems- Investigating them in discrete geometry
  6. The Mobius strip- Examining the topology
  7. Why can a math problem be unsolvable?
  8. Comparing different statistical methods
  9. Explain the vital number theory concepts
  10. Analyzing the polynomial functions’ degrees
  11. Ways to divide complex numbers
  12. Describe the prize problems with the millennium
  13. The reasons for the unsolved Riemann hypothesis
  14. Methods of solving Sudoku with math
  15. Explain the fractals formation
  16. Describe the evolution of math
  17. Explore different types of Tower of Hanoi solutions
  18. Discuss the uses of Napier’s bones
  19. With examples, explain the chaos theory
  20. Why are mathematical equations important all the time?
  21. Fisher’s fundamental theorem and natural selection- Why are they important?

College professors expect students to draft papers with relevant and valuable information. These are relevant titles for college students. However, they require extensive research to write winning papers.

Cool Math Topics to Research

Maybe you don’t need a complex topic for your research paper. In that case, consider any of these ideas for your essay. If you have a problem writing even with these topics and you’re thinking: “solve my math for me,” you can always reach out to our service.

  1. How contemporary architectural designs use geometry
  2. What makes some math equations complex?
  3. Ways to solve the Rubik’s cube
  4. Discuss the meaning of prescriptive statistical and predictive analysis
  5. Understanding the purpose of the chaos theory
  6. What limits calculus?- Provide relevant examples
  7. A comparison of universal and abstract algebra- How do they differ?
  8. The relationship between probability and card tricks
  9. Pascal’s Triangle- What does it mean?
  10. Mobius strip- What are its features in geometry?
  11. Multiple probability ideas- A brief overview
  12. Discuss the meaning of the Golden Ration in Renaissance period paintings
  13. How checkers and chess matter in understanding mathematics
  14. Ways to measure infinity
  15. Evaluating the Georg Contor theory
  16. Are hexagons the most balanced shapes in the world?
  17. The Koch snowflake- Explain the iterations
  18. The history of various number types and their use
  19. Game theory use in social science
  20. Five math types with significant benefits in computer science

These are some of the most excellent math education research topics. However, they also require extensive research to write high-quality papers.

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