196 Excellent Position Paper Topics You Will Enjoy Immensely

position paper topics

Are you considering position paper ideas and got stuck along the line? There’s no need to worry. Below are excellent position paper topics for high school, college, and university students in various subjects.

What Is A Position Paper?

A position paper refers to essays that explore for and against- sides to controversial topics. Also referred to as a point-of-view piece, position papers present the student’s stand on the arguable topic. Every position paper has one goal – to make the audience believe the writer’s viewpoint is valid and justifiable.

Different subjects or research areas mean types of position papers. That’s why we’ve put up various position paper topics across various subject areas in this guide. Before we delve into the topics, however, here’s a brief on writing a position piece.

Writing A Position Piece

That said, your position papers don’t have to mirror a college debate competition piece, they could be semi-formal. Examples of position papers include addresses to an editor or a large institution that heralds the values of corporate and social entities. Though they’re similar to argumentative speeches, position papers are more restrained in approach. Rather than compel or persuade the readers to believe the author’s point of view, the position paper invites the reader to see through the writer’s lenses. Without arguing, the author presents their position or perspective in a nuanced way. Writing an excellent position paper may be a bit challenging. That’s because it needs a blend of objectivity, compassion, confidence, and a borderline mindset that your idea might be wrong. To write a quality position piece, the writer needs to consider both sides of the argument – theirs and possible contradictions in the reader’s mind. Knowing the author’s mindset is crucial to support your arguments with the right refutations and counterclaims. However, an excellent position paper begins with choosing a topic you can readily work with. You want to select a topic you can readily manage and is narrow enough, with adequate available research materials to help support your arguments. To guide you in selecting the best position piece, here are 196 very good position paper topics in various categories.

Position Paper Topics On Health

Research in the health field constantly aims at eliminating challenges and revising approaches. Here are some helpful topic ideas to consider when writing position paper topics on health.

  1. Are translators needed in hospitals when attending to minorities?
  2. Should medical hospitals let their staff advertise drugs?
  3. Do government institutions obligate citizens to use vaccines?
  4. Are the penalties for medical malpractice severe enough?
  5. Should medical insurance cover complications from self-medication?
  6. What are the merits and demerits of Medicare and other health insurance?
  7. What are the demerits and merits of cosmetic surgery?
  8. Making a case for euthanasia
  9. Should hospitals delineate their staff’s working hours?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping electronic health records?
  11. Why prisons and other correctional centers should have adequate healthcare
  12. Is the private sector responsible for improving medical care in a nation?
  13. Should the government permit independent scientific research on health terms?
  14. Should intending couples be mandated to conduct HIV tests before marriage?
  15. Making a case for alternative medicine
  16. How significant is palliative care?
  17. Are ancient medical practices still useful in contemporary practice?
  18. Does going vegan or vegetarian improve people’s health?
  19. Should medical care be mandated for everyone?
  20. Should abortion be legal?

Position Paper Topics For Psychology

Are you interested in writing position paper topics in the field of psychology? You’ll find any of the following 20 claim of facts topics on psychology helpful.

  1. Are geniuses generally eccentric?
  2. Is there any relationship between human psychology and personality?
  3. Is gluttony a serious challenge?
  4. Can people change their habits by treating mental health disorders at home?
  5. How much do mental health issues affect relationships?
  6. Do military personnel need better mental health support?
  7. What are the prominent Freudian principles and their relevance in contemporary society?
  8. Pros and cons of impulsive decisions
  9. How relevant is child psychology in influencing parenting?
  10. Do teachers need to learn psychology and child development?
  11. Should HR managers study behavioral psychology?
  12. Are mental health challenges and substance abuse related?
  13. Is there a connection between physical and mental health issues?
  14. Should mentally-challenged people have the right to employment?
  15. Should mental health professionals have more severe tests before earning their license?
  16. The psychology related to sexism and homophobia?
  17. Are poor upbringing and a person’s sexual orientation related?
  18. Should counseling be prioritized in schools?
  19. Is drug addiction transmissible via inheritance?
  20. Should governments invest in mental healthcare?

Criminal Justice Position Paper Topics

Today, almost every form of information is available online. Here are position paper topic ideas in the constantly-evolving subject of criminal justice.

  1. Should white-collar crimes have the same penalties as other crimes?
  2. Can media coverage influence the outcome of court proceedings?
  3. Should courts allow media to cover criminal cases connected to superstars?
  4. Making a case for good treatment of inmates
  5. Should governments invest in better living conditions for inmates?
  6. Will building more prisons and other correctional centers reduce the crime rate increase?
  7. Should minors guilty of severe crimes be charged as adults rather than juveniles?
  8. Will improve juvenile correctional centers benefit society?
  9. Are drugs significantly related to violence globally?
  10. Should there be more stringent laws on drug usage?
  11. Do women misuse sexual violence laws?
  12. Should domestic violence be restricted to women?
  13. Are police officers typically given more lenient treatment in courts?
  14. Should there be stricter ethical codes for the police?
  15. How impactful has online security been in reducing cybercrime?
  16. Should using marijuana be illegal?
  17. Does one’s education affect the type of crime one could commit?
  18. Should young adults get adult treatment in courts?

Claim Of Value Topics

Do you need claim of value topic ideas to write your position paper? These claim of value topics are in various fields and may help you immensely.

  1. Should mental health patients receive treatment within or outside society?
  2. Do financially-disadvantaged populations need medical aid or Medicare?
  3. Should homes, rather than schools, treat nutrition?
  4. Which is better: pro-life or pro-choice?
  5. Making a case for conventional games over video games
  6. Authoritative or liberal parenting?
  7. Should private or public sectors take responsibility for medical care?
  8. Student-focused or teacher-focused teaching?
  9. Classical against modern teaching?
  10. Virtual or in-person classes?
  11. European or American schooling system?
  12. Choosing between public and private schools
  13. Have mobile phones significantly affected human relationships?
  14. Emails and SMS against in-person communication?
  15. Should governmental institutions allow medical research on human embryos?
  16. Does the race of police officers affect their performance?
  17. Making a case against Barbie dolls
  18. Making a case against beauty pageants for young girls.

Position Paper Ideas For High School Students

Choosing the right topic is vital to writing any assignment. These position paper ideas are helpful for students that are still growing their research and writing aptitudes. Tailored for high school students, these topics don’t need too much in-depth academic research. Anyone with some knowledge of internet research can readily write about them.

  1. Should the government make military services compulsory?
  2. Should the government make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory?
  3. Are my school’s anti-bullying regulations effective?
  4. What is the best professional habit that employees need?
  5. What food must be served at parties?
  6. How fair is the dress code in my school?
  7. Pros and cons of distance learning
  8. Should the government increase the national minimum wage?
  9. Is a 100% green economy possible?
  10. What is the connection between exercise and mental health?
  11. Should school uniforms be made compulsory?
  12. Should our school expel students for examination malpractice?
  13. Should mandatory periodic COVID-19 tests be mandatory?
  14. How long detention time should students caught smoking receive as a penalty?
  15. Why America is one of the most unhealthy countries globally?
  16. Should the UK give its citizens universal medical coverage?
  17. Does listening to music have any positive impact on finishing assignments?
  18. Should incentives be given to solar power-powered homes?
  19. Should my school let students select their preferred courses?
  20. Should the UK reduce how many immigrants come into the nation?

Middle School Position Paper Sample Topics

The following topic ideas are excellent for students learning to construct research and perform reasonable arguments. It’s also straightforward to research these topics online and use the school’s library when writing these topics.

  1. How efficient is the regulation of online streaming services?
  2. Should sharing music online be permissible?
  3. Should the minimum wage in my State be increased?
  4. Should students be permitted to choose more electives?
  5. What are the best summer activities?
  6. Should we spend less or more time at school?
  7. School politics: pros and cons
  8. Should parents restrict their children’s internet usage?
  9. Is graffiti part of art?
  10. Should doing chores at home be compulsory?
  11. Why do Americans love fast food?
  12. Why overachieving students should be allowed to skip a grade level
  13. Should physical education be taught in schools?
  14. Making a case for free college tuition in public schools
  15. At what grade should students receive sexual education in schools?
  16. Should virtual education be optional?
  17. Should there be a minimum GPA requirement for student-athletes?
  18. Should summer school be mandatory for students?
  19. Should schools ban educational materials with questionable scenes or languages?
  20. Should art education be given priority in schools?

Position Research Paper Topics For College Students

If you’re attending college and need position research paper topics, these topics can suit your task. The topics in here cover a broad range of subject areas. Picking any of them and writing them skillfully is sure to interest the average reader.

  1. Should The UK stop selling weapons to other nations?
  2. How well should parents participate in their kids’ education?
  3. Should unpaid internships be banned?
  4. Making a case to legalize prostitution
  5. Should the government tax companies more or less?
  6. Why America has an obesity issue?
  7. Effect of healthy diets on people’s psychology?
  8. What are the common symptoms of schizophrenia?
  9. How inexcusable is using torture during interrogation?
  10. The importance of gender equality in political appointments
  11. Religious institutions should pay tax similarly to other institutions
  12. How effective are anti-smoking ads?
  13. Why the UK should allow a third term for its Presidents?
  14. Should birth control medication be available over the counter?
  15. Making a case for increased legal driving age
  16. Why the UK must avoid recrudescent Nazism
  17. Where should be the red line in genetic experiments?
  18. Making a case to legalize euthanasia
  19. Classified information should remain so only for a while
  20. Placing pressure on immigrant children to succeed in school badly affects their mental and social health

Controversial Topics For Position Paper

To effectively write about controversial topics, the writer needs enough information on various worldviews or viewpoints in their chosen fields. Check out these controversial topic ideas for your position paper assignments or projects.

  1. Does a large amount of homework make students learn less?
  2. The cause of bullying among young adults?
  3. Would legalizing marijuana reduce street crime?
  4. Should people below 18 years be allowed to vote?
  5. Are social media and the Internet safe for children?
  6. Should the UK meddle with international regulations that protect rainforests?
  7. Should smoking be regulated by the government?
  8. Scientific arguments for and against human cloning
  9. Should the government legalize prostitution?
  10. Making a case against smoking in public places
  11. Is criminalizing cross-cultural marriages ethical?
  12. Should schools give students financial remuneration for excellent academic performance?
  13. Should the government subsidize college fees?
  14. Making a case for public prayers in schools
  15. Pros and cons of banning controlled substances
  16. Should sex workers have equal rights as workers in other industries?
  17. Will banning controlled substances increase crime rates?
  18. Should US states build more same-gender schools?
  19. Should the upper class pay more tax to subsidize social services?
  20. Is there any relationship between school hours and students’ mental health.

Position Paper Topics Ideas For A Tight Deadline

  1. What subjects should the UK government remove from the curricula?
  2. Should the UK revamp its tax laws and regulations?
  3. Downsides to winning a lottery
  4. What are the most important life experiences for building character?
  5. How does music affect how students learn?
  6. Should classical music be mandatory in schools?
  7. Has the UK attained gender equality?
  8. How religion affects world view of death and life
  9. Differences between how males and females raise children
  10. Making a case against legalizing sports betting
  11. Is there any relationship between a college degree and IQ
  12. What music genre influences modern society the most?
  13. How effectively do schools get students ready for the real world
  14. Should couples have any significant age difference?
  15. Should we work harder to become financially successful?
  16. Are college and university degrees still vital?
  17. Why eSports should be considered part of the sports world
  18. Do female athletes’ uniforms sexualize them?
  19. Should student-athletes receive financial remuneration for participating in sports?
  20. Did the MeToo movement significantly affect romantic couples?

Long Project Topics For Position Papers

Are you working on a long project topic and need position paper ideas? Long projects often need more research materials and time. They’re therefore often given to students with considerable experience writing research papers. Or you can always try to buy a research paper. Here are top-notch long project topics ideas for position papers.

  1. Should medical doctors sometimes share confidential data?
  2. Public school or private school?
  3. How does using smartphones at work affect employees’ performance
  4. The adverse effect of viewing reality shows
  5. Why is social media addictive?
  6. Why do people idolize public personalities?
  7. Pros and cons of genetically-modified foods
  8. Why parents need to teach family culture and traditions to their children
  9. Why do people create erroneous social media profiles
  10. Why do young adults prefer online communication to in-person conversations
  11. Are college test scores overrated?
  12. Should participating in local politics be compulsory?
  13. How social media affects people’s real-world activities
  14. Relationship between health and culture in the UK
  15. How vital are vacations for workers?
  16. Should parents decide on their children’s public schools?
  17. Should people convicted of a felony be allowed to participate in state elections?
  18. Making a case against standardized testing
  19. Do young adults need their parents’ approval to get tattooed?
  20. Should financial education be mandatory for college students?

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