Top 100 Amazing Marketing Research Topics To Suit Everyone

Marketing Research Topics

Choosing marketing research topics is not easy for most students. That’s because they have many things to consider when deciding what to write about. Luckily, students at different study levels have many marketing topics to consider. The most important thing, however, is to select a topic that will enable them to accomplish their study goals. Here are quick tips to enable students to choose the best marketing research paper topics:

  • Consider your interests
  • Choose a topic in marketing for which you can find relevant, factual data
  • Consider the scope of your research assignment
  • Don’t choose a too narrow or too broad topic
  • Consider your research writing prompt

When choosing marketing topics to write about, students should be ready to meet their advisors more often. This will enable them to select topics that will impress their educators. If you have difficulties choosing your marketing topics for research, here examples to consider.

General Marketing Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to research on a general marketing topic. In that case, consider a topic in this category.

  1. How to use social media as your marketing channel
  2. How can alcohol be promoted legally?
  3. What is the influence of product marketing on sales?
  4. How to manage customer relationship to boost customer retention
  5. How is brand perception influenced by humor advertising?
  6. Explain how e-commerce systems work in the United States
  7. How does a brand extension affect brand personality?
  8. How does gender affect the buying decisions of families?
  9. How do unethical retailer behavior influences a customer?
  10. Why does impulse buying matter?

This list also has some of the best affiliate marketing topics. That’s because they affect other aspects of marketing too.

Digital Marketing Topics for Research

Are you an internet marketer that needs a topic for a blog? If yes, here are some of the best marketing blog topics to consider.

  1. Is the future of marketing e-marketing?
  2. Is digital marketing making traditional marketing obsolete?
  3. How can marketers identify the needs of customers on the internet?
  4. How can a marketer satisfy customers online?
  5. How can a business identify the needs of customers over the internet?
  6. What are the pros and cons of email marketing?
  7. What are email advertisements?
  8. How can a brand benefit from paid ads by Google?
  9. What are the reactions of consumers to e-marketing?
  10. How can companies use the internet to provide customer support?

Useful Content Marketing Topics

Content marketers need topics that resonate with their target audiences. If you’re a content marketer, here are some of the hot topics in marketing to incorporate in your content strategy.

  1. Is e-shopping cart being abandoned in e-commerce?
  2. Discuss the prospect and influence of online shopping
  3. Discuss the entry into the international market with examples
  4. Discuss the implications of the rapid development of industry- Use the aviation industry as an example
  5. What is the effect of celebrity endorsements on return on investment for CPG brands?
  6. Is centralizing global marketing a wise idea for health brands?
  7. How will marketing experiences be enhanced by augmented reality?
  8. Do interactions with automated services offer a more effective way of retaining and attracting customers?
  9. How can optimal value be created via the integration of emerging technologies?
  10. What digital marketing methods can businesses use to enhance their popularity?

This category has some of the best marketing plan topics. What’s more, research about them can provide useful marketing insights to almost any brand that wants to enhance its online presence.

Consumer Behavior Topics

This category has topics that address some of the major social issues in marketing. Examples of topics in this category include:

  1. Explain how corporate social responsibility affects consumer loyalty and behavior
  2. What role does a social medium play in event promotion?
  3. How e-service quality does affect customer loyalty?
  4. How do non-financial rewards affect employees’ motivation?
  5. Explain the implementation of efficiency e-CRM
  6. How do social media affect travel businesses?
  7. How can a brand exploit the impulse buying habits of consumers?
  8. What role does information technology play in the revolution of the marketers’ manipulative advertisement approach?
  9. How does e-marketing influence consumer buying decisions?
  10. What is the role of sensory marketing in consumer buying behavior?

Research papers and essays on these topics can help brands address some of the most pressing marketing issues. Nevertheless, they should be written after detailed and in-depth research.

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Marketing Thesis Topics

Do you plan to write a thesis but you don’t have a topic yet? If yes, here is a list of marketing research topics to consider for your thesis. These topics can even provide ideas for generating your topic.

  1. What factors influence the success of a marketing strategy?
  2. Consumer behavior and manipulation tactics- Creating the purchase desire
  3. How can advertising affect teenagers negatively?
  4. How does branding affect consumer behavior? – Comparative analysis of Samsung and Apple
  5. Explain the marketing strategies that a hotel business can use to attract more clients
  6. Explain the relationship between marketing and lifestyle
  7. How important are psychographics methods in a marketing scheme?
  8. Does silly and irritating advertising work?
  9. How effective is social media as a tool for promoting a business?
  10. What are the psychological and social aspects of impulsive buying?

These are great marketing dissertation topics. However, these topics are relatively difficult to write about. That’s because they require more extensive research to find relevant and effective examples to support the writer’s argument.

Social Media Marketing Topics

Social media research ideas are somehow related to digital marketing blog topics. However, some of the current marketing issues affect social media only. Here are some of the topics that can be used to address such marketing problems.

  1. How to create a custom Facebook URL
  2. How can a business optimize its profile picture on a business page?
  3. When is the best time to publish a social media post?
  4. How can a business run a contest for followers?
  5. Why should a business have unique hashtags?
  6. What is the best way to launch a social media campaign?
  7. How can a business use video posts more effectively?
  8. How important is visual content for marketing?
  9. What are the pros and cons of chatbots?
  10. How can a business create an effective content plan?

Properly written papers and essays on these topics can help in solving strategic marketing problems. As such, anybody that opts to write a paper or essay on any of these topics should focus on solving social media marketing problems in companies.

International Marketing Topics for Research

When it comes to international marketing, writers should have a global perspective. That means they should choose topics that focus on solving global marketing issues. Here are some of the best international marketing paper topics that students can choose from.

  1. A comparative analysis of international and local brands
  2. What is the influence of branding on customer behavior at an international level?
  3. How is marketing by international brands perceived by local consumers?
  4. How to use international marketing events to create brand awareness
  5. How does international marketing branding influence consumer behavior?
  6. Discuss the effects of modern technologies on international marketing
  7. How is international marketing affected by trending social media content?
  8. Which are the most effective international marketing methods?
  9. How is international marketing affected by government policies?
  10. How has international marketing evolved over the last decade?

Marketing Ethics Topics

Several ethical issues in marketing can be addressed through research. This category comprises the best marketing research topics for college students. They include the following:

  1. How do ethical awareness and ethical buying intentions affect buying behavior?
  2. How do cause-related marketing campaigns affect consumer buying behavior?
  3. How have online marketing ethics been improved by spam laws?
  4. How can a company use public relations to recover from a consumer boycott?
  5. What role does trust play when it comes to building brand equity and reputation via CSR initiatives?
  6. What role do a market environment and marketing competence play in a company’s performance?
  7. How does corporate social responsibility relate to marketing ethics?
  8. Why does controversial communication in marketing work?
  9. What role does gender play in CSR perceptions?
  10. How can a pricing strategy affect the effectiveness of a marketing strategy?

Ethics in marketing can also be a good source of controversial marketing topics. That’s because people always argue when it comes to ethics.

Mobile Marketing Topics

Mobile marketing development has enabled brands to utilize this medium of communication more effectively. Large brands are now using mobile marketing to extend their reach. Here are some of the best marketing essay topics in this category.

  1. Impact of permission-based marketing on the development and implementation of marketing campaigns
  2. How mobile marketing can be used to convey a brand image
  3. How to build a strong brand image via mobile marketing
  4. What customers want from a mobile marketing message
  5. Influence of location on a mobile marketing communication
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of push and pull marketing strategies
  7. How to use mobile marketing as a tool for viral marketing
  8. How to make consumers accept mobile marketing
  9. Discuss the success and diffusion factors of mobile marketing
  10. How does a brand personality affect purchase decisions in a mobile marketing context

This category has some of the best marketing presentation topics. Nevertheless, extensive research is required to come up with relevant supporting information and examples.

Sports Marketing Topics

Those specializing in sports can also write papers and essays on varied topics. Here are some of the best sports marketing research topics to consider.

  1. How do football clubs use marketing to keep loyal fans?
  2. Do sponsors impact the dreams of athletes?
  3. Why is marketing important for a football club?
  4. Sports marketing funding- Discuss the scope, challenges, and outcomes
  5. How do sports marketing affect mega sporting events and stock prices?
  6. Is marketing combat sports justified?
  7. How SME can support sports marketing
  8. What is the scope and purpose of e-sports marketing in the current times?
  9. Explain why sports marketing should target a specific demographic
  10. When should a brand opt to leave a failing team or athlete?

In a nutshell, students have many topics to consider when writing their marketing papers and essays. So, the challenge with marketing research is that there are so many themes to choose from that it gets confusing, you might even need some college paper help. Nevertheless, a learner should choose an interesting topic that they will be comfortable researching and writing about.

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