177 Theology Research Paper Topics for College Students

theology research paper topics

Theology is the study of the spiritual, the divine, and religious beliefs. Studied in colleges and universities, theology explores the human faith and reveals what it means to have a balanced look at religion as a whole. The purpose is to learn more about a religious tradition and not just find religious topics to write about. Theology can be biblical, systematic, historical, and practical. Biblical theology involves the use and interpretation of the Bible. Systematic theology explains theology as a comprehensive unit. Historical theology probes the past to inform the future. Practical theology establishes a certain truth as an act of practice. Yet, theology can also be political, seeing how religions continue to shape political decisions. In short, theology can be many things. So, in this article, we provide different topics on theology, from practical to political. But before you dive in, quickly check how to outline a theological research paper.

Brief Theology Research Paper Outline

From ideation to paper, writing a theology paper has never been easy. However, it’s also not exactly difficult. If you want to know how to write a theology paper, you’ll need not just the will to write it but also tips and outlines. Here we have provided tips for clear theological writing. Read on.

  • Introduce The first attempt at writing a theology research paper is to introduce your topic. Of course, you can’t clarify what your reader does not know about. Often, you are tempted to assume your readers have prior knowledge but do not fall into that trap. Always think your reader is dealing with a new topic so you can better introduce the topic.
  • Use headings Headings make your paper appealing and straightforward. Good titles make your professor smile and ensure a better grade. If you don’t know how to go about your headers, check the style guide. Also, be mindful of headings that do not capture the content.
  • Keep a good topic sentence A topic sentence highlights your main idea. Usually at the beginning of a paragraph, it informs your reader what to know about the section. Without a good topic sentence, your paper might be lost.
  • Research The body of your paper contains the outcome of your research. Your study must be detailed and concise. If you make a claim, you have to prove it. Do not just research and write, thinking your reader will fathom what you are saying. Do your research in sync with your sources.
  • Conclude Your conclusion should capture your thesis. A very good conclusion does not leave anything in the body of your thesis out, especially the important parts. Your topic sentences should also inform your conclusion.
  • Use sources It’s impossible to write a paper filled with your opinions only. No doubt, you’ll source views from others and incorporate them into your study. Whatever the opinions and wherever you source them, you should reference them correctly.

Now that you’re familiar with the process of outlining a theology research paper, find below exciting theology topics to choose from for a successful theology thesis.

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General Theology Research Paper Topics

Do you know that Plato invented theology? According to him, theology represents the eternal realities of forms and ideas. This thought process has been a critical determinant of general belief and faith. So, if you’re looking for general theological essay topics, the following should help:

  1. Explore the concept of life after death in general theology.
  2. The differences between Buddhism in Japan and China.
  3. Contributions of the church to modern democracy.
  4. Impacts of parables and fairytales in world religions.
  5. Prophethood in theology and the concept of discipleship.
  6. Perspectives of abortion in Abrahamic faiths.
  7. Views of gender equality in Abrahamic beliefs.
  8. Perspectives of sexuality and identity in Abrahamic religions.
  9. Islam Vs. Christianity: significant differences and similarities.
  10. Impacts of homosexuality on religion and the way forward.
  11. Creation of the world in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  12. Effects of Greek and Roman culture on Christianity.
  13. Why women cannot hold leadership roles in some religions.
  14. Are abortions allowed in Islam and Christianity?
  15. The widespread impacts of the concept of heaven and hell on society.
  16. Science and religion: where they agree and disagree.
  17. The study of the old testaments and similarities in the Quran.
  18. The evolution of worship from the 20th century to the 21st century.
  19. Why do we need theology, and what can it do to improve the world?
  20. A comparative analysis of the Trinity in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
  21. The role of theology towards eradicating global religious terrorism.
  22. The contribution of theology in fostering international religious terrorism.
  23. What does faith mean in Buddhism, Sikhism, and Taoism?
  24. What Islam teaches about gender, sexuality, and identity.
  25. What the portrayal of a black devil means to African Americans.
  26. The existence of God pre-creation in central religious faith.
  27. Evolution of Holy books: a comparative study of the Quran and the Bible.
  28. Evolution of places of worship: a comparative study of the church and the mosque.
  29. Evolution of prophethood: a comparative analysis of Jesus and Muhammed.
  30. Impacts of religion on humanity: promotion of peace and harmony.

Systematic Theology Paper Topics

Plato invented general theology, but Bartholomäus Keckermann is the father of systematic theology (dogmatic theology). The German contributed immensely to the growth, order, and rationalism of religious doctrines, particularly Christianity. Listed below are some fascinating systematic theology paper topics for your dissertation:

  1. Systematic theology: Expectations vs. reality.
  2. Will systematic theology ever rule the world?
  3. The church and the rise of democracy.
  4. Differentiate between Catholic and Roman dogmatism.
  5. Explain the atonement of the person and the work of Buddha.
  6. Perspective about dogmatic theology beyond Anathema.
  7. What is the doctrine of scripture in the catechism of Hinduism?
  8. Discuss the incarnation of divinity and humanity.
  9. Explore comparative theology in the liturgy of the word.
  10. Historicity and ahistoricity in systematic theology.
  11. A brief treatise on Calvinism and dogmatic theology.
  12. Understanding the difference between practical theology and systematic theology.
  13. The relationship between dogmatic theology and religious education.
  14. Hermeneutic principle and the divinity of self-revelation.
  15. The dogmatism of blood atonement and the foundation of faith.
  16. Systematic theology: Death and hell as tools of evangelism.
  17. Systematic theology: overview, impact, and implications.
  18. Dissect the dogmatic theology of Jesus, humanity, and the Trinity.
  19. The systematic theology of the Islamic tradition on animals.
  20. Effects and impact of liberation theology.
  21. Principles and policies of systematic theology.
  22. Roman and Catholic perspectives on systematic theology.
  23. The issue of Israel and the evangelical approach.
  24. Differentiate the biblical from the evangelical.
  25. Perspectives of an African-American on systematic theology.
  26. The justification of faith and the construction of new theories.
  27. Modern and postmodern evolution of Buddhism.
  28. Interpret the systematic concept of God and love.
  29. Discuss the perspectives of the spiritual darkness and light.
  30. Impacts and contributions of systematic theology to climate change.

Historical Research Topics in Theology

Stanley James Grenz made tremendous impacts on historical theology. Alongside Guretzki and Nordling, they described historical theology as that aspect of theology that looks at how faith, beliefs, and doctrines develop throughout history. The purpose is to identify theological errors and avoid them in the future. Some exciting historical research topics in theology include:

  1. Explore the contributions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer to systematic theology.
  2. Wolfhart Pannenberg’s contributions to dogmatic theology.
  3. Paul Rorem, St. Augustine’s confessions and influence: a historical review.
  4. Explore the historical logic of the Trinity in Hinduism and Christianity.
  5. The histology and confessionalism of Jonathan Edwards.
  6. A historical treatise on Buddha beyond theological studies.
  7. Past Jewish traditions and the understanding of gender equality.
  8. A historical overview of the relationship between race, religion, and culture.
  9. The historical injustice of the church and the dogma of secularization.
  10. Modernism vs. the historical teachings of the Quran on sexuality?
  11. A comparative analysis of historical and contemporary theology.
  12. The history of pastoral theology: development, impact, and implications.
  13. Contributions of Friedrich Schleiermacher to historical theology.
  14. The history and development of evangelism in Abrahamic religions.
  15. The history of Judaism theology in the United States.
  16. Historical contributions of John Calvin to pastoral theology.
  17. Biography of Watts and Wesley: two Christmas hymn composers.
  18. Then and now: religion in the face of a pandemic.
  19. Contributions of Africa to the Muslim mind.
  20. Historical differences of Buddhism in Japan and China.
  21. Violence against women through the dark history of the medieval church.
  22. The value of socio-historical theology in the genealogy of faith.
  23. The historical account of the most excellent sermons in Christology.
  24. Most extraordinary African-American women in the history of the church.
  25. Contributions of Bernard of Clairvaux to the church.
  26. History of lost and forgotten books in Christian theology.
  27. Account the history of salvation during the Spanish Reconquista.
  28. Modern and classical views on the theology of baptism.
  29. The historical impact of the theology of discipleship.
  30. A brief historical treatise of the martyr’s cause in Islam and Christianity.

Practical Theological Discussion Topics

The father of modern practical theology, according to many theologians, is Fredrick Schleiermacher. Also known as liberal theology, practical theology attempts to reflect on the alignment and modification of religious practices. It is the democratic aspect of theology devoid of sentiments and biases. Check out a few of the most common practical theological discussion topics below:

  1. Application of Delphi survey tool in understanding church trends.
  2. Spiritual advocacy and the current overlapping roles of evangelists.
  3. The inclusiveness of the disabled in the theology of humanity.
  4. A comparative analysis of the growth of global youth ministries.
  5. An investigation into the practical celebration of God.
  6. The practical interpretation of African cultures in understanding theology.
  7. The religious rituals of remembrance, cleansing, and reincarnation.
  8. Foundational practical theology vs. post-foundational practical theology.
  9. A comparative analysis of practical theology across all religious denominations.
  10. From theory to practice: The role of the Holy Books in modern humanity.
  11. Practical theology of the 20th century vs. the 21st century.
  12. The principles, objectives, and limits of practical theology.
  13. Understanding theology: the international perspective of practical theology.
  14. The globalization of Christianity through the practice of peace and tolerance.
  15. An inquiry into the instrument of peace reconciliation in Buddhism.
  16. The practice of Islam: The conflict of submission and peace.
  17. Deconstructing Judaism through the divinity of the soul.
  18. An empirical study of the body and the soul.
  19. The role of hearing sermons as a tool of community and diversity.
  20. The religion of art: The religious use of songs, stories, and parables.
  21. The practical exploration of God as an entity in significant religions.
  22. The dilemma of ministering to the 21st-century youth.
  23. Love, humanity, religion: What the books say.
  24. A practical reflection on religious law systems as against modern law systems.
  25. The technology of religion: from crude tools to devices.
  26. Exploring the reflective practice of Taoism.
  27. The glory of suffering: A reflection on religious martyrdom.
  28. Theological education: overview, roles, practices, impacts, land limits.
  29. The religious morality of the poor and the challenge of growth in Africa.
  30. The symbolism of salvation and reincarnation.

Religious Research Paper Topics in Theology

Do you ask the difference between theology and religion? There is a thin line between religion and theology. Theology is the study of religions, while religion is a system of belief and worship. Therefore, religion is an integral part of theology. However, there would be no theology if there were no system of faith and belief to study. To better understand what we’re saying, take a look at some of the most fascinating world religions research paper topics below:

  1. What do you understand about the movement of black churches?
  2. What role does religion play in the economy?
  3. The theory of creation: Differences and similarities in significant religions.
  4. What’s the stand of religion on the resurgence of homosexuality?
  5. The emergence of new religions and what it means to society.
  6. The agreement and disagreement of science and world religions.
  7. Trace the history of Christianity after the birth of Jesus Christ.
  8. Trace the history of Islam before and after the birth of Muhammed.
  9. What world religions say about God as a supreme being.
  10. The spirituality of the soul in the mystery of religion.
  11. Nordic religion: role, impact, and methodology in the modern world.
  12. Discuss the triad of the female goddesses extensively in religion.
  13. Impacts of Buddhism in modern Japan and China.
  14. Dissect the concept of behavioral sex in different religions
  15. What is the correlation between societal morality and religious laws?
  16. How similar and different are religions on the images of gods and myths.
  17. Influence of gender on religious practices and general spirituality.
  18. What role do women play in Islam?
  19. Discuss Confucianism and contributions to the world.
  20. Discuss Sikhism and its contributions to the world.
  21. History of Hinduism and its significant contributions to modern India.
  22. Why is Ramadan a holy month in Islam?
  23. Why is Christmas a holy month in Christianity?
  24. The differences and similarities between the Bible and Quran.
  25. The influence of technology on the disposition of religion today.
  26. Explain climate change and the role of religion.
  27. What is the link between religion, hell, and heaven?
  28. A comparative analysis of evangelical methods in Islam and Christianity.
  29. The relationship between Islam, Christianity, and other religions.
  30. An empirical study of the history of Judaism.

Political Theology Essay Topics

Whether you are dealing with Bible thesis topics in theology or Christianity research paper topics, if you look close enough, you will find political nuances in them. Religion and politics share some strong similarities. Since the church makes policies, there is no doubt politics is an essential part of theological discussions. Here are political theology essay topics for insight:

  1. The contributions of religion to the first world war.
  2. The implications of Christianity in the second world war.
  3. What roles does religion perform during Hitler’s rule?
  4. The perspective of the church on gun control in America.
  5. An empirical study of the politics of the Catholic popes.
  6. Terrorism and the politicization of Islam.
  7. What is the political stand of Abrahamic religions on homosexuality?
  8. Explore the concept of transgender rights as religious rights.
  9. The support of the church regarding the influence of white supremacy.
  10. Democracy: impact of the rule of law on religious leaders.
  11. Can religion be separated from the government?
  12. What do you think about vaccination and the spirituality of faith?
  13. What are the views of religion on nuclear war?
  14. The conflict of war and the intersection of religion.
  15. Politics of Vatican City: the emergence of a new black pope.
  16. The political evolution of the church.
  17. Middle East crisis: How Islam is helping and ruining.
  18. Can the growth of China be linked to the practice of Buddhism?
  19. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. How true?
  20. The politicization of Hinduism through the dowry system.
  21. Can the growth of Israel be linked to the practice of Judaism?
  22. How Hinduism is viewed by other religions and the politics of their international relations.
  23. Religion and the political backwardness of Africa.
  24. Impact of Christianity on Africa and the Middle East.
  25. How religions are driving the quest for gender equality.
  26. American politics and religion: agreements and disagreements.
  27. Has democracy ever worked in any religious patterns?
  28. How the church contributed to the rise and fall of black slavery?
  29. What are the political roles of the Pope?
  30. Science and technology as a new religion.

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