264 Free Argumentative Research Paper Topics: Ultimate List

argumentative research paper topics

What is an argument (or argumentative) research paper? Do you know how to write one the right way? If you are reading this, it means you are not only interested in finding out more about the argumentative paper, but also finding some great argumentative research paper topics. After all, the end result depends a lot on the topic you choose. If you manage to find a great topic, your professor will most likely award you some bonus points. However, finding great topics can be a very difficult thing these days. Keep in mind that the topic you choose for your research paper needs to be original. Even though there are many places where you can find lists of topics, your classmates are probably getting their ideas from those same sources. This is where we come in. Our list of argument research paper topics is updated periodically. This means that there is a good chance you can find unique topics here every time you visit. In addition, we will show you how to write an argument paper quickly for a top grade. Let’s get started!

What Is An Argumentative Research Paper?

So, what is an argumentative research paper? After all, you can’t even attempt to write a research paper if you don’t know what it is and why it’s useful.

Basically, the argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing that presents an argument and supports it through in-depth research. An argument paper is not a persuasive paper, so you don’t have to take an aggressive stance. You need to debate the topic and present the counterarguments as well.

Keep in mind that argument papers must be based on research, not on your own personal feelings or thoughts. In addition, you must ensure that you remain unbiased. It’s OK to pick a side, but don’t distort the facts if your findings do not support your argument. This is why it’s very important to choose a good topic and pick the correct side.

Learn How To Write An Argumentative Paper Quickly

Now, let’s show you how to write an argumentative paper in just a few quick steps. Truth be told, this paper is not overly complex and shouldn’t take more than a day or two to research and write. Here is what you need to do if you want to spend as little time as possible working on your essay:

  • Pick a unique topic that’s interesting. Ideally, you should know something about the topic (it will make research and writing easier).
  • Come up with a thesis statement. This sentence is the core of your argument and it should present the reason for your research to your audience. What are you trying to prove?
  • Write the introduction. Generally, you will start the introduction with the thesis statement and then provide some background information about the topic. End the introduction with a transition to the first body paragraph.
  • Write the supporting evidence paragraph #1. The structure of this section is pretty simple. Start with your topic sentence and then explain it. Present the evidence that supports your topic sentence, making sure to clearly show your readers the data that supports it. Explain the evidence and discuss how it supports your thesis. Write a concluding sentence that contains a transition to the next body paragraph.
  • Write the supporting evidence paragraph #2. This paragraph is structured exactly like paragraph #1.
  • Write the counterargument paragraph. Present 2 or 3 of the opposing arguments and refute each one of them using the data you have collected during the research phase. Close the paragraph with a sentence that restates your thesis.
  • Write the conclusion of the paper. You will start by briefly presenting all your arguments, as your audience may have already forgotten them. You will then make it clear that your research clearly supports your thesis and that your argument is valid. Wrap everything up with a strong call to action.
  • Edit and proofread your work at least twice. You want to make sure your paper is 100% accurate and free of any typos.

Remember, you can include more than 2 supporting evidence paragraphs. Now that you know what an argument paper is and how you can write one quickly, it’s time to show you our latest list of argumentative research paper topics.

264 Free Argument Paper Topics

The list of argument paper topics is split into several sections, so high school, college and university students can all find topics appropriate for them. Choose one of our topics and start writing today:

Good Argument Paper Topics

We’ll start our list with some very good argument paper topics that are suitable for every student. We can assure you that your professor will greatly appreciate these topics:

  1. Can you get rich on YouTube?
  2. Can we live without social media?
  3. Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
  4. Tech in education
  5. North Korea nuclear weapons
  6. The importance of online learning
  7. Using tablets during class
  8. Donald Trump: good or bad?
  9. The importance of the one-child policy in China
  10. English: The #1 language
  11. Discuss the Black Plague
  12. Why is biology important?
  13. Can students grade teachers?
  14. Mandatory military service
  15. Cons of unpaid internships

Rogerian Argument Topics for a Paper

If you are looking for some of the best Rogerian argument topics for a paper, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Choose one of our latest ideas and start writing your paper today:

  1. Should art classes be mandatory?
  2. Are CEOs too well paid?
  3. Working at home pros
  4. Discuss animal testing pros
  5. Discuss the income inequality issues in the UK
  6. Should sex education be mandatory?
  7. Working from home cons
  8. Dance as an Olympic sport
  9. Banning torture from the world
  10. Public video surveillance
  11. Talk about the death penalty in 2023

Easy Topics To Write About

But what if you don’t want to spend one or two days writing the paper? No problem, we’ve got your back! Here are some pretty easy topics to write about right now:

  1. Are video gamers athletes?
  2. Eliminating standardized tests from schools
  3. Why did Russia invade Ukraine?
  4. Lowering CO2 emissions
  5. Lowering the dependence on fossil fuels
  6. Can chess be considered a sport?
  7. What caused World War I?
  8. Mandatory drug tests for every athlete
  9. Banning the right to carry firearms in public
  10. Stop storing private information, Facebook!
  11. The causes of World War II
  12. Teaching computer skills in middle school
  13. What caused the American Revolution?
  14. Is a nuclear war possible?
  15. Preventing climate change
  16. The most important civil right movement
  17. Our dependence on gas

Hot Topics For Argumentative Paper

If you want to get some bonus points from your teacher, it’s time to find some hot topics for argumentative paper. These ideas should work extremely well in 2023:

  1. The importance of what we eat
  2. Religion in school: pros and cons
  3. Discuss the immigration policy of your country
  4. How important is sleep?
  5. The importance of what we wear
  6. Rising ocean levels
  7. Do students get too much homework?
  8. Smoking in public
  9. Robots replacing human workers
  10. Negative effects of designer babies
  11. The importance of which school we attend
  12. The effects of dieting
  13. The effects of climate change
  14. The legal drinking age in the US
  15. Importance of physical education in school

Classical Argument Paper Topics

If you don’t want to follow the Rogerian or the Toulmin model, you can simply write using the classical model. Here are our most interesting classical argument paper topics:

  1. Effects of pollution on Earth
  2. The problem with unemployment
  3. Discuss government corruption in your area
  4. Hunger on a planetary level
  5. Issues with the lack of education
  6. Violence in mass media
  7. Talk about the loss of biodiversity
  8. Destructive AI applications
  9. The war in Ukraine
  10. The Covid-19 pandemic
  11. Talk about food insecurity in 2023

Argumentative Paper Topics About History

Interested in writing about a topic related to history? Don’t worry, we have plenty of these right here. Check out our latest original argumentative paper topics about history:

  1. What caused the Hundred Years’ War?
  2. The French Revolution
  3. Israel and Palestinian disputed territories
  4. What was the role of the Spanish Inquisition?
  5. The War of the Oranges
  6. The Mongol Conquests
  7. The best president of the United States
  8. The Seven Years’ War
  9. Discuss the Arab Spring
  10. Dangers of the Cold War
  11. What was the role of the crusades?
  12. JFK assassination myths
  13. What started the Vietnam War?
  14. Talk about the holocaust
  15. Discuss the Civil War in the US

Sports Topics For Argumentative Paper

If you want to talk about sports, our excellent writers have put together a list of great sports topics for argumentative paper writing. Here is our up to date list:

  1. What defines a sport?
  2. Is cheerleading a sport?
  3. Is playing video games a sport?
  4. Should bowling be considered a sport?
  5. Best sport for women
  6. Should fishing be an Olympic sport?
  7. The best sport in the world
  8. Best sport for men
  9. The most dangerous sport in the world
  10. Is playing poker a sport?
  11. Is golf a sport?
  12. Competitive eating as a sport
  13. Is professional wrestling a sport?

Argumentative Paper Topics About Ethics

Interested in writing about ethics? The good news is that we have just added this section to our list of topics. Here are some fresh argumentative paper topics about ethics for you:

  1. Abortion: moral issues
  2. Climate change: who is to blame?
  3. Ethics in art
  4. Eating meat: ethical or not?
  5. Using animal testing in the beauty products industry
  6. Is it ethical to be filthy rich?
  7. Social media use at the workplace
  8. Is war ever ethical?
  9. Stem cell research
  10. Talk about medical ethics
  11. Corporate social responsibility
  12. Can euthanasia be ethical?
  13. Talk about the unequal distribution of wealth

Definitional Argument Paper Topics

Writing a definition argument paper is not as difficult as it sounds, don’t worry about it. In fact, we can make things even easier for you. Here are some simple definitional argument paper topics:

  1. What does trust mean?
  2. Sport is the best hobby
  3. Is a pet a part of the family?
  4. Talk about true friendship
  5. Male chauvinism definitions
  6. Cyberbullying definitions
  7. Define religious tolerance
  8. Define a good college
  9. Define the term “artificial intelligence”
  10. Define happiness for you
  11. The many meaning of the word Freedom
  12. Talk about the definition of peer pressure
  13. The definition of feminism

Argumentative Paper Topics About The Environment

Writing about the environment is never a bad idea, especially if you want to impress your professor. Check out our list of argumentative paper topics about the environment below:

  1. The impact of air pollution
  2. Environment conditions in your area
  3. Green living pros
  4. Research urban ecology
  5. Effects of climate change
  6. The dangerous noise pollution
  7. Discuss sustainable sources of energy
  8. Problems with Russian oil supplies
  9. Effects of ocean warming
  10. Formaldehyde in our atmosphere

Argument Research Paper Topics For High School

Are you a high school student? Do you want an original argument research paper topic? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here are our latest argument research paper topics for high school:

  1. The importance of geographical information systems
  2. A cat or a dog as pet?
  3. How important is your homework?
  4. Which class do you like the most?
  5. The importance of being organized
  6. Best way to get an A+
  7. What kind of person do you want to become?
  8. Talk about something that inspires you
  9. Discuss the importance of an airport
  10. Why is the Earth round?

Philosophy Argument Paper Topics

Yes, you can write an argumentative essay on a topic in philosophy if you wish. In fact, we have a long list of unique philosophy argument paper topics right here for you:

  1. What is truly objective in life?
  2. What is happiness?
  3. Can you find the meaning of life?
  4. Can I know everything?
  5. What is God for you?
  6. What is knowledge?
  7. What is sadness?
  8. What do dreams mean?
  9. Killing 10 people to save 1
  10. Discuss the term “Absolute morality”

Science Topics For Argumentative Paper

If you are interested in science, you could write your argument paper on a topic in science – of course. Choose one of these science topics for argumentative paper and get an A+:

  1. Electric vehicles are the future
  2. The problem with human overpopulation
  3. Robots are here to stay
  4. Social media’s harm on our social life
  5. The negative effects of overfishing
  6. What we know about solar system formation
  7. Ageing cannot be reversed
  8. Renewable energy is not enough
  9. Are vaccines safe?
  10. Can prayers heal you?

Easy Argument Paper Topics

Our college paper help experts have compiled a list of easy argument paper topics for students of all ages. Go through our list of topics and choose the one that is most suited to your needs:

  1. Music genres for study
  2. Are GMOs safe?
  3. The importance of social media
  4. Taxing the rich more in 2023
  5. Eliminating gender bias
  6. Positive effects of Covid-19
  7. Getting good scores on standardized tests
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. Negative school experiences
  10. Challenges faced by college students
  11. Negative effects of reality TV
  12. Eradicating hate crime in the UK
  13. Being successful at the workplace
  14. The homeless people problem in the US
  15. Is getting a college degree too expensive?

Health Topics For Argumentative Paper

You can write an argument paper on just about anything you can think of – including health and healthcare. We have some original health topics for argumentative paper right here:

  1. Problems with US healthcare
  2. Discuss Obamacare
  3. Are vaccines really necessary?
  4. Is technology dangerous for our health?
  5. Legalizing medical marijuana
  6. Discuss the price of life-saving medicine
  7. Drugs in sports
  8. Talk about opioid companies
  9. Mandatory health insurance in the US
  10. The pro-choice approach (abortion)

Causal Argument Topics For A Research Paper

If your paper aims to answer the question “Why?” then it is a causal analysis essay. Don’t worry, we have some very nice causal argument topics for a research paper below:

  1. Why do people fall in love?
  2. Why do we experience nightmares?
  3. Why do humans want to go to Mars?
  4. Why do cats purr?
  5. Why do teens hate school?
  6. Why do we need protein?
  7. Why are lions an endangered species?
  8. Why do ants live in colonies?
  9. Why can’t Covid-19 be eradicated?
  10. Why do we need to ban fracking?
  11. Why do terrorists do what they do?
  12. Why did Germany start WWII?
  13. Why do we need to learn English?
  14. Why do people disagree with gun control in the US?
  15. Why do some people hate Obamacare?

Modern Philosophy Argument Paper Topics

What better way to get a top grade on your research paper than to talk about modern philosophy? Take a look at the best modern philosophy argument paper topics and choose one today:

  1. Ethics behind organ donation
  2. Talk about moral facts
  3. Talk about the term “patriotism”
  4. Talk about the benefits of utilitarianism
  5. The link between morality and education
  6. Genetically-engineered humans
  7. Legalizing the use of drugs
  8. How low are low moral standards?
  9. The right of free speech
  10. Define and discuss “harmony”

College Argumentative Research Paper Topics

We have some very interesting college argumentative research paper topics for students, and more are added periodically. Take a look at the latest version of the list below:

  1. Medicine in third world countries
  2. Medical malpractice in the UK
  3. How important are our smartphones?
  4. Talk about relativity
  5. Using animals for pharmaceutical testing
  6. The effects of lying
  7. Are we too dependent on computers?
  8. The most important class in college
  9. Marketing that targets children
  10. Is homework helpful in any way?
  11. How important is college education?

Argumentative Paper Topics About Education

Choose one of our argumentative paper topics about education and impress your professor. All of these topics should work great in 2023, so don’t hesitate to pick the one you like the most:

  1. How important is time for recess?
  2. Standardized tests: good or bad?
  3. Beauty contests in school
  4. Online or in-person education?
  5. Why do grades exist?
  6. Discuss sex education classes
  7. Regulating the menu in school cafeterias
  8. Public prayers in school
  9. Innovative ways to assert a student’s knowledge
  10. Using video games as teaching tools

Controversial Topics For Argument Research Paper

Why would you be afraid of writing you argument essay on a controversial topic? Professors really appreciate this. Here are some great controversial topics for argument research paper:

  1. Why is the Javan rhinoceros endangered?
  2. The dangers of modern politics
  3. Reasons for climate change
  4. Eliminating the death penalty in the US
  5. Talk about Greta Thunberg
  6. Assisted suicide in the UK
  7. Climate change mitigation
  8. Making smoking illegal
  9. Reducing the voting age
  10. Voting rights for prisoners in the US

Technology Topics For Argumentative Paper

Let’s face it: finding the best technology topics for argumentative paper is not easy. Your classmates are looking for the best ones as well. Get ahead of them and pick one of these hot tech topics today:

  1. Major advancements in technology in 2023
  2. Landing a Rover on Mars
  3. Cyber warfare in Ukraine
  4. Talk about virtual reality technology
  5. Tech needed to get us to the Moon
  6. Talk about deep learning tech
  7. Augmented reality applications
  8. What is cryptocurrency?
  9. Advancements in robotics tech
  10. Interesting things in biotechnology

Interesting Argumentative Topics About Social Media

If you want to talk about social media in 2023, you can simply choose one of these interesting argumentative topics about social media:

  1. Negative effects of social media on teens
  2. Twitter or Facebook?
  3. Interesting things about Pinterest
  4. The first social networking platform
  5. Politics on social media
  6. The artificial intelligence behind social media
  7. Activism on social media
  8. Celebrities most popular on social media
  9. Radicalization on social media
  10. Positive uses of social media

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