80 Amazing Finance Research Topics for Academic Papers

Finance Research Topics

Selecting unique finance research topics is very important for the success of a study. Unfortunately, many students struggle to choose good research topics in finance. Selecting an interesting topic will earn you extra points. It will impress the educator to award you more marks. And, this will go a long way in boosting your grades. If struggling to choose finance topics for your papers, you will find great ideas to choose from here.

Choosing Finance Research Topics- Tips & Hints

Many students find writing a research paper challenging. To select hot topics in finance, go for unique ideas. Explore what has not been explored. Here are useful tips and hints to guide you when choosing your finance research paper topics.

  • Find and answer unanswered questions in your study field that need additional research.
  • Read several papers and theses to get some ideas for your topics.
  • Start from a general viewpoint and narrow down to your area of study.
  • Search for hot finance topics online and work on them to ensure they are unique and suitable for your research.
  • Discuss your selected topics with friends and experienced research paper writers.

Follow these tips to choose the right finance paper topics depending on your study goal. Also, talk to your supervisor or educator about your topic ideas. This will enable you to work on a topic that will enable you to accomplish your study goals. If you want to get high grades without effort, use our research paper writing service and get your paper done online by professionals. 

Interesting Finance Research Papers Topics

Perhaps, you want to write papers on some of the most interesting topics in finance. In that case, consider some of the ideas in this list of finance topics.

  1. Discuss the execution of the financial policy in the United States of America
  2. What is the role of financial mechanisms in financial policies’ execution?
  3. Can finance be used as a tool for regulating the economies?
  4. What role do financial markets play in the distribution and mobilization of financial resources?
  5. Discuss the financial challenges that joint-stock companies face
  6. Discuss financial resources mobilization by joint-stock companies
  7. What are the financial functions of social security?
  8. Discuss financial budgets as economics tools
  9. Discuss the development and formation of financial resources by non-profit organizations
  10. Discuss the utilization and distribution of incomes for economic growth by enterprises
  11. Are taxes the price for state-rendered services?
  12. Discuss the principles on which the taxation systems are built
  13. What is the economic importance of the taxes paid by different legal entities
  14. What is the financial role of insurance in economic development?
  15. What is the economic importance of taxation?
  16. Discuss the best ways of managing the national debt
  17. Discuss the major expense items in the state budget
  18. Discuss financial system development in the United States during the 19th century
  19. Discuss financial integration in developed countries
  20. What are the advantages and drawbacks of the budget system?

This category also has some of the best finance topics for presentation. Nevertheless, extensive research is required to find relevant and important information to talk about when handling these topics.

The Best Corporate Finance Topics

This category also has some of the most interesting finance topics. If interested in corporate finance, here are some of the best topics to consider for your research paper.

  1. What role does speculation play in undermining the stability of banking in Asian markets?
  2. What determines financial policies in non-banking and banking institutions?
  3. Analyze the continuous-time model’s applications in financial environments
  4. How does the size of a company affect financial decision making?
  5. Discuss financial decision making in family-led institutions
  6. How are financial products’ lifecycles traced in the banking sector?
  7. Discuss corporate finance decision-making in the unstable stock markets
  8. Discuss the evaluation of financial instruments’ lifecycle in the United Kingdom’s financial sector
  9. Discuss the credit management process of the leading banking institutions globally
  10. Discuss the role and impact of crowdfunding on the practices of conventional contracts
  11. Discuss the role and effect of government’s intervention in the volatile financial markets globally
  12. Discuss trustee boards and resource allocation in charity organizations
  13. Discuss the financial management challenges and practices of multinationals
  14. Discuss financial assets’ tangibility status and contribution to company development
  15. Discuss cash flows valuation and relevance to non-financial and financial institutions
  16. What role does technological connectivity play in the management of integrated financial systems of multinationals?
  17. How relevant is the accounting and financial management across the world?
  18. Analyze corporate risk-taking behavior as compared to the attitudes of individual board members towards risk
  19. Discuss the latest corporate finance innovation
  20. How the institution’s age determine its capital structure choices.

These are some of the best business finance topics. You can use these corporate finance research topics as ideas for guiding you to generate yours.

Amazing Public Finance Topics

Public finance entails the study of the importance and role of a government in any economy. Therefore, research topics in public finance can analyze the impact of government borrowing, taxation, and other aspects. Here is the best finance research topics list to consider in this category.

  1. Discuss government education and austerity when it comes to finance
  2. Discuss the government’s taxation practice and theory
  3. Discuss how the government uses taxation to raise revenue
  4. Explain how governments raise money through borrowing
  5. How do governments disburse the raised revenue?
  6. Discuss how the government plans its revenue collection
  7. How do governments control and account for the money raised through taxation?
  8. Discuss government budgeting and accounting
  9. Discuss the administration and design of the public finance systems
  10. Discuss how public finance management affects the economic behaviors of different companies
  11. How does public finance affect nonprofit organizations
  12. What are the effects of different activities in the public finance sector on the markets
  13. How does public finance management affect economic efficiency?
  14. What are the effects of politics on public finance?
  15. What are the social effects of the poor management of public finance?
  16. How the relationship of a government and the World Bank affect a country’s economy
  17. How do hedge funds increase affect the economy of a country?
  18. How do public finance policies affect the growth of businesses?
  19. How the government can use public finance in boosting the growth of SMEs
  20. How does population growth affect public finance

These are also great finance debate topics. However, extensive research should be done to write great papers on such topics. 

International Finance Research Topics

For some students, international finance topics overlap with international economics topics. But, topics in this category touch on cross-country finances. Here are some researchable topics in finance that touches on cross-country deals.

  1. Global recessions and financial forecasts accuracy
  2. A systematic review of the most important international finance concepts
  3. Discuss the role of international finance corporation in most developing countries
  4. Discuss the risk-taking attitude that is exhibited by most global banks
  5. How does a common currency affect the European Union?
  6. Explore the causes and solutions to the Euro Crisis
  7. Is the Greek Exit from the Euro-zone preventable or inevitable?
  8. How will the liberalization of the emerging market economy affect the global economy?
  9. Should Yuan be devalued?
  10. How did the gold standard operate during the classical period (1870 to 1914)?
  11. To what extent did the International Foreign Policy of Korea contribute to the Global Financial Crisis?
  12. What were the effects of the sovereign debt crisis in Spain and Italy on the global economy?
  13. What are the negative and positive implications of the reformation of the IMF?
  14. In what ways can the economic growth of China be sustained?
  15. How can the economic growth of China benefit the global markets?
  16. Are the current stress tests vigorous in preventing another world-wide financial meltdown?
  17. Can international macroeconomics help in solving international financial problems?
  18. Discuss the international financial reporting standards
  19. What determines the exchange rates?
  20. How can fixed exchange rates affect global trade?

These are the major categories of finance thesis topics and examples. However, you can also consider healthcare finance topics. But, this category also relates to public finance. Nevertheless, all ideas discussed here are great sources of inspiration for crafting unique topics for research papers. You can also find great finance seminar topics for a presentation from this list. 

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