200+ Persuasive Research Paper Topics For Outstanding Paper

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuasive writing is an important part of academic writing at high school and college-level education. The hardest part about this type of paper is not the research and writing but finding the right persuasive research paper topics. The challenge with these papers is to make them as interesting as possible for the reader. Additionally, the topic should be of interest to the students themselves so that they can be persuasive enough to make the reader understand their point of view. Essentially, topics for persuasive research papers should be ones that people have clearly opposite opinions about. Then, the student must take a stance and persuade the reader to accept it. Therefore, the topics chosen should be such that one can get a lot of data, information, data and existing literature to back up your argument. With good topics for persuasive paper, you can write a strong document that makes it easy to convince the reader that your viewpoint is correct. If you are struggling with finding a topic that has the above-mentioned features, then here are 233 trending persuasive research paper topics for students to get you started:

Persuasive Research Paper Topics Middle School

Here is a list of persuasive paper topics that are simple and perfectly suited for middle school students to write good essays.

  1. Should children be paid to do household chores?
  2. Participation in sports must be compulsory for all school students.
  3. Sodas should be banned in school cafeterias.
  4. Students should be given more nutritious meals instead of fast food in the cafeteria
  5. Should schools make uniforms mandatory?
  6. Prayer meetings in school do not cater to students from all religious backgrounds.
  7. Should the school curriculum include lessons about religion?
  8. Why every child must have a pet
  9. Parents should encourage students to earn their pocket money/ allowance.
  10. Video games help develop important skills. Elaborate.
  11. Bullies are often troubled individuals.
  12. Should you tell your parents or teachers about being bullied?
  13. War never brings about any positive outcome.
  14. Should middle school students be encouraged to take up volunteer work?
  15. Why is teaching empathy towards animals important?
  16. Advertisement boards must not be allowed on school premises.
  17. Physical fitness should be a part of the curriculum. Write for or against.
  18. Students should be encouraged to learn foreign languages in school.
  19. Learning math in school is very important.
  20. Are exams the best way to judge a student’s potential?
  21. Learning in classes versus learning online. Which one is better?
  22. Homework and assignments should be more project-based and hands-on.
  23. Teachers play an important role in disciplining students.
  24. Gadget and TV time must be limited by parents.
  25. Participating in extracurricular activities is important.
  26. You can learn important life skills from your peers.
  27. Students must be encouraged to write more than type out their assignments.
  28. Finding reference material online or going to the library for research. Which is better?
  29. Should students be encouraged to donate money?
  30. The most meaningful way to spend one’s exam.
  31. Students should be supervised by teachers during exams.
  32. The school bus is the best mode of transport for students.
  33. Students have become lazier because of the internet.
  34. Are school trips a good thing or a bad thing?
  35. Students should be taught about diverse cultures in middle school.

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Persuasive Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Persuasive research paper topics for high school students should encourage critical thinking. Here is a list of some of the best topics that let them expand their research and get a lot of data to back up their argument.

  1. Should students have homework during holidays and weekends?
  2. Mobile phones should not be permitted on school campuses.
  3. Participating in family get-togethers is important.
  4. Carrying packed lunch is better than eating at the cafeteria.
  5. Privacy is important.
  6. High school students must not have girlfriends and boyfriends.
  7. Your time on the internet should always be supervised.
  8. High school students should not be allowed to have social media accounts.
  9. Bullying becomes more severe in high school.
  10. High school students should be allowed to wear casual attire to school.
  11. Male and female students can be on par in all academic subjects.
  12. Laptops should not be encouraged at school.
  13. Should high school students participate in activities like Black Lives Matter movement?
  14. Racism is a subject that must be addressed in high school.
  15. Sex education for teens is important
  16. Girls should be taught about menstrual health and hygiene in school.
  17. Career awareness workshops at the high school level are important.
  18. Students in high school should be taught about mental health.
  19. Materialistic things like cell phones, laptops, and tabs don’t matter.
  20. Completing a college degree opens better opportunities in the future.
  21. Art appreciation is important for youngsters.
  22. Hip-hop music sends out a bad message to the youth. Do you agree or disagree?
  23. Online tests are better than traditional tests.
  24. The most productive way to spend your money.
  25. Should cell phones during lectures be banned?
  26. Your favorite TV show ever.
  27. The top traits of a good friend according to you.
  28. Should you move from a small town to a big city to become successful?
  29. One important issue that every parent must talk to their children about.
  30. Summer classes are beneficial. Agree or disagree?
  31. Suggestions to improve food in the school cafeteria.
  32. The current grading system needs to undergo changes.
  33. One important subject that should be included in the school curriculum.
  34. Parents should control what children watch on TV.
  35. The government is responsible completely for the welfare of its people.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics For College Assignments

Good topics for persuasive papers for college students are ones that help them think about society, values, and even current trending events. After all, the next step for you is entering the real world and finding your career path.

  1. Have digital books completely replaced physical books?
  2. Do you prefer to read a book or listen to an audiobook?
  3. Together we can find solutions for global warming.
  4. Childhood obesity is a real threat today.
  5. Is bitcoin a good investment plan?
  6. Written assignments help you learn your subject better.
  7. Every citizen above the age of 18 should vote.
  8. Democracy is incomplete unless we have better voter turnouts.
  9. Being a YouTuber is a real career.
  10. Chase your dreams or complete a degree first that you can have something to fall back on. What do you prefer?
  11. Why do you think the field of study you have chosen is important?
  12. One man with a vision can drive change in society.
  13. Living in a rural area versus living in an urban area. Which one is better?
  14. Is global warming real or a media hype?
  15. Taking a student loan or work part-time to cover your fee. Your choice.
  16. At what age should children move out of their parents’ house?
  17. People who read more have better writing skills. Do you agree?
  18. Is cheerleading a good thing or a bad thing?
  19. Should college-level athletics get more support and funding?
  20. Are sports scholarships fair?
  21. There should be more emphasis on using recycled products.
  22. Should the amount of homework assigned to students be reduced?
  23. Making drugs illegal will not solve the issue of consumption. Present your views on this subject.
  24. Drinking casually is the gateway to substance abuse. Do you agree or not?
  25. Drug addiction is a disease. Support or Dismiss this statement with relevant facts.
  26. Classroom education prepares you for the real professional world.
  27. Are nuclear weapons the answer to world peace?
  28. Homegrown fresh produce versus produce you buy at stores. Which one is a better choice?
  29. Should arts be mandatory for college students?
  30. Kids today are given too much money. Do you think so?
  31. A lot of work goes into lesson planning and teaching. Present your arguments.
  32. Top skills that students must develop in college.
  33. Coaching and tuition after school are not necessary for good grades.
  34. Good grades are not necessary for a bright career. Agree or disagree?
  35. Getting into Ivy League colleges is the only way to be successful.

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Psychology Persuasive Research Paper Topics

The world of psychology is shrouded in taboo and misconceptions. Here is a list of psychology persuasive research paper topics that will help you write interesting papers.

  1. Every top organization should dedicate funds for the mental well-being of its employees.
  2. Does the current work situation lead to mental health issues?
  3. Counseling and therapy should be covered by your insurance.
  4. Most teens and youngsters are victims of apathy.
  5. Trainers and coaches have an impact on the psychology of the team.
  6. Decisions should not be made on the basis of religious choices.
  7. Parents have a strong impact on the psychological well-being of children.
  8. It is impossible to get over any form of abuse during childhood. Do you agree?
  9. Emotional discomfort is one of the biggest effects of social media.
  10. People today are less capable of managing emotional stress.
  11. It is harder to maintain relationships in the current world.
  12. Media has a strong impact on the minds of people.
  13. The fashion industry is responsible for body image issues. Do you agree or disagree?
  14. You cannot be body-shamed if you don’t want to be.
  15. Mental health education should begin in primary school.
  16. Teachers should be taught how to identify and handle mental health issues.
  17. There must be more accessible to suicide prevention support.
  18. Children from troubled homes tend to have mental health issues.
  19. Classes like meditation should be introduced in school to help children cope with stress.
  20. Too much competition is the cause of emotional distress.
  21. Giving students a three-day weekend is good for their mental health.
  22. Better nutrition supports better cognitive health.
  23. Children with learning disabilities should have separate schools.
  24. New parents-to-be should be educated on child development issues.
  25. Developing technology is the cause of declining mental health.
  26. Oversharing information on social media can cause issues in relationships.
  27. Everybody needs to feel a sense of belonging.
  28. Peer pressure on youngsters is higher than it ever was before.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics For Marketing

Persuasive research paper topics for marketing talk about the current trends in marketing and advertising and discuss if they are the right way to go for society in general.

  1. Food companies never actually offer what they advertise.
  2. When preparing advertisements, creators should make some psychological considerations.
  3. Advertisement and marketing is too aggressive in today’s world.
  4. Women are more likely to buy products based on advertisements when compared to men.
  5. Print and broadcast journalism have replaced news holes with marketing.
  6. Marketing strategies are killed by taxation on products.
  7. Digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing.
  8. Market research is a must to start any business.
  9. Does banning advertising of tobacco products prevent people from pursuing the habit?
  10. Cold emailing is still the best way to convert potential customers.
  11. Long-term and short-term goals are a must for any new business.
  12. Online selling is better than selling products from a physical store.
  13. Online marketing has opened up more entrepreneurial opportunities.
  14. Entrepreneurs should invest most of their capital in marketing.
  15. Outdoor marketing is still one of the best options to get the attention of customers.
  16. Using cookies to get customer data is an invasion of privacy.
  17. There must be restrictions on telemarketing calls placed to customers.
  18. Social media is the best form of marketing.
  19. Digital marketing has made it easier to sell below-par products and services.
  20. There should be censorship on advertisements that are run on TV and other platforms.
  21. Marketing is vital to make a business successful.
  22. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing.
  23. Every student should be taught basic marketing principles at college.
  24. Advertisements on men’s products often objectify women.
  25. Advertisements give buyers unrealistic goals.

Call To Action Persuasive Paper Topics

Call to action persuasive paper topics give the reader something to act upon. It almost provides a solution for a problem and persuades the reader to follow through.

  1. Adopt an animal to prevent euthanization at animal shelters.
  2. Recycle your plastic more often to contribute to a better planet.
  3. Being involved in your child’s education helps them secure better career opportunities.
  4. Reading books helps you build life skills.
  5. Listening to music is the best way to manage stress
  6. Cut down on alcohol consumption to improve your immunity.
  7. The pandemic is a great opportunity to pick up new skills.
  8. Following traffic rules makes the roads safer.
  9. Choosing a hybrid car reduces your carbon footprint.
  10. Following a nutritious diet is the best way to prevent health issues in the future.
  11. Home-cooked meals for kids are the best way to reduce the chances of childhood obesity.
  12. Boycott circuses that use animals to prevent abuse.
  13. Promoting the use of hands-free cell phones is important.
  14. Why you should not support brands that test products on animals.
  15. Educating yourself and your family about different cultures helps reduce racist comments or views.
  16. Presenting yourself better at the workplace improves your confidence.
  17. Teach your children how to cook, irrespective of gender.
  18. Eating fruits and vegetables is a great way to survive the pandemic.
  19. Avoid the consumption of energy drinks for a healthier lifestyle.
  20. Do not set beauty standards for yourself based on fashion magazines.
  21. Choose the content that you consume wisely.
  22. Everybody needs medical insurance.
  23. Always take pride in your ethnicity and roots.
  24. Speak up when someone is wronged in front of you.
  25. Avoid downloading pirated music and support the artists instead.

History Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuasive paper topics on history are among the best ones to understand how historical events have affected modern society and policies. They are also extremely interesting as you can get a lot of trivia, data, and information about them.

  1. The history of Native Americans is a tragic and oppressive one
  2. American comic books have influenced design and illustration as we know it today.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru played a pivotal role in the Indian Independence.
  4. Martin Luther King’s speech set the stage for the progress of Black people.
  5. Dinosaurs really existed on the Earth.
  6. John F Kennedy’s assassination was the result of all the scandals.
  7. The Great Wall of China played a significant role in the history of the country.
  8. Losing a historical monument is like losing a piece of history.
  9. Your favorite part of the Viking Age.
  10. The Renaissance is responsible for the progress of contemporary art.
  11. Was the Nuclear Age important for human civilization?
  12. The most significant contribution of Romanticism to modern art and literature.
  13. Reasons for the decline of any empire of your choice.
  14. Mahatma Gandhi contributed significantly to World Peace.
  15. Why did the power of the Mongol Empire fall?
  16. Is the Ottoman Empire significant in modern society?
  17. Mankind has learned its most painful lessons from the World Wars.
  18. The World Wars were responsible for several technological advancements.
  19. The relationship between Europeans and colonialism.
  20. The main reasons for apartheid in South Africa.
  21. Why the history of Jamaica is very rich.
  22. How nuclear weapons contributed to the power of certain countries.
  23. Significant events that influenced the relationship between the US and China.
  24. Ancient conquests have taught us some important lessons.
  25. Hitler: The most viscous dictator of all time.
  26. The history of cuisines tells you a lot about the history of a particular region.
  27. Studying history in school improves your worldview.

Persuasive Paper Topics on Cyber Security

These are good persuasive paper topics as they are very relevant in the modern world. These subjects are trending and will also get you a lot of reactions from the writers.

  1. Biometrics are a great way to improve cyber security
  2. Security management in organizations requires stricter policies.
  3. The Internet of Things comes with several privacy issues.
  4. Is cloud computing really secure?
  5. Cyber security depends on human-based behavior.
  6. Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to access the internet without supervision.
  7. The best antivirus company in the world
  8. Apps have a strong impact on mobile platform security.
  9. Schools must suspend students who partake in cyberbullying.
  10. There must be stricter policies to monitor the age of users on social media.
  11. Big data is a violation of privacy
  12. It is safe to store your credit card information on online platforms.
  13. Online shopping makes you vulnerable to cybercrime.
  14. Texting platforms that use the internet are unsafe.
  15. Why you should never share your personal information through texts and emails.
  16. Cybersecurity audits should be conducted more frequently
  17. Companies should invest more in better solutions to encrypt viruses.
  18. How can viruses be encrypted?
  19. The most effective remedies for ransomware.
  20. Cyber war is going to be a real thing in the future.
  21. Social media is the reason for perpetuating hate for communities.
  22. Discussing politics online is not safe.
  23. We are more vulnerable to crime because of our browsing habits.

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