162 Great AP Research Topics To Ace Your Paper

ap research topics

AP Research is an area of study that equips you to build a career in research. It is part of a two-year program that was developed by the College Board, known as AP Capstone. This program includes two subjects, AP Seminar, and AP Research. AP Research comes after AP Seminar. As part of this course, students are expected to carry out a 12-month long research program after choosing from a list of AP research topics of their choice.

How To Write A Good AP Research Paper?

AP Research papers are quite challenging. This paper is a representation of all the skills that you have accumulated as an AP Seminar student. During the AP Seminar course, you will have to write several small research papers. This equips you with the lengthy AP research paper. In order to write a good paper on AP capstone research topics, you need some important skills:

  • Analyzing sources effectively.
  • Formulating the right argument backed by enough evidence.
  • Examining an issue from various perspectives.

The challenge with AP Research is that there are so many AP research questions and themes to choose from that it gets confusing, you might even need some college paper help. In this article, you will not only learn how to write an AP research paper, but you will also get a list of topics from different fields of study.

Guide On How To Write An AP Research Paper

Wondering how to write an AP Research paper? Check out these steps:

  • Start by identifying research topics that are of personal interest to you. You can even get some ideas from your AP seminar topics. This will give you a head start as you have already done some research.
  • Gather as much initial information to prepare the background and introduction for your research paper.
  • Choose a research methodology that is suitable for you.
  • Look for resources that will help you develop a strong research proposal.
  • Submit this proposal to your university before starting the inquiry stage.
  • Gather as much information, evidence and data as possible using the research method that you have chosen.
  • It is a good idea to connect with an expert specific to the discipline that you have chosen.
  • Record your entire inquiry process and maintain a portfolio.

In your paper, you are expected to:

  • Introduce the AP research paper topics and provide some context and hypotheses about the topic.
  • Review previous works and ideas on this subject. Provide insights into their perspective and argument.
  • Explain the research method that you have chosen and why you have approached the question in this way.
  • Present all the findings and interpret the significance with respect to your research question.
  • Provide a detailed list of the limitations and implications of your findings.
  • Give some insights into the possible next steps on this issue based on your findings.
  • Complete the bibliography as per the format expected by your university.

Best AP Biology Research Topics

AP Biology research topics cover a wide range of subjects, giving you a lot to choose from:

  1. The effect of human behavior on animal forms globally.
  2. Ecological and environmental factors affecting animal behavior.
  3. The influence of hormones on behavior and the human mind
  4. Are allergens just a mild irritant or the sign of a serious immunity-related disorder?
  5. What are auto-immune diseases and what are their effects on the body’s immune system?
  6. Is it ethical to carry out DNA modifications in human beings to eliminate immune disorders.
  7. The different perceptions of vaccines in our society and how they affect the community.
  8. What if animals also photosynthesized like plants?
  9. The future of cancer treatments. How will they become more effective?
  10. Is it possible to write computer programs into the DNA of humans?
  11. The relationship between neurobiology and mental health.
  12. Is having the ‘perfect child’ using gene therapy on the fetus ethical?
  13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of gene therapy?
  14. Can ecological damage be reversed?
  15. The unseen consequences of biodiversity loss.
  16. Why were prehistoric animals so large in size?
  17. Is veganism for pets ethical?
  18. The effects of acidification on aquatic environments.
  19. The different camouflage mechanisms in nature.
  20. The navigation mechanisms used by blind fish.
  21. The best methods or techniques that can be used to restore coral reefs.
  22. Jellyfish never die, they are immortal. Support this with evidence.
  23. The world in the next five years and the consequences of Covid-19.
  24. Has the immune system of humans evolved over the last few decades?
  25. Why is AIDS/ HIV not talked about as much in the world today?

AP US History Research Paper Topics

AP US History research paper topics are among the most interesting ones as they give you a chance to delve deeper into the significant events that shaped the nation.

  1. The impact of colonization by Europeans on the Native Americans.
  2. What are the theories available to explain the lost colony of Roanoke?
  3. What is the relationship between Native American religion and the environment?
  4. Write in detail about the methods and goals of Utopian colonies.
  5. What factors led to the failure of the Utopian colonies.
  6. What were the reasons for the passing of the Indian Removal Act?
  7. The impact of the Trail of Tears on US history.
  8. What were the primary causes of the westward expansion of manifest destiny?
  9. How did the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 shape American history?
  10. What was the Dawes Act and how did it affect the reservation policies of the US.
  11. Provide a detailed analysis of the impact of harnessing electoral power with respect to the evolution of the US into a superpower.
  12. Choose any significant invention in American history and provide all the details of the impact the invention had and the challenges faced during its completion.
  13. What were the main economical, philosophical, and social factors that led to the formation of Labor unions in 1800?
  14. What is the Gilded Age and why did the late 1800s get this name?
  15. How did the Chinese Exclusion Act impact the relationship between the two countries?
  16. The impact of Muckrakers journalism on the progressive reforms in American society.
  17. Is it right to justify imperialism in the 19th and 20th centuries?
  18. Thomas Nast’s political cartoon and the influence that they had on public opinion.
  19. What were the main reasons for the development of Urban political machines? What is the legacy?
  20. What were the main causes and effects of the Spanish-American war?
  21. Write in detail about the anti-German sentiments in the United States during the First World War.
  22. What was the Black Sox scandal and why did the players participate?
  23. The main causes of the Harlem Renaissance and how it affected the United States.
  24. What were the main causes of the stock market crash of 1929?
  25. What prompted the formation of the Bonus Army and how did it impact the community?
  26. What were the main causes and effects of the Dust Bowl of 1930?
  27. The impact of the New Deal on the arts.
  28. How did racism affect the outcome of the Scottsboro Trial?
  29. The founders of the Women’s suffrage movement and the methods used by them.
  30. The role of discrimination on the train and verdict of the Sacco-Vanzetti case
  31. The effect of the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 on the farmers.
  32. What really happened to Amelia Earhart.
  33. Could the US have predicted Pearl Harbor and would they enter the Second World War if it had been prevented?
  34. What is Japanese Internment and how did it affect the Japanese-Americans?
  35. The reasons for the No Gun Ri Massacre and why it was kept a secret.
  36. The impact of the baby boom on American society.
  37. The effects of McCarthyism and why it happened.

AP World History Research Paper Topics

The best thing about AP World History Research Paper Topics is that they give you a diverse set of subjects to work with. Here are some interesting topics for you to choose from:

  1. Analyze the social relationships in Medieval Europe.
  2. The influence of nuclear weapons on a military development in the world.
  3. The reasons for the quick development of Japan and China in the last century.
  4. Factors that contributed to the greatness of the Roman Empire.
  5. The role of Mahatma Gandhi in the establishment of World Peace.
  6. How did apartheid come to an end in South Africa?
  7. The influence of smallpox on American colonization.
  8. How did western society develop social stratification?
  9. The reasons for the term ‘Lost Generation’ for the generation that followed the First World War.
  10. The role of the United States in the formation of Panama.
  11. Compare the roles of Russian serfs with peasants in Western parts of Europe.
  12. How does a pandemic disease affect the development of the world? Provide evidence referring to the biggest pandemics before Covid.
  13. How was Jamaica’s history shaped by slave rebellion and slavery?
  14. The contribution of the Catholic Church to the social structure in medieval Europe.
  15. How was World History affected by the Cold War?
  16. The Panic of 1819 and its effects on the economy of the United States of America.
  17. Why did the British Empire collapse?
  18. The status of marriage and the impact of the Medieval Canon law.
  19. How did the culture of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome affect each other?
  20. European governance and the impact of the Catholic Church.
  21. The most violent events in the history of Jamaica.
  22. What were the primary factors that contributed to William the Conqueror becoming the king of England?
  23. The most important events in the history of the Ottoman Empire.
  24. How did the First World War and The Second World War affect the world and the connection between the two?
  25. The Chinese empire and the impact of Buddhism.
  26. Analyze life in the bronze age.
  27. What measures could have prevented the Second World War from occurring?
  28. The main changes in European society were brought about by the Bubonic Plague.
  29. How did abolition influence the development of the United States?
  30. The effect of ancient conquest in the formation of the modern world.
  31. Did the Golden Age influence the development of Western Civilization? How?
  32. Was the outcome of the Second World War affected by the alliance against Nazi Germany?
  33. Top lessons for the modern world from the two World Wars.
  34. The positive and negative impact of the French Revolution on World History.
  35. The importance of the patronage system in fueling the Renaissance.
  36. The most crucial discoveries were made during the Bronze Age.
  37. How did the Battle of the Seas affect Spain and Britain?
  38. The role of religion in shaping the global map as we know it today.

Interesting AP Research Topic Ideas

These topics help you learn about the world around you and also give you a lot of information and data to work with:

  1. How has texting affected the grammar skills of the modern generation?
  2. The best solutions to tackle food waste.
  3. How mathematics is used in extreme sports
  4. Write in detail about the future of automotive and its influence on the global economy.
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of Genetically modified organisms.
  6. Why is it important for youngsters to vote?
  7. The primary causes of wealth inequality and the benefits of socialism in managing it.
  8. The advantages of 3D printing in developing prosthetics.
  9. Is there any connection between music and chemistry?
  10. Subsidized housing and the environmental injustice caused by them.
  11. How is academic achievement impacted by sleep deprivation?
  12. The rise of K-pop music.
  13. How does popular opinion impact the decisions made by any justice system?
  14. The main problems in the education systems across the globe.
  15. Discuss the gun control laws in the United States.
  16. Is Quantum entanglement real?
  17. Write in detail about dark matter theories and their impact on the scientific community.
  18. What are some examples of the practical applications of biophysics?
  19. What is the role of the ozone layer in protecting the earth?
  20. Is the cosmic collision theory true with respect to the formation of the Earth and the moon?
  21. What are the best solutions to climate change and the resulting issues?
  22. The main causes for the extinction of the Dodo bird and how it impacted our environment.
  23. The main causes for the decline of population in Eastern Europe.
  24. The worst effects of improper and poor policies for immigration.
  25. Discuss any political pattern in recent times.
  26. Analyze India’s cultural geography.
  27. The state of the people in North Korea.
  28. What is the importance of health geography?
  29. Analyze Australia’s rural geography.
  30. Is it good to make military service mandatory?
  31. The importance of starting a War on Drugs.
  32. A list of the oldest European settlements and their impact on the world.

Easy AP Research Questions And Subjects

Here are some simple AP research topics to get you started on your paper:

  1. Are exams necessary?
  2. Should grades be important in determining the career of an individual?
  3. The importance of social media in the modern world.
  4. Should advertising for children be banned?
  5. Fusion physics and its importance.
  6. Should drug consumption be legalized?
  7. Practical applications of nanotechnology.
  8. GDP growth in the European Union.
  9. How inflation affects the banking system.
  10. International finance and the effects of Covid-19.
  11. Brexit and the impact on international trade.
  12. Unemployment in the USA.
  13. Banks and their role in creating a healthy economy.
  14. The state budget of the United States in 2023.
  15. Sustainable economic growth solutions.
  16. Data mining and its impact.
  17. Big data and its impact on banking.
  18. The role of the Internet of Things.
  19. Is the death penalty ethical?
  20. The need for subsidized housing.
  21. Abortion laws and the need for reform.
  22. Analyze China’s wealth inequality.
  23. Has the monarchy of Europe affected the modern world?
  24. The causes for the 30 years’ war.
  25. Gene modification and the contribution to modern medicine.
  26. Analyze polymers
  27. Can emotions be chemically induced?
  28. The science behind forecasting weather.
  29. Contact sports and the best methods to prevent brain injury.
  30. How did the Great Depression affect the world?

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