120 Microeconomics Topics: Hot Ideas For Your Paper

Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

When it comes to research on microeconomic issues and their impacts students require diverse topics to write term papers or research papers on. It is best to choose one that interests you the most to present a well-researched and detailed paper. Here is a list of 120 microeconomics topics for research paper that may interest you.

Use it to carefully select the microeconomics research topics that you can find exhaustive information about and write well:

Classic Research Topics in Microeconomics

These microeconomics topics for research also help you find a lot of published research papers that you can draw inspiration from:

  1. Types of inflation and their sources.
  2. Impact of labour force participation on the budget and economy.
  3. Game theory and economic theory.
  4. What is the effect of income changes on consumer behaviour?
  5. Customer behaviour and trends in pricing.
  6. How to achieve market equilibrium?
  7. The effect of various industries on microeconomic models.
  8. Microeconomic issues and their impact on household conditions
  9. Change in industry conditions changes microeconomic models. Explain.
  10. Nature and its effects on microeconomic models.
  11. Effects of barrier entry on market competition.
  12. Product differentiation and its strategies.
  13. Market value and Fair Value. Compare and contrast.
  14. The dark side of being an entrepreneur
  15. Greatest Depressions through the decades.
  16. Challenges in the present economy for start-ups
  17. The role of start-ups in a county’s economy.
  18. The function of labour markets in microeconomics.
  19. Implicit cost v/s opportunity cost.
  20. Using the principles of microeconomics to improve revenue.
  21. Cross elasticity of demand concept
  22. Factors affecting the pricing system.
  23. Razor and blades models of business.
  24. Importance of network effects.
  25. Ecological issues in the world’s best-planned economies.
  26. Microeconomic market structures.
  27. Seasonal fluctuations and the economy.
  28. Economic struggles associated with the use of natural resources.
  29. Ecological strategies applied by companies for economic success.
  30. Elaborate on the ecological impact of any industry of your choice.
  31. The impact of purchasing local products on a county’s economy.
  32. Social impact of local manufacturing.
  33. Prevention of bankruptcy in small businesses.
  34. Provide case studies of businesses that have closed their main business to explore alternatives.
  35. Minimizing risk during business expansion.

Advanced Microeconomics Paper Topics

These microeconomics research paper topics require deeper analysis and study. However, they will definitely help you get the grades that you want.

  1. Perfect competition among homogenous products
  2. Individual decision making and the opportunity cost approach.
  3. What is the price elasticity? Explain with some of the best trends over the last decade.
  4. Explore the law of demand with respect to luxury goods.
  5. The application of Tax incidence in determining equity in the tax systems.
  6. Give a detailed comparison of the marketing strategies of Coca Cola and Pepsi.
  7. Unemployment: Macroeconomics or macroeconomics issues?
  8. Gini Index: The reflection of inequality in the distribution of income.
  9. The Smartphone market and conspicuous consumption theories.
  10. Supply and demand analysis of Coca Cola.
  11. Minimum wage and its impact on market equilibrium.
  12. Entrepreneurship and risk management.
  13. Application of long-run average curve on business strategies.
  14. How cloud kitchens and other businesses without offices shape the trends in microeconomics.
  15. Consumer inflation in China: Causes and impact on the global economy.
  16. Explore the impact of different market structures on supply and demand.
  17. Supply and demand and its impact on pricing.
  18. The concept of crowdfunding and its impact on microeconomics.
  19. The role of Veblen goods in modern society.
  20. The effect of minimum wage increment on the pricing of goods.
  21. Manipulation of oil and gas price by cartels.
  22. The effect on cartels on the regular customer.
  23. Social media and the stimulation of supply.
  24. Recovering from quality scandals. Present popular case studies to support your ideas.
  25. The influence of Law of Diminishing returns on input.

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Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

These microeconomics term paper topics will help you apply various models and principles of the subject to write detailed papers.

Classic Microeconomics Research Topic for Term Papers

These are some of the best and safest microeconomics topics to write about. With great information available at your disposal, you cannot go wrong with these questions.

  1. Getting small businesses out of debt.
  2. The effect of minimum wage on unemployment.
  3. Government policies and its impact on microeconomics
  4. Deadweight loss caused by taxes.
  5. The Matthew effect in social investing.
  6. Business decision making and the influence of microeconomics.
  7. How strikes are a disadvantage for employees.
  8. The approach of medical cost containment.
  9. Freelancing and the impact on microeconomics.
  10. Part-time work – Pros and cons.
  11. Economic growth and the correlation with productivity.
  12. How has information technology impacted economic development?
  13. Allocative efficiency and product efficiency in perfect competition.
  14. What is perfect competition?
  15. Comparative analysis of wealth and income.
  16. Market infrastructure and trading venues.
  17. Entrepreneurs and their role in the economic theory.
  18. Market segmentation in the healthcare industry.
  19. Circulating and fixed capital income.
  20. Increasing ratio of working capital turnover.
  21. Is money a form of commodity relations?
  22. Bureaucracy and its impact on employees and customers.
  23. The role of intellectual property rights on economy.
  24. Government intervention during market failure.
  25. Pros and cons of risk pooling.
  26. Marginal resource cost and profitability.
  27. Importance of insurance in economic development.
  28. Trade unions and the labour market.
  29. Distribution of tax burden between sellers and buyers.
  30. Marshall equilibrium versus Walras equilibrium.

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Advanced Microeconomics Topics for Term Papers

If you are looking for a challenging microeconomics topic, then this is the best and most comprehensive list for you.

  1. Cobb Douglas Production Function theories.
  2. Impact of clean energy on the economy.
  3. Bertrand competition versus Cournot competition.
  4. Is there a relationship between the Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve?
  5. Gossen’s law and limit utility
  6. Environmental economics and Pareto optimality
  7. Monopolistic competition and its effects on the pricing system.
  8. Economics consider a normal profit as a cost. Explain.
  9. Subsidies and taxes and market equilibrium.
  10. Non-collusive oligopoly and its impact on pricing and output determination.
  11. The difference between accounting profits and economic profits.
  12. The role of budget constraints in customer preferences.
  13. The effect of price ceilings in some markets.
  14. Advertising and economic efficiency.
  15. Explore anti-monopolistic regulation.
  16. Perfect competition and the theory of the firm.
  17. Explore top local consumer trends.
  18. The market economy and small businesses.
  19. The various financial sources in a commercial enterprise.
  20. Impact of e-commerce on microeconomics.
  21. E-commerce and first-mover advantage.
  22. McDonald’s business strategy: Monopolistic or not.
  23. The application of the law of diminishing units in the manufacturing sector.
  24. Success mantras for small businesses.
  25. Analyse a successful local business of your choice.
  26. The impact of work atmosphere on business success.
  27. The benefits of a no-sale policy.
  28. Private healthcare system: Pros and Cons
  29. The effect of healthcare costs on taxes.
  30. Impact of industrialization on nature.

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