344 Top Nursing Research Topics To Help Your Paper

nursing research topics

The healthcare sector is largely dependent on nurses to ensure high quality care for patients. This segment is highly researched to improve nursing practices and also improve the skills of nurses to stay in sync with the demands of the healthcare industry. As part of their coursework, nursing students are required to prepare a lot of detailed papers to understand the developments and current trends in the sector. If you are one of them, here are some of the most researchable topics in nursing to help you write a research paper fast and great. 

How to Choose Nursing Research Topic

Since the industry is so vast and ever changing, finding the right topic can be quite challenging. Here are some topics to find the best nursing paper topic for your assignments:

  • The type of paper: When choosing research topics in nursing it is important to understand the type of paper that you are required to prepare. The topic that you choose for a compare and contrast paper will be drastically different from the one that you choose for an argumentative or persuasive essay. Make sure that you choose a topic that allows you to collect enough data and information to prepare the paper in the required format.
  • Relevance: Opting for trending and relevant topics can be very useful when you are looking for nursing research topic ideas. These papers initiate more discussion and also give you a great deal of information with respect to the current nursing practices and trends.
  • Popularity: When you choose the most popular research topic for nursing students, it helps you tremendously with your research. You can look for references in the form of papers written by seniors or scholars. This will give you an idea about how to present the paper and what kind of information you need to add to make your paper an interesting read.
  • Ease of writing: Find topics that are easy for you to get data for. These research topics for nursing students do not consume too much time at the stage of research and development. You can prepare lengthy papers even when you have a very short or close deadline. 

Popular Nursing Topics

Here are some interesting nursing research topics to get your ideas started:

  1. Is nursing a good career choice?
  2. Why does it pay off to take up nursing as a career
  3. The effects of the stress of night shifts
  4. The most common challenges faced by nurses.
  5. Why is nursing one of the most rewarding jobs?
  6. Things you can do with a good nursing degree.
  7. Is remote intensive care a good choice for patients?
  8. The contribution of nurses towards the medical fraternity.
  9. 3 unique jobs that one can take up after completing their nursing degree.
  10. How nursing practices have changed over the last decade
  11. The best ways to improve the working environment for nurses.
  12. How has home health nursing benefited nurses?
  13. How can the primary health care delivery system be strengthened?
  14. The role of nurses in physical rehabilitation among patients.
  15. The increasing demand for occupational therapy and the impact on the nursing sector.

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Here are the top quantitative and qualitative nursing research topics for college students:

  1. How to evaluate mortality rates in relation to heart attacks and gender.
  2. Provide an in depth analysis of the evolution of telehealth.
  3. What are the top cardiovascular issues and the best treatment options?
  4. Comparison between nursing homes and home care.
  5. Evaluate the importance of critical care nursing.
  6. Is massage therapy truly an effective option?
  7. What are the benefits of eating healthy?
  8. Ambulatory healthcare and the common peculiarities.
  9. Are nursing practices different in different countries. Provide examples.
  10. Are the current strategies useful in treating eating disorders?
  11. How important is it to teach self-care to nurses?
  12. The rights of nurses when they are handling patients who are abusive
  13. What are the primary causes of heart attacks?
  14. The challenges of managing a chronic disease.
  15. Can information overload and stress be treated medically?

Evidence Based Practice Nursing Topics

Choose from the following evidence based nursing thesis topics:

  1. Evaluate the primary rules of the nursing uniform code.
  2. What is marijuana management and how is it related to nursing?
  3. Analyse healthcare services and their quality in US asylums.
  4. What channels can nurses use to advance their careers as physicians?
  5. The importance of nurturing staff relations in a healthcare facility.
  6. What are the pros and cons of medicare?
  7. The primary treatment methods used by nurses and doctors.
  8. Compare and contrast the training process for nurses and doctors.
  9. The importance of positive working relations between nurses and doctors.
  10. Should doctors and nurses be given equal opportunities?
  11. A closer look at the popular pain management processes in healthcare.
  12. How can long term pain management become more effective?
  13. The benefits of Benson’s relaxation therapy with respect to pain management.
  14. What are the most effective methods of managing pain among children who have life-limiting diseases?
  15. Explore the various global policies on pain management practices.

Hot Topics in Nursing

Looking for trending nursing topics for research papers? Here are your best options:

  1. How the digital age has contributed to an increase in healthcare hazards.
  2. Is it important to have a school nurse on the campus?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine?
  4. What are the primary obstacles that people face when they wish to quit smoking?
  5. The responsibility of parents to provide a healthy lifestyle for children.
  6. The importance of healthy eating for sports.
  7. Is supplementation necessary to get your daily required intake of primary nutrients?
  8. Educational strategies to help people practice preventative care.
  9. The role of social media in changing perception of nurses and doctors.
  10. The responsibilities of a pharmacist.
  11. The most beneficial innovations in clinical cardiology.
  12. How imaging processes have changed treatment methods of doctors and nurses.
  13. The growing need for specialization programs for nursing education.
  14. Do online nursing education programs provide enough qualifications for practice?
  15. How the nursing fraternity helped in Covid-19 management.
  16. Best practices to protect nurses and doctors during the pandemic.
  17. Post discharge management practices for Covid positive patients.
  18. Medical experts and fetal pain perception
  19. What are the main issues caused by wrong pain management practices?
  20. What improvements can you recommend to make nursing a more lucrative profession?

Controversial Topics in Nursing

  1. Sometimes nurses play a more important role in healthcare in comparison to doctors.
  2. Do nurses have the right to refuse treatment to abusive patients?
  3. Can nurses be allowed to prescribe medication to patients?
  4. Is nursing primarily a woman’s job?
  5. Can robots and machines replace robots?
  6. Should nurses be provided with any bonus based on the patient’s outcome?
  7. Working long hours can significantly reduce the quality of patient care.
  8. How short staffing can affect the work environment of nurses.
  9. Can doctors do without nurses?
  10. Discrimination among nurses based on their working experience.
  11. Do veteran nurses make it harder for new nurses to make a breakthrough in the industry?
  12. Nurses must be provided with better remuneration for their services.
  13. The quality of nursing is on the decline because of poor working environments and pay.
  14. Nursing is a career filled with job hazards.
  15. Nurses are not given the same respect and due as doctors. True or False.
  16. Assess the decision of certain countries to use undergrad nurses for Covid care?
  17. Should medical errors be considered a criminal offence?
  18. Can medical practitioners promote certain healthcare products?
  19. Should hospitals invest in translators for patients who do not speak English or the local languages?
  20. Is surrogacy on-demand an ethical practice?

Good Nursing Research Topics

  1. How can the quality of nursing be improved?
  2. The best tools for nurses to improve the quality of medical services?
  3. The importance of nursing in palliative care.
  4. Should nurses be tested for drug use periodically?
  5. How is regular nursing different from pediatric nursing?
  6. The best ways for nurses to deal with abusive patients.
  7. A closer look at the best post-pregnancy care for women who have lost a fetus.
  8. How effective are the current practices used to screen for breast cancer?
  9. What are the primary causes for the increasing rate of infertility among women?
  10. How can acne be treated effectively for teenagers?
  11. The importance of addressing the emotional stress endured by nurses.
  12. A deeper look at the best measures to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  13. How effective are the current methods used to treat domestic violence victims?
  14. Modern nursing roles and specialization
  15. Nurse navigator as a great opportunity for entrepreneurship among nursing students.
  16. Why healthcare providers should be internet savvy.
  17. The need to implement expected length of stay strictly and its role in preventing hospital congestion.
  18. How hospital cultures vary between mobilization and bed rest.
  19. What is a case manager? Is it a possible nursing specialization and role?
  20. How increased specialization has benefitted the nursing sector.

Ethical Topics in Nursing

  1. Ethics is the foundation of good nursing practices.
  2. What are the important personal values that nurses should hold?
  3. Are ethical problems making nurses quit their jobs?
  4. The main ethical issues that nurses face every day?
  5. Do nurses require therapy or counselling to manage ethical challenges better?
  6. Is euthanasia an acceptable option for terminally ill patients?
  7. Is it a good idea to legalize marijuana?
  8. The effects of TV shows with respect to losing weight and diet?
  9. The role of media in increasing challenges faced by the healthcare sector?
  10. Should vaccination of children be made mandatory?
  11. Should nurses build a personal relationship with patients?
  12. Futile care versus aggressive interventions. Which is a better option?
  13. Should artificial nutrition and hydration be provided?
  14. How much medical information should nurses be allowed to disclose?
  15. Should nurses alert management on incompetence among their colleagues?
  16. Are nurses responsible for protecting patient privacy and confidentiality?
  17. Speaking up about short staffing is the responsibility of nurses.
  18. Can nurses refuse to take up long shifts?
  19. Does a strike among the nursing community question their ethics?
  20. The ethical guidelines that nurses must follow in the opioid epidemic.

Nursing Topics for Presentation

  1. Evaluation of treatment plans for chlamydia and their effectiveness
  2. Addressing emotional distress caused by premenstrual syndrome.
  3. Evaluate the risks of breastfeeding in transmitting HIV infections to a newborn.
  4. What are the advantages of nursing classification
  5. Can healthy eating solely curb the issue of obesity?
  6. A comparison between public and private healthcare systems.
  7. How effective are the current assessment tools used in healthcare facilities?
  8. Evaluate the bias in the financing strategies used for healthcare.
  9. How can the role of community healthcare nurses be expanded?
  10. The need for home health care for patients who are debilitated.
  11. How can continuity of community care be strengthened to improve post hospitalization rehab?
  12. The limitations of contracts in healthcare.
  13. The growing demand for medical home service.
  14. Who is responsible for any failure in a surgery?
  15. Is there a shortage of men in the healthcare sector?
  16. Do nurses face any gender bias?
  17. How does the case management approach benefit the healthcare system?
  18. Are drive-through pharmacies a boon or a bane?
  19. How can nurses improve the quality of care in a hospital?
  20. Important skills that nurses must develop to provide better care.

Nursing Quality Improvement Topics

  1. Is online training the future of nursing training?
  2. How can nurses stay relevant in the industry and upgrade their skills and knowledge?
  3. Is there a decline in the number of people opting to pursue nursing as a career?
  4. Can medical therapy that is pharmacist-led reduce the total investment towards care?
  5. The need to optimize sepsis care to ensure early recognition and better outcomes.
  6. How can healthcare-related communication and records help improve care provided to patients?
  7. Are online medical records a good option for better nursing and healthcare?
  8. How technology has enabled better nursing practices and care.
  9. Are the current treatment methods used for cancer effective? How can they be improved?
  10. Reducing the risk of falls and injuries of patients using sensory stimulation activities.
  11. Best ways to prevent intravascular and urinary infections related to the use of catheters.
  12. The most common infections associated with healthcare and how to prevent them.
  13. The risk of ventilator associated pneumonia and how to ensure prevention.
  14. How can a systematic and data-driven approach to medical care reduce the length of stay and boost care coordination.
  15. Financial and clinical partnership and its importance in patients being able to afford better quality of care.
  16. The best operational examples of improving quality in the healthcare sector.
  17. How changing key competencies can improve nursing care and quality.
  18. Clinical examples of better quality and services in the healthcare sector.
  19. Has the quality of nursing care improved or declined over the years?
  20. The challenges of managing costs and improving quality of care.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. The best speech disorder therapy for positive patient outcomes.
  2. The prevalence of wrong diagnosis in the paediatric ward and in child health.
  3. Should nurses be given any specialized training to manage the paediatric ward?
  4. What are the primary psychological aspects of providing infant care?
  5. The relationship between vaccination and autism.
  6. How to manage teething issues in children under the age of 10?
  7. The efficiency and safety factors with respect to telehealth services for pediatric patients.
  8. How long hours of screen time have impacted the health of children and teenagers.
  9. The primary emotional and mental health issues among children under the age of 10.
  10. The prevalence of eating disorders among children.
  11. The primary causes of seizures in children.
  12. How to engage the family in pediatric care by making use of the hospital information system.
  13. What are the primary causes of antibiotic resistance among children?
  14. What are the best ways to fight against childhood obesity?
  15. The ethical issues faced by nurses in the pediatric ward.
  16. The challenges of treating terminally ill patients in the paediatric ward.
  17. The most common health issues among children.
  18. The role of nutrition in ensuring better outcomes in the paediatric ward.
  19. Dealing with injuries and pain in toddlers.
  20. Managing allergy to food and medication in the paediatric ward.

Child Nursing Research Topics

  1. The integration of childcare services in the primary healthcare sector.
  2. Critical care for children
  3. The history of paediatric nursing: A review of important literature.
  4. Nursing staff burnout with respect to child health nursing: Provide a qualitative analysis.
  5. Effect of a fatality in the paediatric ward on the nursing staff.
  6. Compare the standards of child nursing in developing and developed countries.
  7. The goals of child nursing training and education.
  8. The emotional challenges faced by nurses who are treating terminally ill children.
  9. Should there be different standards of employment for child nursing?
  10. The need for in-house child nursing facilities in schools.
  11. What are the challenges faced by child nursing staff when dealing with obese patients?
  12. The most common communication issues in the paediatric ward and the effect on nursing care.
  13. A critical analysis of the availability of resources for adequate care for children.
  14. A systematic review of different nursing services for child health across the globe.
  15. The readiness of child nursing staff to deal with rare diseases.
  16. A comparison of the best neonatal nursing practices across the world.
  17. The role of nurses in managing victims of child abuse.
  18. The role of nurses in guiding new parents and helping them provide better care.
  19. The importance of emotional health in children under the age of 5.
  20. Is the child health nursing sector well staffed?

Adult Nursing Research Topics

  1. Analyse the lack of dental care facilities in the United States
  2. Why clinical nurses are given great importance in the UK
  3. What policies will help improve treatment for homeless people
  4. Should abortion be permitted?
  5. What are the health concerns with respect to abortion.
  6. What are the most effective ways to provide treatment for patients in prisons?
  7. The reasons for the increasing incidences of sleep disorders.
  8. How can one effectively control blood pressure at home?
  9. The role of physical activity in managing diabetes and hypertension.
  10. The most effective strategies to treat sleeping disorders in adults.
  11. Effective treatment for headaches and migraines.
  12. The most common physical ailments as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.
  13. What are the best ways to reduce substance abuse and dependence?
  14. Is cognitive hypnotherapy an effective way to manage pain?
  15. What are the best non-pharmacological methods to manage pain?
  16. The best strategies to reduce the chances of contracting infectious diseases?
  17. A qualitative focus group study on the experiences of nurses with the insertion of urinary catheters.
  18. The risk of cardiovascular diseases in individuals less than 30 years of age.
  19. The need to educate people about the importance of an active lifestyle.
  20. The importance of adolescent gynaecology education.

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

  1. The role of nurses in ensuring patient safety during childbirth.
  2. The common neonatal and maternal practices in rural areas.
  3. The emerging trends of midwifery nursing in the next decade.
  4. The effects of delay in umbilical cord clamping after the birth of the child.
  5. A complete analysis of the first antenatal appointment.
  6. Dealing with common challenges in the postnatal period.
  7. Are epidurals recommended to help with easier childbirth.
  8. Safety rules that obese pregnant women must follow.
  9. C-section versus a natural birth: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  10. The impact of hepatitis B and AIDS in pregnant women.
  11. How to help women ensure better natal safety.
  12. The importance of prenatal care in pregnant women.
  13. The advancement in technology and the impact on midwifery nursing.
  14. What is midwifery continued care and how does it help the mother?
  15. A detailed study of the shifts of midwives.
  16. Has modern technology made midwives obsolete?
  17. Why do most women choose to have a home birth in the presence of a midwife?
  18. How can interventions be limited while ensuring a low-risk labour?
  19. The rules of vaccination for newborn children.
  20. How childbirth has become safer over the last 50 years.

Mental Health Research Topics in Nursing

  1. The cause of increasing stress among police officers.
  2. Ethical practices with respect to psychiatric patients.
  3. The role and application of nursing case management in dealing with mental health conditions.
  4. Are the current treatment options available for Alcohol Addiction Disorders effective?
  5. Study the causes and the impact of post-traumatic stress disorders among war veterans.
  6. What are the primary causes for depression?
  7. What are the additional skills that are required for nurses involved in mental health care?
  8. How is schizophrenia diagnosed and treated? Are modern methods effective?
  9. What is the relationship between video games and increasing aggression among teenagers?
  10. Is bioterrorism real?
  11. How safe is it to use disposable cuffs?
  12. What is the relationship between depression and cancer-induced fatigue?
  13. What are the primary causes for chest pain among adults?
  14. What are the best treatment methods available to manage and reduce the symptoms of dementia?
  15. A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of using antipsychotics in treating certain mental health conditions.
  16. Why the mental health of nurses is important in ensuring good care and nursing practices.
  17. What are the primary causes for possible mental health issues among healthcare professionals?
  18. The use of medication to manage mental health issues: When is it advisable?
  19. The assessment and treatment of chronic anxiety.
  20. The role of social media in mental health: Has it increased incidence or awareness?

Obstetric Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. The ethical rules pertaining to the treatment of infertility.
  2. What are the best neonatal practices in modern medicine?
  3. The relationship between pregnancy and vaginal atrophy.
  4. Provide a detailed report on reproductive endocrinology in men and women.
  5. What are the best pregnancy prevention methods?
  6. The most common sexual health issues among women.
  7. The primary risks associated with early pregnancies.
  8. Why are education workshops important for new mothers?
  9. Addressing the main emotional issues related to premenstrual syndrome.
  10. The primary causes of osteoporosis in women.
  11. How can education and care help women manage post delivery stress?
  12. The need for good nutrition to help women cope after child birth.
  13. Best practices to prevent menopause related symptoms.
  14. How to ensure better fertility by making lifestyle changes?
  15. The most common fertility issues among men.
  16. The safety and efficacy of using artificial insemination and other infertility treatments.
  17. The guidelines for surrogacy in different parts of the world.
  18. What are the emergencies that make a C-section inevitable?
  19. The most unhealthy habits that women practice in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Health Promotion Research Topics

  1. THe macroeconomics vs microeconomics of various sources of hospital funds.
  2. How can social media influencers help in spreading knowledge about health care.
  3. The issues of brain drain and short staffing in healthcare sectors.
  4. How nurses can ensure continuous professional development using online methods.
  5. What is the difference between evidence based practice and socio-cultural nursing?
  6. What are the primary challenges with respect to implementing evidence based practices?
  7. What are the main things to include in a delivery room checklist?
  8. How can media be used to provide better information on preventive care?
  9. What educational strategies can be used by healthcare facilities?
  10. The role of social media and search engines in growing misinformation among patients.
  11. Is the media responsible for negative sentiments against healthcare services?
  12. What are the main causes for inactivity among youngsters?
  13. How can collaborative nursing practices improve care?
  14. What is the role of the pharmacist in a hospital or healthcare facility?
  15. How can healthy living be promoted among senior citizens?
  16. How school nurses help prevent substance abuse among youngsters.
  17. The increasing dependence on telemedicine and the causes.
  18. The best educational campaigns by medical organizations.
  19. Why educating parents is important in preventing health issues among children.
  20. Myths about nutrition that have been spread on the internet.

Elderly Care Research Topics for Nursing Students

  1. The reasons for increase in joint related issues among the elderly.
  2. The best measures to prevent macular decline with age.
  3. The common causes and treatment options for dementia and alzheimer’s
  4. How can preventive care for the elderly be improved?
  5. What are geriatric care ethics
  6. The increasing incidences of brain degeneration among older people.
  7. A study of joint disorders among the elderly.
  8. How to ensure a holistic approach to geriatric care?
  9. Provide a detailed study of atrial fibrillation.
  10. The growing concerns around bladder cancer in geriatric patients.
  11. Is chemotherapy advisable for older patients?
  12. The best pain management practices for terminally ill geriatric patients.
  13. The most important requirements to provide good critical care for the elderly.
  14. Measures that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  15. The need for Rapid Nutritional Assessment in the Elderly.
  16. How to assess pain in unresponsive elderly patients.
  17. The importance of emotional health of the elderly.
  18. The development in clinical pathways for geriatric care.
  19. What is restless leg syndrome and why does it affect the elderly?
  20. The best preventive measures against strokes and other common geriatric disorders.

Nursing Paper Topics in Health Care Management

  1. The best management principles for healthcare practitioners.
  2. An evaluation of common gender biases among nurses.
  3. How has the quality of healthcare improved over the last 50 years?
  4. The use of technology for better healthcare management practices.
  5. How healthcare facilities can benefit from social media platforms.
  6. What are the pros and cons of health insurance?
  7. What is the need for human resource management in hospitals?
  8. The pros and cons of corporatization of leading hospitals.
  9. Which one is more trustworthy: private hospitals or public hospitals?
  10. The differences in management practices in public and private hospitals.
  11. Should patient funds be diverted for economical services?
  12. What is the role of nurse scientists in the modern healthcare system?
  13. Modern healthcare practices that have improved the quality of care.
  14. Modern healthcare practices that have led to lesser faith in the system.
  15. What are the best resources to fund hospitals that provide free aid to the needy?
  16. Should medical insurance be provided to unemployed individuals?
  17. The challenges faced by patients when claiming medical insurance.
  18. Are hospitals too process driven these days?
  19. How can schools be involved in improving education about health and preventive practices?
  20. Is it important for countries to increase their capacity for nursing research?

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